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llauao GitUto send aid to laal uictims

By Jester Manalastas the displaced families, recalling the situatjon of rhe no in the cor.mtry exploded, which sent a plume ofash
vrctims ol ndtuml calamities inDavao region, which
DA VAO CIIY is set to provide assistance tofamilies was dlfected by a series of earlhquakes.
up (o l- kilometer into the air on Sunday. Pqg€- t3
displaced by the eruption of Taal Volcano. .lrlceQuilates directed all potice pe,rsonn6l in the orov-
"That is the realon why at ihe first sisn of rhe '
, MayorSard Du terte irnmediately Iormed Task force to be ready to assist in relief ooerations.
"Oplan: Tabang" to extend help to the affected people disaster, Mayor Inday (5ara'Duterte) immeJiarel,., .,r_ ard rescue teatu from the Batangas
ol l<egion 4-A, pdrticuldrl] in Batangas, Caviie ana ganized dnd will send relief goods on behatf oi ttre ^I'rovincial Mobije Force Companl were deployed"to
people of Davao," he added. -
Laguna. ass rst lhe evdcu a hon o f the villagers in a_flected l; unic_
., The city.govemment, throujh fask Force Davaq is rpdlltres near the vol(ano.
The Davao. City go\_emment is sending 8,000 food
also acceptmg donations j?om Dabawenvos, who mav
packs lo the d i,6placed farLilies, accordineio the state_ On Sunday night, the BlpO Disaster lncident
me" nt by the Public Inlormation Otfi'ce. want to help the l-aal Volcaro-d jsplaced families. ' Mandgement Task Group convened and discussed
.,rorce Davao corunander Col. Consolito yecia
l'eople who want to donatd may go to the head_ addjhonal plans and p_rograms and possible assis_
quarlers oI Tdsk Force Da\do at t}l"e 5ra. ena Vfharf
5a J did groups are tdrgeting to reach t}le evacuation tance they could extend to augment the local police
Jer,iers on Janudry l7 or sooner, nof discountine oos_
Lompound. tor.cs
' ifticulty in hansporting the goods to Batir'gas. BATANGAS polrcE oN RED ALERr AM.D
. vv_hiJe it may lake dayslo reJch its destinaf;on
5lJlce the I ask Group has to travel the windins rodds ol rAAL uNREsr "o*i::,ruIi:"lrtft,HffSuiHfi*ffi fl.#*T
ment of Heatth an"d
The Baranqas pofice trovin( ial o*ice (BttO) wenr
the tlueemain islands ard has to cross the sias twice,
the TdsL Force "Opldn: I abang,, orpdnized bv Mavor
on red alert after the bruDtion on S;unday of
Taal "gy
^.'f The -;Sirffii"gy...
euitales said.
Volc.rno seni-ashlalJ raining tio the nearby
'Inday Sara Duterte hopes to e-ase tfre sufferiig otihe Provinces as well as M"no Mfih
Brpo diredor col. Edwin @,r*:, ,gn."-11l:,y
evacuees," Yecla said.
Yecla synpathized with the di{Jicr t conditions of
raised thered alerf after the seco;d most acbive volci_ io n"gsonrmr