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DMIBS Curriculum Vitae

Deputy Manager International Banking Sales Services

Aspiring Deputy Manager International Banking Sales Services who excels in Sales, Customer
Career Services and Employee Development. My Collaborative Learning Approach (CLA) & Managerial Style
Objective (MS) promotes a healthy team environment centralized in implementing solutions for process
inefficiencies in Customer Services & Growth (CSG). Currently seeking to apply my skills, knowledge
and experience to drive company’s Long Term Growth (LTG), Overall Sales Growth (OSG) and
Employee Retention Support (ERS).

Info-A Personal Identification Data with Specifications

Name Sheikh Muzaffer Ahmad Date of Birth 20-01-1983
Passport No. T0878485 Passport Expiry Date 22-04-2029
Nationality Indian Visit Visa Status Long Term Entry Permit 90Dy
Aadhar No. 249521576671 Permanent Address Pahilpora Safapora Gbl-193504
E-mail Id Phone No. +971 - 509705737
International Language Known English Regional & National Languages Known Kashmiri & Urdu
Current Job Tile Deputy Manager Banking Sales Services
Specializations Banking Products, Sales, Customer Services, Meetings, Team & Time Management etc.

Info-B Core Competencies and Skills

Sl. No. Core Competency Sl. No. Core Competency
1 Good Communication & Organizational Skills 11 Excellent Decision Making Skills
2 Good Listening & Expressive Language Skills 12 Excellent Problem Solving Skills
3 Excellent Coordination & Administration Skills 13 Good Guidance Counseling Skills
4 Able to Build Strong Customer Service Teams 14 Implementing Business Procedures
5 Improve Self-esteem of Team Members 15 Controlling Cost or Expenditures
6 Planning, Negotiating & Networking 16 Maintain Quality Standards

7 Customer Satisfaction & Management 17 Budgeting

8 Goal Oriented and Resourceful 18 Preparing Reports
9 Conflict Management among Team Players 19 Attending Meetings
10 Confidence Building 20 Decision Making

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Info-C Professional Qualifications and Certifications
Sl. No. Degrees, Diploma & Certifications Month & Year Course Duration
1 M.A. Education – University of Kashmir DODE: 2012 July 2012 2 Years
2 B.A. (Eng., Economics, Education & Majors in Psychology) Dec. 2009 3 Years
3 12th ( Eng., Biology, Chemistry & Physics) Dec. 2005 1 Year

Info.D Computer Knowledge and Competency

I can work comfortably with the windows operating system, MS-Office, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, E-
1 mails, Websites, Internet & Skype, and have good general knowledge about softwares & hardwares. I
know how to format systems and instill software and programs etc. I have knowledge of data
tabulation, analysis and interpretation etc.

Info. E Sales Professional Experiences

Sl. No. Designation Organization Starting Date Ending Date Total Duration

1 Deputy Manager HDFC Bank 07 – 06- 2018 30 -10 -2019 1.4 Years
2 Territory Sales Manager Bharti Airtel 06 –06 -2015 06-06-2018 3 Years
3 Customer Service Executive ACCESS ISTM Pvt. Ltd. 06-08-2011 01-09-2013 2 Years
4 Team Leader Operations ACCESS ISTM Pvt. Ltd. 01-09-2013 30-04-2015 1.7 Years

Total Experiences in Years 7 .11 Years

Info. F References
Sl. No. Name Designation School/Org. Phone No. E-mail Id
1 Showkat AG Head of Inclusion AWPS Sharjah 0501104954
2 Mir Musaib Head of Wingman School Webs Org 0568124139
3 Parveez AG IPET cum Coach TCS Dubai 0561253493
4 Mohd Saleem Head of Inclusion GIIS Dubai 0544234381
5 Jahangir AW Exam. Officer Cmbge Frontline UKS 0561075190

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