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cues Health Family Goals Intervention Rationale Method of family Resources Evaluation

problem nursing nurse-contact Needed

S: Health Inability to STO: After 2  Note  May aid in  Home  Human STO: Goal
O: Deficit: provide days of the diagnosing visit resources Partially met
Illness adequate nursing patients underlying After 2 days
state: nursing intervention, age cause in  One on  Time and of nursing
Jaundice care to the the patients connection one effort of intervention
vulnerable yellowish with the discussion the nurse the
member discoloration appearance discoloration
of the on the of jaundice on the
family due extremities extremities
to lack of will lessen lessen
about the  Let the  To allow
disease LTO: patient alternate LTO: Goal
conditions After 72 hrs. be pathways Fully If met,
of nursing expose for bilirubin After 72 hrs.
intervention in early excretion of nursing
the patients morning intervention
yellowish sunlight the patients
discoloration discoloration
will be  Breast  To ensure was back to
removed feed per adequate normal
hence the demand hydration
skin color
will be back
to normal