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Format for self assessment for oral presentation of Seminar-II

Sl Name/Scholar No PRABHAT KUMAR/1923218

How you analyse your presentation based What is you plan to improve these issues, if Remarks
Issues on the given issues? any?
1 Slide preparation I prepared the slides as per the norms. Uniformity in the slide preparation need to 7
be maintained.
2 I started the presentation in proper way but Seeking of audience attention is requied.
Starting of the
without seeking the attention of the 8
3 Proper body movement is needed.
Hand movement was okay but I was
Body movement 7
standing at the same position throughout
the presentation.
4 The eye contact should be with the the
Eye contact with Eye contact was confined to a small portion
whole audience. 6
the audience of the audience.
5 The modulation of voice need to be adjusted
Modulation of The modulation is good but not up to the
accordingly. 7
voice mark.
6 A little bit of improvement is required.
I think the pronunciation was good.
Pronunciation 7

7 Clarity is fine but need little improvement.

The voice clarity is fine
Clarity of voice
8 The conclusion slide should include all the
Conclusion of The scope of the conclusion was less
prominent topics. 7
9 Need to consider the aforesaid points.
Overall The entire presentation was fine.
10 Any other issue on
which you need
your improvement