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I hereby declare that the work which is presented in this project entitled “QAsk” in fulfillment of
the requirement for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Technology and Submitted to the
Department of computer science of “Om Institute of Technology and Management”, Juglan-
Hisar affiliated to Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology (Hisar) is an
authentic record of my own.

The matter presented in this project has not been submitted by me for the award of any other
degree of this or any other Institute /University.



This is to certify that the Project “QAsk” submitted to me in partial fulfillment of

requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering)
during 2015-2019, is an authentic work dole out by him beneath my steering. The matter
embodied during this project could be a real work done by the coed and has not been
submitted whether or not to the present university or the other university/Institute for the
fulfillment of the necessity of any course of study.

This is further certified that he has completed all the requirement of ordinance for
submission of the project which has not been submitted earlier for award of any degree
or credential to the most effective of my information and belief.

Name of Supervisor:-

Mrs. Divya Girdhar

A.P. CSE Dept.


I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the people who have been kind enough to
render their help and guidance in the preparation of this project. First of All, I am thankful to
Mrs. Divya Girdhar (Project Guide). She provided valuable advice, able guidance, close
supervision, constant encouragement and continuous inspiration throughout the course of my
work. . It has been a great honor to work under her.

I am very thankful to Mrs. Divya Girdhar of computer science department.

I would also like to thank to my Classmates for sustaining and guiding me to carry out my
project work successfully.

And at last, but not the least i would like to thank my parents without whose support this project
couldn’t be completed.

Date: -16th APR, 2019 SOURABH


Sr.No. Figure Description Page no.
1. Figure 5.1:E-R Diagram 9

2. Figure 5.2: Data Flow Diagram 10

3. Figure 5.3: User Level DFD 10
4. Figure 5.4: Admin Level DFD 11
5. Figure 8.1: Login 128
6. Figure 8.2: Forgot Password – 1 129
7. Figure 8.3: Forgot Password - 2 129
8. Figure 8.4: Register – 1 130
9. Figure 8.5: Register - 2 130
10. Figure 8.6: Register - 3 131
11. Figure 8.7: Homepage 131
12. Figure 8.8: Add Question 132
13. Figure 8.9: Categorized Questions 132
14. Figure 8.10: Asked Questions 133
15. Figure 8.11: Notifications 133
16. Figure 8.12:Search 134
17. Figure 8.13: Change Password 134
18. Figure 8.14: Change Preferences 135
19. Figure 8.15: Post View 135
20. Figure 8.16: Admin View 136
21. Figure 8.17: Admin Panel(List of Users) 136
22. Figure 8.18: About 137
23. Figure 8.19: Contact Us 137
24 Figure 8.20: Attach Image 138
25 Figure 8.21: Photo Viewer 138
26. Figure 8.22: Follow 139
27. Figure 8.23: Follow List 139


QAsk is a question and answer web-application where questions are posted and answered by the
users in the form of queries and opinions.

Qask is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with
people who have a unique insights to the topic.

It is a user-friendly way to access information related to almost anything anytime categorized in

a systematic manner like Education, Sports, Movies, Social, Business, Health, Food and others.
The information is directly stored in the database and is accessible from any part of the world.

The answers and questions are not limited to any religion, language, area or locality. Anyone
with an internet access can access it from any part of the world.