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Name: Philip Argauer

Music Analysis Worksheet

1. Title of song: Daddy’s Car

2. Year composed: 2017

3. Composer: FlowMachines (Sony)

4. Performers: Artificial Intelligence and Vocalists

5. Genre of music: Rock

6. Style of music: Alternative

7. Link to music:

8. Who is the intended audience of this work? Why do you think so?
Beatles fans are the target audience. This song was written through a compilation of Beatles
9. Does the song have lyrics? What are the lyrics about?
The song does have lyrics and they are about robots taking over humans in the music
10. Does this song have a message or purpose? If it does, describe the message or purpose.
The song does not really have a message. Possibly the message is that AI is taking over
music and humans are letting it happen.
11. What is the tone of the song? Explain clues that helped you decide the tone.
The tone of the song is very chill and relaxing. The vocals are supposed to give off that vibe
of relaxation.
12. Find out more about the composer. Write down some background details about the
Flow Machines is a research and deployment project aimed at achieving augmented
creativity of artist in music. Starting from invention of various instruments, synthesizer and
drum machine’s appearance had realized new music. Flow Machines continue challenging to
create new music together with artists by developing new technology based on leading-edge
machine learning and signal processing technology.
13. What is your overall impression of the piece? Write a few sentences. Do you like it? Do
you think others would like it? Would you want to listen to more pieces by the same
It is a weird song because it doesn’t quite fit the Beatles style. Perhaps if the Beatles were
around in 2019 their music would sound like this song. I personally do not enjoy the song. I
think, however, that there is an audience for this type of music. I would certainly listen to
more music by FlowMachines but only because I’m always interested in new music.
14. Do you think that musicians are in danger from AI? Use the song you chose as a support
for why AI is or is not a threat to musicians.
I do not think musicians are in danger from AI because there will always be a human aspect in
music that AI will never be able to change. Furthermore, even if AI is able to create music,
Name: Philip Argauer

people will still listen to human artists because it is more relatable. People gravitate to music
created by humans because there is a familiar feel to the song, especially because many songs
nowadays deal with emotions.