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Magic Miniatures Farm Camp Curriculum i.

Magic Miniatures Farm Camp ensures a ii. Heart rate
Hands-on, interactive experience with iii. Signs of a sick goat
livestock while covering the basics of iv. First aid
appearance, behavior, disciplines, health, 4. Cows:
and keeping livestock. a. Breeds
b. Colors
1. Rabbits: c. Cow Care
a. Breeds i. Nutrition
b. Colors ii. Pen Maintenance
c. Rabbit Care iii. Use of Cattle
i. Nutrition iv. Exercise
ii. Cage Cleaning d. Cow Health
iii. Bunny Proofing i. Temperature
iv. Exercise ii. Heart rate
d. Rabbit Health iii. Signs of a sick cow
i. Temperature iv. First aid
ii. Heart rate 5. Farming:
iii. Signs of a sick bunny a. Crops
iv. First aid i. Where our food
2. Chickens grows
a. Breeds b. Types of Farms
b. Colors c. Farm Equipment
c. Chicken Care d. Environment
i. Nutrition
ii. Coop Maintenance Each portion of the curriculum enforces
iii. Egg Collecting reading, writing, and mathematical skills.
iv. Use of Chickens Children are not required to know how to
d. Chicken Health read, write, or do math as this is a learning
i. Temperature experience for everyone! Every child will get
ii. Heart rate help in the activities and will gain an
iii. Signs of a sick understanding no matter where their skill
chicken sets are. Each category comes with hands-
iv. First aid on interaction with livestock as well as
3. Goats: games that demonstrate each of the
a. Breeds concepts as well as physical
b. Colors demonstrations.
c. Goat Care
i. Nutrition
ii. Pen Cleaning
iii. Pen Maintenance
iv. Exercise
v. Use of Goats
d. Goat Health