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Teacher: Leonor Milagro Flores Room: Lab phycologist building Time: 1:00 – 3:30

Subject: KIDS level 1 Date: October 26th. 2019

Unit 1: “School things”
Key Contents: Introduction to simple present
What do you have in your backpack?
I have one pen . I have five pens.


Functions - To tell their names and ask about others names in English .
Structures - To use verb to be to talk about ages .
Vocabulary - To recognize and name numbers since 1 to 20 .
Ask the students to stand up and show how they going to sing the song Time/ Skill
Warm up "follow me " and then sing together. (10’)
- Introduce the vocabulary about the colors showing flash cards with the
Presentation correct color. (25’)
- Students will repeat three times the vocabulary . Vocabulary
- Teacher will provide a piece of color paper for every student and then Grammar
each student will make a short presentation .First they need to write their
nick names at the paper second they will say what is his – her name ?and
what is his –her favorite color ?. and finally they will give their names to
the teacher for future activities.
- present the numbers since one to 20 and practice with them , ask about
their ages and listen together their answers.example :
How old are you ? I am seven

Activity 1 - Listen the track 002 and make the exercise on the page 6 .
- Listen the track 003 and repeat the words . (25’)
- Listen the track 004 and write the numbers to the correct color for Listening
example: black 1 and speaking

Activity 2 -Listen the track 005 and repeat the numbers on page 7 exercise D , then (25’)
color the number according to the track. Reading/
-Ask students if they remember the names of the characters on page 6 and Pronunciation
check the correct answer together and then listen the track 006 one time
and then a second time and tell students to circle each character.
And tell the students stand up and share their own information with another
student that they didn’t know .

Activity 3 -Tell the students to turn to page number 9 and repeat the vocabulary about (25’)
the shapes , we show at the same time the shape . Listening
Then make together the exercise G using colors and number. Pronunciation

Provide to the students an extra page and ask about to write what they have
been learned today using their imagination and then put his – her name in Speaking/
Production the pages to get an score and finally paste the page in their notebooks . Writing
Wrap up Pick one student and close his eyes , then hide a card and the student will try to (10’)
guess where it is the rest of the class will help telling to the student the color in Speaking
the card , if it is near they will say the color out loud but if it is not they will say it
Assessment - The correct use of vocabulary and the grammar structure will be checked during the development
of production.
Materials The student book , color paper with students’names , the use of the white board , flash card, realia
shapes .
Bibliography Student book , Compass Publishing .