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Batch of 2017-2021

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1 Introduction 2

2 Sector Analysis (Banking 3

3 Demographic Details of 3
4 Survey Data 4

5 Survey Analysis & 6


 Introduction

Someone has rightly said,” Organisational effectiveness does not lie in

that narrow minded concept called rationality. It lies in the blend of
clearheaded logic and powerful intuition.” The aim of this study is to
know what makes a person effective in his/her job. Effectiveness can
be defined as the degree to which something is successful in producing
a desired result and organisational effectiveness is defined as the
efficiency with which an association is able to meet its objectives. An
organisation is a group of people working together to achieve a
common goal. In achieving this goal, there is a need of effectiveness in
their work. There are some set of values and learnings the employees
gain while working in an organization which make them effective. The
aim of this study is to understand all those values and learnings of the
people which make the effective who are working in the banking sector
which is the most important sector in the Indian Economy.

 Indian Banking Sector: An Overview

The Indian Banking Sector consists of 20 public sector banks, 22
private sector banks, 44 foreign banks, 56 regional rural banks, 1542
urban cooperative banks and 94384 rural cooperative banks, in addition
to cooperative credit institutions. The total number of ATMs in India is
2,21,703 and is further expected to increase to 4,07,000 by 2021. Indian
banks are continuously focussing on integrated approach to risk
management. The NPAs of commercial banks has recorded a recovery
of Rs 400,000 crore in FY2019, which is the highest in last four years.
Banks have already embraced the international banking supervision
accord of Basel II, and the majority of banks already meet capital
requirements of Basel III. The Central bank that is the Reserve Bank of
India, has decided to set up Public Credit Registry, an extensive
database of credit information which is accessible to all the
stakeholders. Rising incomes are expected to enhance the need of
banking services in rural area and therefore drive the growth of the
sector. The digital payments revolution will trigger massive changes in
the way credit is disbursed in India. Debit cards have radically replaced
credit cards as a preferred payment mode in India, after demonetisation.

 Demographic Details of the Respondents Interviewed

Employee Bank Years of Contact Age Qualification Sector Designation Location
Name Name Experience details
Canara Public Senior
1 Ranjan 51 B.Sc 26 Bangalore
Bank Sector Manager

Tanvi Yes Business Relationship

26 B.Com/PGPM
Bank Ltd Banking Leader
3 Chandigarh 7206251232

Sanjeev Banking Head

3 Gupta 54 Bcom PNB 33 Haridwar
Sector Cashier
Ashish Canara Public Senior
4 48 B com 23 Banglore
Singh Bank sector Manager

 Survey Data

 Survey No.1
A. Demographic Details

1. Name of the Employee - Rajiv Ranjan Singh.

2. Age – 51
3. Academic Qualification – B.Sc
4. Name and Location of the company - Canara Bank, Bangalore
5. Sector – Public Sector
6. Job Title and Description – Senior Manager
7. Number of Years of Experience – 26 Years

B. What according to you is being effective in one’s job - Job

C. What Makes you effective in your job - Customer Satisfaction
D. What are the challenges faced by you to accomplish your tasks
successfully - . To satisfy our customers regarding our products
and services

E. Leisure time activities - To spend our time with my family

F. Your advice to youngsters - Hard work, respect your senior and
be happy with what you have

Survey No.2

1. Demographic Details:

A. Name :Tanvi Kango

B. Age:26
C. Academic qualification: (Graduate/PG):B.Com / PGPM
D. Name & Location of the company: Yes Bank limited ,Chandigarh
E. Sector: Business Banking
F. Job Title :Relationship leader -Working capital
G. Job Description :Acquisition and management of the portfolio of
the corporate clients having turnover of 15 crores to 500 crores in
which working capital limits are funded basis on the financials of
the company.
H. Number of years of experience:3

2. What according to you is being effective in one’s job? Focus and

3. What makes you effective in your job? Focus towards your
targets and strategic planning to achieve those targets
4. What are the challenges you face to accomplish your tasks
successfully? Dynamic changing work environment
5. Leisure time activities: Dancing and travelling.
6. Your advice to youngsters: Live young ,wild and free. Work hard
and achieve what you deserve.

Survey No.3
1. Demographic Details.
A. Name – Sanjeev Gupta
B. Age – 54 Years
C. Academic Qualification – B.Com
D. Sector – Banking Sector
E. Job Title – Head Cashier
F. Name and location – PNB , shantikunj Haridwar
G. Job Description – Job is to take cash from customers and
giving them payments
H. No. of years of Experience – 33 years
2. What according to you is being effective in one’s job - Honesty
3. What makes you effective in your job? Hard work and honesty
4. What are the challenges you face to accomplish your tasks
successfully - Heavy work load and less Staff in branch.
5. Leisure time activities – Main ting record of inflow and outflow
of cash and particular discussion with colleague
6. Your advice to youngsters – Honourable job, work hard to get

Survey No.4
1. Demographic Details.
A. Name – Ashish Singh
B. Age – 48
C. Qualification – B com
D. Name and Location of the company – Canara Bank ,
E. Sector – Public Sector
F. Job Role – Senior manager
G. Years of experience – 23 Years

2. What according to you is being effective in one’s job – Honesty

and completion of each task with integrity
3. What makes you effective in your job – Customer Satisfactions
4. What are the challenges you face to accomplish your tasks
successfully – Changing Laws and Regulations
5. Leisure time activities – Watching Movies
6. Your advice to youngsters – Work hard and the results would
follow you.

Survey Analysis & Conclusion

For our report we surveyed various employees of the banking sector of

various designations having varying level of experience
We found out that the employees of this sector gave customer
satisfaction the highest importance in their field of work
In this era of digitalization, the banks are undergoing some fundamental
changes and employees are having to adapt themselves to this changing
Regardless of age, experience or designation, all the employees of a
bank put all their efforts and hard work into making banking an
enjoyable experience of their customers and ultimately increasing their
level of satisfaction. Hence the people we interviewed are more
inclined towards increasing customer satisfaction level which were
more challenging for them and coping up with these challenges made
them more effective in their respective jobs