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11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

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SAP Invoice Correction Request

Written by Feliyanus Gea and last updated on January 24, 2018.


Sometimes, the invoice that already been sent to the customer contains wrong
pricing and even worse, incorrect quantity. Instead of cancelling the billed document,
it is suggested to use the Invoice Correction approach. The major different with other
SAP complaint processing document is that with SAP Invoice Correction Request,
the system will create two line items which consist of a credit and a debit item. We will
discuss it further as we see the process.

For this tutorial, I am going to use the scenario which involve marketing admin, sales
manager, and the accounting department. This tutorial is part of our SAP SD course.


SAP Invoice Correction Request Business Process 1/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

General SAP Invoice Correction Request Processing Flow

The whole process began with the normal Sales Order – Delivery Order – Billing sequence until the marketing admin
received a complaint from the customer regarding the wrong price or quantity. This issue should be addressed without
having to cancel the billing document.

As you may see on the picture, in the last step of the process, the system will generate a Credit Memo (more on this
will be explained in the billing process).

SAP Invoice Correction Request – Step by Step

Let’s provide a detailed guidance for the processing of SAP invoice correction request. We will assume that a
previous order to cash process has been completed and we now have a billing document.

Create SAP Invoice Correction Document

You have the previous billing document. Now, let’s create SAP Invoice Correction Request.

1. Run the VA01 transaction, select the sales document type (Invoice Correction Request) and put the necessary
sales area.

Create SAP Invoice Correction Request 2/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

2. Press Enter button. You have to look up your client’s business process whether they need a previous document to
be referenced or it can be made independently. For this document, I will make it mandatory to put the previous
generated billing document, so a new pop up will show up.


3. Fill in the field with the billing document number.

4. Click copy or press Enter button.

Input Billing Document as Reference

5. The copy control procedure will do magic by referencing all of the information taken out from that billing document
(partner function information, quantity, even price).

The Overview screen that is displayed upon you is almost identical with your regular sales order creation process
except the billing block is now automatically filled (which is set by the configuration). Based on the role, only the
authorized person will be able to release it. With respect to the process flow, the marketing manager will release it by
putting it blank. 3/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

Create SAP Invoice Correction Request – Overview Screen

6. Let’s select the “Sales” tab. In this tab, we are going to fill out the “Order Reason” field as one of mandatory
requirement for SAP invoice correction request document.

Select One of the Pre-Defined Order Reason Based on the Situation

7. Despite of being identical with credit/debit memo request process, the screen is slightly different in the item
structure. SAP invoice correction request will automatically create two line items for each material.


* First Line: Credit item 4/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

* Second Line: Debit item

Those line items carry the same value and quantity. In the credit item, the system will credit the full value and you
cannot change it; in the debit side however, you may change the quantity or pricing. The net value will reflect the
calculation between credit and debit item.

Change Either Price or Quantity in The Second Line Item

Look at the Net Value: the Calculation is Coming from Line Item One Minus Line Item Two

You also can change the price. If that is the case, do the following:

Select the second line item.

Click the “conditions” button. 5/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

Change Price by Going to Item’s Conditions

Change the amount.

Change Amount in Conditions Tab

8. Now, we are ready to save the document. Just in case, check the incompletion log and then click on the save
button .


Release SAP Invoice Correction Request 6/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

Based on the segregation of duties profile, a marketing admin will not be authorized to release SAP invoice correction
request. Based on our scenario, only the Sales Manager can review the document and make a justification whether or
not this new document granted to be billed to the customer.

1. The Sales Manager may run the standard report to look up if there is new complain document created today
through transaction VA05N. In the selection screen, put the necessary information to filter out the document specific
to the Invoice Correction Request. Click the Execute button .

Run VA05N and Fill the Necessary Fields

The List of Invoice Correction Request will be Displayed

2. Run the transaction VA02 and open the document number you have found on the previous step. 7/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

SAP Invoice Correction Request Overview Screen in Change Mode

3. The Sales Manager is authorized to release the document by putting a blank value in the “Billing block” field if he
agrees to release it.

Release the Billing Block by Leaving It Blank

4. If the Sales Manager decides to reject the document, he may select an appropriate value from the drop-down list of
the ‘Reason for Rejection” field.

Select One of the Reason for Rejection

5. Either way click “Save” button .

Create Credit Memo

SAP Invoice Correction Request is an “order-related billing” document. The released document is eligible for creation
of a billing document. For this tutorial, the authorized person to create the billing is the Accounting Department. They
will run the transaction VF01 to create a credit memo. 8/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

Note that in the SAP standard system, the invoice correction request is characterized as a credit memo request,
thus whether the net value results in positive or negative, the system the system will always generate a credit
memo based on the standard copy control procedure.

If, for example, you want the system to create a debit memo for negative amount of net value and generate a credit
memo for positive amount net value, you have to create additional documents in the customizing and configure the
copy control accordingly.

1. Type in SAP Invoice Correction Request document, select the “Billing Type” and put the Billing Date as well. You
can leave them blank and the system will copy them from document creation date. Press Enter.

Run VF01 and Enter SAP Invoice Correction Request Number

2. Before you can save it, you might want to input text(s) for print-out purposes. 9/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

Input Necessary Texts Before Saving

Example of Text

3. Click the save button and voilà. You now have a credit memo invoice that basically creates a new revenue item. 10/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

Find the Document Number

4. After the credit memo billing has been created, we can check the generated accounting document. Run the
transaction VF03. It will call your billing document automatically.

Click “Accounting” Button after Entering Credit Memo Number in VF03 11/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

Double Click on the Accounting Document Number

Accounting Entries for Credit Memo

The account receivable line for the customer is coming from the net value of difference between credit and debit (first
and second item) in SAP invoice correction request (which is obviously copied to the billing process).

– If the remaining net value is negative, it will generate a debit posting key

– If the remaining net value is positive, it will generate a credit posting key 12/14
11/27/2019 SAP Invoice Correction Request Tutorial - Free SAP SD Training

Example of Positive Net Value

Did you like this tutorial? Have any questions or comments? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments
section below. It’d be a big help for us, and hopefully it’s something we can address for you in improvement of our free
SAP SD tutorials.

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