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A very good morning to Puan Hjh Mahizan Binti Muhammud

Principal of Belitong Highschool

Encik Basir Bin Ibrahim

Senior assistant of Administration

Encik Zulkapli Bin Ahmad

Senior assistant of student affairs

teachers and all my dear students….

First of all, I was the teachers on duty for last week with Mr Rahmat, Madam liza, Madam Nik
Fauziah. During last week there was a lot of activities with student such as sport training on Sunday and
Monday for santubong, jerai, ledang and kinabalu family members crossing country for about 2.4 km from
3 to 5 pm. On Tuesday we had 1 student 1 sport from 2.30 until 4 pm. On Wednesday morning we had co
curricular activities and we added sivic subject and the theme was loving, then we continue to uniform
meeting until 9.30 am. Last Thursday morning we had a yassin recitation together. A caring school
program also ran last week. It was attended by a local assembly president. There was also urine test
conducted by national anti drug agency in collaboration with the school to address the drug addiction
issue among the students.

During my observation, when the student had finish their meal at the canteen student did not put
the plate at the right place. Zero defect plastics campaign had been launched. Student may be fined for
violating this rule. Anyone who wants to buy food for take away at the canteen please use home made
container that you brought from home. Its safer to use than plastic.

There are still students who do not wear clothes on a particular day such as uniform PBB clothes
on Wednesday, krmj clothes on Tuesday and Baju Melayu with sampin on Thursday. Please follow the
school rules and complete your uniform for the next week until the end of the school session.

All students who bring motorcycles to school must park the vehicle in the correct area. Please
save the park space to be use by other people as well . Wearing a helmet for students who bring vehicles
to school is a must in order to keep you safe and obey the laws of the road.

Malaysia nowadays had flu infected disease caused by an influenza virus. Symptoms can be mild
to severe. The most common symptoms include high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle and joint pain,
headache, coughing and feeling tired. These symptoms typically begin two days after exposure to the virus
and most last less than a week. The cough however, may last for more than two weeks, in children there
may be diarrhea and vomiting, but these are common in adults. Complications of influenza may include
viral pneumonia, secondary bacterial pneumonia, sinus infections, and worsening of previous health
problem such as asthma or heart failure. Student are required to take care of themselves by drinking a lot
of water, wearing a face mask, wash hand by 7 steps, don’t go public area and see a doctor for immediate
treatment if symptom influenza can be known for sure. Prevention is better than cure.

That’s just the report for the last week from me and my colleagues. Hopefully all students
understand it well. The bad come from me, and the good comes from Allah. Thank you.