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Rainier Paul F.

Urmeneta BA Psych IV

Dear Ms. Anne,

First, let me just say that for the record, or at least in my own opinion, there is nothing
wrong about doing research or conducting studies on trans people. In my defense, even though
many of the research topics being pursued can be at times, be annoying, insensitive, dumb, or
just plain pointless in your perspective, I believe this is done in order for us non-trans people to
gain better understanding of your experiences and how you live your lives, enlighten and remove
our ignorance, and to an extent, gain enough sensibility to differentiate what actions and words
can be considered as appropriate and unoffensive in interacting with you. Yes, you are right,
there is no direct benefit for you when post-graduates do these kinds of research, because the
benefits are not aimed at you, but rather, it is for the benefit of non-trans people. Trans people
have suffered so much repression and discrimination throughout the years, and the least that we
non-trans people could do is to try and understand how equally different and equally the same
all of us are, no matter which aspect being studied on or how lame and pointless it may seem.
I know that it would be very wrong for me to say that I could feel your pain – the
repression, the discrimination, and the overall sentiment of unacceptance that society has placed
upon trans people throughout the years and is still permeating within some parts of today’s
societies. I agree that decriminalization and equal opportunities in housing, academics,
employment and other public services is a right for all, regardless of whether you are transgender
or not, but the ills of society do not only affect trans people; the color of one’s skin, one’s own
spiritual belief, or even just the ancestry of a person has also been used as bases of discriminatory
policies by institutions throughout the years. I guess my point here is that, a lot of people suffer
and struggle for the same set of liberties that trans people want, and as a researcher, it is not my
place to bring change directly; rather, by doing research on the lives and other aspects of what
makes trans people the different and the same from non-trans people, it is my responsibility to
enlighten and lift the veil of ignorance that envelops many non-trans people, especially those in
positions of power able to initiate the changes that you and rest of us want, and hopefully,
influence them in such a way that they may start in the initiative in paving the way towards an
inclusive society free of discrimination, free of hate -- not just for trans people, but for all of us.

With love,

The Researcher