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No. V& Series of 2017

FOR : All Regional Directors

All Provincial Directors
Administrators/Directors of All Public and Private TVIs

FROM : The Secretary/Director General

This Authority
DATE : August 3, 2017

SUBJECT : 4th Tourism Human Resources Congress, September 25-27, 2017

The Tourism Industry Board Foundation, Inc. (TIBFI), a tripartite body composed of
representatives from the government, private and labor sectors aims to provide manpower
development in various tourism enterprises will be spearheading the conduct of the 4th
Tourism Human Resource Congress with a theme, Training and Development: Pathways for
a Sustainable Future. The Congress is scheduled on September 25-27, 2017 at the Grand
Xing Imperial Hotel, Iloilo City.

The event on September 25-26, 2017 will serve as capability building for all TESDA certified
Trainers and accredited Assessors for Tourism Professionals to include Housekeeping
Services NC II, Front Office Services NC II, Food and Beverage Services NC II, Cookery NC
II, and other Tourism related services. There will be sessions on the use of the ASEAN
Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) on Tourism Professionals (TP) Toolboxes and the
calibration of competency assessors on the application of the assessment methodology for
said qualifications.

September 27, 2017 is open to all interested technical vocational education and training
(TVET) trainers and assessors, educational institutions, industry practitioners, Association of
Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP) officers anti members, officials and staff of NGAs,
and tourism associations particularly those from Visayas and Mindanao Regions.

The Registration Fee is Php 5,500.00 which will include three (3) days access to all sessions,
congress meals, collateral materials, and souvenir kit.

Interested participants may visit the TIBFI website or email

or call (02) 981-8500 local 2796.

To ensure wider participation on this event, you are hereby instructed to disseminate this
information to all concerned TVls, institutions, and WET partners in your respective areas.

For your appropriate action.


Secre aryl 'rector General

Encl.: as stated
Tourism Industry Board Foundation, Inc.
University of the Philippines Asian Institute of Tourism, Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, Quezon City
Telefax: 63-2-5271761 Mobile: 63-977-603-6631 Website:


Ms. Ma. Christina Aquino

Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philipp 31 July 2017
Mr. Paul Lim So
Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA)
Vice Chairman
Ms. Tinette Capistrano Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
Philippine Association of Convention! Exhibitia 7th Floor, TESDA Administration Bldg.,
Organizer and Suppliers, Inc. (PACEOS)
Secretary TESDA Complex, East Service Rd., Taguig, Metro Manila
Dr. Edieser Dela Santa
University of the Philippines
Asian Institute of Tourism (UP All)
Treasurer Dear Sec. Mamondiong:
Dr. Gloria Baken Wong- Sly Greetings from the Tourism Industry Board Foundation, Inc. (TIBFI), the
Association of Administrators in Hospitality Hole
Restaurant Management Educational Institution:
government's partner in enhancing the capability and capacity of human
(AAHRMEI) resources in the tourism industry.
We invite all TESDA-accredited trainers and assessors to join the
Ms. Anabelle Ochoa Moreno
Association of Human Resources Managers in 4th Tourism Human Resources Congress, with the theme "Training
Hospitality Industry (AHRM) and development: pathways for a sustainable future", on 25-27
Public Relations Officer September at Grand Xing Imperial Hotel, Imo City.

Board Trustees The first two days of the 4th Tourism Human Resource Congress feature
National Union of Workers in Hotels, Restaurant
Allied Industries (NUVVHRAIN- SENTRO) a (1) re-training program on tourism skills for assessors to align
Mr. Daniel Edralin their practices with the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) for Tourism Professionals and ASEAN Qualifications Reference
Ms. Eleonor Ogarte Framework and (2) MRA awareness and toolbox immersion
programs, exclusive only to Camp Assess participants. The 3-day event
Mr. Hessel Larcia concludes with a full-day congress on 27 September that discusses
management practices on human resources that lead to sustainable
Board of Advisers outcomes. The overall goal is to upgrade knowledge and skills, and to
Department of Tourism (DOT) examine management practices dealing with human resources to
Director Rica Bueno
achieve sustainable outcomes.
Ms. Arlene Alipio
arlene In this light, we would like to request your support in inviting
interested TESDA participants to join the said congress by
Technical Education Skills Development
Authority disseminating this information to concerned offices. Please see attached
(TESDA) project brief for more details on the event
Executive Director Imelda Taganas
Ms. Ma. Isabel Gamurot (alternate)

Secretariat: Carla Angelica Co

Our secretariat staff will coordinate with your office regarding this
request. For any questions, we can be reached at telephone number
(+632) 981-8500 local 2796 or via email at

Thank you and we look forward to your favorable reply.


Dr. Edieser Dela Santa

Chair, 4th HR Tourism Congress

Ma. Christina Aquino

Chairman, TIBFI
Human resource development is recognized as a critical component for the sustainable
development of tourism destinations. This is because the growth and quality of tourism
services and supply depend upon the human component, their abilities and capabilities.
Indeed, how people from the industry interact with the tourist is an integral part of the total
tourist experience.

Due to its importance, it is no wonder that the quality of tourism human resource has been a
key policy area. Recent policy initiatives in human resource development include the teaching
of tourism and hospitality courses in senior high school under the technical-vocational track
of the K-12 program. Human resource development within the tourism sector is a key
component of the Ambisyon Natin 2040 plan. The National Tourism Development Plan and
the Tourism HRD Strategy both spell out a vision of investing in people for a competitive and
sustainable tourism development.

At the international level, the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement and the ASEAN
Qualifications Reference Framework are in full swing. When fully implemented, they will
increase the mobility of tourism labor within the region and increase the value of assessment
and certification as part of the qualification requirements in recruitment. At the United
Nations, decent work has been identified as one of the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development. Together with other goals, it seeks to realize the human rights of
all, achieve gender equality, empowerment and balance the three dimensions of sustainable
development: the economic, social and environmental.

Still, gaps in knowledge exist. Some questions that include further investigation include: how
can the tourism workplace be made more inclusive for women, the youth, persons with
disabilities, and those in the countryside? How can productivity be increased? How can the
conditions of work be managed so labor standards are upheld? Addressing these issues is
significant, as their resolution can identify ways by which a more sustainable future for the
industry can be achieved. One mechanism that allows a discussion of these knowledge gaps is
the 4th TIBFI Human Resource Congress. Organizing the event also responds to issues raised
during the 3rd Human Resource Congress which, among others, called for the strengthening
of the curriculum and the holding of regular conferences and seminars for personnel in the
tourism industry.

The 4th TIBFI Human Resource Congress focuses on the training and development of
human resources as well as a discussion of issues and factors that influence
entrepreneurship and employment in tourism firms. The overall goal is to upgrade
knowledge and skills, and to examine management practices dealing with human
resources to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Anchored on meeting the ASEAN requirement for trainers and assessors, the first two days
features a re-training program on tourism skills to align practices with the ASEAN Mutual
Recognition Agreement (MRA) for Tourism Professionals and ASEAN Qualifications
Reference Framework (AQRF). The program also includes MRA awareness and toolbox
immersion programs for Camp Assess participants, divided into 5 clusters: Housekeeping,
Front office, Food & Beverage, Cookery, and Travel Services. A separate toolbox immersion
session is also provided for tourism educators.

The three-day event concludes with a full-day congress that discusses management
practices on human resources that lead to sustainable outcomes. Open to all interested
participants, the congress provides presentations on various HR practices as well as panel
discussions on issues concerning HR in the tourism industry. Pre- and post-conference
tours will also be offered to participants.


The 4th Human Resource Congress aims to upgrade knowledge and skills and to discuss
management practices dealing with human resources to achieve sustainable outcomes.
Along this line, trainers and assessors of tourism skills will be re-trained in order to align
their practices with the ASEAN MRA for Tourism Professionals and ASEAN Qualifications
Reference Framework. The congress will also discuss ways to bridge the gap between the
industry and education/training sectors and examine factors and issues that influence
human resource development in the tourism industry.
Target participants
25-26 September
Open only to Camp Assess participants. Participants for the re-training program and
MRA awareness and toolbox immersion are TESDA-accredited trainers and assessors
who will undergo re-tooling. These include assessors from the following labor
divisions: housekeeping, front office, food and beverage, cookery and travel services.

27 September
Open to all interested participants including those from Camp Assess. Participants of
the HR Congress proper will come from LGUs, educational institutions, industry
practitioners (GMs and HR officers), ATOP officers and members, officials and staff of
NGAs, and tourism associations particularly those located in Visayas and Mindanao

Registration Fees
Registration fees and their respective inclusions are summarized below. Please
note that early bird rates are available only up to September 1, 2017.

Three full days of access to all sessions,

Php 5,500.00 n/a congress meals, souvenir kit
(Only for Camp Assess participants)

Non-TIBFI member rate; access to 3rd-clay

Php 4,500.00 Php 3,500.00
activities, congress meals, souvenir kit

TIBFI member rate; access to 3rd-clay

Php 3,500.00 Php 3,000.00
activities, congress meals, souvenir kit

Student rate; access to 3rd-day activities,

Php 2,500.00 Php 2,000.00
congress meals, souvenir kit
For ASEAN delegates; Three full days of
US$200.00 US$150 access to all sessions, congress meals,
souvenir kit
*Separate fees apply for the conference tours. More information will be posted at the 7-18F1
website (
Grand Xing Imperial Hotel and surrounding properties offer accommodation for
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*, ,. ' V ' Si ''' 1 b /1 ,4: ' 4:',4..„
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'-,-4, ,.,
• , -,7Y-- ,.., , .-•'

Grand Xing 2,500.00 3,300.00 2,900.00 3,500.00

Imperial Hotel* (twin)

1,200.00 2,000.00 2,500.00

The Grand
(for 5) (for 2)
Tower Suites

Harbor Town 1,537.20 1,701.90 1,976.40 (for

Hotel ** (for 2) 2)

2,925.00 3,552.00 4,388.00 5,119.00 7,104.00

Hotel del Rio*
(for 2) (for 2) (for 3) (Junior)
Amigo Terrace 1,800.00 1,800.00
(triple share)
(quad share)

Iloilo Midtown 1,225.00 1,850.00 2,100.00 2,600.00 3,350.00

Hotel** (for 2) (for 3) (for 2)

Days Hotel 2,700.00
(quad share)

*Rates inclusive of breakfast

**Harbor Town Hotel airport transfers at P900.00 net/way; P880.00 per way for Days Hotel Iloilo; Free of
charge for Iloilo Midtown Hotel
***Rates quoted are per day, subject to availability. Subject to change without prior notice.
For more information, directly contact hotel properties. Indicate booking under 4th Tourism HR Congress

, Transportation

Participants should obtain their own transportation to the congress. Local airlines
operate various flights on a daily basis to and from Iloilo. Airport transfers may be
availed of directly from individual hotels or participants may choose to take public
Payment and Refund policy
Participants are encouraged to pre-register through the TIBFI website
( Online payment is through PayPal. Note that
TIBFI will collect Phpl 50.00 to cover bank charges. Alternatively, registration fees may
be paid directly to TIBFI. Bank details as follows:


Account Number: 2281-0003-84
Bank name: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Bank branch: BPI - UP Ayala Technohub

Checks must also be payable to above bank details. Confirmation of registration is

made upon clearance of Check payments.

For bank deposits and wire transfers, a copy of the deposit slip or remittance receipt
should be faxed to the Secretariat at (02) 981-8500 local 2796 or at

All bank remittance charges are to be paid by the delegates. Please make sure that
the participant's name is on the transfer record.

Online registration/Pre-registration is until September 15, 2017. Submission of

registration forms and payments must be accomplished on or before the said date.
Otherwise, interested participants may register on the day of the event.

Cancellations made seven (7) days before the event will be charged 20% of the
regular rate as administrative fee. Cancellations made after this period and no-shows
during the event due to unforeseen circumstances, acts of God or other reasons
beyond the control of the delegate will forfeit any conference fees paid to the

Substitutions are not allowed during the event, however substitutions made 3 days
before the event will be accepted with no extra charge.

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to acts of God, low
attendance or unforeseen circumstances. In the event that a seminar is cancelled by
the Organizer, the registrant can choose to transfer the fee to another similar
conference of the Organizer or request in writing a full refund.

Summarized below are the activities for the 4th Tourism HR congress, with a brief

A half day introductory course on key concepts of the

ASEAN MRA on TP which will be conducted by ASEAN
Awareness Seminar

A one day course that will orient participants on key

concepts of the ASEAN MRA on TR
Participants will be grouped by qualification and will
be taught how to access and use toolbox materials for
Toolbox Immersion
education and training in SHS, HEI and tourism
related organizations. Course will be conducted by
ASEAN Masters.

A calibration seminar/workshop of TESDA Qualified

Assessors on ASEAN MRA on TP Competency Based
Training and Assessment principles as well as aligning
Camp Assess
current practices with ASEAN standards. Plenary and
breakout sessions by qualifications will be utilized,
with training conducted by ASEAN Masters.

Plenary Sessions and Panel Discussions with local and

international speakers who will touch on issues and
factors that influence entrepreneurship, employment,
HR Congress proper training and development of tourism professionals in
various tourism organizations, in the light of ASEAN
MRA on Tourism Professionals and other global
tourism developments.
Day 1 Program I September 25

Program pic Actwity


Opening Program

Seminar on MRA Element 1: Identifying operational context Plenary,

awareness conference
Overview, Background and Elements of Presentation &
(for Camp Assess
ASEAN MRA Discussion
participants and
tourism educators Competency-based training and assessment Presentation &
only) Activity
Review of training and learning theory Presentation

AM snack Working break

Element 2: ASEAN toolbox components

Labor divisions and ASEAN toolbox Presentation

ASEAN Regional Qualifications Framework Document review
and Skills Recognition System
ASEAN Competency Standard

ASEAN Trainee and Assessor Manual

Lunch Break

ASEAN assessor and Master assessor: Presentation &

eligibility, roles, & responsibility Activity
MRA Toolbox Breakout into clusters:
Housekeeping Assessors Breakout,
(for Camp Assess Conference
participants only) Front Office Assessors

F&B Assessors

Cookery Assessors

Travel Services Assessors

Tourism Educators

Day 1 Program I September 25 (PM) — Breakout session for Tourism educators


MRA Toolbox Aligning PQF and AQRF

Understanding the CATC Presentation &
Opening the toolbox Working break

Curriculum and competency mapping Presentation &

Closing Ceremony Presentation
Document review
Call to Action and evaluation

Oath of commitment Review

Day 2 Program I September 26

MRA Toolbox Break out into clusters

Assessment of ASEAN Competency Presentation &
(for Camp Assess Standard Activity
participants only) Working break
AM snack

Making assessment decisions and providing Presentation &

feedback Activity
ASEAN assessment evaluation Presentation
Document review
Lunch break

Assessment Assessment experiences and best practices Review

(for Camp Assess Closing Ceremony

participants only)
Evaluation Activity

Oath of Commitment
Day 3 Program
September 27 I Master of ceremony: Dr. Jeanneth F. Darroca

AM 8:00 Registration

9:00 9:10 10 Opening Ceremonies

9:10 9:15 5 Welcome Remarks

9:15 10:00 45 Keynote address

10:00 10:15 15 Coffee Break

Presentation 1: The National
Tourism Development Plan 2017-
10:15 10:45 30
2022 and the role of human
Presentation 2: On-the-job
10:45 11:30 45 training and immersion program —
lessons learned
Panel A: Senior high school
students in the tourism industry -
11:30 12:45 75
their employability and perceptions
of the industry
PM 12:45 1:45 60 Lunch
Presentation 3: Updates on the
ASEAN MRA for Tourism
1:45 2:15 30
Professionals — Assessment and
Presentation 4: Upgrading skills of
2:15 3:00 45 teachers and trainers across all
Presentation 5: Promoting
3:00 3:45 45
inclusivity in HRD
3:45 4:00 15 Coffee Break
Panel 2: Panel discussion on
relevance/prevalence of
4:00 5:05 65
contractualization in the tourism
5:05 5:15 10 Closing Remarks
Working Commitees
Paul Lim So, PTAA Logistics Committee Head
Anabelle Moreno, AHRM Marketing Committee Head
Ma. Christina Aquino, HRAP Registration & TESDA Retooling Committee Head
Dr. Glo Baken Wong-Siy, AAHRMEI Ways and Means Committee Head
Monette Hamlin, PACEOS Programs Committee Head
Carla Co Secretariat
Jennifer Rucio Project Officer

Dr. Edieser Dela Santa, UPAIT Conference Chairman


Department of Tourism (DOT) and its attached agencies

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

tr arl Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA)

Contact us

For inquiries, you can reach us at:

two (+63) (02) 981-8500 local 2796