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Unit 4: Chapter 1

Socialization- lifelong social experience by which indv develop human potentials

Anticipatory socialization-process wherein members of a culture make themselves acquainted w/ the


Resocialization- indv assume new social and occupational positions

Personality- sum total of a person’s characteristic traits

Personality develooment- development of all aspects of personality

Geography- determining factor in personality formation

George Herbert Mead- theory of behaviorism; explain how social experience creates indv personality

- Social experience is an exchange of symbols

- Self has 2 parts:
a. I- as subject, w/c is the active side
b. Me- as object
- Generalized other- widespread cultural norms

Charles Horton Cooley- The looking glass self (a development of self thru the use of language)

- 3 Phases in the Process of Developing a Self-Concept:

a. Our imagination of how we present ourselves to others
b. Our imagination of how we are evaluated by others
c. Our own feelings about ourselves as we are seen by others
- Looking glass (refers to self-image)


Jess Feist and Gregory Feist- book Theories of Personality, defined scientific theory as a set of related

1. Psychoanalytic Theory- focuses on mental and emotional process that shape human personality
a. Sigmund Freud
-3 levels of mental life:
a. unconscious- early childhood experience that creates high levels of anxiety
b. preconscious- not associated with anxiety but are merely forgotten
c. conscious- awareness at any given time
-3 substructures of the mind:
a. id- unconscious basic drives that demand immediate gratification
b. ego- to balance innate pleasure-seeking drives
c. superego- person’s conscience
-5 Major stages of development:
a. oral- sucking or putting anything in their mouths
b. anal- expelling their feces
c. phallic- fondling their genitals
Oedipus complex- boy’s sexual impulses are directed to their mother
Elektra complex- female child develops feelings toward her father
d. latency- becoming less concerned with their bodies
e. genital stages- ushered by adolescence and puberty

2. Alfred Adler- work in Individual Psychology

-social interest- deep concern for the welfare for others
-3 Major problems of life are:
a. Neighborly Love-
b. Work
c. Sexual Love