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Heuristic Evaluation Report

Website: Deutsche Bahn website

Website Description: A website to book German trains and see the train schedules
Heuristic Error: User Control and Freedom
Severity: 2
Explanation of problem and justification of severity rating: When selecting destinations
and timing of trains in this website, the results are given in a new website browser. When
the options appear there is not a visible and super intuitive way to change the times and
days of the trains or the destinations. Either you have to go back with all the information
lost (because it does not save it automatically) or hit the “Change” icon which is not very
visible. So the user cannot easily exit an actions that he/she does not want anymore and
desires to change for a new action. In the severity scale I selected 2, because it is a
problem that can occur quite frequently and can have a negative market effect for the
Explanation of solution:
When the result of the search appears make the selected options of
destinations/dates/times visible, or when clicking going back to the first page,
remember previous selected options by default.
Heuristic Evaluation Report
Website: Yale University Art School Website
Website Description: The website to provide information about the Yale University Art
School (e.g., location, gallery, public events, inscription).
Heuristic Error: Aesthetic and minimalist design
Severity: 3

Explanation of problem and justification of severity rating: The web contains so many
images and different non-harmonious colors that it is very difficult to follow the content
and understand the main message of the webpage which is promoting Yale’s Art School.
I rated this issue with a 3 because there is a very significant amount of distracting
information competing with the main goal or message of the website. Gives a really bad
image of the Yale’s art school, people might not want to get enrolled in the school just
because of their website.
Explanation of solution:
Change dog image for a white background and the green and orange background colors,
for a litter color. Make important titles bigger.
Application: Stata
Application Description: Statistical Analysis Software
Heuristic Error: Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors
Severity: 3

Explanation of problem and justification of severity rating: there seems to be a

problem with the graph export command, when export format in PNG. It frequently
crashes and all the unsaved data currently in memory is lost. The message given by the
program is "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in StataMP-64.exe". I rated this
error with a severity of 3 because it is in a language not readable by humans, is not
precise, constructive, or polite.
Explanation of solution: Provide error message in human understandable language,
make it more polite and include a short description of possible solution so it does not
occur again. Save by default last action user was doing despite that the program crashed.
Technology Name: Stove
Technology Description: Is a gas based kitchen, we use to cook with fire
Heuristic Error: Visibility of system status (inform users what is going on)
Severity: 4

Explanation of problem and justification of severity rating: Old type of stoves do not
provide feedback to the user of when it is still warm after cooking and it might burn the
user or other objects if they are placed on top. I judged this with a severity of 4 because
it is dangerous and the user can burn and harm himself.
Explanation of solution: Include and additional panel or “red light” in order to signal
when the stove is still warm and should not be touched. When the stove is cooled down
the message or light disappears. This is done in several new types of kitchens.
Application: Doom Virtual Reality
Application Description: This is a videogame that can now be played in Virtual Reality
using a head mounted display and controllers.
Heuristic Error: Match between the system and real world
Severity: 2

Explanation of problem and justification of severity rating: When playing Doom VR for
the first time it is pretty hard to learn the actions/mapping to move within the virtual
environment. This does not follow traditional videogames rules where you press button
with arrows and move. Instead you click to some specific location and are tele-
transported there. You have to do this continuously to move, so learning the mapping is
not super straightforward and the system is not super responsive. So sometimes you are
indicating a location and it takes a while to be tele-transported there. I rated this
problem with a 2 because it increases the time user has to invest learning how to use
the system and might make the player not want to buy the game anymore.
Explanation of solution: Create a more natural mapping, based on the previous
knowledge of the user. Maybe also offering the possibility of moving by pressing arrow
buttons might make it easier. Gamers are already familiarized with this type of action.