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How to use Statistic Analysis in NeuroVisual (Version 5.


Content of this document

1. Making a setting file with tasks names and duration

2. Record a session with these tasks
3. Analyse the recorded session using the setting file
4. Look at the task analysis in various graphs
5. Cumulate the result of all people with the same tasks
6. Compare the result of 1 person with the average of others

1. Making a setting file with different tasks

All statistic files and settings are saved in the \NeuroVisual\statistics folder
Here you find a example “Settings-example.txt”. You can open the file with any text editor.

The file contais lines that indicate the tasks that are performed during the session, the name of the
task, the duration in seconds, and the “time out” between tasks.
For example :
just staring; 50;
counting breath; 50;

You may change the example and save it with another name. Foe example “Settings-MyTask”
Beware: Save the setting-file always as a simpel TXT file without editing features !

2. Make a recording of a session with different tasks

You can analyse a existing data-file or make a new recording with the tasks and duration as
described in the settings file.
Make shure the recording is some seconds longer then the total duration of the setting tasks.

3. Analyse the recorded session using a setting file

Click Analyse button If you want a total of the whole

session then select

After your selection:

Then choose your Click on the recorded data-file

Settings-File => you want to analyse with the
selected setting file
Save the analysis results

Wait till analysis is finished and the analysis screen is coming up.
If not it may be hidden, then look in the windows task bar and click to make it visible.
Type the desired new name (for example Fenny) and click save.

4. Look at the results in various graphs

Use the statistic button to open the

statistic anaysis screen.

Choose desired session-task graph

5. Cumulate the result of all people who peformed the same tasks

How are the brainwaves of this person compared to others who did the same tasks ?

You can cumulate (totalize) the results of all persons who did the same kind of session.
To do so click the “calculate” button and choose the TaskSetting you used for these persons.
The App will read the setting-file and extract the names of the different tasks.
Then it will read all statistival CSV files and look at tasks with the same name.
Results are cumulated pro task and the average is calculated.
The totals are saved in a file with the name of the setting-file with the extention “*.tot”.
Changing the name has (still) to be done manually in de NeuroVisual\statistics folder.

6. Compare a session with the average of others who did the same tasks

Click the compare button and choose

the totalized analysis-file to compare
with. That is a *.TOT file

The brown bars indicate the average of other people perforing the same task.

7. Calculate and compare session Totals

After activating the analyse button on the main screen you can
choose between a session with differen tasks or analyse the
session in total.

On the Analysis screen – after choosing a session total there is a diffrent display

Because there is just ‘one task’ (the total) you see the outcome in DB. Relative, symmertry etc on
ONE screen.
After you calculate the session-total of Fenny, Frank,Maria etc you can calculate the average of all
these persons.

Choose Session-Totals.txt
And a file is created called Session-Totals.tot

Then you can compare a single person to the average of all persons

8. More ...

The CSV files can be opened in Excell if you want to do more research. Excell in USA and Europe
uses diffent ‘field separators’. IN USA it is a comma and in EU it is a semi-colon (;). You can change
the field-separator indication with the “General-Settings” button. (default is comma).

Take care :
Suppose you did some analysis (with default comma) and then change the separator to semi-colon
things get massed up. Then it is best to delete the CSV en *.TOT files form the statistics folder and
build them again. The Task-Settings.txt files are not influenced so you can leave them as they are.
Difference in Session Averages :

There may be a difference between the average session calculated as “all-in-one” (analyse with
session total) versus calculated with a setting-file with different tasks.
* With “all-in-one”all session data are added and the average is calculated.
* With different tasks the averages of the separated tasks are added.
Suppose 1 task is 3 minutes with Delta = 50DB (pro min) and the other task is 1 minutes with Delta
= 10DB. The task-average = 30DB while the overall average would be 3*50+10 = 160/4 = 40DB.

--- fin ---

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