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Nowadays most people are not as fit and active, as they were in the past.

What are the

main causes of this situation? Suggest some possible solutions.

In the modern world, people are sure that they are not as active as the past and it is
becoming one of the biggest problems all around the world. There are many reasons
which are related to the development of technology such as an increase in car usage,
electronic technology, and a busy working lifestyle and it all decreases the activity of
people. In this essay, I will discuss these causes and possible solutions in detail.

The first one is, there is a huge increase in car usage comparing to the past because
the car price is much affordable for the people and the production amount of cars is
much higher than before. Also, the car is becoming more and more comfortable so
people more likely to buy a car over using public transportation. It causes problems
such as
Obesity because people tend to drive the car instead of walking
around. Everyplace has a parking spot and almost everyone has their own car. Not only
they are not walking but also it makes people lazier so as long as if they don’t change
there, they will not get rid of this problem.

The second big cause that people are becoming more inactive is automation. In recent
years, there are many technologies that are replacing human works. For example, in the
factories they more likely to install robots because it is more useful and productive than
humans. Moreover, everything is performed electronically so people usually spending
their time in a seated position. So it limits their physical movement.
The third one is a busy working lifestyle. These days the world is becoming busier than
before. Alongside working is a bit too much work them so they just give up on doing
exercise. For instance, there is one guy who is working for 8 hours a day and his
second work is finished at 10 o’clock so there is actually no time for exercise. Alongside
working hard, people just don’t want to exercise because of the lack of support. When
people don’t have a partner or motivation they are not more likely to do exercise.

So to solve this problem we need to change people’s mindsets. Also, when people find
something that they want related to the activities they just do it by themselves. For
example, some people like to go hiking, but some of them go swimming. Thus, people
need to learn how to find their own way of active life.

In conclusion, the present day’s people being inactive compared to the past because of
the increase in car usage and production, development in electronic devices and busy
working lifestyle. And if people can their way of thinking about exercise and get some
support from friends or others they can be active even in these days.