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Republic of the Philippines

Region XII
Division of Sultan Kudarat
Masiag, Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat
MAPEH-8 Opal/Diamond
2nd Quarter Exam
October 11-12, 2018
NAME__________________________________________________ YR& SEC_____________ SCORE_______
TEST I. Multiple Choice: Write the letter of the correct answer before the number.
___1. Which among the statements given below upholds the responsibility of parents to their children?
A. Choose their course in college C. Teach them religion
B. Choose their husband or wife D. Teach them values
___2.Why do people marry?
A. For economic security C. For social status
B. For love D. All of the above
____3. Why do couples want to have children?
A. Children are considered wealth of parents
B. Religious institutions require it
C. Society expects couples to have offspring
D. Strengthens the bond between husband and wife
____4. Which is an ingredient of a happy married life?
A. Commitment C. Sincerity
B. Love D. All of the above
____5. Which is a wrong reason for having children?
A. Children are gifts from God
B. Children make married couples happy
C. The sole purpose of marriage
D. Parent’s security in the future
____6. Why is having a small family important?
A. Ensures community’s progress
B. Provides for the basic needs of children for quality life
C. Requires lesser economic needs
D. Secures the future of children
____7. Which of the following beverage does a pregnant woman cannot take?
A. Chocolate drinks B. Fruit juices C. Milk products D. Rice wine
____8. Lactating mothers should eat the following foods:
A.Big serving of cereals
B. Big serving of green leafy and yellow vegetables
C.Big serving of red meat
D.Processed foods
____9. Which do you think is the family structure of extended families?
A. Includes members such as parents, grandparents, and cousins
B. Includes one or more children who were born into other families
C. Includes the combination of two families, like two single parent marriage
D. Includes one parent and at least one child
___10. What is the right age Filipinos to enter into marriage, as set by the Family Code of the
Philippines? A. 15 B. 25 C. 21 D. 18
___11. How is Chinese music described?
a. It is gentle and lyrical. c. It is meditative and highly ritualized
b. It is slow in tempo and is very peaceful. d. It is slow and melancholy.
___12. Which of the following is one of China’s most popular instruments?
a. haegum c. koto
b. erhu d. shamisen
___13. What meter is used in the Japanese song “Sakura”?
a. Quadruple b. Duple c. Triple d. Compound
___14. Which of the following does not belong in the group?
a. tsuzumi b. odaiko c. taiko d. changgo
___15. Which Korean music category is traditionally associated with the lower class?
a. tang-ak b. chong-ak c. sog-ak d. a-ak
___16. How is the “Arirang” song classified?
a. welcome song b. love song c. song for spring d. parting song
___17. What melody is used in the folk song “Mo Li Hua”?
a. melodic b. pentatonic c. diatonic d. harmonic
___18. Which Japanese instrument is the counterpart of the kayageum?
a. koto b. geomungo c. shamisen d. zheng
___19. Which Japanese instrument is called the ”dragon flute”?
a. shimobue b. hichiriki c. ryuteki d. shakuhachi
____20. Which of the following statements about the changgo is correct?
a. It is a single headed drum whose tone is altered by squeezing its laces.
b. It is a Japanese drum that has become the central instrument of percussion ensemble
c. It is large hanging barrel drum
d. An hour glass-shaped double headed drum made from animal skin.

TEST II. Choose the letter in the box that corresponds to the correct answer. Write your answer in
the space provided before the number.

A. Origami B. Woodblock Printing C. Heaven, Earth, Mankind

D.Calligraphy E. Painting F. Landscape painting G. Peking Face-Paint

H. Chosun Period I. Ukiyo-e J. Four Gracious Plants K. Kabuki Face-Paint

L. Koryo Period

_____1. The art that is considered as one of the oldest and most highly refined among the arts of Japan

_____2. It is regarded as the highest form of Chinese painting

_____3. The art of beautiful handwriting

_____4. Arts and crafts flourished during this period in Korean history

_____5. A technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely throughout East Asia and
originating in China in antiquity as a method of printing on textiles and paper

____6. The best known type of Japanese woodblock art print

____7. The era in Korean paintings that offers the richest variety and are the styles most imitated today

_____8. The art of paper folding in Japan

_____9. The three concepts of art reflected mostly in the artworks and crafts in China, Japan and Korea

_____10. It is also known as Jingju Lianpu that is done with different colors in accordance with the
performing characters’ personality and historical assessment.

TEST III. Explanation: Explain the following.20 points each

1. What do you think makes the marriage successful? Explain
2. What values can be fostered as you and your family engage and participate in a team sport such
as basketball?