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Character Building Is Nation Building

Character is what we need in order to have an image for ourselves. It is the character that
molds us to what we must be and what we will be in the life ahead of us. It does not only
molds and shapes our future but it also defines the kind of person we were before.
Character building must be considered first for some reason but one of all the reasons
why is because if we have sufficient and strong character we will be able to know what is
right and what is morally correct.

Our society today is very diverse already have different beliefs that we hold on to, we
have each idea to present and lastly we have different learnings acquired but beyond all
of this we must have character. It should be the character that is on top of all matters in
life. In fact, character or good character specifically is more important than health, wealth
or even happiness because character plays a great role to the different aspects of our lives
mainly because our character defines who we really are so it means that if we do not
build up "Good Character" we are not properly caring for ourselves and our soul and if
we fail to do so, things would not go as of what we have wanted.

Besides, the reason why we need to build up character is because the character is like a
flower and the good doings are the seeds you needed to plant the seeds for those flowers
to grow and bloom. You must first observe good behavior to have character. But the
character will never stay forever you need constant cultivation and constant polishing.
And one of the best ways to maintain character is to asses yourself or to consult directly
to your family because your family plays an important role in character building because
your family is responsible for developing your innate character and your acquired

In conclusion, physical appearance and wealth are mortal and temporary.

As the famous Chinese philosopher say,

Watch your thoughts; They become words.

Watch your words ;They become actions.

Watch your actions;The become habit.

Watch your habits; They become character .

Watch your character;It becomes your destiny.Lao Tzu.

They disappear and lessen in time. But the character of a person is a GIFT.

and through the gift of CHARACTER we can build a NATION.