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NOV 15 2018

• Modular Framework Extranet Site

• Release Package Overview

• Community Support

• Current Package Supported Hardware Enablement

NXP Modular Framework GP-IDEX
• Target Use Cases
Intended for use by professional development teams who need rapid, deterministic
development of production grade:
1. IoT Gateways
2. Securely connected smart edge nodes
3. Next Generation Commercial IoT Systems (gateway, edge nodes, cloud connectivity,
smartphone apps)

Rapid Development of Production Grade IoT
• Comprehensive development platform providing production ready HW and SW
− Schematics, BOMs, Layouts, Source Code, RF Certification Artifacts
− Security, commissioning, IoT services, and scalable northbound/southbound connectivity
▪ WiFi, Ethernet, ZigBee, Thread
− Out-of-the-box working reference edge nodes, cloud connectivity and smartphone app
▪ MQTT, CoAP, AWS, Android, iOS
• Enables advanced starting point for differentiated IoT development

Reduces IoT Development Time, Costs and Risks


If You Received a Kit
1. Go to
2. Log in with your user name and password
− If you don’t have an account on, please register at:
3. After logging in, you will be sent to the activation page.
4. Enter your activation code below into the indicated
5. Follow the instructions on the screen.

If you have any issues or questions, please go to:

Your activation code can be
found on the insert card that
ships with the kit.

NXP Download Page Overview (If You Received a Kit - Continued)
All the software is available in the Product download page. Below describes the different
downloadable files.

Contains Out of Box training video

Contains all the source code and binaries

This is a tool to flash into the NAND for the

bootloader and internal bootable image

This is the image that is to be burnt into the

SD Card. The image which was current at the
time of your unit’s production already exists on
the SD card provided with your unit


IDEX1.5.1.1 - New Features (See Release Notes.txt For Full List)

• Added support of Rapid IoT Kit in mobile applications

• Updated mobile application source code with copyright header
• Updated Thread/ZigBee end node source code with copyright header
• Updated Gateway Yocto and radio source code with copyright header
• Updated IDEx cloud source code with copyright header

Please be advised that JN51xx radio support for the end node and gateway
modules will be deprecated starting with a future release.
Therefore, support for ZigBee and Thread will be offered only for KW41Z
starting with that release.

NOTE: For all Early Access and IDEX1.0 to 1.5.1 users, we strongly
recommend you to upgrade all components to the latest IDEX1.5.1.1 codebase
IDEX1.5.1.1 Release Package Structure
Download and extract the, and review the following:

Contains the AWS architecture documentation.

High Level Documentation.

Contains all the End Node projects binaries and
source code with build and flashing documentation.

Contains all the software for the NXP Modular Gateway.

Binaries and source code for the ZigBee and Thread

applications for the Gateway radio modules.

Self-extracting binary package which include Yocto BSP

and demo layer recipes for the out-of-box use cases.

Contains the application and source code for

Android and iOS.
Package Documentation
Download and extract the IMX6ULMG_IDEX_V1.5.1.1 zip, and review the following:

Migration guide from earlier version

Start With this Document

Modular Gateway Out-of-Box
Demo Setup Guide

Modular Gateway Software Architecture Document

Setup HTTP Server for End Device OTA update Document

SD Card vs NAND - Update
[Question] Should I be updating the NAND in the gateway or configuring the gateway for SD Card?
[Answer] – Beginning with the IDEX1.1 SDK release, the out-of-box demo software is configured to use
the SD card with a dual-partitioned files system that allows us to demonstrate over-the-air upgradability
of the Gateway OS from the cloud. Thus, we highly recommend that all users configure their systems
to boot the dual-parted SD card for development. You can read about the default boot configuration and
options within /Gateway/IMX6ULMGFFUG.pdf.

NOTE: Some GTWY batches are configured to boot only from eMMC/SD-card, if you are unsure of your
configuration please reach out via the Community Support links and the Solutions team will help determine.
Typically, most development will happen on SD cards, thus this is only applicable to users who wish to evaluation
system running from NAND flash.

[Question] Is there a Manufacturing Tool image/files to update the firmware for uboot and the NAND to
[Answer] – No, it is the same as IDEX1.1. However, if you are starting from an Early Access gateway
running an older codebase you need to update the NAND. This tool can be found on Download Page
and is called “”. This tool will flash the uboot and NAND flash
parameters required to have the gateway boot from the dual-parted SD card. So you will also need to
remove and reprogram the SD card within your system to the latest version posted on the Download
page, i.e. “”.
NOTE: For all Early Access and IDEX1.0 users, we strongly recommend you
to upgrade all components to the latest IDEX1.5.1.1 codebase

Upgrading pre-existing Modular GTWY to IDEX1.5.1.1
Please follow these high-level steps below:
1. Use the installed Smartphone app to remove and decommission all end-nodes from your Gateway.
2. Use the installed Smartphone app to decommission your Gateway from the Cloud and power it down.
3. Update the firmware on your Modular Gateway update
a) Download the MFGTool to update uboot and NAND flash on the GTWY
• See /Gateway/IMX6ULMGFFUG.pdf, Section 2 for details.
b) Download the dual parted SD card image and burn it to an SD card
• See /Gateway/IMX6ULMGFFUG.pdf, Section 3 for details.
• Important : OTA backward/forward compatibility needed to be broken at IDEx 1.4.0. OTA support is not
backward/forward compatible when upgrading from IDEx 1.3.1 and earlier releases to IDEx 1.4.0 and later
releases (including This problem is fixed by the User manually flashing the Gateway SD card to IDEx
1.4.0 or later ( recommended).
c) Insert the SD card in the gateway and boot the Gateway
4. Update the KWxx and JN51xx software within your gateway radio modules.
• See /Gateway/Radio_Projects/<RADIO>/Binaries/ for prebuilt release binaries
• See /Gateway/Radio_Projects/<RADIO>/xxxx_Firmware_Flashing_Guide.pdf for programming instructions
5. Update your KWxx or JN51xx software within your edge node radio modules or development boards.
• See /Edge/End_Node_Projects/<BOARD>/Binaries/ for prebuilt release binaries
• See /Edge/End_Node_Projects/<BOARD>/xxxx_Firmware_Flashing_Guide.pdf for programming instructions
6. Download or install the latest Smartphone application on your iOS or Android device.
• See /Mobile/Android for Android .apk application or AppStore for iOS application
7. Follow the steps to recommission your Modular gateway and end nodes
13 • See /Doc/Modular_Gateway_OOB_Demo_Setup_Guide.pdf

Community Forums
For support on the Integrated Development Experience, use the following links:

1. This is the main landing page for the Modular Framework community page.

2. This is an area to get tips on developing further on the Modular Framework.


3. This is an area to get answers to frequently asked questions.


4. This is an area designed to highlight known issues to documents or functionality. This can help the
community as a whole.

5. This is an area which delivers patches to bugs or additional functionality between general releases.


Introducing Improved Modular Edge Node Platform – Version 2

Added jumper to put Added FT232RL USB to

radio modules into UART device to enable
flash bootloader debug console and
mode, for serial serial flash update
flash updates via capabilities via the
MicroUSB connector MicroUSB connector

Improved power
Added 8MBit management features
external SPI flash enabling input support
for enabling more upto 15VDC (i.e. Li-po
OTA upgrade battery)
NXP Modular IoT Framework Starter Integrated Development Experience 1.5.x

• Android APK included. Android or Modular Edge Node Platform

Amazon Cloud Services Ships With
included. Running MQTT Broker KW41Z Module
• AWS account will need to be setup & RGB LED
Click Module
per documentation
Communication Communication
• Modular Gateway is included via MQTT via MQTT

• MENP Rev2 is included

• KW41Z module is included Communication
• JN5179 module is included Wi-Fi via CoAP

• NFC NTAG I2C is included

• RGB Click LED module is included
JN5179 Module Also Included
Android or IoS Mobile For Out of Box
Application Edge Device
ZigBee Support
i.MX6UL based
Modular Gateway
Shipping Today as NXP Part # SLN-IOT-GPI
Modular Gateway (Included)

on Mezzanine

Module on

Modular Edge Node Platforms – GP-IDEx 1.5.x Kit


(Supported but
Not Included)


Kinetis Wireless Freedom Boards

Supported but not required Supported but not included or required after IDEX 1.2.1 release
after IDEX 1.5.1 release

Additional Required and Recommended Hardware
• In order to fully leverage the development capabilities of this reference design we recommend you to acquire the
following debug hardware:

1. Segger J-Link BASE or higher (recommended, required if runtime debugging is needed)

− For flashing and debugging the KW41Z and KW22D based embedded applications
2. FTDI TTL-232R-3V3 USB to UART Cable (only required for kits w/ MENPv1, IDEx 1.5.x includes MENPv2)
− For UART access and some flashing cases.
3. Beyond Semiconductor Debug Key (recommended for heavy JN516x development)
− Will be required for single-step debugging of the JN5169 based embedded applications (IDEx 1.0, 1.1)
4. LPC-Link2 Debug Probe (recommended for heavy JN517x development)
− Will be required for single-step debugging of the JN5179 based embedded applications (IDEx 1.5.x)
5. Android Smart Phone with NFC or Apple iOS Device
− Required for commissioning and control of the examples