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Beef Cut Sheet

Name: _________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________
Phone Number: _____________________________ No. in Family _____________

Roast: Pounds per Roast ________________________ (Standard is 3 lbs.)

Steak: Thickness _______________________________ (Standard is 3/4”)

No. of Steaks per Pkg. _______________________ (Minimum of 2)
No. of Sirloin Steaks per Pkg. ________________ (Minimum of 1)
Round Steaks – Whole or Cut in 1/2 _________________________
Round Steaks – Tenderized or Plain ___________________________

Hamburger: Available in 1#, 1 ½#, and 2# packages ______________________

Patties 35 cents extra per pound - # of pounds ____________________
Number of Patties per Pkg. ___________________________

Do you want the following cuts of meat:

Short Ribs Yes No Soup Bones Yes No

Stew Meat Yes No Brisket Yes No
Liver Yes No Heart Yes No

Information on Cuts:

T-Bone – Approximately 14 steaks per 1/2 beef. Allow 1 per adult
Rib – Approximately 14 steaks per 1/2 beef. Allow 1 per adult
Sirloin – Sirloin tapers from a large to small cut. The large portion would serve
2, the small would serve 1. Approximately 8 sirloins per 1/2 beef.
Round – Round steak can be packaged as a full or half round.
Top Round – More tender portion of the round – can be plain or
Bottom Round – Less tender portion. It can be made into plain steaks,
tenderized or ground for hamburger. (When tenderizing
the round steaks, the cut is run through a mechanical
tenderizer, scoring both sides of the steak. No chemicals
are used in this process.
Chuck – Very flavorful but a tougher cut for steaks. Makes excellent roast
Approximately 18 steaks per 1/2 beef if roasts are not made. Allow 1
steak per adult.
Flank – A fibrous cut which can be tenderized. One flank per ½ beef.
Prime Rib – If a roast is requested it will eliminate a portion of the rib
Sirloin Tip – Portion at the more tender end of the bottom round.
Approximately 1- roasts per ½ beef.
Heel of Round – Roast from the hind quarter. One roast per 1/2 beef.
Chuck – Roast from the front quarter. Approximately 6-8 roasts per 1/2
Arm – Front quarter roast. Approximately 3-4 roasts per 1/2 beef.
Rump – Hind quarter roast. Approximately 1-2 roasts per 1/2 beef.
Brisket – Used for corn beef roast, stew, or ground for hamburger. One
roast per 1/2 beef.

Lean cubes of meat in approximately 1 lb. packages. Approximately 6
packages per1/2 beef.

Ribs used for barbecuing or boiling. Approximately 3-4, 1 ½ lb. packages
per 1/2 beef.

Meaty portions of the shank bone. Approximately 3-4, 1 ½ lb. packages
per 1/2 beef.

Packaged in 1#, 1 ½# or 2# packages. Approximately 65-70 lbs. per ½