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10 Sanskars to Remove Mantra Dosha

By Neel N November 02, 2016

It is said that 7 corer Mantras of Santana Dharm were created by lord Shiva's Damru.
With the passage of time, these Mantra became impure due to various Dosh like lack of
affection towards the Mantra, the one that has been immobilized, the one who has been
locked, weakened or cursed Mantras, etc. - Ashok Mehta

As I had previously mentioned, I am sharing the procedure step wise. Hence, one must
kindly refer to previous posts on this series - Mantra Sadhana

I will first talk about Mantra Sanskar through which the various Doshas get removed.
Today I will share knowledge about the 10 Mantra Sanskars.

1] जनन सं स्कार
This is the first Mantra Sanskar the most important one out of all.

Though this Sanskar is tough to do, it is compulsory and there is no option.

A) One must first make a paste of Gorochan, Kumkum, Chandan. Then, he must sit on a
Kush Aasan facing the east. After that, make a diagram which I am sharing, using the
paste and a wooden stick for writing, which can be taken from a religious articles' store.
B)Then do Aavahan of the Isht Dev with his/her Aavahan Shlok.
C) Then, do Panchopchar Puja of the Mantra letters including the tones and stresses
like " ँ, ँ, ँ , आ, इ,ँ, etc. on the triangle in its respective brackets.
D) Then, write the first syllable of triangle (अ) on a separate Bhojpatra and write the
Mantra next to it.
Then take another Bhojpatra and write the second syllable (आ)
There are 49 syllables in the triangle so one must fill 49 Bhojpatra.

Another method:
a) Repeat the steps A, B and C mentioned above.
b) Then, write the first Varna of the Mantra on a separate Bhojpatra and recite the
Aavahan Shlok of the Mantra's god while touching the syllable simultaneously. The
Aavahan Shlok must be recited only once.
c) After this, do Panchopchar Puja of the syllable and do 16 mental Jap of the Varna and
meditate upon God and imagine as if the Varna has become pure and free from any Dosh.

In this procedure, the number of Bhojpatra required depends upon the number of
syllables and letters in the Mantra.

Janan Chakra

2] दीपन संस्कार-
In this, the Mantra must be chanted for 10 rosaries by doing Sam put of the Hans Mantra.
Hans mantra is- ।। हस सोऽहम ।।
For example, if I have to do Deepan Sanskar of the Mantra ।। नम शिवाय ।।
I will do 10 Mala Japa of the Mantra as-
|| हस नम शिवाय सोऽहम ।।

3] बोधन संस्कार -
In this, one must chant 50 rosaries of the Mantra using Samput of ।। ह्र ।।
For example - ।। ह्र नम शिवाय ह्र ।।

4] ताडन सं स्कार – chant 10 rosaries of the Mantra with the Samput of ।। फट ।।

5] अभिषेक संस्कार -
Sit facing the east on a Kush Aasan and Write the Mantra on a Bhojpatra using the paste
of Chandan. Then take a copper Lota full of water and dip all the five fingers of the left
hand in it. Recite the Mantra ।। ॐ हस ॐ ।। 1188 times and imagine as if all the
Mantra's power is going in the water. This will energize the water. Then, take a Peepal
tree leaf and using the water, do Abhishek of the Mantra written on the Bhojpatra 1000

6] भिमलीकरण सं स्कार- Chant the Mantra for10 rosaries using the Samput of ।। ॐ त्ो
वषट ।।
For example - ।। ॐ त्ो वषट नम शिवाय वषट त्ो ॐ ।।

7] जीिन सं स्कार – Chant 10 rosaries of the mantra with the Samput of ।। स्वधा वषट ।।
For example - ।। स्वधा वषट नम शिवाय वषट स्वधा ।।

8] Tarpan Sanskar – make a mixture of pure Ghee, raw cow milk and water and do 100
Tarpan with your Mantra.

9] गोपन संस्कार – Chant 10 rosaries of the Mantra with the Samput of ।। ह्र ।।

10] आप्यायन सं स्कार – Chant 10 rosaries of the Mantra with the Samput of ।। ह्र ।।

This is all for Mantra Sanskar. Doing these 10 Sanskars will remove all kinds of dosh in
the Mantra for the Sadhak.