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I. Berilah tanda silang (x) pada C.

jawaban yang anda anggap paling D. younger
6. Vidia is nine years old. Ulia is eleven
1. Train is … than bus years old. Vidia is … than Ulia.
A. slower A. Older
B. higher B. Old
C. faster C. Younger
D. shorter D. Young

2. Bandung is located is … My name is Vishal. I live at Kelapa

A. West Java Warna street. My house is next to the
B. East Java bookstore. Today, my mother asks me
C. Central Java to accompany her to the traditional
D. Banten market. The traditional market is located
at Merdeka Street. There are many
3. public places along this street.

There are a bank and a post office on

the both sides of the traditional market.
The bank is in the left side and the post
office is in the right side. There is a
bakery across the traditional market.
There is also a police station. It is next
to the bakery.

7. Where does Vishal live?

A. At Wijaya Street
B. At Kelapa Warna street
We are not allowed to … C. At Merdeka Street
A. left D. At Cut Mutia Street
B. u-turn
C. right
D. around 8. Where is the bakery?
A. On the left side of the post office
4. Ulia is clever. Vishal is clever. Ulia is B. On the right side of the traditional
… Vishal. market
A. as clever as C. Across the police station
B. as clever D. Across the traditional market
C. more clever
D. cleverest 9. What are the public places next to the
traditional market?
5. Vishal is twelve years old. Fatih is ten A. A bank and a post office
years old. Vishal is … than Fatih. B. A bakery and a post office
A. older C. A police station and a bakery
B. young D. A bank and a bakery

Text for number 10 to 13

My name is Ulia. I live on Jl. Turi 1. My C. yours
house is near the post office. Today, my D. you are
mother asks me to accompany her to
the supermarket. The supermarket is on 16. A : “Is it … pencil ?”
Jl. Sultan Haji. There are many public B : ” yes, it is my pencil”.
places along this street. A. mine
The park is in the corner, near the B. you
library. There is a bank across from the C. me
police station, there is also a cinema. It D. your
is beside a bakery. At last, the
supermarket itself. It is between the 17. It is not my book. The book is not ….
drugstore and the bus station. A. mine
B. me
10. Where does Nuri live? C. you
A. on Jl. Bahagia D. your
B. on Jl. Turi 1
C. on Jl. Sudirman 18. Bali island is located in …. of java
D. on Jl.Benteng island.
A. west
11. Where does her mother want to go? B. north
A. Bank C. east
B. Post office D. south
C. Hospital
D. Supermarket 19. The leader of a kingdom is ….
A. Ministry
12. Where is the bank? B. King
A. from the police station C. President
B. across from D. Queen
C. near the drugstore
D. beside post office 20. One of royal name in Indonesia is
13. Where is the supermarket? A. Kalimantan
A. between bakery and cinema B. Java
B. near post office C. Majapahit
C. near the bakery and schoo D. Bali
D. between the drugstore and the bus
station 21. A : “Do you have an english
dictionary ?”
14. …. the baby is sleeping ! B : “Yes, I …. .”
A. Be careful A. have
B. Be happy B. do
C. Don’t make noise C. does
D. Be diligent D. am

15. You have a motorcycle. The 22. Ani always gets the first rank in her
motorcycle is … class. He is the ….. student in the class.
A. you A. clever
B. your B. cleverer
C. cleverest C. Maribaya water fall
D. most clever D. Tangkuban Prabu

23. Ulia sakit kepala 28. Mount Tangkuban Prahu is situated

The English sentence is …. at …..
A. Ulia has toothache A. Bandung
B. Ulia has earache B. Lembang
C. Ulia has stomachahe C. Subang
D. Ulia has headache D. Yogyakarta

24. Vishal sore throat 29. In the Tangkuban Perahu mountain,

The Indonesian sentence is …. we can see …..
A. Vishal sakit perut A. Ciater, hill, top, and valley
B. Vishal sakit tenggorokan B. Ciater hot spring
C. Vishal sakit gigi C. Water fall
D. Vishal sakit kepala D. Flower garden

25. The legend of Malin Kundang is from 30. The legend of Tangkuban Prahu is
… history of …..
A. Jakarta A. Lutung Kasarung
B. West Java B. Sangkuriang
C. Sumatra C. Bawang putih
D. Kalimantan D. Kancil

26. Majapahit was a …. long time ago.

A. kingdom
B. district
C. village
D. country

Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of tourism object in West Java. It situated at

Lembang. It is at northern part of Bandung. A lot of people from various part of world
come to see it, because it has a history, it is a Sangkuriang legend.
To arrive at mount Tangkuban Perahu, we have to drive up along the road of
hilly area, we can see a wide tea plantation. At the top, we can see beautiful scenery,
and we can see the hills with its green slopes. It has three craters which continuously
produced smoke.
There are bungalows, and tourism object can be found easily there. Such as
Ciater hot water and Maribaya water fall.

27. What is the suitable of the text

A. Ciater hot spring
B. Legend of Sangkuriang