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Resourceful (Lv 1): As long as this model is on the battlefield and is not shaken, gain an
additional Command Point at the beginning of each battle round.
Unique Tactics
Level 1 - Lead By Example (1 CP): When this model is selected to fight in the Fight phase,
another friendly model within 3" of them that is also eligible to fight can do so as well. The Leader
and the other model can fight in any order.

Relentless (Lv 1): This model does not suffer the -1 penalty for shooting with a heavy weapon
after moving in the preceding Movement phase, or for shooting an Assault weapon after
Unique Tactics
Level 1- More Bullets (1 CP): During the shooting phase, when selecting a Heavy Specialist
whose weapon normally fires more than 1 shot, it fires one extra shot (e.g. Heavy 2 will attack 3
times instead of 2).

Breacher (Lv 1): Add 1 to wound against targets that are obscured.
Unique Tactics
Level 1- Custom Ammo (1 CP): In the shooting phase, pick a demolitions specialist; its attacks
this phase add 1 to their wound rolls.

Expert Fighter (Lv 1): Add 1 to this model’s Attacks characteristics.
Unique Tactics
Level 1- Up and At 'Em! (1 CP): In the fight phase, after attacking with a model from your kill-
team, pick a Combat Specialist that has not yet fought this turn. It can then be chose to fight
next, before any other players pick their next model to fight.

Scanner (Lv 1): Once per shooting phase, when you pick another model from your kill team to
shoot that is within 6" of this model, if this model is not shaken, you can add 1 to hit rolls for that
model in this phase.
Unique Tactics
Level 1- Rousing Transmission (1 CP): In the morale phase, before any nerve tests are taken,
subtract 1 from the nerve tests of other models from your kill-team as though the comms
specialist was within 2" of them.
Reassuring (Lv 1): This model is never treated as being shaken when taking Nerve tests for
other models in your kill team.
Unique Tactics
Level 1- Stimm Shot (1 CP): At the start of the movement phase, pick a model within 2" of a
Medic Specialist that's not shaken. It adds 1 to Advance and Charge rolls, and adds 1 to its
Attacks stat until the next battle round. Use this to dose up a Combat or Zealot specialist and fire
a one-man WAAAGH! at the enemy.

Marksman (Lv 1): You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for the model when it makes a shooting attack.
Unique Tactics
Level 1- Careful Aim (1 CP): When selecting a Sniper specialist to shoot, it adds 1 to its rolls to

Swift (Level 1): Re-roll Advance rolls for this model.
Unique Tactics
Level 1- Quick March (1 CP): When selecting a Scout Specialist to move, it can increase its
Move stat by 2".

Grizzled (Level 1): This model ignores penalties to its Leadership and Nerve tests.
Unique Tactics
Level 1- Adaptive Tactics (1 CP): At the start of the first battle but before the initiative phase,
pick a Veteran Specialist. It can make a normal move or advance. This tactic can only be used
once per game.

Frenzied (Level 1): This model gains +1 to its Strength and Attacks if it charged this round.
Unique Tactic
Level 1- Killing Frenzy (1 CP): When a Zealot Specialist is selected to fight, attacks which hit on
a 6+ generate a bonus attack.
 Nitsch's Squad: Everyone in the squad gets +1 Ld when they're within 6" of Elucia Vhane.

Voidsman (Veteran, Demolitions): Similar to a normal guardsman, but costs 1 point more for
BS 3+ and concussion grenades.

Voidsman Gunner (Heavy): Your primary source of ranged AP, and the rotor cannon is actually
pretty good at it too.

Aximillion (Scout, Demolitions, Veteran): Your doggo is not as well armored as the rest of the
squad with only a 6+, but he's fast and gets an extra attack. You will be sad if he dies, so don't let
that happen. Aximillion is the only model in the "Voidsman" category that can be a Scout
specialist, but Scout is not the only specialism you can take for your dog. Demolitions is not of
much use, but the Veteran pre-game move stratagem "Adaptive Tactics" can get this good boy
into melee range earlier.

Voidmaster Nitsch (Leader): The compulsory leader for the Elucidian Starstriders. Nitsch's
artificer shotgun requires him to get a bit closer to the enemy than his other squad members to
make the most of his firepower, but S5 and d2 help to compensate and the extra wound will keep
him alive.

Death Cult Executioner Knosso Prond (Combat [Specialist Retainer]): The main melee
fighter. Zealous complements the advancements in the Combat tree nicely and the Dartmask's
always wounding on a 2+ is a godsend against the Death Guard. The 5++ invulnerable save is
also nice to have. Keep in mind that there is no text about the stat boost from the Specialism
being included in her statline like other Characters, meaning she actually has 5 attacks by

Lectro-Maester Larsen van der Grauss (Comms [Specialist Retainer]): The cogboy's main
role is to be a buff generator, given his Comms specialty and his giving everyone near him a 5++
invulnerable save. The voltaic pistol isn't half bad either, and with Priority Objective Identified he's
good at holding objectives, especially with his teleportation ability from Voltagheist Transference.
You can use Voltagheist Transference to teleport him to your opponent's backfield, and take out
a pesky leader (reducing the CP they gain every turn) or a sniper that's giving you trouble down
range...but then you won't be spreading that invulnerable save around or doing much with his
Comms specialist skills.

Rejuvenat Adept Sanistasia Minst (Medic [Specialist Retainer]): As the Starstriders are not
the biggest kill-team, Minst's ability to remove flesh wounds from other models will be a must-
have when it comes to keeping them in the fight.

Elucia Vhane (Combat, Scout, Strategist, Veteran, Zealot): Despite only having S3 and T3,
Elucia Vhane can still hold her own in combat thanks to her 4+/4++ and one-use sucker punch
that deals d3 mortal wounds on a 4+, and with the Level 1 Zealot ability and Trader Militant
Commander traits she can give herself a total of 5 attacks and S4 on the charge. That said, she's
best off keeping herself alive as a Strategist to crank out more CP and relying on her melee skills
to fend off anyone who gets past her men.
Killing Strikes (2 CP): In the fight phase, Knosso Prond's power blade deals d3 damage instead
of 1 damage.

Combat Medicine (1 CP): Sanistasia Minst can attempt to use her Healing Serum ability twice
per movement phase.

Executioner Shell (2 CP): When Nitsch is chosen to shoot, he only makes one hit roll but adds
+3 to hit. If it hits, the targeted enemy takes a mortal wound and the shooting phase
automatically ends.

Priority Objective Identified (1 CP): If Larsen is within 3" of an objective and not shaken, he
adds 1 to his saving rolls and his attack stat.

Voltagheist Transference (2 CP): Instead of moving normally, Larsen can deep strike within 4"
of any enemy models.

Voltagheist Field (2 CP): When Larsen is chosen to shoot, he can do one of the following: open
or close a door as if he were within 1" of it, reveal if a terrain feature is trapped or not, or ignore
penalties when shooting at an obscured target. The first two are situational, but the last one is
always helpful.

ESS Commander Tactics[edit]

Multi-spectral Auspicator (Aura) (1 CP): At the start of the movement phase, Elucia Vhane
allows all friendly Starstriders within 6" of her to re-roll hit rolls of 1. This ability lasts until the end
of the round.

Digital Laser Regalia (2 CP): After Vhane fights, make another hit roll against a model in melee
range. If the attack hits, it scores a mortal wound and the fight phase automatically ends.

ESS Commander Traits[edit]

Explorator Fleetmaster (10 pts): If the kill team is battle forged, you start the battle with one
bonus CP that can only be used on Elucidian Starstriders tactics.

Trader Militant (15 pts): Gain 1 extra attack.

AM Special Rules
Voice of Command: Once per battle round and if the leader or officer is not shaken or out of
action, they can issue an order to another (not themselves) non-shaken, non-Commander model
within 12" at the start of the shooting phase. These orders are:

 Take Aim: Reroll hits of 1 until the end of the phase.

 Bring it Down!: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 for until the end of the phase.
 Forwards, for the Emperor!: The ordered model can shoot even if it advanced.
 Get Back in the Fight!: The ordered model can shoot even if it fell back.
 Move! Move! Move!: The model can advance as if it was in the movement phase.
 Fix Bayonets!: An ordered model within 1" of an enemy can fight immediately as if it
was in the fight phase.

Vox-caster: As long as a friendly model with a vox-caster is on the field and not shaken, failed
nerve tests for ASTRA MILITARUM models can be re-rolled.

Born Soldiers: Re-roll unmodified hit rolls of 1 in the shooting phase for models that haven't
moved in this battle round. If a model is issued the "Take Aim!" order and it has not moved in this
battle round, re-roll all failed hit rolls for that model until the end of the phase.

 This gives Cadians some of the most lethal plasma shooting in the Imperial Guard, and
maybe the whole game, effectively freeing you to supercharge up to 4 plasma guns, and a
pistol, to your heart's content.

AM Psychic Powers

Enforce Will (Warp Charge 8): Pick a visible enemy model within 12". You can immediately
shoot or fight with that model as if it were your own and it was the respective phase.

 Its essentially CP-free Mindshackle Scarabs. A WC of 8 is effectively the same check

you'd have to make against an Ld7 so its no different against a Marine but you get no
bonus for targeting a weak-willed guardsman, but now its at 12" instead of 6" and the
model can fight, not just shoot. Its not often that you're going to want to use this over
Psybolt but in rare instances like hitting the plasma gunner and overcharging for a
chance at 2 kills or turning a powerful special weapon on their own team might pay off.
AM Tactics
[Elites] Aerial Drop (Reserve) (1CP): Used at the end of the movement phase, bring in any
combination of 3 Militarum Tempestus Scions and/or Tempestor Prime models from reserves
and put them anywhere more than 5" away. Weird they didn't just say 3 models with the
"Militarum Tempestus" keyword.
[Core] Get Down (1 CP): When an enemy unit shoots at one of your units, so long as your unit
is obscured, this adds an additional -1 penalty to their hit rolls.
[Core] Cunning Strategy (2 CP): Your leader or OFFICER Commander can issue an additional
[Core] Reserves of Courage (1 CP): In the morale phase, if a model needs to take a Nerve test
it rolls a d3 instead of a d6 for the test.
[Imperator] Sir, Yes Sir! (2 CP): After picking a model to be affected by an Order, everyone
other than the Leader within 3" of that model also benefits from that Order. Mutually exclusive
with Cunning Strategy. Not a bad idea if you wanted to stack Take Aim on a group of, say, 8
plasma gunners.
[Imperator] Reconnaissance Protocols (1 CP): At the start of the first round, choose a
Tempestus Scion present on the battlefield. He can move as if it was the Movement Phase,
replacing their Movement characteristic with 2d6".
[Imperator] Mission Critical Supplies (1 CP, Sector Imperialis Killzone): At the start of the
first round, select a Munitorum Armored Container. For the rest of the battle, that container
grants models from your Kill-Team that are within 1" of it -1 to their Nerve tests.
[Imperator] Defensive Stand (2 CP): When one of your models is charged, its Overwatch shots
hit on a 5+.
[Imperator] Vengeance For Cadia! (1 CP): When choosing to shoot or fire Overwatch at a
Chaos Space Marine, re-roll all failed hit or wound rolls.
[Imperator] Fight to the Death! (1 CP): Before an injury roll is made for a model from your Kill-
Team, apply a -1 modifier to the roll.
[Imperator] Adrenal Shot (1 CP): When a model suffers a mortal wound, roll a d6 for it and all
future mortal wounds received. They are ignored on a 5+.
[Imperator] Grenadiers (1 CP): When selecting a model to shoot with, that model may use a
grenade even if another model has already done so. This Tactic can be used more than once per

AM Commander Tactics
[Commanders] Inspirational Command (2 CP): Its Sir, Yes Sir! except with a 6" radius and
only for an order issued by your Platoon or Company Commander. A model can still only be
affected by a single order per round. There is no language to prevent using it and Sir, Yes Sir! (or
it and Cunning Strategy) in the same round.
[Commanders] Covering Fire (Aura) (1 CP): Defensive Stand in a 6" aura while the Tempestor
Prime is not shaken.
[Commanders] Aura of Discipline (Aura) (1 CP): Automatically pass nerve tests in a 6" aura
while the Commissar or Lord Commissar is not Shaken. It also replaces their Leadership with the
Commissar's for things like the Thousand Sons' Treason of Tzeentch.