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Sens beast “and with the prontert. of ideetion for you Te Sp Hitting that ne shoula close ‘s wyeteal Zale from “the otto ni 1 APPRECIATION Tp pustishing this final” edttion of the Takis Boome “the waiters wish ake! the opporcanity. to express their Hitters appreciation for” the efforta of tis hve “contrivased ta" ehe miosese ft, "prowts of the paper during” these fase “Oyo yours — to the. public rela ine oftiersy sornemonlente ant prom ograpters of Bes smite in the field? to Gheartiets mo gave. so geoarovsly of Ghar tine etd Unlontey” fo the nenbers Of the ap, Baproduetion Depart nt the ft thon’ the publicstion ef thie” MES Senupen sould have been Sxposehley aa Tove otters who contributed tmeny way. has bees!" Groaiaring. experia to be vaosociated so. closely tn th Seumatletic tse ith group OF rat SStders fron the four cormrs.f aris, ‘roo have proven that wen st Some tS Faltreading, "they can "so 3targanere, ar or no mir. Tow our Job is fitiabed, Ty we sad" cur own ddtull- Ri Maller aie tan ate 2 se noone Nestea. Sion of the paper's birth Taith this firet teow of the ‘Yanke] Booms! the HAlitary Sadiwey Serviee of ‘Said Gsngrai’ Gray, on the ooce| g(aaanicn GENERAL PATTON LAUDS MRS UNIT Fe ee EN niet eae ied Fer Tare Bly Easton —— ty establishes « ‘eriteh| orth Afvioay| ‘thanty! in-whdoh “we can call each oeher| eo eee esl Se eh terrae aoe See aes Se mene Tria meat tat ae rennet, Seren Eeromti cert ane Theres Sh Shy erie ri hears TLR Sea ao ef ooMER ae FIRSTALLIED TRAIN ENTERS ROME Carries Coal Newded 20 YEARS FROM NOW: REMEMBER BACK IN 1943. sermaass 27, 18 co a tah in tp ttn, Imp tee to vm coma troop ialivent re ees Te Tact careless al palestine aces EE est aan Sin oe Et GANG aa? ie PLE ee es es em ete eee The a. @ @/noomMER @ UNIFY MRS COMMAND IN FRANCE = General Gray Directs ist And ‘2nd MRS Fron Nw Hnduarters esting well unter wy Aecorplistnente Seine! Tettronders in sicily "aroughe a Sitation te then fren General Patton, Beyoge oat Ee cometh seventh roe Salerw and Yarlee the 16S moved torwerd,often employing nekeehsft equt= (Gantianied On Fees 7) vith sorthe, sureery cary eter ‘Tature Flays Some Tricks of errerience, om of the Bghlsgrte of the Haidan ° oni: ‘of the first: rein Lo" hme "on sy ty 29 feet Gee noneh (or the Gay fr the tiie the £ibet Holset stoops Youglt thelr may or the Heer ey Aoneral ay Rinielf maa atthe throt~ tag ‘on the lust stage ftw dourmey. te ad "ane guest ‘pasaenger Sere of MILITARY RAILWAY SERVICE U.S. ARMY PASSENGER sno MAIL SERVICE ETOUSA “TOOT SWEET” MAIL SCHEDULES a fe i BOOMER fe ‘T32np GROSSES REICH BORDER 1 enry_Ts Stinoon, who wan Shen make Mig, tour “of the alten front, “the efficlal iret trein® brought 2S care onde “of mh posdod coal” for fase Risisstazved public stilitine Plante. Jor ashore ripe slong wits the iewe= Tre none ay tore indy Seige cen. T Barren, e_bed beer cies, oman om after serving oar ‘onthe awa colonel with the MS in teres ‘itvton ana" Tealy. ‘Tae invaion of France trom ‘from tae Hditerra’| i melon. ta & 8 i Et k ‘ovine ben "and satariale| trom parte to tie fey MS raiteaders| piled up sunecovs siiitionsl scoomy lish ents se, they went slong. "One of Sheen ee the ‘of a'major rele in the Tepatriation of several thoussnd” ATded| fo German prlsopere of ma and otvdli= sna. The exchanges wore wade oy train ‘rough Seitnerland hs xoroee Southern rare Gana epee eS Bes Secaee eee, eeas espe eects te fe ‘the Gerighiano and the Voltarnoy beck in eee ere ae esi eaooay eter ae a eetipesactcer Soheeeese eaeaeranees levee 5 mites fast minight fn Abit eh. 2915," the HRS moved a Prstneload of rations songs this last gest mtsral barriers A'orah Inter the ‘Trogrese of lied grees across cer vay ke 0 swift in the. fone! wocko of {Heel ty sn tutte ‘Frewuntlssance,” Normal prosedize bere {ofore” had boon to vaent ove seouting parting, by atto, Pail, or on Footy tS (Gontimied On Page 8) Hage 6 OBER MAGE TH I915 (Gontimed trom Fess 7) select, tin best trl sont easy adapted SSine gor seabiaitation oa soperatlone WE Dalnge pet moving too fete Aa “ue arora coun ae soaking sha Teas ines fo the "for the Tor geoa 2 WES omy wish crossed eance from the Heresy beastneade. aad ‘Thon west ap into Solatim, there maa She asad of ferasn bone Eitbe elded to otner Cangece of wars “Sepeoa city rrec~ soni masala fie" ecater slopes of he war, mueanniy bee Gemea aiaitary ob Stim of the erring RE eat ot tn Baten". rea on or, 20%n aoiby bs est aetaoe “Foul on Tasge: dno tamdar perked, 31" aacoons Tal ad dntomnees 30 the oseaty of te MB Ustpe Rathoned ores nen thane Soy yma) bee Somber 25th) whoo Sooore siege, obvious Sp "Tinea fo ookonsaa Bante “teres Soutet-stiscx sorte SE tie tiny Sean wan the Wel'a tag er Hisge wth scars roe cedliog hows frelonsea aresileny Finale to fattearle Show chersgooy rat Sarg "bonkane ae heen coma felirenlere declined Qoerereta my HaySd" on 25 oontrol SoS noverests earry- ite sopilee oot of 256, danger aay rine ar “eslariel tov combat forces Resting the, deman sifost at "the exten SF ieee: detistanoe in Oe sebabaitation of the stentecio port of Intwerp war Tah spot in MS operations in Beteton, On Gerenter 20h)" Soll 'a ship saisa Se throu the eary “aarniag "a.ste_ ant eraped,oaningt the quay babers mpee sere’ nese fast, ge doors’ ing, ety plana, mont reaching sity "ard ae toons largest Fort tna world war ome Sie in oieration ‘arter four" yasra of ‘Weeks before this ship docked, ST ht wrere oarefay’ chetied.” Then Tein mone over foot’ of trasiage Seehof poasibag nine’ booker Siennwtake, back slong, the rsa) 3 Iegding” fren hntwerpy win the towns ‘villages along. the bors-boxb routes other Wis TaLlzoasers tagan to fee] the a yum woe TERE. _h backlog of 3,000 aply Feeigut care’ waa warded’ woth e target foot tp for. movamen® of" 16,000 tons "of Sonsghe aasayyse ma eutinated thos nary Gara mrule be mposteaey to snaure o som Ginote flow of mapplses onoe operations sre, started. srprising then het the First ship docked at Antwerp port, a train of suppliee went purPing Gey’ toward’ the trent Line Tatihaede, ath 2 ge the Ginette Te Tint on the, sone’ Gay tery supplies over long distances ss to rake sure that the nnteriale actaally [reach "the “front-line troops who need Thane Tima inte pecklen sich brought a lissary Felice tetealion into the 1S ftatiy in orth Airiges with ths step, th als tern "ful cementite [Pots arrengeneit. to" 20" quceeeiul nat it vecune a pervazont foature of 1S nathods in future oapatanes had friorel MP gompanie were sadad se expand fing operations demanded, ana wish the Jeonoslsantion’ of Ms operations “in the [E10 under on ‘head early” this yeury special Security Departnert wascryarised For‘ sipervision of the MF acetwiti ask in tren firios the Live of # atl i we plenty rugged" foay toda {ifta' fron Gaasblanca to Blaerta, doing their own cooking, aol chasing ratives serra 27, 191s Te Pe ee See oem Be oFhest iP fast woe fallin. 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