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Joachim F. Schröer Joachim F. Schröer

27.03.2006 alle bisherigen

Return of spare parts

1. Approval

Generally the returns of parts are possible only after receipt of approval by the parts
department in Boppard. Spare parts returns have to be sent to the known BOMAG
warehouse only.

2. Claiming

2.1 The claim for parts return must contain the following information:
> Quantity of parts to be returned
> Part nos in numerical sequence
> Part description and BOMAG's order and delivery no.

2.2 Claims for parts returns have to submitted in machine typed form.

2.3 The return has to be claimed in separate listings for:

> Spare parts delivered in error
> Spare parts with wrong labelling (not in accordance with parts specification)
> Regular parts returns

2.4 Domestic parts returns have to be accompanied by re-delivery note which was
added to the consignment.

3. Returns of initial stockings

The dealer has the right to return spare parts originating from initial stockings within
18 months - calculated from the date of shipment - to BOMAG.

4. Annual return value

The annual return value must not exceed 5 % of the parts turn-over of the current year.

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*Amendment to last edition

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5. Returns due to erroneous shipments by BOMAG

Parts which were erroneously shipped by the BOMAG parts department Boppard will
be accepted at full invoice net price plus freight charges when the return has been
properly requested and authorised. For the parts return the forwarder prescribed by
BOMAG has to be used. The request for return has to be submitted immediately after
noticing of the error. However the BOMAG parts department's authorisation has to be

6. Non-returnable spare parts

The following parts are excluded from return:

6.1 Parts which have not been purchased from BOMAG, respect. parts from "pirates" or

6.2 Parts with a limited short storage lifetime such as hoses, seals and Filter with rubber
seals, etc.

6.3 Used, rusty, changed or damaged parts

6.4 Parts with damaged or missing original packing and preservation.

6.5 Parts which have been removed from new machines.

6.6 Single parts of items which are only sold as complete kits.

6.7 Incomplete conversion kits

6.8 Items manufactured or furnished on special customer request.

6.9 Items with a total value less than 5 €.

6.10 Parts which cannot be identified.

6.11 Parts which have been superseded by other materials and which do not meet the
current technical BOMAG standards.(NE, ED, NL)

6.12 Materials such as glues, greases, oil, paints and thinners, liquid gaskets, grease
sprays, etc.

6.13 Spare parts catalogues, operation and maintenance manuals, repair manuals and all
kind of technical documentation.

6.14 Electronic components e.g. printed circuit boards etc...

7. Return procedure

7.1 After examination of the claim for return, the dealer will receive one or more
authorisations as quotations marked with a return reference no. under which the parts
can be returned as well as shipping instructions.

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7.2 Parts which have once been denied for return cannot be listed again for future return

7.3 Each part has to be marked with the BOMAG part no.

7.4 The return must be arranged immediately, at the latest 4 (four) weeks after receipt of
the parts departments authorisation.

7.5 The return has to be effected prepaid / CIF destination at the sender's risk. The delivery
note and pro-forma invoice have to be included by the sender. The sender is
responsible for the correct issuing of the necessary documents for the border crossing.
All costs in connection with the return free destination of BOMAG parts organisation will
be borne by the sender.

7.6 The final decision concerning the return and the credit can be done made only after
visual inspection of the returned parts. Parts which cannot be accepted due to the bad
condition will be placed at the sender's disposal at the sender's expense.

7.7 The costs for the necessary repairs, regeneration and / or reconditioning of the
returned parts will be invoiced to the sender.

7.8.1 If aggregates require an examination in the factory, this will be performed at the
sender's expense.

8. Accounting / Clearance

8.1 After customs release, the parts will be inspected and restocked. Discrepancies and
other objectionswill be reported to the sender. Parts returned without authorisation will
be temporarily stocked for a maximum of 4 (four) weeks. If the sender does not require
the return at his own expense, the parts will be scrapped.

8.2 The sender will be informed of all expenses and value changes resulting from 7.5 and
7.8 as well as domestic freight and declaration costs. This amount will be deducted
from the existing commercial invoice. The credited amount will either be transferred or
utilised to balance the account.

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