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Business Scenario

a. Business Process Steps

a. Create Third Party Sales Order (VA01) { Purchase requisition will be

automatically generated by the system due to the following configurations The
schedule line category for third party sales order is “CS”. For the schedule line
category “CS” in “Define schedule line category”, the Order type is defined
as “NB” which stands for“purchase requisition standard”, Item category is
defined as “5” which is a“third party item” and “Account Assignment
Category is defined as “1” which stands for third Party. This triggers the
generation of purchase requisition automatically by the system.}

b. Create purchase order with reference to Purchase Requisition (ME21N)

c. Create Invoice Verification for Vendor (MIRO) w.r.t Purchase Order

d. Generate billing document to the customer (VF01) w.r.t 3rd party sales order.

2. Inputs/Pre Requisitions

a. Organization Data

Sales organization 3000

Purchase Organization 3000

Distribution Channel01

Division 00

Plant 3000

Storage Location 0002

Ware house Number 001

b. Master Data

 Material {Create a Trading Material (material type: HAWA), In Sales Organization

2 view assign Item Category Group as “BANS”, in MRP2 view make sure that the
procurement type is “F”  External Procurement, there should be no warehouse
related views, assign MRP Type as “ND” No Planning — Material Number used
in this document: 4540

 Customer—200193

 Vendor --- 400036 (need to create a Vendor if doesn’t have)

 Condition record for price, PR00 @100.00

c. SPRO Configurations

 Define the item category –{ TAS Third party Item, Billing Relevance F Order
related Billing Doc- status according to invoice quantity}

 Define Item Category Group—{ BANSThird Party Item}

 Assign item Categories –{ OR BANS TAS}

 Define the Schedule line categories—{ CS Leg, Order TYPE NB (Purchase
Requisition Standard), Item Category5 (Third Party), Account Assignment Cat1
(Third- Party)}

 Assign Schedule Line Category--- { TAS CS}

SPRO Configurations check for Third Party Sales

1. Configurations list for third party sales in SPRO settings

2. Click on Define the item category and define TAS as Third party Item. Click on Display details


3. Check whether the Billing Relevance is defined as F {Order related Billing Doc- status according to
invoice quantity}. Click on logoff button.

4. Click on Define Item Category Group— BANSThird Party Item. Click on Logoff icon
5. Click on Assign item Categories and assign standard order type OR to third party item category group
BANS and item category TAS. Click on Logoff Icon

6. Click on Define the Schedule line categories and define the schedule line category as CSLeg
7. Click on display details icon and define Order TYPE as NB (Purchase Requisition Standard), Item
Category as 5 (Third Party), Account Assignment Cat as 1 (Third- Party)

8. Click on Assign Schedule Line Categories and assign item category TAS to schedule line category CS
Material Master:

1. Create Material as trading goods and under sales organization 2 select the item category group as

2. Under MRP1 view, make sure to select MRP type is selected as ND-> no planning.
3. Under MRP 2, make sure procurement type is selected as “F”  External Procurement.

Business Process Steps

1. Create 3rd party sales Order (initial screen) T-Code VA01

2. Sales order overview screen. Enter the sold to party, material, quantity and storage location and hit

3. Sales Order: Purchase Order Scheduling Screen. Click on continue

4. Schedule line for the third party standard sales order

4. Pricing condition maintained for the material

5. Check for completion and save the document.

6. Enter TCode ME5A in the command bar and hit enter.

List of purchase requisitions screen. Enter material and plant

7. Click on the purchase requisition number.

8. Purchase requisition for the standard third party sales order created. Double click on PR no to check the
source of supply and other details > Back.

9. Enter TCode ME21N in the command bar and enter.

Create purchase order w.r.t PR.

Click on the document overview screen at the top left corner of the screen.

Click on the ‘variants’ icon and Select the purchase requisition and click on “adopt” icon under the
document overview.
10. Check the purchase Order tabs such invoice etc.. and save the document.

11. Enter MIRO in the command bar to create Invoice verification for vendor. Enter the company code and hit

12. Enter the invoice date, amount, and at the item level, change the tax code to I0 (A/P sales tax exempt),
and jurisdiction code to IL0000000 and click on Simulate.

13. Check the GL accounts.

14. Click on Save/Post

15. Enter VF01 to create billing document for the customer and hit enter.

16. Overview of the billing items.

17 Save the billing document

Document Flow of the Standard Third Party Sales Scenario