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Technology Disruptors

Disruptive technology trends will propel our future and the reality is that no
industry will go untouched by this digital transformation. At the root of this
transformation is the blurring of boundaries between the physical and virtual
worlds. As digital business integrates these worlds through emerging and
strategic technologies, entirely new business models are created.
Think of the now-omnipresent smartphone that we have today. In 2007, Apple
launched that class with the iPhone. At the time when people first saw these
they thought of them as expensive toys, and now can’t live without them. That
is how fast, and how deeply a technology we didn’t even know we needed can
change everyday life. The arrival of the iPhone generated many other
successful companies. The productivity gains it gave users led to growth in
seemingly unrelated fields. We have a radically different (and, on balance,
better) economy now than we would have without it.
At Trend Disuptors we make money by getting ahead of the curve. We cover
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 5G,
Blockchain, and many other new technologies that we believe will have a
profound impact on how the world conducts business going forward, similar to
how the smartphone and internet re-shaped our lives.
Remember, disruption doesn’t happen overnight. As investors, we believe that
as these new technologies mature, solid long-term gains can be realized by
those who are bold enough to be early participants. We have created
the Trend Disruptors service to provide insightful information for those
investors who want to capitalize on the latest technological innovations –
those that will change how the world conducts business, similar to how the
internet re-shaped everything over the last decade. Times change,
technologies evolve and emerge, moving from mainframe computers to hand-
held mobile apps, from floppy discs to flash drives to the immensity of cloud
Much like the industrial revolution of the early 1900’s, innovative, cutting edge
technology is rapidly disrupting the way we conduct our lives and how we
connect with the world around us. We see a new and exciting reality where,
suddenly, almost every machine will have a degree of intelligence, and will
communicate with every other machine that has similar capabilities.
Disruptive technologies will affect every sector – manufacturing – shipping –
agriculture – mining. Railroads and transportation will reach new levels of
productivity. And the great thing for the early investors who are willing to be
bold, to be contrarian, to separate themselves from the herd, is that there will
be opportunities to make significant, once in a lifetime profits, by being ahead
of the curve. Trend Disruptors focuses on disruptive technological
innovations, and also delves into crypto currencies and associated