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Modes of Specific relief:

1. Recission of contract
2. Specific performance of contract
3. Declaration of right
4. Rectification of instrument
5. Cancellation of instrument
6. Injunction
7. Appointment of receiver
8. Recovery of possession
Can be specifically performed:
I. Act in whole of partial performance of contract
II. Non-performance of act or actual damages
III. Non-performance of act & inadequate pecuniary compensation
IV. Non-performance of act & non- availability of inadequate pecuniary compensation
Contract which can not be specifically performed:
I. Adequate compensation in money
II. Minute or numerious details
III. Reasonable certainty of terms
IV. Revocable contract
V. Contract by trustee in excess of their power
VI. Contract by or on behalf of corporation or public company
VII. Non-existence of material part of subject matter.
Recovery of movable property
1. Who can recover specific movable property
2. Manner for recovery of possession of movable property
3. Liability of a person who is in position but not owner of a property
4. Cases in which property can be delivered to a person entitled to immediate performance
I. Agent or trustee of claimant
II. Inadequate relief
III. Actual damage
IV. Wrongful transfer of possession.
Cases under which injunction can be granted:
1. Granting temporary injunction
I. Property in danger
II. Removal or disposal of property
III. Dispossession or injury of plaintiff
2. Granting permanent injunction
I. Breach of obligation
II. Trustee of property
III. Actual damage ((no standard available for ascertaining actual damage, which is caused
by invasion or likely to be caused)
IV. Non availability of pecuniary compensation as adequate relief. ( where pecuniary
compensation cannot be adequate relief)
V. Non availability of pecuniary compensation
VI. Multiplicity of Judicial proceedings
Cases under which injunction cannot be granted:
1. Judicial proceeding of suit
2. Proceedings of court
3. Applying to any legislative body
4. Public duties of any government department
5. Sovereign act of foreign government
6. Proceedings in any criminal matter
7. Breach of contract
8. An act, which is not nuisance
9. Continuing breach
10. Equally efficacious relief
11. Conduct of applicant or his agent
12. Applicant no personal interest in matter
Cancellation of document
1. Void or voidable document
2. Cause of injury
3. Apprehension of serious injury