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Social Media Effects in Narcissistic Behaviour

In this era, technology plays important role in our lives. Social media, as a part of
technology, effect our social lives through digital communication. Moreover, we can use social
media to express ourselves, sharing and showing our daily lives, and see peoples’ activities.
Beside giving information and entertainment, some people point out disadvantage such as
making people become narcissistic and prideful. It also gives anxiety to others and make people
not satisfied with their lives. Indeed, social media become providers to develop narcissistic
Narcissistic behaviour could develop because social media emphasize individual user. As
the user’s followers increase, the user will be proud and think that they are notice. Beside that,
it will increase their self-esteem. Furthermore, comment section also play role to narcissistic
development. To get compliment from others, people will show-off and show they good side.
Giving good comments on someone post can also make them boastful and proud. Inadvertently,
the user will do everything to increase their followers, by posting their face, body, property and
other things. This habits will eventually make the user as narcissistic.
Moreover, social media become place for people to compare their lives. When they saw
someone with perfect lives in social media, they become jealous and want to win. Some people
will follow and make this person as example, while some people will try hard to defeat he/she by
posting pictures and show-off. This competition in social media make people show-off and led
them to be narcissistic. On the contrary, there are people who are classified as ‘influencers’, who
are popular in social media and influence others.
In addition, scientists has hypothesized that social media has become a place for people
to escape from their social reality. There lots of people who don’t get recognition from society.
Psychologically, people tend to seek attention to others if not given. Thus, in order to fulfil their
innate desire to be recognized, they use social media as a medium to get appreciation. They can
also present themselves as someone completely distinctive from their true selves.
In conclusion, social media play role in making someone more narcissistic due to three
aspects. Firstly, social media prioritize each user to develop themselves. Secondly, people can
show-off and see how their lives are contrasting with others. Lastly, it gives opportunity for
people to breakout from their monotonous lives. To solve this problem, society have to embrace
people in order to support their mental health.