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nel||S i ruunsonv I JANUARY 16,202!

tBudget for Taal calamity may not be enough'

to oversee and coor- and Recovery under the
]y EDU pU NAy
,,This Taal volcino eruption session to authorize additional NDRRMF includes" an alloca- be tasked

'dp"uk"r-atun that the country isoniopof all attached tothe DDR r'rnder the
ry the eruption of raalvolcano. .61, rodtim Visayas, Mindoro Peter Cay- Soil.Lurg"o
-i i"gionr.
Despite the palace,s pro- and westem Visiyas have yet *-t'"-pr.""a in"-, ir-l" l:'l ht; il;;": hatf of Lhe clim,rte change developments villafuerie bill'
rouncbment that there are to rebuild their iromes," ihe billio., f'rom the NDRRMF Noniirt4q.;.;P".{ica11y allo- with residerits who are safe

Risk emeigency tunds. lion for repair and r€consrruc- .;'g;;i;;'il'.;;;;p'd;". in HoJse Biil 398 ter in those buildings to avoid
rs the Narional Disaster
,,The Department of .Fi- tion of permanent stmcturcs, SevEral lawmaker" ha,r. The proposal seeks,to in- effects of hazardous ashfall on
leduction and Management their health "
:und (NDRRMF) that is pArt nance may have some ,nor" i.,.rui'irig pushed for the creation of aDe- tegrate'lhe Climate Change
"rpitri "*p"naiturus

:ation efforts for previoLls funds,,, he said. as it is caliunities o""

intended for all the propJn-ents, ery and Rehabilitation Eforts shelter to rsidents afected by
special "t:;"[";"; ";;;Jd* ]rril, irrfii"ltt"i".Jiir" ittR;iil Assistant for Rehabilitation -with Delon Porcalll
yphoons and other disasters. lawmakers to convene a
' F^q.- bo I

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