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is also
Steven Simon of The Pain
Management Clinic in Overland
Park has prescribed opioids and
also has been paid at least
$194,000 by a pharmaceutical
company to promote a drug to
Grandmother agonizes over videos that show
treat an opioid side effect.
torture of boy whose body was fed to pigs

Over the last several years,

Steven Simon of The Pain Man-
agement Clinic in Overland
Park has treated hundreds of
patients with opioid painkillers.
At the same time, Simon was
being paid six figures to pro-
mote Movantik, a drug to treat
constipation, a common opioid
side effect.
AstraZeneca paid Simon at
least $194,000 to give dinner
presentations about Movantik.
Commercials for the drug have
become a staple of prime-time
TV since it was approved in
September 2014. One of them
features a construction worker
recounting his doctor’s constipa-
tion joke: “How long have you
been holding this in?”
According to a ProPublica
database, only one doctor in the
country was paid more than
Simon to promote Movantik
during the time period it exam-
The Star also found that Si-
mon used the names of the
University of Kansas School of
Medicine and the Kansas City
University of Medicine and
Biosciences in Movantik promo-

A top official at the Kansas Judy Conway forced herself to view photos and videos of the abuse and torture of her 7-year-old grandson, Adrian Jones. “For some
reason, and I don’t understand it myself, but I wanted to take on all the pain that he felt,” she says.

screen. She did this several

BY LAURA BAUER times. The words of warning
from the woman who had given
her the DVDs echoed in her
For weeks, the two DVDs sat
near the television in Judy Con-
“I just want to prepare you,”
way’s home.
the woman said. “It’s the most
She knew they would hold
horrific thing I have ever seen.”
some answers in the death of
Conway would come to under-
her grandson. But she also knew
Assessing Trump JILL TOYOSHIBA stand the raw truth of those
they were full of images and
after 100 days Adrian Jones was all smiles on words. Those DVDs would make
video clips that would open a Christmas Eve 2012, the last time
The Star’s Editorial Board grandmother Judy Conway saw him. her face an evil she never imag-
asked more than 100 people to gruesome window into the hel-
sum up what they think of Presi-
ined existed or can yet explain.
lish life little Adrian had to en-
dent Donald Trump and his They would make her feel rage
presidency after 100 days, in dure inside a Kansas City, Kan., thought she’d gathered enough
100 words. at the “monsters” who took
home. A life she couldn’t rescue courage, she put one DVD in the
Many expressed disappoint- Adrian from her and photo-
ment and frustration. Some him from. player, only to shut it off before
supporters were pleased, others
think he needs more time. 14A So she waited. And when she anything came on the TV SEE NIGHTMARE, 12A

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Stay Connected SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

City University of Med- promote it to their pa-
icine and Biosciences said tients,” Fleming said. “It
he’s going to look into does influence thinking, it
whether Simon violated does influence prescribing
school policies. In a state- habits and it’s unavoid-
ment, KU didn’t directly able. That has been well
address the issue but said shown.”
Simon was no longer affil- Pharmaceutical pay-
iated with the school. ments to doctors have
History buff Draven, 11, As the nation struggles been public record since
really enjoys reading with an opioid crisis that the Affordable Care Act
about events of the past. killed 183,000 Americans passed in 2010. Congress
In school, it’s no secret between 1999 and 2015, and groups like the Amer-
that his favorite class is critics ask whether such ican Medical Association
history. In his spare time, pharmaceutical payments have written laws and
Draven likes to ride his make the crisis more diffi- guidelines to discourage
bike and build things with cult to end. the payments for far long-
Legos. He loves to laugh Sammy Almashat, a er, but they’ve not
and is a fan of anything doctor and research asso- stopped.
funny on television. ciate for a consumer ad- According to ProPubli-
Draven has worked hard vocacy group in Washing- ca’s database, Jackson-
in school and made great ton, D.C., called Public ville, Fla., physician Or-
progress. He will need a Citizen, said that while lando Florete was the only ANDY MARSO

family that will encourage Movantik is not addictive, doctor who received more Steven Simon and Dr. Srinivas Nalamachu see patients at The Pain Management
him to continue this. A opioids are, and Congress payments than Simon for Institute in Overland Park, while also receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in
strong family that can can’t fight overprescribing promoting Movantik. speaking fees to promote pharmaceuticals.
provide structure and a while doctors are getting Florete received $198,000
sense of belonging is paid to promote both from the time Movantik
ideal. opioids and drugs that was approved until the U.S. alone. addition to getting the the rules as full-time fac-
To learn more about treat their side effects. end of 2015, which is the AstraZeneca was the name of one school slight- ulty when it comes to
adoption visit “They’re essentially just most recent data avail- first to develop a pill, and ly wrong, that also appears accepting pharmaceutical or hooking patients on both able. it moved to establish Mo- to be against the policies money. At Kansas City
call 877-457-5430. ends of this problem, and Simon’s partner at the vantik in the minds of of both schools. University of Medicine
Draven’s case number is that’s very concerning,” The Pain Management consumers with a slew of and Biosciences, those
CH-7071. Almashat said. Institute at 8675 College TV ads. UNIVERSITY POLICIES rules are strict, D’Agostino
Almashat said the pay- Blvd., Srinivas Nalama- One of the ads ran dur- Simon and Nalamachu said.
ments from pharmaceu- chu, ranked No. 7 in the ing the 2016 Super Bowl are not faculty members “There’s pretty signif-
tical companies are “un- nation in Movantik and spurred then-White of the University of Kan- icant language that
fortunately legal,” unless money, taking in House Chief of Staff Denis sas School of Medicine or doesn’t allow them to go
there’s an explicit agree- $176,000. McDonough to tweet: the Kansas City University out and do these types of

ment for the physician to Nalamachu said by “Next year, how about of Medicine and Bio- promotional activities,
write more prescriptions. phone that he’s done fewer ads that fuel opioid sciences. But in the past, with few exceptions,”
But Almashat said a pain hardly any work on Mo- addiction and more on both have been volunteer D’Agostino said.
Missouri doctor promoting Movan-
tik presents serious ethical
vantik since then.
“Last year, I think I did
access to treatment.”
But before AstraZeneca
instructors for third or
fourth-year medical stu-
KU is similar. The
American Medical Student

concerns because it’s a only three or four lec- rolled out its TV ad cam- dents doing clinical rota- Association grades med-
financial incentive to pre- tures,” Nalamachu said. “I paign, the company spent tions. ical schools on their con-
scribe more opioids. am one of the top re- about $4 million on more Even so, Darrin D’Agos- flict-of-interest policies
flooding “Regardless of whether
this technically violates
searchers in the country
for a lot of new products.
low-profile speaking tours
where doctors like Simon
tino, the dean of Kansas
City University of Med-
every year. Last year, it
rated KU’s policies strong
the law or not, it is a huge New products get and Nalamachu intro- icine and Biosciences’s enough to merit a B over-
conflict of interest,” Al- launched, so they’re look- duced Movantik to other College of Osteopathic all, but dinged the school
Associated Press mashat said. ing for people who are prescribers over dinner. Medicine, said they’re not for not extending those
Simon did not respond experts in the field. That’s Simon was listed as the supposed to use the uni- policies to adjunct and
Closed roads and to a request for comment the reason I did it in the host for a presentation versity’s name to promote courtesy faculty.
swollen waterways were for this story. first year.” called “Opioid-Induced pharmaceutical products. D’Agostino took over as
reported across much of But in a 2010 Kansas Nalamachu said he Constipation: The Science, “We do not allow that, dean at the Kansas City
southern and central City Star story about local rarely sees patients or the Struggle, and an Oral- because the university’s University of Medicine
Missouri after storms physicians who made prescribes medications ly Administered Treat- name is not associated and Biosciences last
dumped several inches more than $100,000 in because he’s mostly a ment Option,” on Astra- with any of these things,” month. He said he and
of rain on already sat- pharmaceutical speaking researcher. He said phar- Zeneca’s invitation to “an D’Agostino said. “Quite other new leaders are
urated grounds Sat- payments, Simon said he maceutical payments exclusive engagement” at frankly, that’s something I reviewing all of the uni-
urday. had considered the ethical don’t affect how he treats Brio Tuscan Grille on the need to dig into, because versity’s policies, and he
The National Weather implications and had no the patients he does see, Country Club Plaza on if it is being used at these would consider whether to
Service reported be- qualms about them. and there are no ethical June 1, 2015. Free Movan- events, that’s something require volunteer instruc-
tween 3 and 9 inches of “I have asked myself: Is issues. tik samples were available. that reflects on the uni- tors to disclose their rela-
rain fell Saturday as this ethical? Absolutely,” “I get paid for my ex- According to ProPubli- versity.” tionships with pharmaceu-
storms moved east from Simon said. “I would hope pertise, that’s all,” Nala- ca’s database, AstraZene- At KU, a university tical manufacturers.
the southwest corner of why I use a product is machu said. ca paid Simon a $3,700 manual states that volun- “That may be some-
the state toward the St. because it’s the best prod- speaker’s fee the next day. teer instructors should thing we have to look at
Louis region. A flash uct for the patient. … I A NEW DRUG MARKET It was one of about 40 note their affiliation with doing in the future,” D’A-
flood watch covered hope I am honest enough Movantik costs about such speaking engage- the university in print or gostino said.
most of the southern tier that I wouldn’t speak $300 for a 30-day supply. ments Simon booked for other media only when it The Missouri medical
of Missouri through about any drugs I haven’t Before it was developed, Movantik in 2015, each pertains to work done on school where Fleming
Sunday evening. used or had success with.” doctors routinely pre- with accompanying pay- university grounds, under works extends the same
Several water rescues scribed over-the-counter ments for food, lodging university sponsorship or conflict-of-interest pol-
were reported, including PART OF A PATTERN laxatives — which cost and travel expenses. in collaboration with full- icies to volunteer instruc-
more than a dozen peo- Physicians who receive about one-tenth of that — He was also paid thou- time faculty. tors as it does to faculty.
ple evacuated in Ne- pharmaceutical money to treat opioid-induced sands to present informa- They also have to in- But Fleming said physi-
osho. In southeast Mis- often say it doesn’t change constipation. tion on several opioid- clude the word “volun- cians shouldn’t necessarily
souri, Perry County was the way they practice. But Opioids cause constipa- based pain drugs like teer” whenever they refer need pages of written
asking residents to vol- David Fleming, the co- tion through changes to Subsys, Hysingla and to their university affil- guidance about when they
untarily evacuate director of the University the digestive tract, like Nucynta. iation. can take money from drug
around Brewer. of Missouri School of reduced digestive secre- In all, ProPublica “Failure to denote vol- and device manufacturers
State officials reported Medicine’s Center for tions and intestinal move- documented 812 payments unteer status will be to promote a product.
about 150 roads closed, Health Ethics, said years ment. As a result, nearly worth $715,452 to Simon grounds for termination,” “Physicians, if they are
and state parks were of data show that’s not all opioid users experience from 27 different pharma- the manual says in bold practicing and prescribing
shut down Saturday and true. constipation. Over-the- ceutical companies in lettering. and seeing patients and
Sunday. Many schools “When physicians get counter treatments don’t 2015. Kay Hawes, a spokeswo- have influence over lear-
canceled proms sched- involved in that, there is always work, and the On the invitation to man for KU Medical Cen- ners, I think they
uled for Saturday. an undeniable and un- boom of opioid use in the Simon’s Movantik pre- ter, said via email that shouldn’t do it,” Fleming
No fatalities had been challengeable conflict of United States has created sentation at Brio, the doc- Simon “recently retired said.
reported by Saturday interest that occurs as it a huge and growing mar- tor was listed as an “as- and is no longer taking our
evening, but more rain relates to the use of what- ket for new drugs. sistant clinical professor” students.” Andy Marso:
was expected to hit the ever medication it is Pharmaceutical market at the University of Kan- At both KU and Kansas 816-234-4055,
area Sunday. they’re being paid to pro- analysts have predicted sas and a “clinical assist- City University of Med- @andymarso
Though steady rain mote, and not just how that opioid-induced con- ant professor” at the Kan- icine and Biosciences,
and occasional strong they promote it to their stipation drugs could be sas City College of Med- volunteer clinical instruc-
winds affected the Kan- colleagues but how they worth $550 million in the icine and Biosciences. In tors aren’t subject to same
sas City area much of
the day, no road clo-
sures were reported in
the immediate met-
ropolitan area. THE KANSAS CITY STAR
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SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017 THE KANSAS CITY STAR.............................................................................. 3A


lot, have him give speech-

es or present him with Life of Jessica Runions
awards that he’s felt like
throwing his cellphone out
his truck window just to
celebrated Saturday
find peace.
He still wears a brace on
that right hand and fore- BY TORIANO PORTER
arm. The hand still hurts if
he knocks it on something.
His chest hurts if he Hundreds of people
coughs or sneezes real gathered Saturday to honor
hard. the life of Jessica Runions,
But his voice nearly is a Raymore woman whose
back to normal, after being remains were found earlier
this month after a seven-
hoarse from the bullet month search.
grazing his vocal cord Close to 300 people
area. Other internal dam- attended the event at In-
age is healing, too. ternational Brotherhood of
“I’m vertical. I’m not in Electrical Workers Local
a wheelchair. I can fish. I Union 124 in south Kansas
am happy,” he said. City. SUSAN PFANNMULLER
As he cuddled let his Runions, 21, disappeared Jamie Runions, (center) her
8-month-old niece in a after leaving a gathering daughter Michaela, 6,
hallway after receiving the Sept. 8 in south Kansas during the celebration
City with Kylr Yust.
RICH SUGG award, she buried her Three days after Run- Saturday.
Ian Grillot (middle) received the American Hero Award. Bindu Cheedella (right) one of the head in his shoulder. Gril- ions disappeared, Yust, 28,
organizers, led Grillot and his mother Debra Grillot (left) to their seats for the ceremony. lot’s mother grabbed her was arrested and charged
cellphone out for more with burning her 2012 The celebration was
pictures of what already black Chevrolet Equinox, organized by Jessica Run-

Ian Grillot receives hero had been a photo-docu- which authorities found in ions’ 14-year-old sister,
mented day. the early morning hours of Megan. It featured teal and
Debra and Jim Grillot Sept. 10. white balloons and a slide
show with photos of Jessica

award at Asian culture say they are proud of their He is not charged in the
disappearance of Runions. with siblings, other family
second child, a former Boy members and friends.
A mushroom hunter
Scout who served in the found human bones April 3 Megan was one of sever-

event in Olathe
U.S. Marines before he in rural Cass County later al people who recounted
started rehabbing homes. identified as Runions. Her their fondest Runions
“We tried to teach them death is being investigated memories.
(the children) to do the by Kansas City police as a “I miss her everyday,”
right thing,” Jim Grillot homicide. Megan said. “She was my
Wei’s group invited him. our community and the said. A second set of bones best friend.”
BY DONNA MCGUIRE With his parents, two best tin our community,” Debra Grillot thinks found a day later have yet Family friend Amy Ayers sisters and two nieces Yoder said. “The worst both their daughters to be identified. said Runions death hit
After more than a dozen close to home. Ayers, 27,
watching the ceremonies, was the evil man who would have done the same of Overland Park, met
people spoke in remem-
Applause, whistling and he commended the event perpetrated a hate crime... as their brother, had they brance of Jessica Runions, Jessica through Jamie
cheering echoed through for its “beautiful showcase That man does not reflect been in Austins on Feb. 22. her mother, Jamie, Runions, who was Ayers’
the gymnasium as a lanky of diversity.” Families of us or our values.... What More people of different thanked everyone who nursing instructor at Avila
young man briskly walked the shooting victims ap- reflects what Kansas City colors and backgrounds aided in the search. University.
from his front row seat to preciate all of the support, and Kansas stands for is need to stand up for each “Throughout this whole “You see this stuff all the
the lectern at Olathe East he told the crowd. Ian Grillot. He was willing other, Ian Grillot said. thing, whether you were time but you never really
High School late Saturday Before handing Grillot to stand up to the bully, he “The hate is silly,” he praying, helping search, or feel it in your heart where
morning. the award, Yoder praised was willing to stand up to said. “It doesn’t really get you just came out to pass it actually happens to
Once on stage, 24-year- the Olathe North graduate hate, he was willing to put us anywhere except bro- out fliers, whatever you someone you know or
did, you are the reason actually care about,” Ayers
old Ian Grillot turned and for being one of the “reg- himself in harm’s way for ken hearts and heartache.” said. “I just hurt for her
why we all have strength,”
smiled to a diverse crowd ular folks who see a our community mem- Jamie Runions said. “I just family.”
attending the opening problem and stand up and bers.” Donna McGuire: want to say thank you.
ceremonies of the fourth do something about it.” Since the shooting, so 816-234-4393, Without you guys we Toriano Porter:
annual Asian Cultural “Feb. 22 this year repre- many people have wanted @dmcguirekcstar wouldn’t be as strong as 816-234-4779,
Festival, an event that sented both the worst in to meet or interview Gril- we are.” @torianoporter
highlights clothing, cus-
toms and cuisine of more
than 20 Asian countries.
U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder
handed Grillot a pyramid-
shaped trophy inscribed
with the words “American
“Wow,” said Grillot, a
24-year-old house rehab-
ber who hasn’t returned to
work since a bullet sliced
through his right hand
Feb. 22 and entered his
upper chest, where it col-
lapsed a lung and cracked
bones, among other
things. “Thank you from
the bottom of my heart.”
Grillot’s life hasn’t been
the same since he tried to
tackle the gunman who
turned Austins Bar and
Grill bloody two months
ago. The gunman had
fatally wounded Srinivas
Kuchibhotla and shot Alok
Madasani, both 32-year-
olds from India, in what
the FBI is investigating as
a possible hate crime.
Grillot ran after the gun-
man, thinking he had
spent his bullets. But one
A few days later, still in
a Kansas hospital, Grillot
explained that he simply
had been trying to do the
right thing: keep the shoo-
ter from hurting anyone
else. “I still don’t view
myself as a hero,” he said
While watching news
coverage of that state-
ment, Carol Wei with the
Mid-America Asian Cul-
ture Association felt an
overwhelming sense of
appreciation for Grillot’s
actions and attitude.
“When I hear this, I
think, ‘Oh, that is a great
person,’ ” she said, ex-
plaining why the group
honored Grillot with its
hero award at the festival,
which organizers expected
would draw 12,000 people
this year. “We want to
promote (him) in the com-
munity, let people know
what is the right thing to
do, like him.”
Grillot, who flew earlier
this year to Houston to
receive another award,
had not heard of the Asian
Culture Festival before

Greitens fined for Longest serving KC City

violating campaign Hall employee retires
ethics regulations BY LYNN HORSLEY
he always enjoyed the
work and his co-workers.
Valenciano got to do the
honors three years ago,
When Carlos Valencia- when the city flipped off
BY JASON HANCOCK no joined Kansas City the switch on the last of its municipal government mainframe computers. No
more than half a century one was sad to see that
ago, Ilus Davis was mayor. piece of equipment go, but
Valenciano and other that wasn’t the case with
Gov. Eric Greitens was operators processed data Valencia-
fined $1,000 by the Mis- using punch cards and a no’s depar-
souri Ethics Commission giant, refrigerator-sized ture, as City
on Friday for violating IBM tabulating machine Councilman
state campaign ethics law. on the third floor of City Scott Wagn-
Hall. er and City
Greitens, a first-term Manager
Republican governor, After witnessing a life-
time of changes in the Troy
failed to disclose last year Schulte
that his campaign constantly evolving com- Valenciano
puter and IT worlds, Va- spoke fond-
obtained a donor list from lenciano is retiring as the ly Thursday
The Mission Continues, a longest-tenured City Hall of his service and commit-
nonprofit organization employee. It’s been 53 and ment to the city.
that he founded in 2007. 1/2 years of continuous His boss, Information
Federal law prohibits service since that first day Technology Manager
on the city payroll, Nov. Mary Miller, said Va-
charities like The Mission lenciano actually hired her
Continues from interven- FILE PHOTO 18, 1963.
Valenciano, 75, showed when she started at the
ing in political campaigns The Missouri Ethics city 28 years ago. At the
on behalf of candidates. Commission has fined Gov. himself to be a man of few
words as the City Council time, he was working in a
The Internal Revenue Eric Greitens $1,000. heralded his city service data entry and computer
Service has ruled charities Thursday. “I had fantastic operations group, but
cannot give donor lists to supervisors,” he said, Miller said Valenciano was
politicians but can rent Continues. explaining his longevity. adept at dealing with con-
them at fair market value The governor was fined “Thank you all very stant updates in the in-
much.” formation technology
if made available to all $1,000 but only has to pay industry.
candidates. $100 if he doesn’t violate Valenciano earned
According to the state state campaign law for the many promotions over the
years and ended up as an Lynn Horsley:
ethics commission, Grei- next two years. 816-226-2058,
IT senior analyst. He says
tens’ campaign should Both Greitens and his @LynnHorsley
have disclosed receiving attorney, Michael Adams,
the donor list as an in-kind signed the ethics commis-
donation from his cam- sion’s order. Adams is the
paign manager, Daniel attorney for both the non-
Laub. The commission profit that bankrolled
does not specify how Laub Greitens’ inaugural and
came into possession of the nonprofit that recently
the donor list. A spokes- made headlines for
man for the governor attacking a Republican
could not be reached for state senator who has
comment. been critical of the
Greitens denied last governor.
year that he used his char- Adams is also general
ity’s donor list for his counsel for the Washing-
campaign, although an ton, D.C.-based Repub-
Associated Press analysis lican Governors Associ-
found Greitens has re- ation, which donated $13
ceived nearly $2 million million to Greitens’ gu-
from donors who bernatorial campaign last
previously gave significant year.
amounts to The Mission
News SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

Climate policy protested

on Trump’s 100th day
New York Times

Tens of thousands of
demonstrators, alarmed at g g
what they see as a danger-
ous assault on the envi-
ronment by the Trump
administration, poured
into the streets of Wash-
ington on Saturday to
sound warnings both plan-
etary and political about
the Earth’s warming cli-

Starting at the foot of People gather for a climate rally Saturday on Boston y
the Capitol, the protesters Common in Boston.
marched to the White
House, surrounding the
mansion while President send the world headlong big part of it. But we want
Donald Trump was inside into an era of rising seas to make a distinction be-
on his 100th day in office. and violent weather. tween anger and resolve.”
Once there, the demon- “I want to make a state- The demonstration’s
strators let out a collective ment. I’m showing my organizers made a point of
roar, meant to symbol- daughters we can believe casting a big net, seeking
ically drown out the voices in something and express to make the case that
of the administration’s what we believe in,” said climate change is interwo- y
climate change deniers. Scott Trexler, who came ven with traditional social
The protesters, who had with one of his daughters justice issues like racial,
gathered for the latest in and a church group from gender and economic
what has become near- Rocky Ridge, Maryland, to inequality.
weekly demonstrations of march for the first time. The marchers in Wash-
varying stripes against the He said his faith demand- ington included Holly-
president, then offered a ed it. “I believe the envi- wood celebrities and stars
chant: “Resistance is here ronment is important for of the political left like
to stay, welcome to your my daughters and future former Vice President Al
100th day.” generations,” he said. Gore and business mag-
Billed as the Peoples The demonstration was nate Richard Branson. The
Climate March, the dem- also being used to gauge front of their ranks was
onstration in Washington, what Democrats hope is a reserved for ordinary
and hundreds of smaller blossoming opposition people: the immigrants,
events like it nationwide, movement to Trump that indigenous people, labor-
had long been planned to they can parlay into last- ers, coastal dwellers and
mark the 100th day of the ing political power. children, who organizers
new president’s term. “There has been devas- say are most vulnerable to
What organizers did not tating news on climate a changing climate.
know, at least initially, coming out of the White Alphonse LeRoy, a
was that that president House and Congress, and member of the Yankton
would be Trump. a lot of people are really Sioux Tribe of South Da-
His administration has angry,” said May Boeve, kota, said he had traveled
gone on to roll back his executive director of to Washington with “wa-
predecessor’s most ambi-, an environmental ter protectors” like him-
tious environmental mea- advocacy group that self who protested the
sures, renewing fears that helped plan the march. Dakota Access and Key-
government inaction will “We can’t deny that is a stone XL pipelines.

School funding awaits as

lawmakers return
legislative leadership an additional charge on cept $750 million because
BY JONATHAN SHORMAN hired attorney Jeff King, a utilities as a way to gener- it is not enough, and that former senator, to review ate the money. it won’t accept the five-
AND HUNTER WOODALL the plan. He proposes charging year timeline. Senate leadership opted residential customers an After the last major
not to develop its own extra $3 a month each on Supreme Court ruling on
TOPEKA school finance plan and electric, gas and water for school funding adequacy,
Lawmakers have just instead wait for the a $9 monthly total. He lawmakers rolled out
two months to approve a House. estimated that would help funding increases over
new school funding sys- raise $150 million a year. three years.
tem — one that could CONCERNS OVER Commercial customers
include hundreds of mil- TIMING would pay an extra $10 a Jonathan Shorman:
lions in new spending — Rep. Melissa Rooker, month on each bill, Den- 785-296-3006,
and the only proposal R-Fairway, pushed for a ning said. @jonshorman
under serious consid- school finance formula “If the body’s willing to Hunter Woodall:
eration is still in a legisla- she helped craft before look at that, that would be 785-354-1388,
tive committee. working to amend the the funding source for @HunterMw
They also must figure House bill now in commit- schools,” he said.
out how to pay for any tee. Asked if he was con-
increase. A top Republican Rooker said she’s con- cerned whether people
senator said Friday that he cerned about the timeline, would accept that, he said:
wants a new charge on adding that the bill needs “They’re going to have to
utility bills to raise the minor tweaks before it can stomach some increase
money. be voted out of committee any way you cut it, right?”
And all of this will be and sent to the House Hensley said the in-
happening as lawmakers floor. crease could be difficult
try to pass a budget. Lawmakers probably for those on fixed in-
“I don’t see budget will take several weeks to comes.
being all that difficult,” pass a plan, said Mark “That is a very regres-
said Rep. Fred Patton, Tallman, a lobbyist for the sive way to fund schools,”
R-Topeka. “I think the Kansas Association of he said.
difficult thing is going to School Boards.
be school finance.” “It’s kind of hard for me FIVE-YEAR PLAN
Lawmakers return to to see how you could get QUESTIONED
the Statehouse on Monday through the whole process Alan Rupe, an attorney
after nearly a month off. in less than about a for Schools for Fair Fund-
During that time, legisla- month,” Tallman said. ing, which represented the
tive work on school fi- The Senate plans to use Wichita school district and
nance paused while the the House bill as a base others in the lawsuit that
clock kept ticking toward a for its work, said Senate led to the Supreme Court
June 30 deadline imposed Majority Leader Jim Den- ruling, said he doesn’t
by the Kansas Supreme ning, R-Overland Park. have high confidence that
Court when it ruled But if the House doesn’t legislative leaders are
spending inadequate earli- act, the Senate will, he headed in the right direc-
er this year, citing aca- said. tion.
demic underperformance Denning said the Senate He contended the Su-
by 25 percent of students. is waiting for the House to preme Court will not ac-
House Bill 2410 will be finish its work. He said he
among the first items on prefers that senators be
the agenda. The proposal able to work on a school
would create a new school finance plan sometime
funding formula that calls next week.
for the state to spend $750 Senate Minority Leader
million more on education Anthony Hensley, D-
over five years. Topeka, criticized Den-
The proposal boosts the ning’s decision to wait to
base aid for students each act on school finance. He
year for the next five said the Legislature has
school years. It also funds made less progress on
all-day kindergarten and school finance this year
puts more money into than it had at the same
early childhood funding, time last year, when law-
according to the Kansas makers were responding
State Department of Edu- to a ruling that school
cation. funding was inequitable.
Most school districts “I think we should have
would gain general state started a long time ago to
aid compared to the 2015- put together a plan,” Hen-
2016 school year, an ana- sley said.
lysis by the department Denning suggested the
shows. House, as the larger cham-
The Kansas City, Kan., ber, has the more difficult
School District would gain task because the bill needs
more than $7 million next the support of more law-
school year if this version makers.
of the formula passes into “We’ve always thought
law. by design they should try
Other Kansas City area to clear it first, and I think
school districts also would they will,” Denning said.
benfit, including more
than $9 million for Shaw- UTILITY CHARGE
nee Mission, $8 million for FLOATED
Olathe; and more than Denning called $750
$7.5 million for Blue Val- million in additional fund-
ley. ing over five years too
The proposal awaits high. He said he would be
action in the House K-12 willing to support $100
Education Budget Com- million to $150 million.
mittee. Before the break, He is floating the idea of
8A ..............................................................................THE KANSAS CITY STAR SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017
SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017 THE KANSAS CITY STAR.............................................................................. 9A
News SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

father and son were a plant, Chapman told The high of a risk for a cata-
good match, the Chap- Star last week. strophic event.
mans thought their bad But in a telephone call “It was not an easy
medical luck had turned days before Easter, Chap- decision. Our goal is to
around. man’s KU Health System transplant every patient
KU Hospital and the transplant coordinator possible. We recommend-
Chapmans agreed to Feb. delivered more bad news: ed things Mr. Chapman
14 transplant operations. He had become too high- can do that may decrease
That morning, surgeons risk for surgery, she said. his risk from his associ-
opened Tyler Chapman Asked this week about ated medical comorbid-
and prepped his kidney for the situation, KU Health ities and did encourage
removal. System transplant director him to seek a second opin-
In an adjacent operating Timothy Schmitt provided ion at another transplant
room, an anesthesiologist The Star a written state- center.”
trying to put a breathing ment: Alan Chapman told The
tube down Alan Chap- “The selection Commit- Star that nothing about his
man’s throat found the tee met and had a very health has changed, other
area below his vocal cords long discussion about our than the fact he’s had two
too narrow. Instead of an patient, Alan Chapman, more surgeries. He said
opening about the size of a and whether he is healthy he’s frustrated that he
quarter, his resembled a enough to undergo a kid- followed doctor instruc-
fast-food drinking straw. ney transplant,” it said. tions to have the throat
That halted both “We re-reviewed his social surgeries but was denied
surgeries. history, medical history what he sees as the more
Since then, Alan Chap- and recent events with important surgery — the
man had endured two every hope of transplant- transplant that could ex-
throat surgeries to widen ing him. After much dis- tend his life.
his constricted windpipe. cussion, the current status “I don’t get it,” he said.
FILE PHOTO BY SHANE KEYSER His ear, nose and throat of his chronic medical “I’m just really disappoint-
Alan Chapman (left) and son Tyler Chapman were all smiles in early February, before doctor gave him a green conditions puts him and ed.”
plans for Tyler to donate a kidney to his father were scuttled. light for the kidney trans- the donor kidney at too

KC man again denied

surgery to get kidney
transplant from son
North, resident who has edly have delayed or de-
BY DONNA MCGUIRE endured three years of railed his hopes. dialysis treatments. “I was First, medical tests con-
so close.” ducted before he could be
Two months after sur- He recently started the put on the transplant wait-
geons halted his son-to- medical records transfer ing list uncovered blocked
father kidney transplant process so that he can heart arteries. So he had
on Valentine’s Day, Alan obtain a second opinion quintuple-bypass surgery.
Chapman finds himself from Research Medical Then a colonoscopy
trying to cope once again Center. Meanwhile, his revealed he had a tumor
with being told he can’t son Tyler Chapman re- the size of three golf balls.
have the surgery. mains committed to giving Surgeons removed it along
This time, the Uni- his dad one of his healthy with part of Chapman’s
versity of Kansas Health kidneys. colon.
System turned down his Alan Chapman first Months later, he suf-
return to the operating began seeking a new kid- fered a stroke and spent
room because it’s too high ney after diabetes, which 40 days in the hospital.
risk, Chapman said. he developed as a child, Finally, after Tyler vol-
“I’m heartbroken,” said shut down his kidneys in unteered to give up a kid-
Chapman, a Kansas City, 2014. Roadblocks repeat- ney and tests revealed

Trump says he’s EU leaders to say there was “suffi-

cient progress” to allow

brought ‘profound unite the talks to go to the next

phase. That would give

change’ to capital ahead of any EU country with a

dispute with Britain, like
Spain over Gibraltar, ma-
Brexit talks jor influence over the
timetable of the talks.
The negotiating guide-
BY JILL COLVIN lines also halted British
AND PAUL WISEMAN BY RAF CASERT hopes of having future
The Associated Press AND LORNE COOK
trade relations being dis-
Associated Press
WASHINGTON cussed concurrently
President Donald BRUSSELS through the talks.
Trump on Saturday European Union leaders “Before discussing the
marked his 100th day in vowed Saturday to stand future, we have to sort out
office by saying he had shoulder-to-shoulder be- our past. We will handle it
brought “profound hind their negotiating with genuine care – but
change” to Washington team during the divorce firmly,” Tusk said.
and reaffirming that “my proceedings with Britain Some at the summit
only allegiance” is to and warned that demands were already considering
those he governs. from British Prime Minis- how to deal with possible
On a threshold that ANDREW HARNIK AP ter Theresa May will be British negotiating tactics.
Trump has both derided President Donald Trump dealt with “firmly.” “Maybe the British
and tried to define, the says he’s putting Americans The 27 EU leaders in government will do its
president also said he is first, even as he learns on Brussels finalized the utmost to split the 27 na-
putting Americans first the job. cornerstones of their ne- tions. It is a trap we need
even as he learns on the gotiating stance within to avoid,” said Belgian
job. four minutes of starting a Prime Minister Charles
“My only allegiance is treated fairly by its trading short smooth summit, a Michel.
to you, our wonderful partners and the 164- month after the British Ever since the June 23
citizens,” Trump said in nation World Trade Or- leader triggered two years referendum last year in
his weekly radio address. ganization. of exit talks on March 29. which Britons narrowly
It was a preview of a day Trump was scheduled to The negotiations them- voted to leave the bloc,
on which Trump was trav- visit the AMES Companies selves are to open shortly the unity of the remaining
eling to Pennsylvania to in Pennsylvania’s Cum- after Britain holds an early 27 EU nations “has been
emphasize such priorities berland County, which has election on June 8. really exemplary,” said
as American manufactur- manufactured shovels “We now have unani- German Chancellor Ange-
ing, better trade deals for since 1774. He was then to mous support from all the la Merkel.
the U.S. and his underdog hold a campaign-style 27 member states and the In contrast, citizens in
victory over Democrat rally in Harrisburg, the EU institutions, giving us a Britain have been divided
Hillary Clinton in Novem- state capital. Democrats strong political mandate because of the momen-
ber. He also was promoting are planning their own for these negotiations” tous changes looming.
a still-to-be defined tax cut rally nearby. under chief negotiator The EU is also intent on
plan and the nation’s Trump’s 100-day rally Michel Barnier, EU Coun- making Britain pay a di-
strong economy, on which was a bit of counterpro- cil President Donald Tusk vorce bill, which some EU
many of his political for- gramming from the former said. officials have put as high
tunes rest. Meanwhile, reality television star. Back Tusk said there can’t be as 60 billion euros ($65
North Korea’s missile in Washington, media any discussions on the billion).
launch Saturday signaled organizations and a few future relationship be- French President Fran-
its continued defiance stars were gathering on tween the EU and Britain cois Hollande said the
against the U.S., China and Saturday for the annual until there has been major leaders agreed on “a sim-
other nations, on which White House Correspond- headway on key issues. ple principle,” applicable
Trump tweeted: “Bad!” ents Association Dinner. “We must first achieve to Britain or any other
Trump planned to sign Trump, who has derided sufficient progress on country that might want to
an executive order direct- journalists as “dishonest” citizens’ rights, finances quit the bloc in the future,
ing the Commerce De- and even enemies of the and the border issue in “that they must not be in a
partment and the U.S. American people, is the Ireland. It is too early to more favorable situation
trade representative to first president since 1981 to speculate on when this on the outside than they
conduct a study of U.S. stay away from the event. might happen,” Tusk said were on the inside.”
trade agreements. The That year, Ronald Reagan Saturday.
goal is to determine was recovering from an He said the 27 leaders
whether America is being assassination attempt. would unanimously have
News SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017



NIGHTMARE In one image, Adrian is

in handcuffs. In another,
he stands with his hands
graphed and filmed their An up-close profile of above his head in a punish-
abuse of him. In the end, her grandson, and his ment position.
the 7-year-old’s body was abuse, filled her television In many of the images,
fed to pigs. screen. Adrian was in the shower
On Wednesday, the Conway threw up. stall.
woman whom little Adrian “He looked like the
Jones called “Nana” plans CAUGHT ON worst child you can ima-
to sit in a Wyandotte SURVEILLANCE gine from a Third World
County courtroom as a CAMERAS country,” Conway said
judge sentences her grand- Michael and Heather during a recent interview.
son’s father to prison for Jones lived with Adrian She began to describe
murder. She’s already gone and six girls, ranging from images from the DVDs.
to the sentencing of Heath- 10 years old to under 2, in How he was kept outside
er Jones, Adrian’s step- the house they rented in some nights, forced to stay
mother, who pleaded the 5200 block of North in an in-ground pool that
guilty last year and in 99th Street. hadn’t been cleaned and
November received life in Watching over them all: contained a few inches of
prison with no chance of surveillance cameras, 30 JILL TOYOSHIBA stagnant water.
parole for 25 years. or so. Adrian Jones and his oldest sibling, half-sister Keiona Doctor, shared a kiss on Christmas “In one of these videos,
Michael Jones pleaded They were pointed to- Eve 2012. It was the last time Keiona and grandmother Judy Conway saw Adrian. he found a little container
guilty March 31, avoiding a ward the living room. Bed- (outside) and opens it up
trial where the grand- rooms. Kitchen. Even the and smells it and then puts
mother had hoped to hear master bathroom, where At one point, “she asked ternal grandmother finally two tried to call Jones that one down,” Conway
details about what hap- the family’s most horrible me if I would get pictures had been able to speak out several times and texted said. “He finds another
pened inside the house secrets would be revealed. of the kids off of Facebook for the little boy she had him about seeing the kids. and picks it up. You can
where Adrian lived and Jennifer Hoevers saw a and send them to her,” last seen in December When Conway didn’t get a see him put his finger in
ultimately died of what few cameras during an Hoevers said. 2012. reply, she kept trying, there and eating what was
authorities believe was April 2015 visit to the Heather Jones gave her The year before, Adrian sending text birthday mes- on there.”
starvation. house that she and her access and passwords to and his sisters were re- sages to the kids through Conway heard that
Conway wanted to know husband had rented to the her social media accounts. moved from the care of Jones and texting Heather Heather Jones had shown
not only why her grandson Joneses in the summer of Hoevers surfed around on their mother, Conway’s Jones. one of those videos to one
died but also whether 2014. She didn’t think Facebook and on the wom- daughter. No abuse was Anything to see the of Adrian’s sisters, saying,
anyone — an adult relative much of it at the time. an’s iCloud looking for alleged. grandchildren. Anything “See, that’s what kind of
who sometimes lived in “As far as we knew, they photos to send. “She loved her kids, and for Keiona to see her sib- animal your brother is.”
the home, a one-time nan- were security cameras,” A photo of Adrian also she would never hurt lings. In one picture, there’s a
ny, a neighbor — had Hoevers told The Star. “He appeared. One of his pro- them,” Conway said. “We had absolutely no plate of food in front of
called authorities to report was a bail bondsman, and file, with obvious abuse to On that 2012 day, Con- idea where they were,” Adrian, taunting him. His
the abuse. She, as well as it’s a dangerous job. And his face. Blood and bruises. way and her teenage Keiona told The Star. “We hands are down at his side,
The Star and other media the world is a crazy place.” As Hoevers found more granddaughter, Keiona were constantly being told possibly restrained. Deep
outlets, have been unable She couldn’t have photos and videos — in- Doctor — Adrian’s half- they were no longer in in his mouth was a bar of
to see Adrian’s child wel- known how crazy. Not cluding images of him sister and his oldest sibling Kansas.” soap.
fare records; officials have until she stumbled upon strapped to an inversion — got an unexpected call At one point, Heather “They would put that
said any release of docu- some of what those cam- table and marks on his skin from Michael Jones. They Jones said the family bar so far in his mouth and
ments could jeopardize eras had captured. from what appeared to be could see Adrian and his would never move back to set food down there,”
prosecution of the case. “Now it’s just a night- a stun gun — the evidence two sisters for a few hours. the state. Conway said, shaking her
“I wanted to hear what mare,” she said. of abuse only intensified. It was Christmas Eve. In 2014, Conway got head. “And he was so
Mike had to say,” Conway After Michael Jones was “I think I was just in Though Conway had another call out of the blue hungry. But it was a way
said. “I wanted to hear arrested in late November shock for a while,” Hoev- wanted to take all the from Michael Jones. He they could walk away and
what Heather had to say. I 2015, the Hoevers — a ers said. “Of course I children home with her in told her they were going to know that he couldn’t eat
just wanted them to know military family who lived couldn’t stop digging for 2011, she says a state have to put Adrian in a because that bar was so far
that I was there. And that I out of state at the time — them.” worker contacted Jones. psychiatric hospital. up in there.”
was there for Adrian. reached out to Heather She found private mes- And he wanted custody of “I said, ‘Please, tell me Included on the DVDs is
“I wanted to stand and Jones. The Hoevers knew a sages between Heather his three kids. what’s going on,’ ” Con- a picture of pigs, at least
say, ‘Hey, that was my few details from news Jones and her husband, After rushing to a Toys R way recalled. four of them, that Hoevers
grandson, and now hope- reports but had no idea photos of Adrian’s injuries Us that December day and “He’s just got prob- said Heather Jones told her
fully I’m going to get some then that the place had — swollen hands from wrapping gifts in the car, lems,” Jones told her. were purchased for the
answers.’ I feel cheated, become “a house of hor- being tied up, a bruised Conway and Keiona met When she pressed for sole purpose of disposing
again.” rors.” and bloody mouth, rotting up with Adrian and his two more information, Conway of Adrian’s body. All au-
Adrian’s maternal Former Wyandotte teeth from apparent mal- sisters at Jones’ bail-bond said, Jones told her that thorities found were scat-
grandmother said she County Prosecutor Jerome nourishment — that ap- business in Topeka. Adrian had “turned into a tered remains.
wasn’t consulted before A. Gorman said at the peared to have been taken “They all looked pedophile and has sexual “I’ve gone from being
Michael Jones’ plea was time, without elaborating, by Heather Jones. More healthy,” Conway recalled. predator tendencies.” Her super, super hurt, which I
accepted. She thought that the case was “one of photos showed an emaciat- “I saw no signs of any- grandson would have been am every day, to really just
prosecutors were pursuing the worst things” veteran ed Adrian standing naked thing.” just 6 or 7 at the time. this rage that I never
a “hard 50” sentence, and police investigators had in a white-tiled shower Keiona said her brother She thought of Adrian, thought I had in me,”
not the life sentence with ever seen. stall on what would have appeared to be a typical, the one who was “100 Conway said.
no chance of parole for 25 Authorities had been been one of the last days rambunctious 4 1⁄2-year-old percent little boy,” who From what she’s seen,
years that Conway says called to the home the day of his life. eager for attention from loved Easter egg hunts and Michael and Heather Jones
she was told Jones will get. before Thanksgiving for a Hoevers called Detective her and his Nana. She still playing football. Her treated her grandson like
The Wyandotte County domestic disturbance, and Brad Lancaster, who was has a photo on her cell- grandson told her once an animal. From what she
district attorney’s office Michael Jones was later the case’s lead investigator phone from that day, of that he was going to play has seen, they never called
did not address several charged with aggravated until he was killed in early her brother kissing her — the game when he grew up him by his name, she said.
questions submitted by battery and aggravated May 2016 while respon- the same photo that hangs and wanted to know if On the top of screen
The Star. But in a state- assault. ding to a call to assist other on Conway’s refrigerator. she’d come see him. When grabs from the surveillance
ment, the office said every- While at the home, offi- officers, and gave him “My heart still kind of he smiled his wide smile, cameras, which show an
one involved did “every- cers learned that Adrian what she had found. drops when I see it,” Keio- people would melt. abused and dying Adrian,
thing possible” to present a had not been seen in sev- Eventually she reached na said. Conway wanted to visit are just two words:
solid case to prosecutors eral months and might out to Conway. Hoevers At that Christmas visit, him in the hospital, but the boy
and that the district at- have been killed. Police thought Adrian’s grand- Jones gave Keiona $100, Jones told her family mem-
torney “has done every- haven’t said how they mother should know what hugged her and thanked bers wouldn’t be allowed. ‘WHAT TOOK YOU
thing legally possible in received that information. she knew about how her her for always caring for And then he hung up. SO LONG?’
this case to achieve justice Investigators soon found grandson had lived and his children and keeping Now she knows — by More than once, Con-
for the victim, the family human remains, later iden- how he had suffered be- them safe. looking at time stamps of way has awakened at
and Wyandotte County.” tified as Adrian’s, in a barn fore he died. “From what I saw,” photos and talking with night, shaken and unable
Yet Conway doesn’t feel on the property. Conway said, “I never Hoevers — that several to go back to sleep.
either sentence is enough After Heather Jones was LAST KISS thought Mike would hurt months after that call, her There in a dream was
for what Adrian endured. charged and jailed, and all The message from the kids.” grandson was living Adrian. Heather and Mike,
One day earlier this the children were placed in Hoevers came just before After that day, when through a hell she could too.
year, as she prepared her- state custody, Jennifer Thanksgiving, shortly after Adrian opened a Nerf never imagine. Not until Adrian’s Nana could tell
self for a trial that now will Hoevers told her that she Conway watched a Wyan- football, prehistoric toy she saw the photos that her grandson was hurting.
never be, she again put the had found photos of dotte County judge sen- animals and other pre- Hoevers had found. She reached out and
first DVD into the machine Heather’s children and tence Heather Jones to life sents, Conway and Keiona
and pushed play. some of their belongings. in prison. Adrian’s ma- never saw him again. The SEE ADRIAN JONES, 13A
SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017 THE KANSAS CITY STAR.............................................................................. 13A


scooped him up in a blan- don’t understand how
ket, holding him against anyone can do that to a
her chest as he wrapped child.” Heather Michael
his legs and arms around At some point, she may Jones Jones
her body. want to visit Heather and
“I’m so glad you’re here, Michael Jones. sisters.
Nana,” Adrian tells her. “Just to find out why,” As for Conway, she
“What took you so long?” Conway said. “Why did knows that even though
In her dreams, she holds they have to do this? They she’s sobbed many times
him tighter, his head bur- had my number. All they in the last 1 1⁄2 years, she’s
ied against her. In her had to do is pick up the not done crying. May nev-
other hand, she grips a gun phone and call me. I would er be.
and stares at Adrian’s have taken him. I would Just last week as
father and stepmother have taken all of them.” Adrian’s Nana drove home
kneeling in front of her. She’s in therapy to work from her lawyer’s office in
When she wakes from through post-traumatic Lawrence, she broke
dreams like these, Con- stress disorder, which down. Not because of a
way’s heart beats so fast started after Adrian’s memory or an image from
she can feel it in her ears. death and intensified after one of the DVDs. No, she
She can see her grandson’s she saw the images of his looked out and saw
face. Almost feel little abuse. She has turned to streams of sun illuminating
Adrian. fitness, biking twice a the blue sky.
“I go to bed thinking week on gravel roads and It’s times like these, she
about him,” Conway said. hills and routinely doing thought, that Adrian would
“And wake up thinking yoga and gym workouts to have loved to play outside.
about him. … I hoped to keep her mind focused. She couldn’t keep the
have more answers.” Conway also spends tears in.
All the information she time with her grand- She’s still fighting for
has gathered — a few court daughters. Keiona, the one Adrian. Working to im-
records, a judge’s memo who helped raise Adrian prove the system for kids
sealing her grandson’s when he was a baby and like him who somehow slip
case, copies of pictures and who moved in with Con- through cracks.
posts from Heather Jones’ way when he and two In a way, watching those
Facebook page — fill a sisters went to live with DVDs helped her. She
Manila folder. She has Jones, is now a thriving knows that now.
another full one at work. college student who wants “For some reason, and I
After Adrian’s father is to study psychology. She don’t understand it myself,
sentenced Wednesday, she red-shirted track this sea- but I wanted to take on all
hopes to fill more folders son, her mind still flooded the pain that he felt,” Con-
with child welfare records with images and thoughts way said. “I wanted to be a
from both Kansas and of the brother she lost. part of that. I want him to
Missouri. She prays they’ll Keiona draws strength know that even though I
tell her if anyone tried to from her grandmother, wasn’t there, I loved him
help her grandson. Did whom she calls “our back- and he didn’t leave this
anyone call? If so, were the bone.” world feeling unloved,
hotline calls investigated? “She knows that my which is what they wanted
Prosecutors have said heart literally drops when I him to feel like.
the family had a history hear new information “He was loved, and
with child welfare agencies about Adrian,” Keiona nobody can take that away
in Kansas and other states. said. “She’s always wanted from him.”
But they haven’t elaborat- the best for me and my
ed. siblings.” Laura Bauer:
Did the system fail The two girls who lived 816-234-4944, @kclaurab
Adrian? with their brother and at
“I don’t believe there is times saw how he was
any word in the dictionary treated are in therapy and
to describe what he went getting to know their bi-
through and the abuse he ological mother again.
suffered,” Conway said. “I Conway’s daughter is
know there are evil people working with the state to
in the world, but I just regain custody of the two


THE VIEW FROM less than his supporters

MISSOURI hoped — and a lot less
U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, than he claims. The only
Missouri Republican thing the president has
President Trump has made great again is late
wasted no time in deliver- night comedy.
ing on two key promises
he made to the American Gwendolyn Grant,
people. First, he’s taken president and CEO of
swift action to rein in the Urban League of
excessive regulations that Greater Kansas City
would have driven up Three words define
costs on Missouri families, Trump’s first 100 days in
farmers, ranchers, small office: 1) Baffling. 2) Bi-
business owners and ener- zarre. 3) Backward. How
gy producers. Second, he do I feel about all of this?
nominated and the Senate Bewildered.
confirmed an exceptional-
ly qualified Supreme Jeanette Prenger,
The Star invited a variety of lawmakers, public figures and readers to share their views on the first 100 days of
Court justice, Neil Gor- president of ECCO Se-
President Donald Trump’s administration.
such. lect Corp., the Latino
Coalition, the Greater
Sen. Claire McCaskill,
Missouri Democrat
President Trump won
my state promising Mis-
‘Phenomenal’ or Kansas City Chamber of
Commerce and Junior
Achievement USA
After President Barack

‘disastrous’? Assessing
sourians he would lift up Obama’s first few months
ordinary, working people in office, he said while the
who’ve felt left behind in first 100 days are impor-
recent years. And while I tant, it’s the first 1,000

Trump at 100 days

disagree with Trump on that make the difference.
many issues, after his The same should apply
election, I now. I don’t like Trump’s
pledged to communication, and he’ll
the folks in make mistakes. But we
my state should focus on policies

that I would t seems like only yesterday we were arguing about their views on Trump. Many people expressed dis- that strengthen our com-
work with the size of President Donald Trump’s inaugural appointment with the president — or frustration. Some munities. His success is
him where I crowd and the merits of the travel ban. Now, after Trump supporters like what he has done so far; others our success.
could to lift a fight over health care, a foreign crisis or two, a think he needs more time.
up Mis- new Supreme Court justice, assorted controversies, But there still seems to be at least some goodwill Pat Dujakovich, presi-
McCaskill souri’s tweets, a steady stream of executive orders, a new tax among voters of all political persuasions. Even those dent of the Greater Kan-
working plan, more tweets and quite a few golf trips to Florida, angriest at Trump aren’t actively rooting for the presi- sas AFL-CIO
families. Unfortunately, in it’s time for a progress report. dent to fail. Regardless of whether
these first 100 days of his We asked more than 100 people to tell us in 100 We’re with them. There’s far too much at stake. you agree or disagree with
presidency, the policies words what they think of President Trump’s first 100 One hundred days may be an arbitrary standard, President Trump’s vision
coming out of the White days in office. You’ll find many of their responses and judgments will evolve. But it’s a good time to of our future and his ideas
House and Republican below, some edited and condensed. pause and consider where we’ve been, and where on how we will make
leadership in Congress You will recognize some of the names; others may we’re going. America great again, a lot
have fallen short of the be people you’ve never met. All say they’ve watched Find more responses online at can be learned from his
president’s promises. the new administration closely. first 100 days in office
A number of Republicans declined to go public with and all the promises he
U.S. Rep. Emanuel made. Hillary Clinton is
Cleaver, Missouri Dem- not in jail, he has not built
ocrat a wall that Mexico is not
In President Trump’s paying for, or even the
first 100 days, my those goals and is focused Kansas City later downsized fence he
thoughts have ranged Danette Proctor, 2016 on creating better, higher- The first 100 days of the Quinton Lucas, Kan- cited that Mexico still isn’t
from disbelief, to worry, to GOP convention dele- paying jobs. Trump administration sas City councilman paying for. He didn’t re-
disbelief and back to wor- gate and Greene County have provided 100 re- Most surprising about peal Obamacare or de-
ry. GOP chairwoman U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, minders that cities cannot President Trump’s first clare China a currency
The majority of the President Trump has a Kansas Republican wait for, rely on or look to 100 days is manipulator.
president’s poorly planned accomplished more to President Trump has Washington, D.C., for that nothing
and terribly implemented date than any other presi- been a disruptive force leadership on issues crit- has been The Rev. Vernon P.
executive orders, especial- dent we can remember. It with regard to how things ical to our future. As a surprising Howard Jr., president of
ly on immigration, have is refreshing. His largest have worked in our gov- community, Kansas City at all. Once the Southern Christian
caused distress, so much accomplishment is the ernment for a long time, knows what we need. called “the Leadership Conference
so that nearly 1,000 indi- swearing in of Supreme which is a big reason why Politics may be good thea- chaos can- of Greater Kansas City
viduals participated in my Court Justice Neil Gor- millions of Americans ter in Washington, but didate,” Tyrannical: Budget
town hall on immigration. such. He is a big job cre- voted for him. Those peo- here at home we expect Lucas Trump has proposals that cut pro-
ator. Trump has been ple feel like their voice is results. lived up to grams such as Meals on
John Hancock, former thrown many roadblocks, finally being heard in D.C. the charac- Wheels reflect a lack of
chairman of the Mis- but he continues to move Others are frustrated with Mayor Mark Holland, terization. Unfortunately, mercy.
souri Republican Party forward on campaign such a stark change and a Unified Government of we should not be surprised Racism: The optics of
In many ways, Donald promises. sometimes divisive ap- Wyandotte County that the campaigner who Trump taking pictures
Trump has been a pleas- proach that doesn’t repre- President Trump’s first spoke with few facts and with heads of historically
ant surprise. He is making THE VIEW FROM sent their views. When 100 days have delivered upheaval around his cam- black colleges and uni-
great progress on illegal KANSAS President Trump focuses many real and prospective paign now governs the versities and yet appoint-
immigration, regulatory Kansas Gov. Sam on growing our economy, threats to cities across the same way. ing a secretary of educa-
reform, and his selection Brownback, a Repub- protecting our national U.S. His draconian im- tion who will weaken and
of Neil Gorsuch was a lican security and reforming migration policies, his Shawn Kieffer, direc- destroy the public schools.
home run. His willingness President Trump has government, he should proposal to eliminate tor of the Kansas City Unconstitutional: Ban-
to utilize America’s mil- done a tremendous job have broad support. Community Development Election Board ning travel of persons to
itary strength in an un- keeping his promises to Block Grants and his ef- I would describe Presi- the U.S. based upon na-
stable world is particularly the American people: He’s Paul Davis, former forts to repeal the Affor- dent Trump’s first 100 tionality or national origin
gratifying — and to many, staunchly defended Amer- Democratic candidate dable Care Act bring se- days in office as ambi- goes against the fabric of
somewhat unexpected. ican interests with deci- for Kansas governor rious and potentially dev- tious, but bumpy. With our core values.
sive military President Trump has astating consequences to high energy, he hit the Militarism: “I will bomb
Jason Kander, presi- action, had a rough first few thousands of Kansas City, ground running trying to the s— out of them.”
dent of Let America defended months both at home and Kan., residents and many fulfill the promises he Propaganda: After the
Vote, a Democrat and the unborn abroad. He’s made nu- millions more. made in the campaign, first meeting with China’s
former Missouri secre- by vacating merous missteps, failed to one of which was his ap- ruler, it was clear that
tary of state Obama-era change business in Wash- Carson Ross, mayor of pointment of a conserva- Trump got ruled.
President Trump’s first regulatory ington and ignored the Blue Springs tive, strict constitutionalist
100 days have made protections needs of working families. Being the leader of a Supreme Court justice. Mahnaz Shabbir, a
America less safe. He has Brownback for Planned city, county, state or espe- Other promises may have local interfaith activist
no foreign policy or mil- Parenthood Greg Orman, former cially the country is not an been too ambitious for a Failure. His only ac-
itary strategy and is mak- and ap- U.S. Senate candidate, easy job. You don’t turn new president to accom- complishment is making
ing it up as he goes along. pointed Justice Neil Gor- Kansas independent the Queen Mary on a dime plish. The president must America a laughingstock
Trump’s national securi- such to the Supreme Court President Trump was nor the country in 100 realize that government in the eyes of the world.
ty decisions are shaped by to defend and uphold the elected by Americans who days. The operates much differently No bill has been passed by
whoever spoke to him last. Constitution. wanted him to bring real president is than the business world. Congress — no tax reform,
change to a system of running no health bill. His illegal
Mark Anthony Jones, Sen. Jerry Moran, government that they into opposi- CIVIC LEADERS AND Muslim ban has been
Jackson County GOP Kansas Republican believed was fundamen- tion from ACTIVISTS blocked by the courts. His
chairman Congress has a tally corrupt and repre- every con- Crosby Kemper, exec- irrational and uneducated
I am generally pleased responsibility to fulfill the sented only the wealthy ceivable utive director of the behavior has caused havoc
with the progress of the promises we’ve made to and powerful at the ex- angle from Kansas City Public Li- in America and in the
Trump administration. the American people: pense of the American Ross within his brary world.
American steel production Making health care acces- people. After 100 days in party and President
starting again. Illegal im- sible and affordable, sim- Washington, however, especially Trump has Faizan Syed, exec-
migration crossing at the plifying our tax code, corruption, partisanship the left and media, let done less utive director of the
border down by over 70 strengthening our national and the pursuit of self- alone other country lead- harm than Council on American-
percent. Supreme Court security, caring for our interest are clearly win- ers namely Iran, North his detrac- Islamic Relations in
Justice Neil Gorsuch con- veterans and supporting ning. Korea and Russia. Give tors have Missouri
firmed. He has completed agriculture producers. I’m him a chance because like predicted In less than 100 days,
more in 100 days than encouraged to see that the LOCAL OFFICIALS it or not, we’re in this and ac- our current president has
Obama did in eight years. administration shares Mayor Sly James, together. complished worked tirelessly to under-

Tony Berg Mike Fannin Michelle Jolles Colleen McCain Nelson

President and Publisher Editor and Vice President Vice President, Advertising Editorial Page Editor, Vice President

“A Paper for the People” EDITORIAL BOARD

Tony Berg, Colleen McCain Nelson, Derek
William Rockhill Nelson, Bryan Harbison Randy Waters Phil Schroder Donovan, Dave Helling, Melinda
founder, 1880 Vice President and CFO Vice President, Production Vice President, Audience Development Henneberger, Steve Kraske, Mary Sanchez

mine the United States have benefited from more Though the president is dent of the Kansas Pol- The president’s first but I thought he might get
Constitution, erode public engagement from mem- the CEO, he didn’t hand- icy Institute, a nonprofit 100 days are like being in a little faster of a jump-
trust in government, em- bers of Congress who are pick his board of directors, organization focused on a car with a bad driver start, in regards to repeal-
power hateful, Islamo- seasoned in politics. He nor is there some single limited government who’s driving way too fast. ing Obamacare.
phobic and xenophobic has put together a very entity or opponent on It’s been about as ex- Even buckling your seat
groups, turn Americans strong foreign policy and whom he can apply his pected. He made some belt doesn’t help because Ora Reyes, Kansas
against one another and national security team, “art of the deal.” very good Cabinet and he’s destroying all protec- City
fail to pass any substantive and he has been far more Supreme Court selections tions. Environmental, I’m still trying to figure
policy. resolute in foreign policy POLITICAL ADVISERS, and gets good marks over- consumer and financial out how good of a job he’s
matters than was his im- OBSERVERS AND all there. Some good regulations are blowing in doing, what he’s learning
THE VIEW FROM mediate predecessor. ACADEMICS things include reducing the wind. All while telling while he’s there. I’m look-
ELSEWHERE Jennifer Palmieri, regulatory burdens that us he’s the best driver the ing to see if he has a heart,
Former Republican Former Kansas Gov. communications direc- stifle economic growth, world has ever seen. 100 really, to take care of the
Sen. Jim DeMint, direc- John Carlin, a Democrat tor for Hillary Clinton’s and movement toward tax days at 100 miles per people.
tor of the Heritage Who you choose to be presidential campaign relief and spending con- hour. Please pull over and
Foundation on your team says a lot The intriguing, unexam- trols (but not enough of let me out. James Kilen, Kansas
Donald Trump’s most about the type of leader ined question for progres- either so far). For all of his City
significant achievement you want to be. President sives is: Is there a way we shortfalls, it beats the Doris Parker, via Candidate Donald
can be summed up in five Trump’s tendency to sur- can use the Trump presi- pants off the alternative. Facebook Trump said Obamacare’s
words: Supreme Court round himself with mem- dency to bridge the ide- The executive orders he repeal and replace would
Justice Neil Gorsuch. He’s bers of his family and rich ological divide in Amer- Patrick Tuohey, West- has undone were badly be a Day 1 request. Re-
followed through on other white men with no gov- ica? Trump has flip- ern Missouri field man- needed. He did get a per- quest denied by Repub-
campaign promises, too, ernment experience has flopped on a number of ager for the Show-Me son on the Supreme Court. licans. President Donald
using executive orders to created questions about fronts — China currency Institute, a free-market Border crossings have Trump’s only major 100-
rein in excessive regula- exactly who he hopes to manipulation, U.S. rela- think tank decreased 50 percent or day accomplishment, a
tion, assure affordable, serve. His Twitter ap- tionship with NATO, and Trump’s first 100 days, more, and he will get tax Supreme Court appoint-
reliable energy and en- proach to government has famously admitted that like the first 100 days of reform in spite of the ment, was accomplished
force immigration law. left us with no sign that he health care was more every administration, have Democrats. lacking a single Democrat-
wants to be president for complicated than he real- shown the limits of exec- ic vote. Our founders
Ari Fleischer, former all Americans. ized. Progressives largely utive power and demon- Richard Lumpkin, wanted making laws and
White House press sec- derided him for those strated the struggle every Prairie Village governing to be difficult.
retary for President Dan Glickman, form- moves. The smarter play candidate has in turning This has been one of the Separate and equal
George W. Bush er U.S. secretary of agri- would be to use his con- campaign rhetoric into more interesting presi- branches of government.
It’s too soon to say, and culture and Democratic version and newfound government policy. The dencies that I have seen in Two independent houses
he deserves time to let it congressman appreciation as a way to lesson for all of us ought over eight decades — not of Congress. Brilliant.
play out. The most concerning start a conversation with to be that those limits on the greatest, best, func-
So far, he thing about the Trump his supporters. the presidents who we like tional or anything that D.A. Moore, Blue
has done presidency so far is its are there to protect us would denote worthiness, Springs
well in four unpredictability, which is Jeff Roe, campaign from ones we don’t. just different. The worst From what I’ve ob-
areas and disconcerting to our allies manager for Sen. Ted parts are the complete served of President
poorly in around the world and to Cruz for President Leonard Pitts Jr., syn- disrespect for the office of Trump’s first 100 days in
two. the domestic economy. The first 100 days have dicated columnist with the president that Trump office, I am astonished by
On the One is never sure what he been irrelevant since FDR The Miami Herald displays and the lying. It is his performance.
Fleischer plus side, believes in or stands for. I coined it. Trump will re- One hundred days later, such that now, nothing What he has accom-
he has: 1) hope he learns from some peal Obamacare, build a what is left to say? that is said from the White plished is phenomenal
overseen a favorable turn of the good advisers he wall, cut taxes, make bet- We are House can or should be when considering his
in the economy. 2) Amer- has chosen (e.g. Generals ter trade deals and protect talking believed. Now on the many obstructionist de-
ica is again leading in Mattis and McMaster) as us both at home and incompe- positive side. Oh — I seem tractors in the “very fake
international relations. 3) well as from responsible abroad. He has started the tence, arro- to have run out of my news media;” over-the-top
Illegal border crossings members of Congress work on all those priorities gance and allotted words. drama queen liberal snow-
are down sharply. 4) Neil from both parties. since his swearing-in. mendacity flakes; morally defunct,
Gorsuch is on the Su- Now the measurement on a scale Jim Van Dyke, Kansas hysterical hell-bent Holly-
preme Court. Jean Carnahan, form- is what trend the president that beggars City woodites; back-stabbing
On the negative side is er Democratic senator will set, and he has done Pitts one’s pow- The first 100 days is too RINOs (Republicans in
the legislative agenda, from Missouri that by repealing thou- ers of sum- early to decide on any- name only); dictator-
particularly the failure to In his first 100 days, sands of pages of reg- mation. thing. I like some of the Obama holdovers;
repeal and replace Oba- President Trump has ulations and setting a So 100 days later, with a initiatives he’s tried, but Conclusion: Constitu-
macare. Also, Trump has failed to rise to the serious positive agenda for Con- million yet to go, there are he’s had some backfires tionalism, securing our
too often hurt his own challenge of governing. gress to follow. only these words, for also on some of the other borders, moving toward
cause with his focus on Nor has he set a standard whatever microscopic ones. I think it’s too early moral restoration and
crowd sizes at his inaugu- worthy of our democracy. Allan Katz, founder of satisfaction they bring: to tell. I’m at least hopeful making America great
ral and whether his prede- Quite the opposite. These American Public Square We told you so. that some of the things again.
cessor “wiretapped” early days show a troubled and former U.S. ambas- that need to be done will
Trump Tower. presidency. Key positions sador to Portugal Caitlin Hendel, pub- get done. Mary Anne White,
are left unfilled or poorly The first 100 days of lisher of the National Bonner Springs
Janet Murguía, presi- filled; our allies are dis- this administration Catholic Reporter Conni Woolard, Lea- If we are going to talk
dent and CEO of Na- turbed by rash words and must’ve pleased business More than any judicial wood about positive accomplish-
tional Council of La unreliable policies; and elites who have long com- nomination, executive The first 100 days have ments, 100 words will be
Raza the country and Congress plained of government order or tweet, it was the been good for some, com- ample. President Trump’s
In the daily flip-flopping are more divided than over-regulation in finan- Olathe shooting that ical for others and terrify- most obvious accomplish-
we’ve seen in the first 100 ever. cial services and envi- caught my attention. ing for many. What could ment, if one can call it
days of the Trump admin- ronmental safety, as That event brought to have been done: Support that, is to instill fear in
istration, the only consis- Kay Barnes, former Trump’s executive orders life an apprehension that and improve the Affor- every area of our society. I
tency has been the never- Kansas City mayor have begun to unravel had settled in my soul last dable Care Act and push fear war; I fear environ-
ending assault on Latinos. I continue to be dis- regulatory structures put year as I watched Trump’s Medicaid expansion in all mental collapse. We fear
Trump has appointed tressed by the actions of in place by the previous campaign validate the fear states. Address critical refugees and they fear us.
white nationalist darlings the Trump administration three presidents. and hatred many Amer- infrastructure needs. Cre-
to high-ranking positions. as it at- Our new president has icans feel about people of ate educational opportuni- Jim Hayes, Kansas
He’s demonized Latinos tempts to failed to break ground on different skin tones, na- ties to train for jobs to City
as criminal boogeymen by dismantle his wall, implement tax tionalities and religions. meet employer needs. I’m with him all the
using fake crime statistics. so much of reform, abolish Obama- It took fewer than 100 Improve immigration way. Make America great.
He’s put every undocu- the legisla- care or halt Muslim im- days for a guy with a gun policies. Bring the country That’s it. I
mented immigrant at risk tive pro- migration, though not for and a grudge to act. together. And forget the think he has
of deportation. gress that’s lack of trying. Turns out, wall. been very
been made even with a Republican VIEWS FROM THE successful
THE VOICES OF Barnes over the last Congress, it’s difficult to COMMUNITY Bob Hendricks, Lee’s because
EXPERIENCE two dec- accomplish things if you Anne Embry, Kansas Summit he’s got
Former Missouri Gov. ades. Whether environ- have no real notion of City There is nothing mag- everybody
Jay Nixon, a Democrat mental issues, health re- policy or direction. The first 100 days of ical about the first 100 thinking.
Great leaders must work form, racial and ethnic Trump: Compelling but days. However, any hon- Hayes Even
every day to bring people equality or many other William B. Lacy, indefensible. est evaluation would have though
together. So far, the presi- national concerns, it former GOP strategist, to conclude that it is there’s so much opposi-
dent has simply not done seems that there is a clear director of Dole Insti- Cheryl Barnes, Kan- amazing what has been tion, something’s going to
that. He must listen to the intent to forgo American tute of Politics sas City accomplished in the be- happen. He’s a business-
voices of all Americans to values and responsib- The president’s first He ig- ginning of the presidency man. That’s what’s impor-
chart a path forward. ilities. 100 days have been nores the of Donald Trump. New tant.
mixed. His selection of law and Supreme Court justice,
Kathleen Sebelius, Carol Sader, former Justice Neil Gorsuch was basic ethics. elimination of hundreds of Jeanine Wilson, Ray-
former U.S. secretary of Democratic candidate outstanding. The more His tax stifling regulations, put more
health and human serv- for Kansas lieutenant pro-business environment policies and the world on notice we are An unmitigated disaster.
ices and former Demo- governor will spur growth. health care going after terrorists. And Trump has set an alarming
cratic Kansas governor President Trump’s start The Syrian strike in- proposals this is just the beginning. pattern of racism, sexism,
For the first time in in office has engendered dicates a new U.S. resolve will harm Barnes favoritism and illegal
American history we have unparalleled concerns in foreign policy. But the us. He and Carolyn Sue Lee, In- nepotism. He failed to
a president nationally and worldwide, attempt to replace the his Cabinet are the dependence deliver on campaign
with no caused by his inability to Affordable Care Act was a Grinches that stole Amer- In Trump’s “Contract promises he made for Day
military or understand and perform disaster As someone who ica. With the American Voter” 1. He hides behind his
government essential presidential believes in civil discourse, there were 18 things he Twitter account, where he
experience, functions effectively: his the president’s language Pauline Testerman, was going to get done on caters to his followers,
and it refusal to resolve personal and tone continue to both- Independence Day 1. Of those 18, he tweets vindictive com-
shows. He conflicts of interest, re- er me. I think his TV celebrity accomplished one: Su- ments, makes unfounded
also has no peated lies promising and the American ad- preme Court Justice Neil allegations, spreads fake
Sebelius public com- thoughtless and undeliver- Burdett Loomis, Uni- miration of wealth are Gorsuch. The rest of news and whines about
pany experi- able programs and pol- versity of Kansas politi- partly why Trump was Trump’s promises have election fraud.
ence: no outside board, no icies, investigations of cal science professor elected. I think there is yet to be fulfilled. I cannot
shareholders, no financial collusion with Russia and One hundred days in, outrage and anger build- believe how Trump runs Ray Nixon, Raymore
accountability or transpar- frightening saber-rattling President Donald Trump ing. That’s why Stephen around the country hold- What we hope Donald
ency. Results are the rich- that could invoke nuclear remains a bundle of con- Colbert’s ratings are going ing rallies, tweeting and Trump has learned in the
est, most conflicted, least warfare. tradictions, wrapped up. lying. He’s a nightmare. first 100 days is that there
transparent White House around a narcissistic core. are checks and balances in
and Cabinet in history. Greg Musil, former He’s forceful (Tomahawk Peg Maher, Kansas David Bass, Inde- U.S. government and that
Republican candidate missiles), but cautious City pendence simplistic answers are
Former Sen. Jack for Congress (backtracking on a dozen Inconsistency and sab- He’s trying to do what insufficient for world
Danforth, a Missouri President Trump’s out- promises). He’s a congen- er-rattling have been the he set forth in his agenda problems. What the Amer-
Republican sider team is learning that ital liar whom his support- order of the day. Dereg- in the campaign, but he’s ican people have learned
President Trump is trying to lead a govern- ers see as a consummate ulation will make our having a little bit more in these 100 days is that
unconventional, with no ment like a business con- truth-teller. He’s a me- citizens less safe. I’m opposition than what he campaign promises are
experience in the political fuses how representative diocre capitalist playing at scared. expected. Even though made to get votes and not
process, so the first 100 government works. His being president. they have the majority in to become policy.
days have been a time of leadership team needs to Larry Morris, Kansas the Senate. Yes I am (hap-
adjustment. He would recognize that fact. Dave Trabert, presi- City py with what he’s done)
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AHN YOUNG-JOON AP Sat., Sun. and Holidays - CLOSED day, April 24, 2017. Cremation
with private memorial. In lieu of
Protesters in Seoul, South Korea, rally Saturday against a Harold D. Bowles, 92, formerly flowers, the family requests do-
plan to deploy a U.S. missile defense system. DEATHS of Kansas City, MO, passed away nations to Crossroads Hospice.
Amos, Glen Michael January 5, 2017. Gathering at 1
Baldwin, Lawrence p.m. Sunday, May 7, at Floral
Hills Funeral Home with memo-

N. Korea’s test
Ball, Densel II rial service at 2 p.m. Burial was
Barker, Lillian M. held privately at Longview
Benich, Maxine Yvonnette Cemetery where he was placed

of mid-range
Blauw, Noel Frances next to his wife Dorothy.
“Skippy” Harold was born in Pine Grove
Furnace, OH, in Scioto County,
Bowles, Harold D. May 23, 1924. Harold served in
Cicutto, John A.

missile is failure
the Navy from 1941 to 1962,
Coffey, Michael D. achieving the rank of Aviation
Collins, Lois I. LILLIAN M. BARKER Machinist Mate Chief Petty Offi-
Courtright, Elwood Lee Lillian M. Barker, 97, passed cer through World War II, Korea,
Curtis, Elmer W. away peacefully at home April and Vietnam.
24, 2017. Born March 27, 1920, Harold was preceded in death
Douglas, James E. to Archibald and Laura Menzies by his wife of 27 years Dorothy, EUGENE CHARLES DREYER
but a U.S. official, speak- Drazick, Robert E. “Bob” of Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Can- all nine of his brothers and sis- II
BY FOSTER KLUG ing on condition of ano-
Dreyer, Eugene Charles II ada, Lil’s long life held many ters, and his parents, Emma and Eugene Charles Dreyer II, 81, of
nymity to discuss sensitive Egle, John Robert professional accomplishments Oscar. He is survived by his Prairie Village, KS, passed away
Associated Press daughter, Donna Bowles; as well April 23, 2017, at his home.
matters, said it was likely Elder, Brenda G. and a legacy of many true
friends. as many nieces and nephews. Born Dec. 16, 1935, in St. Louis,
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA a medium-range KN-17 Erickson, Larry D. In lieu of flowers, memorial MO, to Stanley and Louise
Graduating from high school at
A North Korean mid- ballistic missile. It broke Exline, Fred 15, she went on to business contributions may be made to Dreyer, Gene moved to Kansas
range ballistic missile up a few minutes after the Fletcher, Rebecca Ruth school in Toronto and worked the Humane Society. City in 1941. Over the course of
apparently failed shortly launch. Fortney, Ronald Seth for Canadian Gen. Electric. Dur- Fond memories and condo- his youth and education - start-
Garrard, Susan Carol ing WWII, she met and married lences may be left at ing at Bryant Elementary School,
after launch Saturday, Japan’s Chief Cabinet summers at Camp Nebagamon
Gosney-Grimm, Nora K. Giles Barker (then in the RCAF),
South Korea and the Unit- Secretary Yoshihide Suga, moved to Love Field in Dallas, Arr.: Newcomer’s Floral Hills, and onto Pembroke Country Day
ed States said, the third speaking after a meeting Gowens, Jimmy Wayne 7000 Blue Ridge Blvd., KCMO and the University of Illinois -
TX, and afterward to Valley
test-fire flop just this of Japan’s National Securi- Grantham, Faye A. Falls, KS. In 1961 they divorced. 64133 (816) 353-1218. Gene made life-long friendships
month but a clear message ty Council, said the mis- Greer, Lucille Lil began work in Topeka for Se- that he would grow to treasure.
Hatcher, Lena P. curity Benefit Life, later as an At 16 years of age, Gene con-
of defiance as a U.S. su- sile is believed to have tracted polio. Finding inspiration
Hays, Janet L. officer for a Topeka Bank, then
percarrier conducts drills traveled about 30 miles became the 1st woman officer of from William Ernest Henley’s
Helling, Charles F.
in nearby waters. and fallen on an inland KPL (Westar). She was president poem “Invictus,” Gene survived
Henry, Peggy S. the virus and spent a year recu-
North Korean ballistic part of North Korea. of the Women’s Chamber of
Herman, Caryl Dorsey Wilen Commerce and a lifelong mem- perating at various hospitals
missile tests are banned Analysts say the KN-17 Honan, Richard Gavin, II before moving back to Kansas
ber of PEO. After retirement at
by the United Nations is a new Scud-type missile Horsley, Elizabeth Jane 65, for the next 19 years she was City and graduating from Pem-
because they’re seen as developed by North Ko- James, Riddick Issac Turner the much beloved housemother broke Country Day in 1954 and
part of the North’s push rea. The North fired the of Delta Chi Fraternity at KU. the University of Illinois in 1958.
Janicke, Barbara On Valentine’s Day in 1959,
for a nuclear-tipped mis- same type of missile April She is preceded in death by son,
Johnston, Robert J. Bill, ex-husband, Giles and Gene met his beloved wife
sile that can hit the U.S. 16, but U.S. officials called Klimt, Anna Louise granddaughter, Laura. Survivors Thelma Snyder and they were
mainland. The latest test that launch a failure. VanCompernolle include sons Rob of the home, married on Nov. 8, 1959. Gene
came as U.S. officials Some analysts say a Lewis, Wayne W. and Brad of Lone Star, and Betty enjoyed a loving 57-year mar-
riage and a lifelong career as a
pivoted from a hard line to missile the North test fired Marley, Claire (and Dan) Thoennes, Eudora.
stockbroker with H.O. Peet,
diplomacy at the U.N. in April 5, which U.S. offi- Mattson, Helen Elizabeth Service will be 11 a.m. Satur- JOHN A. CICUTTO
day, May 6, at First Presbyterian George K. Baum and ultimately
an effort to address what cials identified as a Scud McMurray, John W. Church, 2415 Clinton Pkwy, opened the Kansas City office of
may be Washington’s variant, also might have Miller, Mary M. Lawrence, KS. Tax-deductible Robert W. Baird where he spent
most pressing foreign been a KN-17. U.S. offi- Mingus, Daniel R. Sr. memorials may be sent to the last 19 years working.
John Cicutto died April 22, Gene’s passions were his fam-
policy challenge. cials said that missile spun Mitchell, Thomas D. Sancta Maria School, 1623 1/2 2017. Visitation 1-2pm with me-
Elm, Eudora, KS 66025. ily, traveling the world and fish-
President Donald out of control and crashed Monroe, Charlyne morial service at 2pm Sun., May ing. He loved a good joke, a
Trump said on Twitter, into the sea. Morgan, Ivan Jarett (Jay) 7, at Mt. Moriah, Newcomer & strong martini, well-crafted
Mueller, Nicole Anna Renee Freeman, 10507 Holmes. Burial obituaries, and poolside Sunday
“North Korea disrespected Moon Seong Mook, a in Mt. Moriah Cemetery. In lieu
Nelson, Earl Victor cookouts with his grandchildren
the wishes of China & its South Korean analyst and of flowers, donations to Animal who will cherish memories of
highly respected President former military official, Newbill, Tabitha Lamping Rescue of donor’s choice. their “Dindee.”
when it launched, though says that the North would Newman, Charles Gray John was born Nov. 9, 1919. He Survivors include his wife,
unsuccessfully, a missile gain valuable knowledge Nidiffer, Suzann was a boilermaker for 76 years, Thelma Dreyer; daughter, Nancy
Niksich, Beverly Jean Local 83 and U.S. Army veteran. (Mark) Sachse; son, Tom (Amy)
today. Bad!” He did not even from failed launches Survived by his wife Jeannette, Dreyer; sister, Jerry (Vern)
answer reporters’ ques- as it continues to improve Olderman, Merle “Robin” daughters Dianna (Steve) and Davidson; sister-in-law, Eleanor
tions about the missile its technologies for mis- Sharri, grandsons and great- Hauft and grandchildren, Kate
(Moss) grandchildren. Sachse, Amy Sachse, Annie
launch upon returning to siles. The South Korean Oldham, Bradley S. MAXINE YVONNETTE Dreyer, Carly Dreyer, Tommy
the White House from a and Japanese assessments O’Neal, Ben Dale Dreyer, and Stella Dreyer; nu-
day trip to Atlanta. about Saturday’s launch Outler, Marsha Lee Together again. Maxine Yvon- merous nieces and nephews;
North Korea didn’t indicate that the North Pogemiller, Carolyn Sue nette Benich, aged 97, died and his beloved dog, Lucy.
immediately comment on fired the missile from a Poterbin, Robert E. peacefully on Friday, April 28, The family would like to thank
the launch, though its higher-than-normal angle 2017. Maxine was born April 1, Maria Jennett, Rondy Wright
Powell, Doris E. 1920, in Maryville, Missouri, the MICHAEL D. COFFEY and Dr. Harish Ponnuru for their
state media on Saturday to prevent it from flying Rathjen, Theresa Dora daughter of Glenn and Lura Michael D. Coffey, 62, of Glad- wonderful care and kindness.
reiterated the country’s too far, he said. Ray, Bettie M. Johnson. stone, Missouri, passed away A memorial service will be
goal of being able to strike “They could be testing a Richardson, Mark C. When Maxine was 19, she left Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at his held at 3 p.m. Sunday, May 21, at
her small town and moved to home. Memorial services will be The New Reform Temple located
the continental U.S. variety of things, such as Rohde, John T., Jr. private.
Kansas City where she met the at 7100 Main Street, Kansas City,
The timing of the the thrust of the rocket Roth, Donald Henry MO. Contributions can be made
love of her life, John Benich.
North’s test was striking: engine or the separation of Saunders, Queen Esther They had many happy times to Children’s Mercy Hospital or
Only hours earlier the stages,” Moon said. “A Scanlon, Martha “Jean” dancing together at the Pla-mor The New Reform Temple.
U.N. Security Council held failure is a failure, but that Schopper, George F., D.D.S. Ballroom before marrying in Online condolences may be
Sedlock, Philip G. “Sonny” 1948 and making their home in left for the family at
a ministerial meeting on doesn’t mean the launch
Shaffer, Jack Leon Independence, Missouri. Mr. Be-
Pyongyang’s escalating was meaningless.” nich worked at Standard Oil in LOIS I. COLLINS Arr.: The Louis Memorial Chapel
weapons program. North The two earlier launches Sloan, Danny S. Born in Cainesville, MO, on (816) 361-5211.
Sugar Creek. Maxine worked at
Korean officials boycotted were conducted from an Smith, Marsha D. Sears Roebuck for more than 20 Sept. 29, 1928, died April 27,
the meeting, which was eastern coastal area, but Stuteville, Mary Magana years. 2017, in Overland Park, KS. JOHN ROBERT EGLE
Sutton, William Louis II In addition to raising their son, She was employed at Tower
chaired by U.S. Secretary Saturday’s missile was John Jr., Maxine enjoyed family Lane bowling alley for many
Tabor, Donald Dean Sr.
of State Rex Tillerson. fired in the west, just time with her two sisters and years. Lois volunteered many
Titus, Martin Ellsworth hours with Shawnee Community
South Korea’s Joint north of the capital, Pyon- Waldon, Bonnie J. their families. She was affection- 1934 - 2017
ately known by nieces and Center as well as Stratford Place, John R. Egle of Kansas City,
Chiefs of Staff said in a gyang. Watkins, Marcine where she served as president
statement that the missile South Korea’s Foreign nephews as “Aunt Vonne”. She MO, passed away April 27, 2017.
Whitmore, Virginia L. loved watching the Royals and of the board. She is preceded by A memorial gathering will be
flew for several minutes Ministry denounced the Williams, Billy G. was always a devoted fan. husband, Al Collins. Survived by held at a later date. In lieu of
and reached a maximum launch as an “obvious” Maxine’s faith was a central daughter, Cathy Collins and sis- flowers, please send a contribu-
Williford, Melba Joyce ter-in-law, Ginnie Zimmerman.
height of 44 miles before violation of United Na- Womack, Robert G. part of her life.
Service to be announced.
tion to the Kansas City Hospice
it apparently failed. tions resolutions and the Maxine was preceded in death Foundation, 1500 Meadow Lake
Wright, Thomas Lynn by her husband, John and three Pkwy, Ste 200, Kansas City, MO
It didn’t immediately latest display of North Zachman, Charlotte sisters. 64114 or a charity of your choice.
provide an estimate on Korea’s “belligerence and She is survived by her son, John was born June 30, 1934
how far the missile flew, recklessness.” GLEN MICHAEL AMOS John Benich and wife, Kathy Be- in Kansas City to Joseph and
Mike Amos, 58, Wheatland, nich of Lenexa, KS; two neph- Bernadine Egle. He went to ele-
MO. passed April 24, 2017. Me- ews, two nieces, two great- mentary school at Visitation,
morial visitation will be held 6- nieces and two great-nephews; ELWOOD LEE COURTRIGHT graduated from Rockhurst High
7:30pm, Wednesday, May 3 at and a number of other relatives Elwood Lee Courtright, 88, School and finished his educa-

U.S.: Service member

Bross & Spidle Funeral Home, and close friends. passed away April 26, 2017 at tion at the University of Kansas.
Excelsior Springs, MO. 816-630- There will be a visitation from the John Knox Village Care He served his country in the U.S.
3131 2:00 to 3:00 PM on Saturday, Center. There will be no serv- Navy as a Naval Aviator. He

killed in blast in Iraq May 6 at Mount Moriah, New- ices. White Chapel Funeral went on to a long career in book
LAWRENCE BALDWIN comer, and Freeman Funeral Home. Internment White Chapel publishing, eventually retiring to
Home, 10507 Holmes Rd in Kan- Memorial Gardens. Santa Fe, New Mexico. John and
sas City, Missouri. A Chapel his wife returned to Kansas City
The Pentagon has ac- service will follow at 3:00. 3 years ago. John was preceded
Associated Press Lawrence Baldwin, 83, Belton, in death by his parents and his
knowledged more than MO, passed away April 27, 2017. sister, Rosemary Faubion. He is
100 U.S. special oper- Visitation 1-2 p.m., service at 2 survived by his wife of 47 years,
BAGHDAD ations forces are operating p.m. Monday, May 1, at Maple Mary, his brother, Joe Egle, a
The Pentagon says an with Iraqi units, with hun- Hill Funeral Home. Burial Maple ELMER W. CURTIS brother-in-law, Robert McCoy,
Hill Cemetery. Memorial contri- Elmer W. Curtis, 89, left us to and numerous nieces and neph-
explosive device has killed dreds more playing a sup- butions to Grace Hospice. Mr. NOEL FRANCES “SKIPPY” be with Mickey on April 26 Visi- ews. Condolences may be ex-
a U.S. service member port role in staging bases Baldwin was a US Marine Corps BLAUW tation Wed, May 3 at 1PM Serv- pressed at:
outside Mosul. farther from the front veteran serving 1954-1957. He Noel Frances (Skippy) Blauw, ice at 2PM. Retired from Armco
The Pentagon on Sat- lines. retired from the Kansas City 80, formerly of Lake Tapawingo, Steel and member of the Ararat
Post Office in 1990 after 30 Mo passed away at St. Mary’s Shrine. Arr: Floral Hills FH, 7000
urday did not provide any There are now more years. He is preceded in death Manor, Blue Springs on April 27, Blue Ridge Blvd, KCMO.
further details, stating U.S. forces in Iraq than by step daughter, Beverly and 2017. In 1958 she married John
further information would any time since the 2011 three grandkids. He is survived A. Blauw and they had four chil-
be released as appropriate. U.S. withdrawal, marking by his wife, June Baldwin, three dren, Gretchen Bjorvatn, John
Saturday’s incident an intensifying war as sons, Victor Baldwin, Richard Burrows Blauw, Jennifer Blauw SEE NEXT PAGE
Baldwin, Larry Baldwin, two and Jerry Blauw.
marks the second Amer- Iraqi forces and the U.S.- daughters, Kathy Enloe, Carolyn At her request, there will be no
ican military fatality since led coalition work to push Lowe, step children, Jerry Nel- memorial service. A celebration
the start of the Mosul IS out of the last pockets son, Gary Nelson, Kevin Nelson, of life will be held at a later date.
operation against the of territory it controls in
than six months ago. AT WWW.KANSASCITY.COM and click on obituaries

CONTINUED FROM Alumni Association in Lawrence, applying that skill. He was a

PREVIOUS PAGE KS, and a member of Cherry sports fan, and was always
Creek Presbyterian Church. ready to talk politics.
BRENDA G. ELDER Fred’s kindness to others and Mostly, his heart was always
Brenda G. Elder, 65, of Glad- devotion to the Kansas Jay- warm and open to all. We miss
stone passed April 27, 2017. hawks will be sorely missed. He him deeply.
Visitation: 1-2 PM; Services: 2 PM was a stranger to no one and a A remembrance for family and
Wed. May 3, at Terrace Park FH devoted friend to all. Fred was friends will be scheduled for a
(169 Hwy & Shoal Creek Pkwy). especially blessed by an amaz- later date. Instead of flowers,
Donations: Am. Heart Assn. ingly wide network of very close please pick out a favorite ani-
friends across the country who mal-related charity and give
became his family. Special them a donation in Chuck’s
gratitude goes to the wonderful LUCILLE GREER name.
caregivers, staff and Hospice at Lucille Greer, 95, Kansas City,
Englewood Meridian. MO passed away April 26, 2017. PEGGY S. HENRY
Memorial donations can be JIMMY WAYNE GOWENS Visitation will be from 10:00- CHARLES F. HELLING Peggy Sue Henry, 77, of Lee’s
LARRY D. ERICKSON made to the Williams Educa- 11:00 a.m. followed by funeral Charles F. Helling, of Lenexa, Summit, Missouri, passed away
tional Fund in Lawrence, KS, at service at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, Kan. died at his home Thursday, Friday, April 21, 2017, at St. A me- May 2nd, at Mt. Moriah, New- April 27, 2017. He was 55 years Luke’s East, Lee’s Summit. Cre-
morial service will be at 10:30 Jimmy Wayne Gowens, 68, of comer & Freeman Funeral Home, old. mation; no services.
a.m. May 6, at The First Presby- Lenexa, KS, passed away on 10507 Holmes Rd. Burial in Mt. He is survived by his wife, Peggy was born May 16, 1939,
Larry D. Erickson, 73, of Inde- April 8, 2017, after a 16 month Deena, who showed enormous
pendence, MO, passed away terian Church, Salina, KS 67401. Moriah Cemetery. in Harrisburg, Arkansas, the
See battle with Lymphoma. Lucille was born in Clinton, MO courage and love during Chuck’s daughter of Eugene and Nora
April 28, 2017. Funeral service 11 Jim was born in Batesville, AR, final illness. He is also survived
a.m. Tues., May 2, at the Ascen- and married Max Greer in 1938. (Rorex) Shopher. She was an ac-
REBECCA RUTH FLETCHER to Ray and Inez Gowens and She and Max built their home in by his adult son, Christopher, countant for the Unity School of
sion Lutheran Church, 4900 Blue raised in Corpus Christi, TX, and a grandson.
Ridge Blvd., KCMO 64133, with Rebecca Fletcher, 59, Ex. Kansas City, MO. She worked at Christianity. Peggy also volun-
Spgs, MO. passed April 26, 2017. where he married his high Lake City Ammunition during Chuck was born in December teered for several charities.
visitation one hour prior. Burial school sweetheart, Cheryl, in 1961, the son of Tony and Jean
to follow in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Vis. 5-6pm, Friday, May 5, with WWII, and retired from Hallmark Her survivors include her hus-
memorial service following at 1971. After serving in the Army, Cards. She liked to travel and Helling of Kansas City, who are band, Harold Henry of the home;
Larry was a veteran serving in he completed his degree in ge- both deceased. He was a
the Air Force during the Vietnam Bross & Spidle Funeral Home 217 spend time with her family. one son, Michael L. Henry of Mil-
W. Broadway Excelsior Springs ology at Baylor University in She was preceded in death by brother to Dave Helling, Nancy
Era and belonged to the Ameri- pitas, CA; two daughters: Debra
816-630-3131. 1973. They raised a family in her parents and her beloved Crain, Mike Helling and Lissa
can Legion Post 21. He was a re- D. Henry-Warren of Fountain
Wichita, where he began his husband Max. Lucille is survived Letts, who all survive him, as do
tired Electrician as well as a Hill, AZ, and Robin R. Henry-
RONALD SETH FORTNEY career in oil and gas exploration. by her daughter Marcia Wich- their spouses Teri, Roger, Carla
longtime member of Ascension Wilkerson of Richmond, VA; and
Ronald Seth Fortney, 77, Kan- Known for his work ethic, kind- man, granddaughter Laura and and Jack, and several nieces and
Lutheran Church. five grandchildren.
sas City, MO, passed away April ness, humor, and mentoring Sacramento Lopez, and great- nephews.
Larry is survived by two sons, Arrangements: Royer Funeral
21, 2017. Services will be May 19 skills; Jim impacted many during grandchildren Olivia and Do- Chuck loved Deena, her horses
John & David; brother, Ron and Home, Oak Grove, MO 816-
at White Chapel Funeral Home. his 44 year career in Kansas and minic Lopez. and their dogs. He enjoyed rock
two grandchildren. Online con- 690-4441.
A full obituary will be available Oklahoma. A talented wood- and roll music, his garden,
dolences may be sent to worker, he also loved science travel, and spending time with closer to the service date.
and history. An avid reader, he his and Deena’s large circle of SEE NEXT PAGE
Arr.: McGilley & Sheil Chapel, modeled lifelong learning to friends. He also enjoyed tracing
(816) 353-6555. those who knew and loved him. the history of our family, and
Jim is survived by his wife, sharing what he found with all of
Cheryl; his daughters, Heather LENA P. HATCHER us.
Knight of Overland Park, Amber Lena Hatcher, 87, of Excelsior Chuck studied at the Univer-
SUSAN CAROL GARRARD Hirschberg (Mike) of Hawthorne, Springs, MO died April 28, 2017. sity of South Florida, and at-
Susan C. Garrard, 67, of Belton, NJ, and Amy Higgins (Andy) of Visitation 6-8pm Tues at Speaks tended Shawnee Mission West
MO died Apr. 21, 2017. Visit. 1- Prairie Village; and grandson, Suburban Chapel. Services will High School. He understood
1:30 pm, Celebration of Life 1:30 Matthew Hirschberg. He is also be 10am Wed at the chapel. computers before the rest of us,
pm Sat. May 6 at St. Luke’s survived by his brothers, Paul Burial in Buckner Hill Cemetery. and worked in a variety of jobs
United Methodist Church, 9420 (Pat) of Austin, TX, Frank (Mary)
James A Reed Rd KC, MO. of St. Augustine, FL, Edward
(Genny) of Elgin, TX, and his late
brother Kevin’s widow, Susan
Reitman of Georgetown, TX. The
family wishes to thank the staff
of Shawnee Mission Med. Center JANET L. HAYS
and the University of Kansas Janet L. Hays, 84, died April
Hospital. Their care and com- 23, 2017. Visitation at 10 a.m.
FRED EXLINE passion will never be forgotten. with memorial service at 10:30
Nora K. Gosney-Grimm, 89,
Fred Exline passed away In Jim’s honor, please consider a.m. Fri., May 5, at the Lutheran
passed away April 26, 2017. She
peacefully on March 24, 2017. He donations to: the American Can- Church of the Resurrection, 9100
was born Dec. 22, 1927 in Court-
was born in Pueblo, CO, and cer Society, Leukemia & Lym- Mission Rd., Prairie Village, KS.
ney, Mo. Nora was married to
grew up in Salina, KS. He at- phoma Society, National Park
Lawrence W. Gosney for 504
tended Kansas University where Service, or PBS.
years and to Richard D. Grimm
he earned his BA and Masters for 8 years.
degrees. He proudly played FAYE A GRANTHAM
Nora is preceded in death by Faye A. Grantham died April
football for his beloved KU Jay- both husbands, her parents,
hawks. He did extensive travel- 26, 2017. Visitation will be Sat-
George and Annie Hughes, her urday, May 6 at Floral Hills Fu-
ing for Berry World Tours, then brother Woodrow Hughes and 3
sales manager at the Westin neral Home at 9:00am followed
sisters; Ida Downs, Ethal Casper by funeral services at 10:00am.
Crown Center Hotel in Kansas and Leona Anderton. She is sur-
City, MO. After moving to Den- Arr: D.W. Newcomer’s Sons
vived by her two daughters; Floral Hills FH, (816) 353-1218.
ver, Fred continued his career in Kathy (Herb) Buchmann and
the hospitality business with Karen (Howard) Lusher, three
Denver area hotels. He also grandchildren; Anna (Steve)
worked for Radar Railcar Mfg. in Martin, Kevin (Krista) Kipper,
Ft. Lupton, CO. He always had a Crystal Lusher and AJ Purdon
passion for trains and railroading well as six great-grand children;
as did his father. Fred is sur- Bradley and Tanner Martin, Con-
vived by his sister, Nancy Bar- nor Anderson and Rebecca
clay (Sterling) of Breckenridge, Kipper, Donoven & Keighan
CO, nephews, Ryan Barclay Lusher.
(Holly) and their children Blake
and Luca of Steamboat Springs,
CO, Drew Barclay of Rapid City,
SD, and numerous cousins. He
was preceded in death by his
parents, Ralph and Mildred Ex-
line. Fred was a member of Phi
Gamma Delta Fraternity and KU
Obituaries SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

CONTINUED FROM CA, and children Venice and ers, Jimmy, Joseph, Augustine, He returned to Baldwin in 1945
PREVIOUS PAGE Viviana, sister, Eileen Honan De- Leo, Tommy, and Leonard; and to attend Baker University,
Vaney (Scott) of Berkeley, CA, his sisters, Ella, Mary, Bernice, where he met Lila Jean Bach-
and children Osgood and Seren, Margaret, and Frances. He is man, whom he married on Aug.
sister, Christine Honan Simpson survived by his wife of 58 years, 24, 1949. After graduating from
(Eric) of Seward, Alaska, and Esther (Saladino) McMurray; Baker in 1948, he began his
their child Thorsten, and many brother and sisters-in-law, Ed- professional career with the Eq-
aunts, uncles, and cousins. ward and Vincie McMurray, Rose uitable Life Assurance Company,
In Rick’s words, Cerniglia; brother-in-law, Karl where he worked as an execu-
“I am comforted by God’s gift Herman; and many nieces and tive for nearly 30 years until re-
of eternal hope and salvation. nephews. tiring. He then went on to work
The bell will ring for all of us in Pallbearers: Nicholas Cerniglia, in residential real estate sales for
the end and therefore the bell Glenn Eager, Michael McMurray, another 10 years, prior to mov- BEVERLY JEAN (BOWMAN)
rings for me daily. I am blessed Anthony McMurray, John ing to Colorado to be with fam- NIKSICH
by every day of this life. It is a McMurray, Vincent McMurray. ily. Beverly Jean (Bowman) Nik-
gift. . .Ring the bell every day. CLAIRE MARLEY Honorary Pallbearer: Gus Prieto. Surviving family include three sich, 59, of Frisco, TX, passed
Life is a celebration!” Claire Marley, 22, Overland Condolences may be offered sons, Ross Morgan and his wife away April 24, 2017, at home.
A prayer service will be held at Park, passed away Wednesday, at Kathy, Randy Morgan and his She was born Sept. 21, 1957, in
CARYL DORSEY WILEN April 26, 2017. A memorial Kansas City, MO, to Vivian
5 p.m. Monday, May 1, at Visita- wife Nancy, and Mitch Morgan
HERMAN service to celebrate her life will (Berry) and Thomas Bowman.
tion Parish, followed by visita- and his wife Becky; four grand-
Caryl Herman, 74, passed be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday May 2, Beverly spent her grade school
tion until 8 p.m. A Mass of Chris- children, Lyndsay Morgan, Allie
away April 27, 2017, at her home with reception following at As- years in Kansas City, before
tian Burial will be held at 11 a.m. Morgan, Tyler Morgan, and Tay-
in Overland Park, KS. She was bury United Methodist Church, moving to Overland Park, KS, in
Tuesday, May 2, at Visitation lor Morgan; and numerous lov-
born Oct. 24, 1942, in Evanston, 5400 W. 75th Street, Prairie 1970. After graduating from
Parish. ing nieces and nephews, and
IL, to Carl and Marian Wilen. Village. Memorial contributions Shawnee West High School in
In lieu of flowers, the family MARY M. MILLER their families.
Caryl grew up in Manhattan, in memory of Claire may be 1975 she attended and received
recommends a donation to 1922 - 2017 The last of his generation, he is
KS, where she met her husband given to Unleashed Pet Rescue, an associate’s degree in Liberal
honor Rick and support Suzie Mary Miller, 94, of Kansas City, preceded in death by his wife,
of 54 years, Roger Herman. She 5918 Broadmoor St., Mission, KS Arts from Johnson County
and Gavin’s education. Please KS, passed away April 26, 2017. Jean, who died Feb. 1, 2005; his
attended the University of Kan- 66202. Community College. Her profes-
make checks payable and mail Services are pending. Full obit parents, his brother, O. Scott
sas where she earned her Claire was born April 6, 1995, sional career started in the
to: RickStrong Memorial Fund, will run at a later date. Arrange- Morgan, and his sisters, Buena
Bachelor of Science degree in in Merriam, KS. She grew up in mortgage business in 1991 and
benefiting Suzie and Gavin c/o ments by Muehlebach Funeral Vista Ulrich, Noreen Williams
Nursing later working as a Shawnee and graduated from consisted of many supervisory
Academy Bank, 4400 Shawnee Care. 816.444.2060 and Jane Cross.
School Nurse in the Shawnee Shawnee Mission Northwest and management positions
Mission Parkway, Fairway, KS Jay was a loving father and
Mission School District for 28 High School in 2013. Claire was within the industry. Her mort-
66205. Condolences may be ex- DANIEL R. MINGUS SR. patriarch to his sons and ex-
years. She earned a Masters in active in track and went to State gage career spanned nearly 25
pressed to the family at Daniel R. Mingus Sr., 62, of tended family. His warm smile
Education while raising two chil- all four years of high school. She years, with the only exception Olathe, KS, passed away at and kind heart will be sorely
dren, John and Susie. Caryl enjoyed soccer and had a pas- being when she worked as a
home Saturday, April 22, 2017. missed by all who knew him.
loved tennis, bridge club, knit- sion for photography leading to legislative assistant to State
He was born March 31, 1955, in
ting, reading, puzzling and most her being awarded the NICOLE ANNA RENEE Representative Scott Lakin in
Kansas City, KS, to Ned Leroy
importantly, the Kansas City “Shooting Stars Award” for her MUELLER the Missouri General Assembly.
and Waneta Bell (Dougan) Min-
Royals and KU Basketball. work in 2013 along with being Nicole Anna Renee Mueller Her most recent position was
gus. He was a life long resident
Caryl is survived by husband, selected for the Nelson-Atkins passed away April 26, 2017. Pri- with Capital One Home Loans in
of Kansas City, KS. Danny is pre-
Roger, son, John and Marcelle ELIZABETH JANE HORSLEY Photography Scholars Program vate family services will be held Plano, TX. Beverly’s most im-
ceded in death by his parents.
Herman, daughter, Susan and Elizabeth (Betty) Jane Horsley, the same year. Her art was at a later date. Arr: D.W. New- portant job throughout her life
He is survived by his son, Daniel
Kyle Shepard, and sister, Salli 93, died April 22, 2017, in Over- judged at the Annual Student comer’s Sons Floral Hills Funeral was being a loving Mom to her
Freudenthal. She was a won- Jr. (Jessica Henderson) of
land Park, KS. Born in Illmo Scholarship Exhibition resulting Olathe, KS, daughter, Crystal Home, 7000 Blue Ridge Blvd., children. She was many things to
derful grandmother to Derek, (Scott City), MO, she was pre- in an award of an Art Scholarship KCMO, (816) 353-1218. many people, including being a
Carl, and John Riley Herman. Allen of Raymore, MO, grand-
ceded in death by her husband at KU in 2016. After graduating daughter, Riley Grace Bell Min- wife and best friend to Michael,
A service will be held at 11 a.m. of six decades, Joseph John from high school, Claire went to daughter, sister, aunt, and niece
Monday, May 1, at Village Pres- gus, two brothers, Randy Mingus
Horsley of Cincinnati, OH; also the Massachusetts College of Art (Penny), Mark Mingus and sister, to the other members of the
byterian Church, 6641 Mission by brothers, Clarence M. Taylor and Design and was currently family. None of these relation-
Rd, Prairie Village, KS. In lieu of Vickie Lindsey. Danny was loved
Jr. of Sikeston, MO, and Warren attending KU. Claire was an ex- by many and will be dearly ships was more important than
flowers, please hug your best E. Taylor of St. Louis; and par- pert snow skier from an early being GiGi to her grandson
friend, enjoy a coffee, work in missed. Danny will be cremated
ents, Clarence M. Taylor Sr. and age, volunteered at Unleashed, a according to his wishes. A pri- EARL VICTOR NELSON James Thomas born December
the garden, and read a good Mabel (Estes) Taylor. Elizabeth rescue haven for dogs, and just of 2015.
book. vate memorial service will take Earl Victor Nelson, age 84, of
was a gifted singer and pianist last year she and her father par- place at a later date. In lieu of Overland Park, KS, passed away Beverly is survived by hus-
and studied music at the former ticipated in the “Bike Across flowers memorials may be made on April 27, 2017. Visitation 9AM band of 22 years, Michael Nik-
Central College in Fayette, MO. Kansas”. She was a member of in Daniels name to The American Tuesday, May 2, at Floral Hills sich of Frisco, TX; two children,
Among her passions were her Valley View United Methodist Heart Association. with funeral at 10AM. Burial at Meghan Nelson and husband,
children, her Christian faith, and Church and in February trans- Condolences may be left at Maple Hill, KC KS. (816) 353- Clif of Frisco, TX, and Gregory
global missions projects, several ferred her membership to As- 1218. Stanislaus and his spouse, Matt
of which she and her husband bury. Peterson of Far Rockaway, New
participated in personally, both Claire was preceded in death York; two step daughters, Jen-
in the United States and abroad. by her grandfather, Dr. Robert C. nifer Niksich of Omaha, NE, and
She is survived by daughter, Harder. She is survived by par- Jessica Brown of Omaha; grand-
Mary Lou Horsley of Houston; ents, Dennis and Anne; brother, son, James T. Nelson of Frisco;
sons, David Horsley of Amarillo, Eric; grandparents, Ed and Mary mother, Vivian Bowman of Lea-
TX, Warren Horsley of Port An- Ann Marley and Dorothy Lou wood, KS; sister, Dana Rzepka
geles, WA, and Paul Horsley of Harder; uncles and aunts, James and husband Vance of Overland
Kansas City, MO; grandchildren, Harder, Julia Tetuan, Jonell Park, KS; two nephews, Tyler
Matthew Horsley of Austin, TX, Agent, Carl Marley, and Eugene Rzepka and wife Amy of
Rachel Whites of Kerrville, TX, Marley and faithful dog com- Shawnee, KS, and Thomas
Nathan Horsley of Kansas City, panion, Teluci. Fond memories Rzepka and wife Val of Littleton,
MO, and Sierra Horsley of Bel- and condolences may be left at CO; uncle, L. Joe Berry of Ran-
lingham, WA; two great grand- TABITHA LAMPING cho Mirage, CA; mother-in-law,
sons; and niece, Jane Ann Den- NEWBILL Esther Ward and husband Curtis
RICHARD GAVIN HONAN, II nis. Services are pending. The Tabitha Louise Lamping New- Ward of Alameda, CA; sister-in-
family requests contributions to bill, 24, of Raytown, MO, passed law, Michelle Niksich of San Le-
the Alzheimer’s Association at away April 22, 2017. Visitation 6- andro, CA; and numerous other or (800) 272-3900. THOMAS D. MITCHELL 8 p.m. Monday, May 1, at the loving family and many, many
Rick Honan, 46, passed away Praise Chapel, 3650 N. 67th St., friends.
Thursday, April 27, 2017, in his Kansas City, KS. Funeral at 11 Beverly is preceded in death
home surrounded by family and a.m. Tuesday, also at the church. by her father, Thomas Bowman.
friends. His family is eternally Thomas Mitchell, 75, of Kansas Burial to follow at Floral Hills A funeral service will be held
grateful for the outpouring of City, MO won his battle with Memorial Gardens. at 2 p.m. Friday, April 28, at the
love and support from his com- cancer on April 25, 2017 sur- Tabitha was preceded in death Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Fu-
munity. Rick persevered for two RIDDICK ISSAC TURNER rounded by his loving family. by her grandparents, Richard neral Home with Rev. Clayton
years with colon cancer and JAMES Visitation will be from 6:00-8:00 Lamping Sr., Barbara McElhaney, Elder officiating.
faced it with grace, hope, and Riddick James, infant son of p.m. Wednesday, May 3, at Mt. and James and Irene English. Family and friends located in
courage. died April 26, 2017. Memorial Moriah, Newcomer & Freeman She is survived by her sons, Kansas City, please join us for a
Rick was born on Nov. 5, 1970, services will be held May 1, 2017 Funeral Home, 10507 Holmes. Christopher and Isaiah; parents, visitation service from 6-8 p.m.
and was a lifelong resident of at 10:30 am at Raymore Chris- Tom was born January 29, Richard and Barb Lamping; Tuesday, May 2, at Atonement
Kansas City, MO. He went to tian Church, 500 Peace Dr., 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He re- brother, Jeff Lamping; sister, Lutheran Church in Overland
HELEN ELIZABETH Rachael Lamping (Jesus Mo-
Visitation Grade School and Raymore, MO 64083. (Arr. MATTSON tired from the KC Fire Dept. af- Park, KS. A funeral service will
Pembroke Hill High School. He Heartland 816-313-1677) ter 25 years of service. Tom rales); and nephews, Peyton, be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday
Helen Elizabeth Mattson, went Roberto, Zachary, and Jasper.
was actively involved in school to be with her Lord and Savior, loved fishing and hunting. May 3, at the church with Pr.
sports including football, bas- BARBARA JANICKE He was preceded in death by Memorial contributions may be Brian Hiortdahl officiating. In-
April 25, 2017. made to the memorial fund for
ketball, soccer, and wrestling, Barbara Janicke, 96, passed Private family burial. A public his loving wife Carol, parents terment will follow at Johnson
and he was an Eagle Scout. He April 27, 2017. Graveside service Norman and Irene and sister Tabitha Lamping Newbill on County Memorial Gardens in
celebration of her life will be this
was awarded an NROTC scholar- will be Tuesday May 2, 1:30pm, summer. Noreen. Tom is survived by his Overland Park, KS.
ship and attended Northwestern at Leavenworth National Ceme- son Todd, daughter Jill (Tim), Fond memories and condo-
For a full tribute please visit: lences may be left at
University and the University of tery. Arrangements by grandchildren Tara and Michael,
Kansas where he earned a de- Langsford Funeral Home, Lee’s three great-grandchildren, ex-
gree in Political Science in 1994. Summit, MO. tended family and friends. Arr.: Newcomer’s Floral Hills,
Upon graduation he was 7000 Blue Ridge Blvd., KCMO
awarded a commission as an en- ROBERT J. JOHNSTON 64133, (816) 353-1218.
sign in the U.S. Navy. Robert J. Johnston, 73, of MERLE “ROBIN” (MOSS)
During his service with the Gladstone, MO, passed away OLDERMAN
Navy, Rick served as an Officer Thur., April 27, 2017. A Celebra- Merle Olderman, 72, KCMO,
on the USS Beaufort (ATS-3) out tion of Life, will be 2-5 p.m. formerly of Houston, TX, passed
of Sasebo, Japan. He was a Haz- Thur, May 4, 2017 at the fire- CHARLYNE MONROE April 26, 2017. Chapel service 10
ardous Material Officer on the fighter Local 42 Hall, 6320 Man- Charlyne Monroe Age 103 died a.m. Monday, Shalom Memorial
USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3) in chester Ave., KC, MO 64133. April 24, 2017 Graveside Service CHARLES GRAY NEWMAN FH, Arlington Heights, IL. Burial
Sasebo. He was on the Com- at 11AM at Forrest Hills Ceme- Shalom Memorial Park.
mandant’s Staff at the US Naval tery on May 4, 2017 Service at
Academy as an Executive As- 12 PM Central Christian Church BRADLEY S. OLDHAM
sistant for Strategic Planning 32nd & Cleveland. Arr. Floral Charles Gray Newman, 94, Bradley S Oldham 44, Excel-
and was Company Commander, Hills Funeral Home 816-353-1218 Basehor, Kansas died April 23, sior Springs, MO. died April 25,
Naval Expeditionary Logistics 2017. Celebration of Life will be 2017. A Celebration of Life is
Support Battalion 13, and a ANNA LOUISE held on Saturday, May 13, 2017, being planned for later this
Commanding Officer in the Na- VANCOMPERNOLLE KLIMT 11 AM, Basehor United Methodist summer. In lieu of flowers do-
val Support Activity in Bahrain. Anna Louise VanCompernolle Church. In lieu of flowers the nations can be made to help
Rick served for a total of 17 Klimt of Olive Branch, MS. family respectfully requests do- further his children’s education.
years in the Navy on active duty Passed away on April 23, 2017 JOHN W. MCMURRAY nations be directed to the Base-
and the reserves. He reached the Anna is survived by her sons John W. McMurray, 93, passed hor United Methodist Church
away Sunday, April 23, 2017,
rank of Lieutenant Commander. Dean and John, Daughters Memorial Fund.
Rick returned to Kansas City Jackie Zieve and Denise Sides. surrounded by his loving wife
and joined his father’s company, Sisters Rose Claus and Cather- and many family members. SUZANN NIDIFFER
American Trailer and Storage ine Long. Services were held at Visitation will be 4-7 p.m. Tues- Suzann Nidiffer, 82, of Kansas
(AT&S), eventually becoming Memorial Park Funeral Home. day, May 2, at Passantino Bros. City, KS, passed away April 19,
the president and CEO. He was Funeral Home, 2117 Independ- 2017. Celebration of Life from 6-
civically involved and was a WAYNE W. LEWIS ence Blvd., Kansas City, MO IVAN JARETT (JAY) 8 p.m. Sat., May 13, at the Matt
board member of the National Wayne W. Lewis, 83, of Over- 64124, where the Rosary will be MORGAN Ross Community Center Hearth
Portable Storage Association land Park, Kansas passed away prayed at 6:30 p.m. Family and Room, 8101 Marty St., Overland
(NAPSA) and the Blue Valley In- April 26, 2017 at the Kansas City friends will gather on Wednes- Park, KS.
dustrial Association (BVIA), as Hospice House. Private family day, May 3, at Our Lady of Sor- Suzann worked for many years
well as a member of the Kansas services. rows Catholic Church, 2552 Gill- Jay, 93, of Fort Collins, passed in the grocery business retiring
City Industrial Council (KCIC). ham Rd., Kansas City, MO 64108, away peacefully April 20, 2017, from Price Chopper. She was a
Rick was an active member of where the Mass of Christian while in the Centre Rehabilita- loyal member of UFCW Local 2.
Visitation Parish and was guided Burial will begin at 10 a.m. Burial tion facility. He had been living Suzann is survived by children,
by his strong faith. He enjoyed will follow at Mount Olivet in New Mercer Commons since Mark (Cheryl), Becky (Andrea),
playing competitive tennis and Cemetery. July of last year. Jay has been a and Melissa (Boyd); nine grand-
was an avid fan of the Jayhawks, Johnny was born January 5, resident of Fort Collins since children; three great grandchil-
Chiefs, and Royals. Rick was 1924, in Kansas City, MO. Johnny 1998 when he and his wife, Lila dren; and a great-great grand-
adored, admired, and respected and Esther met at La Fiesta Jean Morgan moved from Prairie child. Arr.: KC Funeral Directors,
by his family and everyone who Ballroom and dancing was their Village, KS. (913) 262-6310.
knew him. He was a gentle, claim to fame. Johnny worked Jay Morgan was born Jan. 7,
compassionate, and kind soul. for Cash Bargin Lumber Co. for 1924, in Baldwin City, KS, to Or-
He will forever be remembered 38 years and, later in life, he and vil Scott Morgan and Myrnice
for his integrity, wit, and heart- Esther owned and operated the Crysler Morgan. After graduat-
warming smile. Dairy Queen on Independence ing from Baldwin High School,
Rick was a devoted husband Avenue for 33 years. Johnny he joined the United States Navy
to his wife, Kourtney Flynn loved baseball, especially the on May 15, 1943, where he be-
Honan, and a loving father to his Royals. He enjoyed watching came a pilot. During World War
children, Gavin, 11, and Suzie, 9. them on TV and listening to II, he predominantly flew carrier
He is also survived by parents, them on the radio at the same based SB 2 C Curtis Hell Diver
Kathy and Dick Honan, brother, time. He would never miss a dive bombers. After the end of
Greg (Rachel) of Avon, CO, and game. the War, he continued to fly with
children Brecklyn, Balianna, and Johnny was preceded in death the Naval Reserve until he was
Morrison, sister, Julie Honan by his parents, Thomas and Ha- honorably discharged from the
Johnston (Kevin) of Berkeley, zel (Farrar) McMurray; his broth- Armed Forces on Oct. 14, 1955.

CONTINUED FROM Hogar Ministries, Inc., 21 Cum- Springs, CO, son, Michael time at the Lake of the Ozarks JACK LEON SHAFFER
PREVIOUS PAGE mings Park Dr. #238, Woburn, (Linda) of Overland Park, KS, boating with his grandchildren
MA 01801, or to Christ Church, daughters, Lynne Schopper, and great grandchildren.
BEN DALE O’NEAL 802 Harrison Avenue, Canon D.D.S. Overland Park, KS, Julie, Phil was a great listener. He
City, CO 81212. (John Mele), Snowmass Village, was funny, wise and gracious. March 6, 1931 - April 26, 2017
CO, Debbie (Ron McMorris) Whether he knew you for a min- Jack Leon Shaffer, 86, passed
Shawnee, KS, and sisters, Sr. ute or a lifetime, he remem- April 26, 2017. Born March 6,
Ben Dale O’Neal, 94, of Kansas Marcella, Mary Ann Schopper, bered everything about you. 1931 in Neosho County, Ks, to
City, MO, passed away at his Alberta (Tom Pyle), Rose What you thought about God Frank and Elsie Mae (Aronholt)
home April 25, 2017. A visitation (Robert Cordry), 12 grandchil- and the world, who your sister Shaffer. He joined the United
will be 6-8 p.m. Monday, May 1, dren and 9 great grandchildren was, who she dated and what States Navy December 29, 1950,
and service at 11 a.m. Tuesday, and many nieces and nephews. kind of car her date drove. He assigned to the U.S.S. Hubbard
May 2, at Dignity Memorial No- A special thanks to the skilled never forgot the day when the Destroyer, Gunners mate 2nd
land Road Chapel, 509 S Noland rehab staff at Village Shalom for older boys in his neighborhood Class, honorably discharged
Rd, Independence, MO 64050. their sweet care, left the corner at 7th and Central October 25, 1954, and awarded
Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. THERESA DORA RATHJEN George practiced general to go to war. Every time he told
Theresa Dora Rathjen, 91, the Korean Presidential Unit Ci-
Ben was born Sept. 20, 1922, in dentistry for 40 years. He was a the story, he cried as if it were tation - Oak Leaf Cluster; Navy
Paris, AR, to Ben and Florida Overland Park, KS, passed over life member of the American yesterday.
peacefully on Saturday, April 22, DONALD HENRY ROTH Occupation Service Medal - Asia
(Mosley) O’Neal. He served in Dental Association, Kansas He never had a complaint. Clasp; Good Conduct Medal;
the United States Army during 2017. Visitation will be at 10:45 Dental Association, Fifth District Reminiscing about his year in
a.m. Tuesday, May 2, at Holy Korean Service Medal (1); U.N.
World War II. Ben married Pearl Dental Society of Kansas, Presi- the hospital with polio at 14, and Service Medal; and the China
Breeden on March 4, 1950, they Cross Church, 8311 West 93rd dent of the Preservation of Oral a lifetime of braces and “sticks”
St., Overland Park, KS, followed With love and admiration for a Service Medal.
were married 55 years and eight Health Society, President of the he said, “If I had it to do all over Survived by his wife of nearly
months. He loved spending time by Mass at 11 a.m. Burial will fol- life well-lived, the family of Greater Kansas City Hypnosis again, I wouldn’t change a
low at Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Donald Henry Roth announces 27 years, Dixie Bell Munoz
in his garden, fishing, in the ca- Society, and President of the thing.” He said he wasn’t bored (Howe) Shaffer; her daughter,
sino, piddlin’, and with his fam- 1150 N. 38th St., Kansas City, KS. his passing on April 27, 2017 at National Exchange Club. in the hospital because he had a
Memorial contributions may be the age of 78. Born on August Debbie Melsh and boyfriend
ily. George was a founding mem- window in his room and ice Charlie; sister Edna McManus;
Ben will be greeted in Heaven made to Holy Cross Church. 26, 1938 in Vicksburg, Missis- ber of Church of the Nativity and cream from the rail road patients
Terry was born Oct. 12, 1925, in sippi, Don was the only child of brother Samuel Shaffer and wife
by his wife, Pearl; daughters, active member of the church on the next wing over. Dixie; step-daughters Edith
Rhonda Knowles and Linda Kansas City, KS, to John and William and Alice Roth. Don Men’s group. He was active in With a winning smile, a ‘46
Mary Dora. She graduated from obtained a BA in Political Sci- Harper, Janie Ogdon, Lyndia
O’Neal, son, Dale O’Neal; great- Marriage Encounter. Ford Convertible and a great Carson, plus numerous step-
grandchild, Keith Green; his par- Bishop Ward High School and ence, and a MBA at Mississippi George loved the Boy Scouts sense of humor, Phil never
proceeded to begin a life of ad- State University, Don then grandchildren, nieces and neph-
ents; brothers, Robert and Fred of America and was Scoutmaster missed a beat with the girls. But ews.
O’Neal, and sisters, Evelyn Mat- venture. She became an air traf- earned a JD from the University of Troop 118 of St. Peter’s Catho- it was the carhop from Allen’s Memorial service Wed, May 3,
thews, Velda Pruitt, and Geneva fic controller and spent most of of Mississippi. lic Church Kansas City, MO, and Drive In, Patricia Peed who 2017 at 5p.m. at Charter Funer-
Thompson. Ben is survived by her career in the Dakota’s and Don is survived by Kathleen Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop captured his heart. He said, “She als, 5000 Blue Ridge Cutoff,
his daughters, Pamela Green, Honolulu. She spent a great deal Lucas Roth, his wife of 47 years; 396 Church of the Nativity. was different. She had drive. I KCMO. Inurnment at North Evans
Terry Singleton, Diane Sylvan, of time on Waikiki Beach and his son Matthew and Matt’s wife George was an outdoorsman liked that about her.” Phil mar- Cemetery, Spickard, MO. Me-
Lisa Frank, and Jennifer Henson; loved Hawaiian music. In her Terri Hilton; his daughter Megan; with a passion for hunting, fish- ried his best carhop in 1955. morials suggested to a local
17 grandchildren, 24 great- later years she and her sister, and three generations of nieces, ing, gardening, and shared his In 1963, he bought Carter and Veterans organization near you.
grandchildren with another on Gertrude, performed Hawaiian nephews and cousins. In his last expertise with his many family
year and half, Don was able to Sedlock Texaco from his father
the way, two great-great- entertainment for many elderly and friends. He had a great tal- George and Jim Carter. He
grandchildren, and many nieces retirement facilities through the meet and hold his only grand- ent for mechanical tinkering. The
child, Madelyn Marie Roth. bought his first tow truck in
and nephews. Our Daddy, Jo. Co. Recreation Center. Royals, Chiefs and Jayhawks lost 1969. In 1970, he started Phil
Grandpa, and PaPaPa will be Terry’s free spirit will be missed. A Memorial Mass will be held a dedicated fan. He will be
on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 11 am Sedlock Tow. Working with his
truly missed. She was preceded in death by dearly missed. son, Tim and grandson, Ryan he
her parents; her husband, John; at St. Ann Catholic Church, 7231 In lieu of flowers, the family
Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS built Phil Sedlock Auto Care and DANNY S. SLOAN
her four sisters, Agnes D. Lipp, requests contributions to the Sedlock Tow Service into a suc-
66208. Visitation will take place Danny S. Sloan, 63, of Kansas
Gertrude Dora, Mary D. Allen, Carmelite Monastery, 9150 cessful four generation family
prior to the service from 10 am City, MO, passed away April 24,
and Jean Blaha; and two broth- Clayton Rd. St. Louis, MO 63124. business. He retired in 2008 to
to 11 am. In lieu of flowers, 2017. A memorial service will be
ers, Charles and John Dora. She Condolences may be left at spend more time with family.
please make donations in Don’s held at 10 a.m. Sat., May 6, at
is survived by nephew, David He was preceded in death by
memory to support Frontotem- White Chapel Funeral Home
MARSHA LEE OUTLER Lipp; niece, Barbara Troughton his parent’s, George and Julia
poral Degeneration research at with family receiving visitors
Kansas City resident, Marsha and her husband, Don; and great Sedlock; sisters, Delores Holt
the KU Alzheimer’s Disease one hour prior.
Lee Outler, passed away March niece, Heather Lipp. and Barb Shamet; his loving
18, 2017, attended by her son. A Center. Online donations may be
made at: wife, Pat and their babies,
private Celebration of Life will Denise, Danny, Julia, Scott and
be held at her mother’s home in
For a full tribute, please see Michael.
California. He leaves behind his children,
Arr: Signature Funerals 816- Cherise Marie Sedlock, Tim
BETTIE M. RAY 214-5174 Sedlock (Marissa), Patti Green MARSHA D. SMITH
Bettie M. Ray born Oct. 5, 1933 (Doug), Charlie Sedlock (Leda); Marsha D. Smith, 71, died April
Carolyn Sue Pogemiller, 79, of
passed April 22, 2017. Celebra- sister, Rosemary Sayre, many 26, 2017. Visitation 1PM, Service
Kansas City, MO, died April 27,
tion of Life 12-3 p.m. June 4, at nieces and nephews, and grand- 2PM, Tuesday, May 2 at Park
2017. Services are to be held
Cedar Valley in Jane, MO. Sur- children, Arlo (Blair), Lance Lawn, 8251 Hillcrest Rd.; burial
privately. Burial at Floral Hills
vived by Shanett Rhow, Richard (Bethany), Ryan, Kaleb (Grace), Memorial Park. Arr: Park Lawn
Memorial Gardens.
Ray, and Joy Biggs, 13 grand- Julia (Mitch), Timmy, Deanna 816-523-1234
Carolyn was born at home in QUEEN ESTHER SAUNDERS
children, 15 g grandchildren, and (Darren), Philip (Corey), Kira,
Howell County, MO, to Margaret Queen E. Saunders died Fri,
Blanche Carty Andrews and 1 gg grandson, 2 brothers, 2 Levi, Chas, Anelise, Shannon and SEE NEXT PAGE
April 21, 2017. Services at PHILIP G. “SONNY” Chad. Great grandchildren,
Theodore Andrews on Aug. 23, nieces, 2 nephews.
11:00am Monday, May 1, at LAJ SEDLOCK Emilyn, Rowan, Bailey, Hannah
1937. She grew up in Kansas & Sons Funeral Chapels 1800 E
City, Jackson County, MO, at- MARK C. RICHARDSON Philip G. “Sonny” Sedlock, 83, and Silas. Honorary grandchil-
Mark Curtis Richardson, 62, of Linwood Blvd KCMO 64109. died in the afternoon of April dren, Rachel (Dillon) and their
tending the Raytown Consoli- Visitation from 9a- 11am. Private
dated School District. Belton, MO passed away April 18th, just 33 days after his best children Bella and Scott.
26, 2017 at Trinity Health and Disposition. friend and bride of 61 years, Pat We would like to thank Sister
Carolyn married Raymond Le-
Roy Pogemiller on Aug. 20, Rehab Center, Merriam, KS. Sedlock passed away. In the Servants of Mary, Dr. Oxler, Dr.
MARTHA “JEAN” SCANLON end, Dad could not catch up John Peterson, Dr. Wade Wil-
1955. They were blessed with Cremation accorded. No serv- Martha “Jean” Scanlon, 88, of
two daughters and two grand- ices scheduled. Arr: Wallace Fu- with Mom fast enough. liams, Dr. David Dugan, the
Lee’s Summit, MO, died April 27, Phil loved life. All of it. People, Shawnee Mission Medical Team,
children. LeRoy, deceased Feb. neral Home 2017, at John Knox Village
6, 2012, and Carolyn were mar- places, cars, root beer floats, KC Hospice House and the Fo-
House. Martha “Jean” (Hall) dogs, sitting in the sun, a good rum for their kindness and care.
ried 56 1/2 years. A joint focus Scanlon was born Oct. 1, 1928, to
during the first 12 years of their joke, boats, the lake, getting up Please join us to celebrate Phil’s
Ralph and Winifred Hall of in the morning, working hard all life on Friday, May 12th. Visita-
marriage was LeRoy’s comple- Breckenridge, MO. She lived in
tion of his doctorate in music, day, Falstaff with salt, the les- tion at 10:00AM, Mass at
Breckenridge for most of her sons you could learn from a hard 11:00AM, followed by lunch at
prefacing 30 years in education life. She married the love of her
and administration at the UMKC time and most of all his family St. Patrick’s Church at 1086 N.
life, Francis “Biggy” Scanlon, on and huge circle of friends. 94th Street, Kansas City KS.
Conservatory of Music and June 27, 1947. She is survived by
Dance. Music was always an im- Some of his favorite times Contributions can be made to
her two sons, Jim (wife Lori) of were spent with his lifelong Sister Servants of Mary, 800 N
portant and integral part of their Columbia, Mo., Mark (wife Jane),
union. friends, his classmates from the 18th Street, Kansas City KS
niece Charlotte Tinsley (husband Wyandotte High School Class of 66102.
For 20 years, Carolyn worked Kevin) both of Lee’s Summit,
for the Metropolitan YWCA ‘52, running Central Avenue and Please visit:
JOHN T. ROHDE, JR. seven grandchildren and five Strawberry Hill with “the gang,” to
serving as Associate Executive great grandchildren. Additional
Director and was chief financial driving his Auntie Anna Dora to express your condolences and
surviving family members in- New Orleans and New Mexico memories.
administrator. During that time cludes two brothers, Ralph Hall
she earned her Bachelor’s de- when he was 16. He treasured
John Thomas Rohde, Jr., 88, of (wife Nigel), Bill Hall (wife Jaci)
gree at UMKC in elementary sci- and several nieces and nephews.
ence education. She then taught Canon City, CO, died at home
April 13, 2017. He was born A Mass of Christian Burial will be
in the Kansas City Missouri held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, May
School District. Retirement en- March 1, 1929, in Kansas City,
MO, to John T. and Alice C. Ro- 2, at Our Lady of the Presenta-
sued due to health issues. tion Catholic Church in Lee’s
Carolyn is survived by daugh- hde.
John grew up in the Kansas Summit. Visitation will be from
ter, Margaret Coffey Berardo 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. prior to the
and husband Dr. Marcellino Ber- City area and attended KU and
William Jewell College, before Mass. Burial at 2 p.m. at Rose
ardo; daughter, Teresa Po- Hill Cemetery, Breckenridge. In
gemiller Farley and husband graduating with a degree in
Business Administration from lieu of flowers contributions may
James Farley; granddaughter, be made to Our Lady of the
Dr. Alison Farley Raffle and hus- Western State College of Colo-
rado. He served in the Navy Presentation Catholic Church,
band Rocky Raffle; grandson, Lee’s Summit, or St. Michael the
Adam Farley; sister, Elizabeth during the Korean war. His lov-
ing wife of 63 years, Jocelyn Arch Angel High School Lee’s
Ann McCoy and husband Dr. Summit.
Layton McCoy; sister, Barbara Rohde, died in 2014. He is sur-
vived by their three children, Arr.: Fry-Bross & Spidle Fu-
Cressman and husband Richard neral Home, Kearney, MO (816)
Cressman, Jr. Two brothers, Nancy Alice Hamersky of Den-
ver, Hans (John T. III) Rohde of 628-4411.
Robert Joseph Andrews and Dr.
John Ernest Andrews and one Colorado Springs, and Ruth Ro-
sister, Margaret Louise Andrews hde Lively of New Haven, CT, six
predeceased her. grandchildren and eight great-
In lieu of flowers, Carolyn grandchildren. John was a near
would have been pleased that life-long member of the Episco-
contributions be sent with a note pal Church, and active in par-
designating the LeRoy Po- ishes in Missouri, California, Kan-
gemiller Scholarship Fund to sas, Arizona, Colorado and
UMKC Foundation, Room 229 Alaska. He served as a Deputy
Administrative Center, 5100 to the Episcopal Church General
Rockhill Rd., KCMO 64110. Convention from 1982 to 1994.
Fond memories and condo- Following his Navy service,
lences may be left at John was employed by B-D-R GEORGE F. SCHOPPER, Engineering Corp., in Kansas D.D.S.
Arr.: Newcomer’s Floral Hills, City, first as office manager,
7000 Blue Ridge Blvd., KCMO then in sales, and eventually as
64133, (816) 353-1218. president. In 1970 John and
Jocelyn moved the family to George F. Schopper, D.D.S.,
Colorado where they owned a 93, Leawood, KS, passed away
resort near Crested Butte and Tuesday, April 25, 2017. The
later an art gallery and a quarter Mass of Christian Burial will be at
horse ranch in Gunnison. John 10:45 a.m. Monday, May 1, at
was a member of Rotary, and Church of the Nativity Catholic
ROBERT E POTERBIN served as president of the Ex-
Robert “Bob” Edward Poter- Church. Visitation from 4-7 p.m.,
change Club of Kansas City. He Rosary at 4 p.m. Sunday, April
bin, 53, of Roeland Park, KS died was also a square dance caller
Apr. 26, 2017. Funeral Mass 30, at McGilley State Line Chapel
and teacher. John enjoyed with visitation following.
10am, Tues., May 2nd at St. Ag-
reading and traveling. George was born in Eudora,
nes Parish, Roeland Park, KS.
John and Jocelyn came out of KS, on Oct. 15, 1923, to John and
Contributions to The Salvation
semi-retirement in 1987 to enter Helen Schopper. George was a
the mission field of the Episco- Navy veteran of WWII. He at-
pal Church as Executive Direc- tended Benedictine College, and
tors of El Hogar Ministries in Te- graduated St. Louis University
gucigalpa, Honduras, a group of Dental School in 1951. He mar-
three homes and schools for ried his beautiful wife Jean Ann
abandoned and desperately in 1951 and was married for 66
DORIS E POWELL poor children. They served in years.
Doris E Powell died Mon, April that capacity, living in Central He was preceded in death by
24, 2017. Services Fri, May 5, America, for nine years until re- his parents, brothers, Edward
11am, Macedonia Baptist Church tirement in 1996. and Carrol, sister, Sr. Dolorosa,
1700 E. Linwood Blvd KCMO A memorial service will be and son-in-law, Frank Thiesen,
64109. Visitation from 9-11am. held May 13 at Christ Episcopal great grandson, Derek Risner.
Interment: Blue Ridge Lawn. Church, Canon City. He is survived by wife, Jean
LAJ & Sons ( 816) 921 -1800 In lieu of flowers, the family Ann of Leawood; son, Steve
suggests contributions to El (Sharon Stinson) of Colorado
Obituaries SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

CONTINUED FROM dren, Noah, Aiden and Marli many other scouts to help them Foundation. The foundation is survived by nieces, friends and
PREVIOUS PAGE Schopper. progress through the scouting being established to provide other relatives.
Service will be at 2 p.m. Tues- ranks. He encouraged all of his nursing scholarships in honour of Virginia was instrumental in
day, May 2, at St. John’s United children and grandchildren to Ellsworth’s mother, Wahneta the formation of the Arts in
Methodist Church, 6900 Ward work to be the best in whatever Titus, and to help support vari- School Program. She was a
Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64113. endeavors they chose to do and ous conservation organizations member of the Independence
Burial will be 2 p.m. Wednesday, to try different activities until including the Sierra Club, Nature Pioneers Chapter of DAR, the
May 3, at Fairview Cemetery, they found things they enjoyed Conservancy and Ducks Unlim- Antique Study Club, Society of
2602 Woodland Ave., Coffey- and could be involved with for ited. Fellows Nelson Art Gallery,
ville, KS 67337. life. Condolences can be sent in China Painters International, St.
In lieu of flowers, donations Ellsworth enjoyed the out- care of Marian Mills, 23506 S. Joseph Historical Society, and
are suggested to Remote Area doors. He was an avid bird Gardner Road, Spring Hill, KS American Legion Auxiliary No.
Medical, Inc., a non profit agency hunter well into his 70’s and 66083. 11. She attended church regu-
that, through donations, pro- when he could no longer go larly, played in weekly bridge
vides free medical clinics hunting he took up shooting BONNIE J. WALDON games, and also attended addi-
MARY MAGANA throughout Appalachia as well Bonnie Jane Waldon, 76, Kan- tional DAR meetings.
sporting clays to maintain his
STUTEVILLE as other areas in need through- sas City, Mo, died Thur, April 27, She stayed active to the end,
connection with shooting sports
On April 27, 2017, heaven was out America and beyond. Mail- 2017. Visitation Tues, May 2, wanting to visit with friends, go
and activities. He worked hard
blessed with another angel ing address is 22 Stock Creek 10AM til time of service at 11:00 out to eat and attend parties and THOMAS LYNN WRIGHT
to constantly improve his tech-
when Mary (Magana) Stuteville, Blvd., Rockford, TN 37853. Or if AM at Terrace Park Funeral church events.
nique and thought process when
91, Stilwell, KS, passed with her one chooses, a community food Home; 801 NW 108th St. (169 Memorial service will be at 2
shooting sporting clays. He be-
family by her side. bank of their choice. Hwy & Shoal Creek) KC, MO. p.m. Saturday, May 6, at St.
lieved in conservation and pro-
A rosary will be prayed at 4:45 John’s UMC, 6900 Ward Pkwy, Thomas Lynn Wright, 76, Blue
To leave a message for the tecting the environment. To
p.m. and visitation will follow Kansas City, MO 64113. Online Springs, MO, passed away April
family, please visit our website, those ends, he supported the
from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday, May 1, guest book and obituary at 23, 2017. A memorial service will Nature Conservancy, Duck’s Un-
at the Stilwell United Methodist be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, May
Church, Stilwell. Funeral services limited, the Sierra Club and
MARTIN ELLSWORTH TITUS other organizations with similar 6, at Amos Family Funeral Home
will be 10 a.m. Tuesday, May 2, in Shawnee, KS. Tom is survived
at the church. Burial to follow in objectives.
He enjoyed working with his MARCINE WATKINS by his daughter, Stacey Lynn
Aubry Cemetery. Marcine Watkins, 84, KCMO (Todd) Parker of Lenexa, KS,
In lieu of flowers the family hands and was always involved
in one or more remodeling or passed Apr. 27, 2017. Memorial grandchildren, Brady, Adam and
suggests contributions to the Martin Ellsworth Titus was born Hannah and his beloved sister,
in Topeka, KS, on May 29, 1925. building projects around the will be held at Kingdom Hall of
Kansas City Hospice House. Jehovah’s Witnesses, 13120 Lo- BILLY G. WILLIAMS Sharon Wright Beisser of Venice,
To read full obituary, please A child of the Great Depression, house. He was always seeking to
cust, KCMO 64145 Fri, May 5, Billy G Williams Jr. 56 Passed FL. Tom was an Army veteran
visit Ellsworth’s first job was working learn how to do things involved
2017 at 5pm. ARR: Highland 4/27/17 Survived by Wife whom loved fishing and took
Arr.: Dengel & Son Mortuary, on a relative’s farm in Hays, KS, in maintaining and improving his
Park Funeral Home, KCK Candy, Son Jacob and Parents great pride in his annual vege-
Louisburg, KS (913) 837-4310. using a horse and wagon when home. He enjoyed taking care of
Bill & Cecilia Visitation 5/2 6-8 table garden. He maintained a
he was 12 years old. From these his yard and planting various
pm Service 5/3 10am 1st Chris- very close network of dear
WILLIAM LOUIS SUTTON II humble and modest beginnings, flowers every year. He worked
tian Church Blue Springs. Arr. friends, some as long as 60
Bill Sutton, 54, Greeley, CO, Ellsworth went on to serve with to be a good neighbor and
Floral Hills FH 816-353-1218 years, that he shared many
passed away April 22, 2017. the Marines in World War II, earn friend to the fellow residents of
laughs and fond memories. On-
Visitation 6-8pm Fri., May 5, a degree from the University of Romany Road for the 35 years
MELBA JOYCE WILLIFORD line condolences may be left at
service 11am Sat., May 6, Mt. Pennsylvania’s Wharton School he and his wife Betty lived there.
Melba Joyce Williford Age
Moriah, Newcomer & Freeman, of Business, serve with distinc- Ellsworth was intellectually curi-
94 passed on April 25, 2017
10507 Holmes. Burial Mt. Moriah. tion as a Special Agent with the ous and physically active until
Visitation at 1pm Service at 2PM
Federal Bureau of Investigation the very last year of his life. His
at Floral Hills on May 2, 2017
DONALD DEAN TABOR SR. at the height of the Cold War “assignments” included taking
Arr. by Floral Hills Funeral Home
Donald Dean Tabor, Sr., 81, of and then work for Hallmark swimming lessons and learning
7000 Blue Ridge Blvd. KCMO
Overland Park, KS, passed away Cards for over 35 years. to play the piano in his late 80s
Tuesday April 25, 2017, with his During his time at Hallmark he and learning the basics of fly VIRGINIA L. WHITMORE CHARLOTTE ZACHMAN
wife and children at his bedside. worked in various leadership fishing at the age of 90. He en- 1930 - 2017 ROBERT G. WOMACK Charlotte Zachman, 85, Prairie
Don was born July 19, 1935, in roles in the Personnel Depart- joyed reading newspapers, Virginia L. (Ginny) Whitmore Village, passed away April 24,
Coffeyville, KS, to Kenneth Otto ment including college recruit- magazines and books and often (nee Smith), Kansas City, MO, 2017. Visitation 10-11am, service
Tabor and Lyda Evaline (Leeper) ing and equal employment op- was reading two or three books was born Sept. 7, 1930, in St. Jo- 11am Saturday, May 6, Country
Tabor. He was predeceased by portunity. While at Hallmark and at one time. He became a stu- seph and went home to be with Club Christian Church, 6101
after his retirement, Ellsworth dent of the financial markets and Robert Garrett (Bob) Womack,
his younger brother, Kenneth Jesus Friday, April 21, 2017. She Ward Pkwy. Private burial. (Full
was an active participant in the read the Wall Street Journal 55, of Kansas City, MO, passed
Dewayne Tabor. was surrounded by her loving obit to follow).
community including being a every day. His tastes and inter- away April 16, 2017.Bob served
Moving to the Kansas City area daughters, Cathy Dunning, and
founding member of the Kansas ests included biographies, his- his country in the US Air Force,
in 1957 to work in the Commer- Deanna Kinder, and grand-
City Royals Lancers and working tory and historical novels, the the Raytown, MO Police De-
cial Construction industry, Don daughter, Jessica Maxwell as she
with the United Way of Kansas outdoors and conservation. partment, and at the time of his
retired in 2000 as the Executive passed from this life to the next.
City. Ellsworth Titus passed away death worked for a private se-
Vice President of Hoffman - She was preceded in death by
After his retirement from on April 10, 2017. He is survived curity firm. He was preceded in
Cortes’ Contracting Company, her beloved husband, Albert,
Hallmark, Ellsworth started by his five children, Martin E. death by his parents James and
where he was proud to be asso- who passed on Feb. 1, 2003, at
looking for what he called “. .his Titus, Jr. of South Rauceby, Betty Womack. Bob was pas-
ciated with the Cortes’ family for their home. They were married
next assignment.” He and his England, Marian L. Mills of sionate about photography, and
27 years. Don was a Life Mem- Oct. 2, 1949. She was also pre-
wife Betty became avid travel- Overland Park, KS, Paul M. Titus his friends agreed he was very
ber of the Kansas City Engineers ceded in death by her parents,
ers, both domestically and inter- of Prairie Village, KS, David M. good at it. He was an avid
Club. He was a Methodist. Clifford and Evelyn Smith, and
nationally. He prepared meticu- Titus of Houston, TX, and Rich- reader, a fan of bizarre movies
Don’s greatest joys in life were her sister, Patricia.
lously for these trips so that he ard B. Titus of Atlanta, GA; his and had an eclectic taste in mu-
his family, and the happy times She is survived by daughters,
three step-sons, W. Dirk Vande- sic. Bob is survived by his sister
spent with them. He is survived experienced and understood all Cathy (Alan) Dunning and
ver of Kansas City, MO, Robert S. and brother-in-law, Patty and
by his wife of 62 years, Kathryn the places they were visiting Deanna Kinder, St. Joseph;
Vandever of San Antonio, TX, Mike Hughes; and his longtime
(Taylor) Tabor, daughter, Linda and the cultures they would en- grandsons, Eric (Marianne) Falk
and Richard D. Vandever of Kan- companion Alice the boxer.
Tabor-Schopper and husband counter along the way. (Madison), Jeffrey (Leslie) Falk
sas City, MO, his grandchildren, Visitation will be 10:00 a.m.
Michael of Overland Park, KS, Ellsworth was very active with (Blake, Adalynn), Fayetteville,
followed by Memorial service
daughter, Donna Tabor of Jupi- the Boy Scouts of America. He Mic, Matt, Mary Margaret, Katie, AR, Christopher (Hannah) Falk
Tuesday May 2, at 11a.m. in the
ter, FL, and son, Donald Tabor II was a leader in Troop 91 and John, Tristan, Brayden, Bart, (Parker, Kinsley), Kansas City,
Atrium of First Baptist Raytown,
of Excelsior Springs, MO. Also went on many scouting trips Brooke, Erin, Sam, and Max and MO, Joel Kinder, St. Joseph; and
10500 E. 350 Hwy, Raytown, MO
surviving are his grandchildren, with his sons including Philmont two great grandchildren. granddaughter, Jessica A.
Zachary, Sarah, and Emily and Northern Tier. He helped A private memorial service will (Michael) Maxwell (Wyatt, Al-
Schopper, and Alexander two of his sons attain the rank of be held. The family requests do- issa) with whom she made her
Butcher, and great grandchil- Eagle Scout and worked with nations to the M. Ellsworth Titus home in Kansas City. She is also



Plugging holes
The Chiefs fill several needs with their final three selections


Miriam Burns is thought to have

earned Kansas City’s first national
championship when she won the
women’s golf title 90 years ago.

The magic
and mystery
of a local
golf icon
On the 100th anniversary of
Milburn Country Club, the
legend of Miriam Burns Horn
has new life as both the
centerpiece of the club’s dining
room and a colorful chapter in a
book celebrating the
centennial, “The Phoenix Rises.”


Fourth round Michigan wide receiver Jehu Chesson was the MVP of the Citrus Bowl after the 2015 season. He had five receptions for 118
yards in a victory over Florida.

Venture toward the dining

room at Milburn Country Club
in Overland Park, glance to the
right among the wine lockers
and you’ll be mesmerized by the
1927 Strauss Peyton portrait that
casts the aura of a Hollywood
“Her personality and demea-
nor and psyche,” Milburn gener-
al manager Tim Mervosh said,
“you can see it in her eyes.”
Stare at the image, and it
seems to engage you, too.
It beckons you back in time to
the magic and the mystique that
was Miriam Burns, who 90
years ago is believed to have
earned Kansas City’s first na-
tional championship when she
MIKE KITTRELL AP WALLY SKALIJ TNS won the women’s golf title in
Fifth round Georgia Southern’s Ukeme Eligwe Sixth round USC defensive back Leon McQuay (left) was chosen for honorable Garden City, N.Y.
(right) had been dismissed from Florida State. mention All-Pac-12 last season after making 50 tackles and two interceptions. This was national news, in-
cluding in The New York Times,
which wrote that the champion-
COMMENTARY with just four percent body fat, ship cup “for the next year …
and somehow this entire sen- will repose in the trophy room of
Chiefs’ draft class logical, full of potential tence is true.
They needed a running back,
the Milburn Country Club” —
where she had learned the game
so they traded up for Kareem and become a member.
One of the weirdest feelings in the Chiefs are giving away that Hunt, who finished third in rush- Sportswriter O.B. Keeler,
sports is when the team you feeling to many of us for free. ing yards per game and scored best-known as the chronicler of
follow does exactly what you The guy they liked wasn’t five touchdowns in his bowl legendary golfer Bobby Jones,
want them to do. For years now, going to be available with their game. called Burns the “IT” girl of
you’ve been able to purchase first pick, so they traded up to women’s golf.
that feeling through a video get him — and he’s a SEE MELLINGER, 8B “She deserves great credit for
game for $49.99. EA Sports has quarterback. the honor she has bestowed on
generated billions and billions by They needed depth and pres- this city by her triumph,” wrote
hooking millions of us on the ence along the defensive line, so Edward W. Cochrane, The Kan-
BY SAM MELLINGER power. they drafted Tanoh Kpassagnon, Terez Paylor grades how each NFL team sas City Post sports columnist, But here, for one NFL draft, a man who weighs 289 pounds fared in this year’s draft, Pages 4-5B


Former Wildcats Shea Groom won’t play in Benny Feilhaber and SKC
linebacker Elijah Lee, who a road game against Sky extend home unbeaten
left college a year early, is Blue FC at 5 p.m. Sunday streak to a club-record 13
drafted by Minnesota in because of a rib injury matches, beating Real Salt
the seventh round. 8B suffered last week. 14B Lake 3-0. 14B
Sports SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017


Sunday’s TV | radio sport popularitywise. It
COLLEGE BASEBALL could be good. It could be
Auburn at Mississippi St., noon, SEC bad. Who knows?”
Abilene Christian at Kansas State, 1 p.m., FCSA Several Earnhardt fans
Texas at Oklahoma St., 1 p.m., FCSC said they have no plans to
Michigan St. at Northwestern, 2 p.m., BTN turn away from the sport.
TCU at Texas Tech, 2 p.m., ESPN2
Tulane at East Carolina, 2:30 p.m., CBSSN
“I doubt that seriously,”
Tennessee at Vanderbilt, 3 p.m., SEC said Kimmel, who will
COLLEGE LACROSSE travel to see six races this
ACC men’s championship, 11 a.m., ESPNU year. “You know how
Patriot League men’s championship, noon, CBSSN hardcore NASCAR you are
COLLEGE SOFTBALL when three-quarters of
Florida at Tennessee, noon, ESPN2 your wardrobe has some-
Washington at California, 3 p.m., PAC-12 thing NASCAR on it.”
Cal St. Fullerton at Long Beach St., 5 p.m., ESPNU Jesse McCartney, 27, of
Oregon St. at Oregon, 5 p.m., PAC-12
Alabama at Mississippi, 6 p.m., SEC Virginia Beach is another
Arizona St. at Arizona, 7 p.m., PAC-12 fan who adopted the
COLLEGE TENNIS younger Earnhardt when
Big Ten men’s championship, 10 a.m., BTN his father died. He’s lean-
Big Ten women’s championship, noon, BTN ing toward becoming a
Big 12 women’s championship, 4 p.m., FSKC+, FCSP Joey Logano fan because
GOLF “he’s brash, he’s young
European PGA Tour, Volvo China Open, final round, 5 a.m., and I like his racing style.”
GOLF (same-day tape)
PGA Tour, Zurich Classic of New Orleans, final round, noon,
STEVE HELBER The Associated Press In any event, he’s no
GOLF; 2 p.m., CBS 5, 13 Kyle Larson claimed victory Saturday in the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Richmond threat to walk away from
LPGA Tour, Volunteers of America Texas Shootout, final International Raceway in Virginia. the sport.
round, 2 p.m., GOLF “Just got to move on,”
MLB he said, “like I did when

Earnhardt fans
Baltimore at N.Y. Yankees, noon, MLB his dad died.”
Minnesota at Royals, 1 p.m., FSKC, KCSP (610 AM)
Chicago Cubs at Boston, 7 p.m., ESPN, WHB (810 AM)

shifting allegiances
Formula One, Russian Grand Prix, 6:30 a.m., NBCSN
Red Bull Global RallyCross, at Memphis, Tenn., noon, NBC 27, Kyle Larson took the
41 lead on pit stops with only
Monster Energy Cup Series, Toyota Owners 400, 1 p.m., FOX a handful of laps to go
4, KCTE (99.3 FM, 1510 AM) when race leader Ty Dil-
NHRA, Four-Wide Nationals, finals, 4:30 p.m., FS1 (same-day
lon jumped a restart and
NBA PLAYOFFS team behind him and gets will stop worrying about won his second the NAS-
From wire reports the right people, he can do the sport when they see CAR Xfinity race of the
Eastern Conference second round, game 1, Washington at
Boston, noon, ABC 2, 9 it.” there is plenty of young year Saturday at Rich-
Western Conference first round, game 7, Utah at LA Clippers, For 14 years, NASCAR’s Dale Jr.’s nephew will talent to appreciate. mond after barely beating
2:30 p.m., ABC 2, 9 largest fan base belonged be in Sunday’s Monster The key, he thinks, will a caution flag to the over-
RUGBY to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Energy NASCAR Cup be “definitely getting the time line.
Bath vs. Gloucester, 1:30 p.m., NBCSN Now the namesake son race, too, but he will start younger drivers to get Justin Allgaier finished
SOCCER of racing icon and seven- 35th. connected with the fans. second after leading 157 of
English Premier League (EPL), Swansea City at Manchester time Cup champion Dale For Kimmel and Jen- It’s really what the old the 254 laps and won a
United, 6 a.m., CNBC Earnhardt has announced kins, it’s all about history. school guys were about $100,000 bonus in the
EPL, Chelsea at Everton, 8:05 a.m., CNBC
German Bundesliga, Augsburg vs. Hamburg, 8:30 a.m., FS1 he’s retiring at the end of The younger Elliott is the was connecting with the Dash for Cash, and pole-
Bundesliga, Hoffenheim vs. Eintracht Frankfurt, 10:30 a.m., the season. That’s left his son of 1988 series cham- fans and I think it’s start- sitter Daniel Hemric was
FS2 fans — many having pion Bill Elliott, who drove ing to happen.” third.
EPL, Arsenal at Tottenham, 10:30 a.m., NBCSN adopted him as their fa- in 828 races over 37 sea- Those young drivers Larson was running
MLS, D.C. United at Atlanta United, 2 p.m., FS1
FIFA Beach World Cup, Paraguay vs. Portugal, 4 p.m., FS2
vorite driver when his sons and three times fin- and other 20-somethings near the lead when the
STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS father died in a crash at ished second in the season are certainly making a race went back to green
Western Conference second round, game 3, St. Louis at Nash-
the end of the 2001 Day- standings. mark early this season. with about five laps to go.
ville, 2 p.m., NBC 27, 41, KCWJ (1030 AM) tona 500 — wondering Kimmel switched his When the green flag Dillon was the leader and
Western Conference second round, game 3, Anaheim at Ed- where to place their alle- allegiance to Dale Jr. when flies Sunday, 24-year-old took off too early when
monton, 6 p.m., NBCSN giance next season. he father died. Larson will start just 18th the green flag flew, setting
At Richmond Interna- “I’ve been a Dale Earn- and Elliott, who is second up a battle between Lar-
Monday’s TV | radio tional Raceway — part of hardt fan all my life, since in points, will start 14th. son and Allgaier for the
MLB NASCAR’s top series al- I was a little kid, so I But Ryan Blaney, 23, will victory in a two-lap dash
Baltimore at Boston, 6 p.m., MLB most since moonshine stayed with the family,” be on the front row for the to the finish.
Chicago White Sox at Royals, 7 p.m., FSKC, KCSP (610 AM) running spawned the rac- he said. third time this season Allgaier started on the
San Francisco at LA Dodgers, 9 p.m., MLB
ing series — many Earn- That’s also how Rob alongside pole-sitter Matt outside and stayed side-
NBA PLAYOFFS hardt fans are letting their Frantz of Emmittsburg, Kenseth. Ricky Stenhouse by-side with Larson into
Eastern Conference second round, game 1, Toronto at Cleve-
land, 6 p.m., TNT
reverence for the sport’s Tenn., wound up a Dale Jr. Jr., 29, will start fourth the first turn. But Larson
Western Conference second round, game 1, Houston at San history be their guide. fan. with Joey Logano, 26, slowly put a few car
Antonio, 8:30 p.m., TNT “Chase Elliott,” said “He inherited me after sixth. lengths between them
SOCCER Fred Kimmel, 69, who about a year of contem- Larson believes there before an accident behind
EPL, Liverpool at Watford, 2 p.m., NBCSN made the 9 1⁄2-hour trip plating what to do,” are plenty of talented them brought out a cau-
FIFA Beach World Cup, Italy vs. Mexico, 2:25 p.m., FS1 from Boaz, Ala. to be at Frantz said, speaking of options for fans. He just tion flag.
STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS the Virginia track this Dale Sr.’s death. hopes that’s the route they
Eastern Conference second round, game 3, Washington at weekend. “He’s a real Now, he said he'll swap take. There is a steadily VETTEL TAKES POLE
Pittsburgh, 6:30 p.m., NBCSN good rookie and he’s his Dale Jr. drink cozy for dwindling audience of Sebastian Vettel storm-
learning. In a couple years one that supports young fans willing to shell out ed to pole position for the
he’s going to be pretty hot shot Kyle Larson. The money to see races in Russian Grand Prix in
good at it.” somewhat cocky Chip person or even watch Sochi on Saturday, ending
Dale Jenkins of Suffolk, Ganassi Racing driver in them on TV. a run of 18 poles for Mer-
FIVE-GAME PLANNER Va., picked Elliott, too, but his second season leads “Hopefully we all have a cedes.
with a caveat. the points race after eight lot of Junior’s fans kind of Vettel, the Formula One
ROYALS FC KANSAS CITY “I’m kind of hoping that events. dispersed to cheer for us leader, shaved 0.059
Sun. MINNESOTA, 1:15 Sun. at Sky Blue FC, 5 Jeffrey Earnhardt steps up “He’s a young talent and don’t just leave the seconds off his Ferrari
Mon. CHI. WHITE SOX, 7:15 May 7 ORLANDO, 5 really,” he said. “We were and I’m looking for some- sport totally,” Larson said. teammate Kimi Raik-
Tues. CHI. WHITE SOX, 7:15 May 13 PORTLAND, 3 talking to him earlier and body that’s going to be “It’s going to be interest- konen’s leading time and
Wed. CHI. WHITE SOX, 7:15 May 20 at Washington, 6 he said that’s a big shoe to good for us,” Frantz said, ing to see, with him retir- denied the Finn his first
Thurs. CHI. WHITE SOX, 1:15 May 27 WASHINGTON, 7 fill, but if he gets the right adding that he thinks fans ing, how it changes the pole for nine years.
Tickets: 1-800-676-9257 Tickets: 913-335-6146


Wed. N.Y. RED BULLS, 7:30 Fri. VANCOUVER, 7:30
May 7 at Minnesota, 12:30 May 13 at Rio Grande, 7:30
May 13 at Orlando City, 6 May 26 SAN ANTONIO, 7:30
May 17 SEATTLE, 7:30 June 3 at San Antonio, 7:30 THE BUZZ shot a 1-over 72 on anoth-
May 20 at Vancouver, 6 June 11 TULSA, 4 er windy day on the LPGA
Tickets: 1-888-452-4625 Tickets: 1-888-452-4625
All times are p.m. unless noted
Paul wills Clippers to game in the second over-
time after scoring twice
Tour in North Texas to
extend her lead through

Game 7 against Jazz late in regulation, lifting

the Ottawa Senators over
three rounds despite a late
double bogey in Irving.
the New York Rangers 6-5 Nomura was at 8-under
ances like this in big Saturday in Game 2 of the 205 — two strokes ahead
Star news services games.” Eastern Conference semi- of Cristie Kerr, two-time
Paul had 28 points, finals in Ottawa. The Sen- Texas winner Inbee Park
MU, K-State athletes win The opening round of
the NBA playoffs is down
eight assists, three re-
bounds and four turnovers
ators lead the series 2-0 as
the series heads to New
and 17-year-old amateur
Eun Jeong Seong.

gold at Drake Relays to the Utah Jazz and Los

Angeles Clippers, the only
playing 38 minutes in a
98-93 win late Friday
York for Game 3 on Tues-
day night.
A Lydia Ko was forced to
withdraw from the LPGA
series to be extended to night. tournament in Texas be-
800 meters Saturday with seven games. GOLF: BLIXT-SMITH cause of an eye infection
Star news services a time of 1:54.49. The Clippers can finish NFL: VIKINGS STADIUM WIDEN ZURICH LEAD and could lose the No. 1
Grunder posted a win- off the Jazz on Sunday and HAS ISSUES Swede Jonas Blixt and ranking she has held for
Missouri senior La- ning mark of 209 feet, 4 advance to the Western Minnesota Vikings sta- Australian Cameron Smith 79 straight weeks.
Quisha Jackson and Kan- inches in his final attempt Conference semifinals dium officials said they’re prolonged their bogey-free
sas State senior Brady in heat two of the men’s against Golden State, concerned about leaky run to three rounds in the BOXING: JOSHUA KOS
Grunder finished first in hammer throw. The Wild- which has been waiting walls and loose panels at new team format at the KLITSCHKO
their events Saturday at cats’ Shadae Lawrence since Wednesday to find the new $1.1 billion facil- Zurich Classic, deftly Anthony Joshua survived
the Drake Relays in Des won the women’s discus out its next opponent. ity. adjusting to gusting winds the first knockdown of his
Moines, Iowa. on Friday. Whoever wins won’t The Star Tribune reports and posting a 4-under 68 young career, coming back
Jackson won the wom- have any rest. The War- that stadium executives to widen their lead to four to drop Wladimir Klitschko
en’s 100 meters on Sat- TWO WINS FOR RACE riors host the series open- said that zinc panels cov- strokes in Avondale, La. twice in London before
urday in 11.65 seconds. WALKER er on Tuesday. ering the entire exterior of Alternating shots on stopping him in the 11th
She joined Drew White Alan Poisner of Over- Now in his 12th season, the building are being Saturday as teams did in round Saturday night to
and Reinhard Van Zyl as land Park won gold med- nine-time Clippers All-Star tested and that the panels’ the first round, the Blixt- retain his heavyweight
first-place finishers at the als in the 1500- and Chris Paul has yet to play durability are a health and Cameron partnership post- titles.
event. White won the 3000-meter walks in the in a conference finals. safety concern. U.S. Bank ed four birdies to improve Before a boisterous
men’s 10,000 meters on 80-84 division at the “He is as competitive of Stadium has been open to 19-under. They are the crowd of 90,000 at Wem-
Thursday and Van Zyl World Masters Games in a human being that I’ve only nine months. only team without a bogey. bley Stadium, Joshua and
finished first in the men’s Auckland, New Zealand. ever been around,” Clip- The Kevin Kisner-Scott Klitschko traded huge
javelin on Friday. Poisner finished first in pers coach Doc Rivers NHL: SENATORS SLIP Brown and Nick Watney- punches and showed grit
MU junior Cain Wine- the 1,500 on Tuesday in said. “When you put that PAST RANGERS IN 2OT Charley Hoffman teams before Joshua finally found
brenner, who went to Park 9:53, and won the 3,000 with the talent and will, A Jean-Gabriel Pageau were tied for second. a way to finish the longtime
Hill, finished fourth in the on Wednesday in 20:53. that’s why he has perform- got his fourth goal of the A Haru Nomura of Japan former champion.


been a starter there for the last
Chiefs, Dorsey took a big
swing to draft Mahomes
TEXAS TECH couple of years,” said Chiefs area
Pick: First round (No. 10) scout Pat Sperduto. “He’s made a
Measurables: 6 feet 2, 225 bunch of plays for them, has
pounds, 21 years old, 4.8-second lined up everywhere for them so
40-yard dash he’s smart, there’s not going to
Bio: Two-year starter who com- be any issues with the intelli-
pleted 388 of 591 passes (65.7 gence part of it” Played the ‘X’
percent) for 5,052 yards, 41 and ‘Z’ positions at Michigan. BY TEREZ A. PAYLOR
touchdowns and 10 interceptions “He’s a fluid route runner for
in 2016. Rushed 131 times for 285 sure; he has excellent hands. If
yards and 12 touchdowns. De- the ball’s in his catch radius, he’s
going to get it.” Good against At 10:49 Thursday eve-
clared after true junior season in
which he led the Red Raiders to a press “because he’s such a strong ning, John Dorsey walked
5-7 record. Son of ex-MLB pitch- kid.” Was more productive in to the front of the room
er Pat Mahomes, who played in 2015. Had a quarterback change with a sly smile on his
the big leagues for 11 years. in 2016 and the system changed face. For a notorious draft
Evaluation: Possesses a thick, some, but he also injured his
knee in a January 2016 bowl pick-hound who had just
strong frame but is an above- surrendered his 2018
average athlete who can slip game against Florida and NFL
oncoming defenders both in and Network says he didn’t look the first-round choice to move
out of the pocket. Occasionally same this past season. Doesn’t up 17 selections in the first
reverts to a sidearm delivery but miss games or practices. round of the 2017 NFL
generally pairs a quick motion ILB MARCUS ELIGWE, Draft, the enthusiasm in
with a loose, live arm. Gunslinger GEORGIA SOUTHERN the Chiefs’ general man-
who throws tight spirals and Pick: Fifth round (No. 183) ager’s demeanor was
consistently chucks it downfield Measurables: 6 feet 2, 239
and into tight spots. Has a nice
pounds, 23 years old, 4.58- The reason was simple.
combination of athleticism, second 40-yard dash
character and arm talent, though Bio: Given name is Ukeme but
He loved the man the
he will need some time to accli- prefers to go by Marcus. First- Chiefs just selected, Texas
mate to the pro game. Needs to year starter who had 104 tackles Tech quarterback Patrick
cut down on his questionable (9 1⁄2 for loss), 2 1⁄2 sacks and three Mahomes II. So much so
throws over the middle in gener- quarterback hurries in 11 games
al, and learn when to let a play
that Dorsey passed on CHELSEA PURGAHN Tyler Morning Telegraph via AP
in 2016. Also had one intercep- another QB he liked, Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, center, Randi Martin, left, and Leigh Steinberg celebrate
die. Needs to keep working on tion and three pass deflections.
his inconsistent mechanics and Was dismissed from Florida State
Clemson star Deshaun as Mahomes answers a phone call from the Chiefs. Mahomes was drafted 10th overall.
accuracy, the latter of which after the 2014 season for a Watson, who had just last
must improve significantly at all violation of team rules (failed season won a national
levels if he’s ever going to reach drug test). Tied for the team lead championship. the No. 10 spot. also been used to describe the Chiefs felt comfort-
his potential. with 10 kick-return stops in 2013. “Listen, Deshaun Wat- Dorsey felt comfortable Mahomes. Dorsey, when able reaching a consensus
Was a consensus top-10 prospect son is a great kid; he’s the with that compensation. asked what gives him on Mahomes, who they
VILLANOVA Evaluation: Was a 4-3 outside
senior who battled for the “I felt to get this player, confidence Mahomes can scouted heavily for the
Pick: Second round (No. 59) linebacker in 2016 but projects as title, who won the title,” I had to be at 10,” Dorsey reel in the reckless throws, better part of a year be-
Measurables: 6 feet 7, 289 an weakside inside linebacker Dorsey said. “Those are said. “I know there were wasn’t afraid to evoke a hind Southwest scout (and
pounds, 22 years old, 4.83- (Derrick Johnson’s position) with things that are very spe- three teams that wanted veiled comparison to former AFC Scout off the
second 40-yard dash the Chiefs and has outstanding
Bio: Two-year starter who had 45
cial. But at the end of the this player very badly.” Favre, though he didn’t Year) Willie Davis.
speed for the position. “That’s day, we had Mahomes Like the New Orleans dare to mention the name. “When you do a move
tackles (21 1⁄2 for loss), 11 sacks, the first thing you notice when
three hurries and one pass you watch his tape — kid can
rated above Watson.” Saints, who secretly cov- “I saw a guy who used to like this, you have to do it
deflection in 13 games in 2016. run,” said Chiefs area scout Ryne This is significant, con- eted a long-term answer at flip it into coverage too, with everybody,” Dorsey
Has blocked three kicks the last Nutt, who sees him as a potential sidering the Chiefs in- quarterback; and the Ari- sometimes,” Dorsey said. said. “All the way back
two years. three-down player. “Absolutely, terviewed all the top quar- zona Cardinals, whose “He made it into the Hall when we evaluated him in
Evaluation: Team captain. Out- when you put the tape on you
standing combination of size,
terback prospects exten- coach, Bruce Arians, was of Fame. I’m not compari- September, the consensus
see him covering tight ends sively. They brought them believed to also love Ma- ng him, but I’m just saying. was he has unbelievable
ridiculous length (35 5⁄8-inch down the seam, buzzing in the
arms), athleticism and produc- flat.” Is good at using his unique
to Kansas City and tested homes; and the Houston Those things happened.” talent and the skill-set to
tion. Imposing player who gob- length (33-inch arms) at slipping their ability to learn and Texans, who ended up Mahomes is the son of a be an unbelievable player
bles up ground quickly and has a linemen against the run. “Is he a retain plays, a significant trading up with Cleveland former major-league when you make an aggres-
real closing burst to the quarter- thumper? No, he’s not a thumper. concern considering none at No. 12 to draft Watson. pitcher who was drafted sive move like that.”
back. Lined up against the tackle But that’s not his skill set.” In-
and guard in college. Plays hard.
had experience with the It was a gamble Dorsey by the Detroit Tigers out But as much as he loves
stincts developed in his lone lengthy play-calls that are said was worth taking. of high school. Mahomes, Dorsey also
Has the look of an NFL starter as season as a starter but must
a 4-3 or 3-4 end who can reduce continue to make strides here. “If
a fundamental component “I can see this guy de- “He’s a football junkie reiterated what Reid said
inside in passing situations. Did you watch the beginning of the of Chiefs coach Andy veloping into a really good — he wants to do every- Thursday: that Alex Smith
not regularly face top-end tape ’til the end, you’ll see him Reid’s offense. football player, so why not thing right, he wants to is the starter in 2017.
competition. Needs to refine his progressing in terms of his Afterward, Dorsey had take a shot at it?” Dorsey please the coach,” Dorsey “He’s a true profession-
hand fighting, play stouter more instincts and how he sees the
consistently and improve his
the coaching staff rank the said. “This is a quarter- said. “That’s a big deal. al,” Dorsey said of Smith,
game. But by the end of the quarterbacks on their abil- back-driven league … what “He is competitive, he is who is 41-20 as the
instincts in multiple facets. season, he finds the football and
that’s the biggest barometer in
ity to learn and retain in- you’re doing is building smart. He gets out of sit- Chiefs’ starter the last four
RB KAREEM HUNT, TOLEDO terms of eyes.” Also needs to formation. for the future of the organ- uations with his feet and years. “He understands
Pick: Third round (No. 86) work on his pursuit angles. “He “And (Mahomes) was ization. And from a com- arm talent in a way I what it takes to accom-
Measurables: 5 feet 10, 216 runs and chases and can be a No. 1,” said Dorsey, who pensation standpoint, I haven’t seen in a long plish levels of excellence.”
pounds, 21 years old, 4.62- little out of control at times also ranked Mahomes don’t think that’s a lot. time.” That means Mahomes
second 40-yard dash tackling, so just breakdown on in
Bio: Three-year starter who
above North Carolina’s “I couldn’t be more It’s a combination of will compete for the No. 2
space (should be a focus). But
rushed 262 times for 1,475 yards with a lot of guys in college,
Mitchell Trubisky, the excited.” skills that would lead spot with Tyler Bray, a
(5.6 yards per carry) and 10 that’s an issue … this kid can be quarterback who ended up Dorsey’s philosophy had some to think Mahomes’ strong-armed quarterback
touchdowns in 13 games in 2016. overaggressive because he wants getting drafted second already been established 13-16 record as a starter at himself with a four-year
Also caught 41 passes for 403 to make the play.” The Chiefs overall by Chicago on and vetted long ago by his Texas Tech should have head start on the play-
yards and a touchdown. Zero explored his past and came away Thursday. mentor, former Green Bay been better. Dorsey dis- book. The group also in-
fumbles. satisfied with what they found,
Evaluation: Squat, nimble back
So about six days ago, Packers general manager misses that. cludes Joel Stave, who’s 6
adding his only issue was the
with live feet, legit upfield burst failed drug test. “He knows it’s
Dorsey started working on Ron Wolf. Wolf stunned “They were giving up 60 feet 5 and 236 pounds
and natural instincts. Has a something he’s got to address, five or six different trades, the NFL 25 years ago points a game — he had to with a strong arm and
powerful lower body and out- but he’s done it — he’s done a including one with Buffalo when he made a similar try to score 65 points a quick delivery.
standing contact balance; is whole year of it.” general manager Doug trade, sending a first- game,” Dorsey explained.
adept at squaring himself after a Whaley. They eventually round choice in 1992 for a Dorsey was exaggerat- Terez A. Paylor:
blow and continuing forward.
Has a low center of gravity and is S LEON MCQUAY, SOUTHERN came to an outline for a wild, reckless gunslinger ing but wasn’t that far off. 816-234-4489,
difficult to line up for a big blow. CALIFORNIA deal that would cost the with tremendous arm The Red Raiders surren- @TerezPaylor. Download
Runs hard and with some power Pick: Sixth round (No. 218) Chiefs two first-round talent named Brett Favre. dered 43 points per game, Red Zone Extra, The Star’s
in space; has an effective stiff Measurables: 6 feet 2, 185 choices and the No. 91 Interestingly enough, last out of 128 Division I Chiefs app.
arm and isn’t afraid to play the pounds, 22 years old, 4.45- overall choice this year for many of those words have FBS teams, another reason
leverage game one-on-one. second 40-yard dash (hand-
Creative runner who can make timed)
something out of nothing and Bio: Two-year starter who re-
make defenders look foolish in corded 50 tackles (four for loss),
the open field. Extremely reliable eight passes deflected, six pass
ball carrier who only fumbled breakups, three interceptions
once in his career. Has lots of and zero forced fumbles in 13
production as a pass receiver; games in 2016. Was a backup in
shows the ability to be elusive 2015 after starting nine games in
and make tough catches. Con- 2014. Did not run at his pro day
cerned some by checking in at a due to a hamstring tweak.
light 208 pounds during Senior Evaluation: Chiefs are looking at
Bowl weigh-in. Long-term dura- him as a corner/nickel. “Just
bility because of a general lack (because of) the movement skills,
of size will always be a concern. the hips, the athleticism, the
Ran a below-average 40; field speed, the length,” Chiefs area
speed is good but he can get scout Trey Koziol said. Was used
tracked down from behind as a safety at USC but played lots
toward the end of a long run. Is of coverage against the slot
not big enough to run through receiver. Production dropped as
people in close quarters without a junior before rising against as a
a head of steam. Technique in senior. “I know he got a little bit
pass protection needs work; dinged up toward the middle of
ducks his head into oncoming the season there. That’s a talent-
rushers too much and could ed defensive backfield. They’ve
stand to take advantage of his got a lot of good players there.”
natural leverage and be a touch But when coach Clancy Pen-
more physical. dergast (who left in 2014) came
back in 2016, McQuay found a
WR JEHU CHESSON, role again. “He does have ball
MICHIGAN skills; he’s got five career in-
Pick: Fourth round (No. 139) terceptions ... he can go up and
Measurables: 6 feet 3, 204 play the ball.” Koziol says
pounds, 23 years old, 4.47- McQuay has really good hips,
second 40-yard dash especially for a 6-1 guy, and has
Bio: Two-year starter who caught comfort in off-man and press.
35 passes for 500 yards (14.3 Koziol says McQuay is smart and
yards per catch) and two touch- plays the game with his eyes.
downs in 13 games in 2016. “He’s a tremendously bright kid;
Michigan’s team MVP in 2015 his ability to see things from a
after catching 50 passes for 764 safety role, conceptually, when
yards and nine touchdowns. Has you’re asking him to play zone
rushed 22 times for 219 yards and coverage is only going to help
three touchdowns in his career. him, experience-wise.” Needs to
Completed his master’s degree work on his footwork and tech-
from the Michigan School of nique to adequately make the
Business. change. “Especially transitioning
Evaluation: Was among his to corner, I think that’s some-
position’s top testers at the thing the coaches will be excited
combine in the three-cone drill to work on him with.”
(6.70 seconds). Has very long
arms (33 1⁄4 inches) and a terrific Terez A. Paylor: 816-234-4489,
catch radius. “High character, @TerezPaylor. Download Red
plays on (special) teams, has Zone Extra, The Star's Chiefs app.
NFL Draft SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

Grading the draft

The Star’s Terez Paylor delivers his report cards for all 32 teams

1. (13) Haason Reddick, lb, Temple
2. (36) Budda Baker, s, Washington
3. (98) Chad Williams, wr, Grambling State
4. (115) Dorian Johnson, g, Pittsburgh
5. (157) Will Holden, ot, Vanderbilt
5. (179) T.J. Logan, rb, North Carolina
6. (208) Rudy Ford, s, Auburn
Reddick and Baker are among
the top players at their posi-
tions, and Johnson is a promis-
ing guard who fits what coach
Bruce Arians wants on the
offensive line. Williams is im-
mensely gifted but has some
off-field issues and was regard-
ed by some as a fifth-round
choice or so.

1. (26) Takkarist McKinley, de, UCLA
3. (75) Duke Riley, lb, LSU
4. (136) Sean Harlow, g, Oregon State
5. (149) Damontae Kazee, cb, San Diego
5. (156) Brian Hill, rb, Wyoming
5. (174) Eric Saubert, te, Drake
McKinley is a good edge rusher
who fits the Falcons’ scheme,
but he could miss training camp
while he recovers from shoulder
surgery. Riley is smallish but he
tested well and could push
starter De’Vondre Campbell.
Kazee projects as a nice nickel
corner, while Hill has the size
and athleticism to handle a few
carries. Solid-but-unspectacular

1. (16) Marlon Humphrey, db, Alabama
2. (47) Tyus Bowser, lb, Houston
3. (74) Chris Wormley, de, Michigan
3. (78) Tim Williams, lb, Alabama
4. (122) Nico Siragusa, g, San Diego State
5. (159) Jermaine Eluemunor, g, Texas
6. (186) Chuck Clark, db, Virginia Tech
The Ravens are the kings of
getting value. Humphrey, Bows-
er, Wormley and Williams were
all talked about as players who RON SCHWANE The Associated Press
could go higher than the spots Myles Garrett (right), the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns, posed with his father, Lawrence Garrett, at a news conference Friday
the Ravens took them. Baltimore
at the team’s training facility in Berea, Ohio. The Star’s Terez Paylor gave the Browns an A for their draft.
also filled needs, to boot. Hum-
phrey is a physical, young cor-
ner with upside, while Bowser
and Wormley tested well and
can be molded into productive
pros. Williams has first-round
talent but off-field issues; still, it
was a worthy gamble.

1. (27) Tre’Davious White, db, LSU
2. (37) Zay Jones, wr, East Carolina
2. (63) Dion Dawkins, g, Temple
5. (163) Matt Milano, lb, Boston College
5. (171) Nathan Peterman, qb, Pittsburgh
6. (195) Tanner Vallejo, lb, Boise State
The Bills moved down in the
first round (with the Chiefs) and
ended up with White, a gifted
cover man whose run support
has taken some knocks. Jones
has a terrific feel for the game
and could outperform his draft
position, while Dawkins is raw
but powerful. Peterman, a smart
quarterback with good antici-
pation, is a great value in the
fifth round.

1. (8) Christian McCaffrey, rb, Stanford
2. (40) Curtis Samuel, rb, Ohio State
2. (64) Taylor Moton, g, Western Michigan
3. (77) Daeshon Hall, de, Texas A&M
5. (152) Corn Elder, cb, Miami
6. (192) Alexander Armah, de, West
7. (233) Harrison Butker, k, Georgia Tech
McCaffrey and Samuel are
similar players; explosive but
slight enough to be considered
offensive specialists. Still, both
are really talented, and Moton CHARLES REX ARBOGAST The Associated Press DAVID J. PHILLIP AP
and Hall — who had better tape The Chicago Bears’ first-round draft pick was North Another quarterback, Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, was chosen in the first round by the
at times than the No. 1 overall Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Houston Texans.
pick, Myles Garrett — have a
chance to be contributors. Elder
is a special-teams demon with
toughness. 6. (207) Brandon Wilson, rb, Houston from No. 12 to select Peppers, a 3. (82) Carlos Henderson, wr, Louisiana inside linebacker probably isn’t 4. (130) Julie’n Davenport, ot, Bucknell
7. (251) Mason Schreck, te, Buffalo super athlete with excellent Tech great value. Tabor is a ball hawk, 4. (142) Carlos Watkins, dt, Clemson
3. (101) Brendan Langley, cb, Lamar 5. (169) Treston Decoud, cb, Oregon State
Ross is slight and perhaps leadership traits. Njoku is raw 5. (145) Jake Butt, TE, Michigan but he ran a slow 40 and was 7. (243) Kyle Fuller, c, Baylor
CHICAGO BEARS: D injury-prone, but he is uncov- but has Pro Bowl talent, while 5. (172) Isaiah McKenzie, wr, Georgia expected to go a round later.
1. (2) Mitchell Trubisky, qb, North Carolina The Texans moved up to No. 12
erable with his combination of Kizer could be the best quarter- 6. (203) De’Angelo Henderson, rb, Coastal Golladay is physically gifted but
2. (45) Adam Shaheen, te, Ashland Carolina to get their quarterback of the
4. (112) Eddie Jackson, s, Alabama speed and route savvy. Mixon back of this year’s crop if he can raw. Reeves-Maybin is talented
7. (253) Chad Kelly, qb, Mississippi future in Watson, a winner with
4. (119) Tarik Cohen, rb, N.C. A&T has a significant off-field issue, improve his work habits. Ogun- but small — with an injury
5. (147) Jordan Morgan, g, Kutztown The Broncos’ draft wasn’t flashy, name recognition. Cunningham
but might be the most talented jobi has starter potential, and so history. Roberts is a nice value
but they addressed some needs profiles as a steady two-down
The Bears paid Mike Glennon a back in the draft. Willis is a does Wilson. Brantley would pick, and so is Kaaya.
up front by spending their first linebacker at the very least,
ton of money this offseason, worker bee who tested out of have been a second-round pick
two picks on talented players. while Foreman can ease Lamar
then surrendered a third and a his mind at the NFL Combine if it weren’t for his issues,
Henderson is a big-play threat GREEN BAY PACKERS: B Miller’s burden some. Davenport
fourth pick, plus a third next and was considered a dark- though his status with the team
with a little Emmanuel Sanders 2. (33) Kenny King, db, Washington and Decoud are decent devel-
year, to move up one spot and horse first-round pick. Lawson rests on the outcome of the 2. (61) Josh Jones, s, N.C. State
in him, and Langley is a long- opmental prospects while
take Trubisky, who’s talented but has a history of injuries but investigation. 3. (93) Montravius Adams, dt, Auburn
but-raw corner who should fit Watkins represents solid value.
only has 13 collegiate starts there’s no denying his pass- 4. (108) Vince Biegel, lb, Wisconsin
rushing talent. Elliott actually DALLAS COWBOYS: C right into their aggressive 4. (134) Jamaal Williams, rb, BYU INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: A
under his belt. A gamble, since 5. (175) Deangelo Yancey, wr, Purdue
fills a need, while Dielman and 1. (28) Taco Charlton, de, Michigan
secondary. Butt is an intriguing 1. (15) Malik Hooker, s, Ohio State
the deal stripped the talent- 5. (182) Aaron Jones, rb, UTEP
Evans are interesting devel- 2. (60) Chidobe Awuzie, cb, Colorado redshirt candidate. Kelly, a 6. (212) Kofi Amichia, ot, South Florida 2. (46) Quincy Wilson, cb, Florida
needy Bears of precious draft
opmental prospects. The Ben- 3. (92) Jourdan Lewis, cb, Michigan talented-but-troubled quarter- 7. (238) Devonte Mays, rb, Utah State 3. (80) Tarell Basham, de, Ohio
capital. Shaheen is big and fast 4. (133) Ryan Switzer, wr, North Carolina 4. (137) Zach Banner, ot, Southern Cal
gals swung big on a lot of back, isn’t a bad late-round flier. 7. (247) Malachi Dupre, wr, LSU
but he’ll have an adjustment 6. (191) Xavier Woods, s, Louisiana Tech 4. (143) Marlon Mack, rb, South Florida
coming from FCS Ashland, and prospects with red flags but 6. (216) Marquez White, cb, Florida State The Packers addressed needs 4. (144) Grover Stewart, dt, Albany (Ga.)
there’s no denying the amount 7. (228) Joey Ivie, dt, Florida DETROIT LIONS: C and got some nice value across 5. (158) Nate Hairston, cb, Temple
many considered this a bit of a 7. (239) Noah Brown, wr, Ohio State 5. (161) Anthony Walker, lb, Northwestern
of talent they got. 1. (21) Jarrad Davis, lb, Florida the board. King and Jones were
reach. Jackson’s a good football 7. (246) Jordan Carrell, dt, Colorado 2. (53) Jalen Tabor, cb, Florida
mentioned as possible first- Chris Ballard, John Dorsey’s
player and so is Cohen, but 3. (96) Kenny Golladay, wr, Northern
CLEVELAND BROWNS: A Charlton was productive in 2016 Illinois round picks by many, while former right-hand man, abso-
Cohen is tiny and his touches
1. (1) Myles Garrett, de, Texas A&M
and received some first-round 4. (124) Jaylen Reeves-Maybin, lb, Adams and Biegel can improve lutely killed it in his first draft in
will need to be carefully man-
1. (25) Jabrill Peppers, lb, Michigan buzz, but he only has one year Tennessee the pass rush. Williams is a steal; charge of the Colts. Hooker has
aged. 4. (127) Michael Roberts, te, Toledo
1. (29) David Njoku, te, Miami as a starter under his belt. he’s a talented back who fits the Pro Bowl talent, while Wilson is a
2. (52) DeShone Kizer, qb, Notre Dame 5. (165) Jamal Agnew, cb, San Diego
Awuzie and Lewis are good 6. (205) Jeremiah Ledbetter, de, Arkansas offense well and should make an Sean Smith clone and Basham
CINCINNATI BENGALS: A 3. (65) Larry Ogunjobi, dt, Charlotte
4. (126) Howard Wilson, db, Houston picks who can really cover, while 6. (215) Brad Kaaya, qb, Miami instant impact, while Yancey is has some juice off the edge.
1. (9) John Ross, wr, Washington 5. (160) Rod Johnson, ot, Florida State Switzer offers slot- and return 7. (250) Pat O’Connor, de, Eastern Banner is a massive tackle who
2. (48) Joe Mixon, rb, Oklahoma Michigan an intriguing developmental
6. (185) Caleb Brantley, dt, Florida ability. Not a glitzy class but can be a starter if he can re-
3. (73) Jordan Willis, lb, Kansas State 7. (224) Zane Gonzalez, k, Arizona State
4. (116) Carl Lawson, de, Auburn solid. Davis is a talented player with shape his body, and Mack will
7. (252) Matthew Dayes, rb, N.C. State
4. (128) Josh Malone, wr, Tennessee excellent football character, but help immediately. Stewart,
The Browns took the draft’s HOUSTON TEXANS: B
4. (138) Ryan Glasgow, dt, Michigan he’s battled some injuries, needs Hairston and Walker are all
5. (153) Jake Elliott, k, Memphis most promising player, Garrett, DENVER BRONCOS: C to refine his instincts and spend-
1. (12) Deshaun Watson, qb, Clemson
5. (176) J.J. Dielman, c, Utah 1. (20) Garett Bolles, ot, Utah 2. (57) Zach Cunningham, lb, Vanderbilt intriguing prospects on their
No. 1 overall, then traded down ing a first-round pick on an 3. (89) D’Onta Foreman, rb, Texas
6. (193) Jordan Evans, lb, Oklahoma 2. (51) DeMarcus Walker, de, Florida State own.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: A Love the Bucs’ draft. Not many

1. (4) Leonard Fournette, rb, LSU players, but all these guys can
2. (34) Cam Robinson, ot, Alabama play. Howard is one of the most
3. (68) Dawuane Smoot, de, Illinois complete tight ends to enter the
4. (110) Dede Westbrook, wr, Oklahoma
5. (148) Blair Brown, lb, Ohio league in years. Evans, while
7. (222) Jalen Myrick, cb, Minnesota slight, can hit and cover. All
7. (240) Marquez Williams, fb, Miami Godwin does is catch the ball
Tom Coughlin’s first draft as the and make plays. Beckwith and
Jaguars’ boss was strong. Four- McNichols could develop into
nette will immediately become starters someday.
the offense’s bell cow, and he’ll
also take pressure off the mer-
curial Blake Bortles and help the TENNESSEE TITANS: C
defense. Robinson is a nasty, 1. (5) Corey Davis, wr, Western Michigan
1. (18) Adoree’ Jackson, db, Southern Cal
massive first-round talent who 3. (72) Taywan Taylor, wr, Western
boosts a position of need. Kentucky
Smoot is athletic and plays hard. 3. (100) Jonnu Smith, te, FIU
5. (155) Jayon Brown, lb, UCLA
Westbrook is a boom-or-bust 6. (217) Corey Levin, g, Chattanooga
pick, due to his combination of 7. (227) Josh Carraway, lb, TCU
talent and off-field issues, but 7. (236) Brad Seaton, ot, Villanova
Brown is a sneaky-good pick 7. (241) Khalfrani Muhammad, rb,
who is undersized but can really
play. Solid-but-unspectacular class at
first glance. Davis had great
KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: A tape, but he did it against MAC
1. (10) Patrick Mahomes, qb, Texas Tech corners and didn’t get a chance
2. (59) Tanoh Kpassagnon, de, Villanova to work out before the draft due
3. (86) Kareem Hunt, rb, Toledo to injury. He was a near-uni-
4. (139) Jehu Chesson, wr, Michigan versal first-round pick, but many
5. (183) Ukeme Eligwe, lb, Georgia
Southern thought the Titans reached.
6. Choice forfeited Jackson is a really good, athletic
6. (218) Leon McQuay III, s, Southern Cal playmaker who was wore the
I’m a notoriously tough grader 18th pick despite long-term
of the Chiefs — their last three durability concerns. Taylor can
drafts earned a B-, C and C — so run after the catch and could
the fact I gave this one an A help a poor receiving corps as
after they surrendered a pre- early as this year, and Smith
cious 2018 first-round pick could be an eventual replace-
should be an indication of how ment for Delanie Walker.
much I liked the big swings
general manager John Dorsey WASHINGTON: A
took this year. 1. (17) Jonathan Allen, de, Alabama
While I have to ding them for a 2. (49) Ryan Anderson, lb, Alabama
3. (81) Fabian Noreau, cb, UCLA
few things — like the fact they 4. (114) Samaje Perine, rb, Oklahoma
could still use some interior 4. (123) Montae Nicholson, s, Michigan
D-line help, and the fact they State
5. (154) Jeremy Sprinkle, te, Arkansas
didn’t address corner with a 6. (199) Chase Roullier, c, Wyoming
premium pick — the primary 6. (209) Robert Davis, wr, Georgia
reason this class gets an A is Southern
because of Dorsey’s aggression 7. (230) Josh Harvey-Clemons, s, Louisville
7. (235) Josh Holsey, db, Auburn
when it came to ending the
streak of not drafting a quarter- Scot McCloughan reportedly set
back in the first round. After 34 Washington’s draft board before
years, the Chiefs selected Ma- his dismissal in March, and you
homes, who arguably has the can tell. This was a really nice
highest ceiling of any MICKEY WELSH The Associated Press draft by the noted evaluator.
quarterback in the draft. Allen was long-term shoulder
Alabama tight end O.J. Howard took a call from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday at his NFL draft watch party concerns but he’s a rock-solid
Kpassagnon, like Mahomes, was
in Prattville, Ala. Howard was selected with the 19th pick in the first round. player, and Anderson is pretty
also a member of The Star’s
third annual all-juice team, and good, too. Moreau is also in-
like Mahomes, he also has Pro jured, but he has first-round
Bowl talent. A freak athlete with the Dolphins for addressing a help a flagging pass rush. Mu- tiny but explosive. Gibson is also The grade of this draft, however, talent. Perine is one of my
rare size, he can be as good as needy front seven early with hammad is a dark-horse guy to a long-ball threat, and Qualls will ultimately hinge on whether favorite players in the draft, a
he wants to be. Harris, an athletic, aggressive make the squad; he’s got off- could develop into a contrib- McDowell makes it. hard-charging back who runs,
In the third round, the Chiefs edge rusher, and McMillan, who field issues but is really talented. utor. Some nice value across the blocks and catches. Sprinkle also
certainly looks the part of an board. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: A has upside as a run-blocking No.
moved up to add a strong,
competitive running back with NFL linebacker and still has NEW YORK GIANTS: B 1. (19) O.J. Howard, te, Alabama 2 tight end.
2. (50) Justin Evans, s, Texas A&M
burst in Hunt, who rarely room to grow. Tankersley is a 1. (23) Evan Engram, te, Mississippi PITTSBURGH STEELERS: A 3. (84) Chris Godwin, wr, Penn State
big corner with talent, too, and 2. (55) Dalvin Tomlinson, dt, Alabama 1. (30) T.J. Watt, lb, Wisconsin Terez A. Paylor: 816-234-4489,
fumbles, can catch the ball and 3. (87) Davis Webb, qb, California 3. (107) Kendell Beckwith, lb, LSU
Asiata is a big, powerful guard 2. (62) JuJu Smith-Schuster, wr, Southern 5. (162) Jeremy McNichols, rb, Boise State @TerezPaylor. Download Red
is a willing pass protector. 4. (140) Wayne Gallman, rb, Clemson Cal 7. (223) Stevie Tu’lkolovatu, dt, Southern
The Chiefs also moved back up who can start one day. Even 5. (167) Avery Moss, de, Youngstown State 3. (94) Cameron Sutton, cb, Tennesee
Zone Extra, The Star's Chiefs
6. (200) Adam Bisnowaty, ot, Pittsburgh Cal
into the fourth round to select Godchaux and Taylor have some 3. (105) James Conner, rb, Pittsburgh app.
Chesson, a big, fast (4.47 40) physical talent and could help Not a flashy class, but solid. 4. (135) Joshua Dobbs, qb, Tennessee
eventually. Nice job of marrying Engram should add some explo- 5. (173) Brian Allen, cb, Utah
receiver whose 2016 numbers 6. (213) Colin Holba, ls, Louisville
were modest (34 catches, 500 value and need for the Dolphins. sion to the offense as a “move” 7. (248) Keion Adams, de, Western
yards and 2 touchdowns) but tight end, while Tomlinson is a Michigan
was likely hampered by a MINNESOTA VIKINGS: C legit run stuffer. Webb has a gun The Steelers do it again. Watt is
January knee injury. 2. (41) Dalvin Cook, rb, Florida State for an arm but must become a worker bee with excellent
3. (70) Pat Elflein, c, Ohio State more accurate if he ever wants
Eligwe is a former four-star 4. (109) Jaleel Johnson, de, Iowa physical traits and testing
prospect who was kicked out of 4. (120) Ben Gedeon, lb, Michigan to make it. Gallman is a tough scores; he has a chance to be an
Florida State for a violation of 5. (170) Rodney Adams, wr, South Florida back who could help immediate- instant impact guy. Smith-
5. (180) Danny Isidora, g, Miami ly, though, and Bisnowaty is a Schuster was once considered a
team rules late in the 2014 6. (201) Bucky Hodges, te, Virginia Tech
season. He only has one year as 7. (219) Stacy Coley, wr, Miami
tough, versatile lineman who first rounder until his stock
a starter at Georgia Southern, 7. (220) Ifeadi Odenigbo, dl, Northwestern might make it due to those dropped in 2016, but if he plays
but he is a solid gamble, assum- 7. (232) Elijah Lee, lb, Kansas State traits. light, he can also provide insur-
7. (245) Jack Tocho, cb, NC State
ing his background checks out. ance for Martavis Bryant. Sutton
McQuay is a long (6-2, 185) The Vikings dealt away their NEW YORK JETS: C and Conner know how to play
college safety who will likely be first-round pick for Sam Brad- 1. (6) Jamal Adams, db, LSU the game — don’t be surprised
asked to make the transition to ford, who led them to an 8-8 2. (39) Marcus Maye, s, Florida if Conner emerges as a terrific
record. That impacts this grade, 3. (79) ArDarius Stewart, wr, Alabama
corner. 4. (141) Chad Hansen, wr, California sub for Le’Veon Bell — while
obviously, even though the 5. (150) Jordan Leggett, te, Clemson Dobbs and Allen have physical
Vikings added some instant- 5. (181) Dylan Donahue, de, West Georgia traits that make them worth
LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: A impact guys. Cook, a big-play 6. (188) Elijah McGuire, rb, Louisiana-
Lafayette developing.
1. (7) Mike Williams, wr, Clemson back with off-field issues, will
2. (38) Forrest Lamp, g, Western Kentucky 6. (197) Jeremy Clark, cb, Michigan
3. (71) Dan Feeney, g, Indiana help immediately, as will Elflein, 6. (204) Derrick Jones, cb, Mississippi SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: A
4. (113) Rayshawn Jenkins, s, Miami a plug-and-play tough guy. Adams is one of the safest 1. (3) Solomon Thomas, de, Stanford
5. (151) Desmond King, s, Iowa Johnson is a run stopper with a 1. (31) Reuben Foster, lb, UCLA
6. (190) Sam Tevi, ot, Utah prospects to come along in 3. (66) Ahkello Witherspoon, cb, Colorado
7. (225) Isaac Rochell, de, Notre Dame good motor, while Gedeon years, and Maye is a football 3. (104) C.J. Beathard, qb, Iowa
brings a workman-like approach junkie. Picking two safeties with 4. (121) Joe Williams, rb, Utah
Not sure the Chargers were best to the game. Adams, Isidora and 5. (146) George Kittle, te, Iowa
your first two picks is unortho-
served taking a receiver with Hodges are all developing. 5. (177) Trent Taylor, wr, Louisiana Tech
dox, but this has a chance to be 6. (198) D.J. Jones, dt, Mississippi
their first pick, but Williams is a
a nice pairing. Stewart and 6. (202) Pita Taumoepenu, de, Utah
really talented player who NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: B 7. (229) Adrian Colbert, s, Miami
Hansen could upgrade the
projects as an ideal NFL posses- 3. (83) Derek Rivers, de, Youngstown State
3. (85) Antonio Garcia, ot, Troy receiving corps, and Leggett is Nice job by new general manag-
sion receiver who can protect
4. Choice forfeited promising as a pass-catching er John Lynch of adding in-
against another Keenan Allen 4. (131) Deatrich Wise, de, Arkansas tight end. Clark is a huge corner triguing players to his talent-
injury. Lamp and Feeney are safe 6. (211) Conor McDermott, ot, UCLA (6-3, 220) and McGuire is fast starved roster in his first draft.
picks who should eventually The Pats dealt their first pick but raw. The Jets failed to ade- They moved back one spot in
help solidify an annually uneven away for New Orleans star quately address quarterback, the first round to land a few
O-line, while Jenkins is an ag- receiver Brandin Cooks, and however, which could again sink additional picks, and still got
gressive hitter and King is a they also traded their second their season. Thomas, one of the best players
natural playmaker. Nice draft for away for Carolina defensive end in the draft. They moved up into
the Chargers. Kony Ealy. Both are still young, OAKLAND RAIDERS: C the first round to get Foster, a
and it’s tough to legitimately 1. (24) Gareon Conley, cb, Ohio State run-and-hit stud with out-
2. (56) Obi Melifonwu, s, UConn
LOS ANGELES RAMS: D second-guess Bill Belichick. The 3. (88) Eddie Vanderdoes, dt, UCLA standing tape and off-field
2. (44) Gerald Everett, te, South Alabama players they did add are in- 4. (129) David Sharpe, ol, Florida issues. Witherspoon isn’t much
3. (69) Cooper Kupp, wr, Eastern Washing- triguing; Rivers is a raw-but- 5. (168) Marquel Lee, lb, Wake Forest of a tackler but he’s a big, ath-
ton 7. (221) Shalom Luani, s, Washington
3. (91) John Johnson, s, Boston College athletic edge rusher, while State letic cover man, while Beathard
4. (117) Josh Reynolds, wr, Texas A&M Garcia is an edgy guy who was a 7. (231) Jylan Ware, ot, Alabama State is an intriguing pick, though
4. (125) Samson Ebukan, lb, Eastern nice pick in a bad D-line draft. 7. (242) Elijah Hood, rb, North Carolina many had him going later. Kittle,
Washington 7. (244) Treyvon Hester, dt, Toledo
6. (189) Tanzel Smart, dt, Tulane
Wise has classic Patriots versatil- Williams and Jones also have
6. (206) Sam Rogers, fb, Virginia Tech ity, while McDermott is a long General manager Reggie upside.
7. (234) Ejuan Price, lb, Pittsburgh tackle worth developing. McKenzie adds more talent to
The Rams were without a first- his rapidly-ascending club. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: B
round pick due to the Jared NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: B Conley and Melifonwu are great 2. (35) Malik McDowell, dt, Michigan State
1. (11) Marshon Lattimore, db, Ohio State athletes who can upgrade the 2. (58) Ethan Pocic, c, LSU
Goff trade a year ago, and they 3. (90) Shaquill Griffin, db, UCF
1. (32) Ryan Ramczyk, ot, Wisconsin defense. While Vanderdoes’ tape
spent three of their first four 2. (42) Marcus Williams, s, Utah 3. (95) Delano Hill, s, Michigan
picks trying to help him out. wasn’t great in 2016, he looked 3. (102) Nazir Jones, dt, North Carolina
3. (67) Alvin Kamara, rb, Tennessee
3. (76) Alex Anzalone, lb, Florida great at the Senior Bowl. Sharpe 3. (106) Amara Darboh, wr, Michigan
Everett is a talented-but-raw 4. (111) Tedric Thompson, s, Colorado
move guy, while Kupp and 3. (103) Trey Hendrickson, lb, FAU and Lee are interesting devel- 5. Choice forfeited
6. (196) Al-Quadin Muhammad, de, Miami opmental choices.
Reynolds should help one of the 6. (187) Mike Tyson, s, Cincinnati
league’s worst group of receiv- This class has some injury issues 6. (210) Justin Senior, ot, Mississippi State
but is a really nice group for the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: A 7. (226) David Moore, wr, East Central
ers. But doing that came with 7. (249) Christopher Carson, rb, Oklahoma
the cost of sacrificing premium Saints, who got value with their 1. (14) Derek Barnett, de, Tennessee
first five or six picks. Lattimore 2. (43) Sidney Jones, cb, Washington
help at guard, defensive line and 3. (99) Rasul Douglas, cb, West Virginia McDowell is a classic boom-or-
corner, all of which were real is a top-three talent in this draft 4. (118) Mack Hollins, wr, North Carolina bust guy, but in a bad D-line
needs. who fell due to hamstring issues, 4. (132) Donnel Pumphrey, rb, San Diego
State draft, this was a nice pick. He
while Ramczyk is coming off an
5. (166) Shelton Gibson, wr, West Virginia has all-pro potential if the
injury but is a solid tackle pros- 5. (184) Nate Gerry, s, Nebraska
MIAMI DOLPHINS: B Seahawks can figure out what
pect in a bad O-line draft. Wil- 6. (214) Elijah Qualls, dt, Washington
1. (22) Charles Harris, de, Missouri makes him tick. Pocic is a classic
2. (54) Raekwon McMillan, lb, Ohio State
liams covers a ton of ground as Nice draft for the Eagles, who O-line tough guy who will
3. (97) Cordrea Tankersley, cb, Clemson a center field while Kamara has a land two first-round talents with immediately help a subpar
5. (164) Isaac Ariata, g, Utah chance to carry a Reggie Bush- their first two picks and a corner
5. (178) Davon Godchaux, dt, LSU group, while Griffin has a ton of
like workload. Anzalone has with excellent ball production
6. (194) Vincent Taylor, dt, Oklahoma talent and is in a great place to
State good tape and could be a day- (eight picks in 2016) in the third. reach his potential. Thompson
7. (237) Isaiah Ford, wr, Virginia Tech one starter, despite his dura- Hollins is an interesting devel- has a ton of ball production, and
Only had six picks but kudos to bility concerns, while Hendrick- opmental receiver. Pumphrey is Darboh is a high-floor player.
son is a high-effort guy who can
6B ..............................................................................THE KANSAS CITY STAR SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017
SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017 THE KANSAS CITY STAR.............................................................................. 7B
NFL Draft SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

Chiefs move up Vikings

again to select select
Michigan receiver Wildcat
into the day with two picks erage units.
BY BLAIR KERKHOFF in the fifth round and two Chesson returned six in the sixth. kickoffs in his career, BY KELLIS ROBINETT
AND TOD PALMER To grab Chesson, the including one for a game- Chiefs, who had traded opening touchdown as a
out of the fourth round on junior against Northwest- JOHN RAOUX AP Elijah Lee left college a
The Chiefs went into Friday, engineered a deal ern. And he had 17 career The Chiefs worked out a deal with New England to get year early for a shot at
the NFL Draft stocked with the New England tackles on coverage teams, Michigan wide receiver Jehu Chesson in the fourth round. professional football un-
with 10 draft picks. When Patriots to jump back into mostly as a gunner. sure of when or if he
the three-day circus — an that round. Chesson had “I love playing special would be selected in the
orangutan helped make a 35 receptions for 500 teams,” Chesson said. “I reportedly failing tests for making 50 tackles and NFL Draft.
pick for the Colts on Sat- yards and two touchdowns feel like I’m a competitor. marijuana. Chiefs area coming with two intercep- The former Kansas State
urday — came to a close, last year. It’s part of what you have scout Ryne Nutt said he tions. linebacker had middle-
the Chiefs had shed nearly Chesson was MVP of to do to win the game. If it spoke with Florida State The second one was round hopes, but there
half of those positions. the Citrus Bowl after the takes running down on coach Jimbo Fisher about huge. were no guarantees.
Instead of 10 picks, the 2015 season, with five punt returns, kickoffs, Eliqwe during the eval- With 38 seconds re- That’s what made the
Chiefs slimmed down to receptions for 118 yards in whatever it may be. I’m uation process. maining in the Rose Bowl phone call he received
six through a series of a victory over Florida. your guy. Whatever a “He had issues at Flor- against Penn State, from the Minnesota Vik-
deals that allowed them to That season, Chesson had team needs, I’m going to ida State, but he’s had no McQuay came up with the ings during the seventh
move up and around the 50 receptions for 764 do it.” issues at Georgia Southern pick along the sideline and round on Saturday so
draft board. yards and nine touch- Part of the deal in mov- with any of that stuff,” returned it 33 yards to set special, even if it hap-
Saturday’s three-player downs. ing up to get Chesson was Nutt said. up the game-winning field pened a few hours later
haul — Michigan wide In that game, Chesson trading tight end James In his only season at goal. than some expected.
receiver Jehu Chesson in injured his knee. Surgery O’Shaughnessy to the Georgia Southern, Eligwe “He does have ball “I didn’t want to be
the fourth round, Georgia wasn’t required, but it Patriots. O’Shaughnessy led the team with 104 skills,” said Chiefs scout stuck in that situation
Southern linebacker slowed his offseason was a fifth-round draft tackles, 11 tackles for loss Trey Koziol. “With his where I am trying to pick a
Ukeme Eligwe in the fifth workouts. pick from Illinois State in and three forced fumbles. length, speed and athlet- team,” Lee told reporters
and Southern California Chesson was born in 2015. He started six He said his off-field trou- icism, he can go up and after the Vikings selected
safety Leon McQuay III in Liberia, the native country games in two seasons, bles are behind him. play the ball. He has a lot him with the 232nd over-
the sixth round — com- of Chiefs defensive end with eight career recep- “Today is a day where I of physical tools.” all pick. “I wanted to be
pleted the 2017 class that Tamba Hali. Chesson tions. know that everything in in The Chiefs will look at picked by a team.”
started with the quarter- moved to St. Louis when Eligwe spent his first the past,” Eligwe said. “I McQuay at cornerback Lee heads to Minnesota
back of the future in Texas he was 5 and attended three years in college at own up to everything I’ve and nickel. coming off an impressive
Tech’s Pat Mahomes. Ladue High. Florida State, contributing done, but it’s in the past three-year
That pick required a He did a little bit of to the Seminoles’ 2013 and I just want to enjoy Blair Kerkhoff: run with the
move up the draft board everything for the Wol- national championship this day.” 816-234-4730, Wildcats in
via trade. So did the selec- verines. Chesson had 22 team as a redshirt fresh- McQuay played some @BlairKerkhoff which he
tion of Toledo running career rushing attempts man. corner early in his Trojans made 209
back Kareem Hunt in the for 220 yards and three He was dismissed from career but was a two-year Tod Palmer: tackles, 11
third round on Friday. touchdowns. And he was the program in November starter at safety and was 816-234-4389, sacks and
The trend continued big on special teams, in- 2014 for an unspecified chosen honorable mention @todpalmer five in-
Saturday. The Chiefs went cluding return and cov- violation of team rules, All-Pac 12 last season after terceptions. Lee
He led
K-State in tackles as a
sophomore (80) and as a
junior (110) before decid-
FROM PAGE 1B house is on special. Some-
times his disinterest in Just one MU ing to forgo his senior year
and enter the NFL Draft.

MELLINGER sticker price has backfired He twice received All-

They needed to improve is by far the team’s great-

— his first major move was
the Dwayne Bowe con-
tract, they’ve repeatedly
player drafted Big 12 honors.
Saturday began with
high hopes for Lee. He
their run defense, so they est weakness. They were paid more in contract thought he might hear his
drafted Ukeme Eligwe, an shaky against the run last extensions by waiting too had three interceptions for name called early. When
inside linebacker who season, then atrocious long, and they’re con- The Kansas City Star KU last season. that didn’t happen he
contributed as a freshman after Derrick Johnson’s stantly in possession of Safety Fish Smithson, turned the television off
to a national champion- Achilles injury. Even as- around $3.50 in salary cap Former Missouri defen- meanwhile, signed with and hoped a change of
ship team. suming (another) full space. sive end Charles Harris Washington. He was a Big approach might bring him
It may all blow up — the recovery for Johnson — far But Dorsey’s Chiefs was selected No. 22 over- 12 coaches first-team better luck.
NFL draft is a roulette from a sure thing — this is have made it work by all on Thursday in the first selection after leading the “The wait was pretty
spin often sold as science a big enough weakness to generally getting the big round of the 2017 NFL Jayhawks with 93 tackles stressful just because I
— but at least it all makes be considered a potential decisions right, and by Draft. After the selection and four interceptions. thought I should have
sense. fatal flaw for the 2017 balancing big expendi- of Harris, there were no went higher than I did,”
The Chiefs’ draft this Chiefs. tures with low-cost values other Missouri Tigers Jesse Newell, @jessenewell Lee said. “But, at the end
week is an enticing mix of Having traded out of like Ron Parker, Tyreek taken. of the day, I am just happy
risk and talent, long-term last year’s first round, and Hill, and Laurent Du- It’s the fewest picks AREA PLAYERS I got an opportunity. I
help with immediate trading two first-rounders vernay-Tardif. Mizzou has had in a single Among local undrafted would hate to be in the
needs, projectable talent to select a quarterback Since taking over NFL Draft since 2012, prospects, Ray-Pec shoes of some these guys
and play-now production. they don’t want to play around 10 years ago, when tight end Michael graduate and Pittsburg that don’t get this chance.
None of us should even until 2018 at the earliest, Clark Hunt has told every- Egnew was the only MU State safety Deron I just needed a foot in the
pretend to know how this the Chiefs will likely play one who would listen that player selected. Washington planned to door to make a name for
or any other draft by any at least three seasons in a he values consistency over Other Tigers from last sign with Atlanta. myself.”
other team will turn out, row without a first-round all else. His franchise season’s squad, though, Lindenwood linebacker The Blue Springs, Mo.
but the thought process pick. failed in spectacular fash- will get their chance: Connor Harris, a Blue product was the second
and priorities behind these They have a quarterback ion in that regard for his Defensive tackle Josh Springs South graduate K-State football player
picks align with what gen- they know they can win first six years, but is now Augusta confirmed in a who is the reigning NCAA chosen in the draft. De-
eral manager John Dorsey the AFC West with, and on its best stretch in 20 text to The Star that he Division II defensive play- fensive end Jordan Willis
and coach Andy Reid have their immediate prospects years. planned to sign a undraft- er of the year, will sign was selected by the Cin-
shown themselves to value would’ve been best boost- The thought process ed free-agent deal with with the Jets. cinnati Bengals in the
— explosive athleticism ed by attempting to close and vision of this draft is the New England Patriots. Former Missouri defen- third round on Friday.
even if it means unrefined the considerable but not to maintain and support Former Mizzou tight sive lineman Harold Bran- Lee was thrilled when
skill, unquestionable unsurmountable gap with that consistency now, end Sean Culkin’s agent tley, who finished his he learned he was going to
dedication to football, and the rest of the roster. while providing the oppor- confirmed that Culkin was college career at North- be a Viking.
the willingness to overlook So, sure. If you want to tunity for even more later. to sign with the Los An- west Missouri State, was “They are one of my top
what’s become known as blast holes in what the There is no possible geles Chargers. to sign with the Cincinnati teams, one of my favorite
“character questions.” Chiefs did, that’s your move the Chiefs could’ve Cornerback Aarion Bengals. teams. I get to stay in
Quibble with any of that path. It’s an easy one to made to give themselves a Penton and linebacker purple,” Lee said.
if you want — there is no take. bigger potential future Donavin Newsom also will Tod Palmer, @todpalmer
absolute way to build a But if you look at this impact than trading up for get to pursue NFL careers. K-STATE ALUMS FIND
football team — but those with open eyes, an appre- Patrick Mahomes. And Penton will sign with BENGALS FEELING NFL HOMES AS
values have turned the ciation for what’s realistic, they were still able to use the Los Angeles Rams, MIXON BACKLASH UNDRAFTED FREE
disconnected 2-14 disaster and the benefit of the their inventory of picks to which reunites him with The Cincinnati Bengals AGENTS
they took over into one of doubt to a scouting de- address needs on the de- former Tigers cornerback are facing a backlash over Only two former K-State
the NFL’s most consistent partment that’s shown fensive line, linebackers, E.J. Gaines, while New- their decision to draft football players were se-
winners over the last four itself to be adept, the logic secondary, and backfield. som will sign with the running back Joe Mixon, lected in the NFL Draft
seasons. and potential with this You are a fool if you 49ers. who punched a woman in this week, but other Wild-
As with anything, you draft class is both obvious pretend to know how any Long snapper Jake Hur- the face while at Oklaho- cats landed deals with
can make a case against and exciting. of this will turn out, and rell has found a potential ma. teams after the draft came
the Chiefs’ strategy. In the span of three naive if you believe home with the Baltimore Cincinnati added to its to an end as free agents.
The most obvious days, the Chiefs may have anyone who says they do. Ravens. He’ll try to beat reputation for embracing Defensive back Dante
downside is that the 2017 found their franchise But we can make judg- out Morgan Cox for the players with troubled Barnett agreed to terms
team will not be as good quarterback of the future, ments about intentions, Ravens’ specialist job. histories when they took with the Denver Broncos
as it otherwise might. The and filled important needs and the thought put into Mixon in the second on Saturday. Barnett was
2018 team will carry some on both sides of the ball. these picks, and on those Tod Palmer, @todpalmer round. Even before Mixon the leader of K-State’s
of the burden, too, and They had extra picks, levels it’s easy to see what arrived in town, the choice secondary last season at
possibly beyond. and are likely to have one the Chiefs are trying to do. NO JAYHAWKS was getting panned. safety.
Because if the only of the league’s lowest They didn’t improve for DRAFTED WCPO-TV posted an Receiver Deante Burton
thing that mattered was rates of roster turnover 2017 as much as they No Kansas players were editorial Saturday saying also found a landing spot
winning the next Super this offseason, so Dorsey could have. But if their taken in the NFL Draft, the club had gone too far with the Atlanta Falcons.
Bowl, then the Chiefs used the inventory to penchant for getting the but two will have opportu- this time. The editorial Burton, a Manhattan na-
would’ve taken run-stuff- make the picks he wanted big decisions right contin- nities to make rosters after urged fans to stop buying tive, caught 84 passes for
ing inside linebacker Reu- instead of the picks that ues, this could be the most signing free-agent deals Bengals tickets and in- 1,085 yards and five
ben Foster at No. 27, and would’ve been available. impactful draft they’ve Saturday. stead donate the money to touchdowns during his
used the third-round pick This is another trait had in decades. Cornerback Brandon organizations that work to time with the Wildcats.
they traded to add more Dorsey has shown. He Stewart latched on with prevent violence against Linebacker Charmea-
help (defensive line depth, won’t nickel and dime. He Sam Mellinger: the Los Angeles Chargers women. chealle Moore is headed
perhaps) for the upcoming pays for what he likes. 816-234-4365, @mellinger — the same team that to the Los Angeles Char-
season. He’s the guy who orders employs former KU safety The Associated Press gers.
As it stands, run defense top shelf, even when Darrell Stuckey. Stewart contributed to this report.
SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017 THE KANSAS CITY STAR.............................................................................. 9B
Colleges SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

Sterk says Mizzou

“Every time I went out
there I felt pain,” Strick-
land said. “But it felt great

ripe for big jump

being out there (Saturday).
I played in a spring game
at Cal, but I wasn’t
healthy. It felt really good
to get back out there being
healthier and being able to
run around without pain.” his commitment to
K-State played without BY TOD PALMER Odom’s program.
its top two receivers (By- The project remains on
ron Pringle and Domin- schedule for final approval.
ique Heath) and its start- COLUMBIA “It’s got great momen-
ing quarterback (Jesse First-year Missouri tum and I think (the Uni-
Ertz) on Saturday, so athletic director Jim Sterk versity of Missouri System
Strickland’s role within didn’t hire Barry Odom, Odom Sterk Board of Curators) are
the offense will likely look but he believes in his sec- going to discuss it in June
different when they return ond-year football coach. the players are ready to or July,” Sterk said. “I don’t
in a few months. “I’ve been impressed take a big jump and know whether they’re go-
Strickland will likely with him and just how he they’re going to compete ing to approve it in June or
challenge Isaiah Zuber, handled the kids, the play- for a title.” July, but it’s on track.”
Corey Sutton, Dalton ers, both with wins and Last season, Odom was Sterk and his staff have
BO RADER The Wichita Eagle Schoen and Isaiah Harris how they handled losses,” lowest-paid football coach weekly meetings with the
Kansas State wide receiver Carlos Strickland, a four-star for playing time in passing Sterk said. among the SEC’s 13 public design team, the Kansas
recruit, made his Wildcats debut in a spring game Saturday. formations that feature While Odom’s debut universities at $2.35 mil- City-based architecture
three or four receivers. season — the Tigers lion per year, but Sterk firm Populous, and recently
His challenge will be missed out on a bowl isn’t opposed to re-exam- hired a general contractor.

K-State receiver gaining comfort in K-

State’s offense. At Cal, he
said he was only respon-
game after starting 2-7
before closing the cam-
paign with two wins in the
ining that contract.
“We’ve got work to do
on the football coaching
Initially, plans called for
retrofitting the new foot-
ball-specific facility, but

Strickland gives sible for knowing his

routes. At K-State, he has
had to go deeper and learn
final three games — fell
short of expectations,
Sterk wasn’t dismayed by
salaries and all, but I think
they’re going to have suc-
cess and that will allow us
those plans were scrapped
last December in favor of
demolishing the south bowl

glimpse of talent
how to block and read the growing pains. to be able to do that,” and building a new
defensive formations. “I knew going into that Sterk said. structure.
“He is trying to work his season, you’ve got a new New men’s basketball That decision bumped up
way into the mix,” K-State head coach, new defen- coach Cuonzo Martin the price tag for facility —
coach Bill Snyder said. sive coordinator, new signed a seven-year, $21 which is expected to in-
of his college career. On “He has not quite gotten offensive coordinator, and million deal with the Ti- clude coaches’ offices,
BY KELLIS ROBINETT Saturday, he snagged four there yet. He is still in the you’re in the SEC — that’s gers last month, making meeting rooms, locker passes for 62 yards, in- process of learning the a tough deal,” Sterk said. him the highest-paid Ti- rooms, an equipment room,
cluding a nifty over-the- system. I think there are “For us to really have him gers coach with a $3 mil- a weight room, a cafeteria,
MANHATTAN head catch that turned some things he brings to get settled in, and it takes lion annual salary. a team lounge, and a train-
When was the last time into a 26-yard gain and a the table. He has some a while for the team when “I addressed it with all ing room — from $75 mil-
Carlos Strickland felt diving grab. capabilities. We also like you give them a new of- our head coaches that our lion to nearly $100 million.
completely healthy on the “He will be a playmaker his size. It comes down to fense and defense, it takes goal is to at least be com- Demolition of the south
football field? for us,” sophomore quar- how quickly he learns, and a while.” petitive in the SEC with bowl isn’t expected to take
Strickland, a sophomore terback Alex Delton said. how he can practice and Odom was hired in De- salaries, to be at least in place until early 2018 with
receiver at Kansas State, “He has been learning play with an ease of mind. cember 2015 by former the mid-range, but we a construction timeline a
needs a moment to pon- every day, getting better “When we get beyond Tigers athletic director have to build our revenues little more than a year,
der the question. He was every day, never taking that, his skill will be for- Mack Rhoades, who left back up,” Sterk said. putting the facility on track
at full strength while mak- any plays off. He is a quiet ever present.” seven months later to be- “We’ve fallen off in foot- to open in summer 2019.
ing his public debut in a guy who is only going to Strickland definitely has come Baylor’s athletic ball and basketball, so we Mizzou has raised
K-State uniform on Sat- get better.” a high ceiling. director. need to get that momen- “close to” $50 million for
urday at the Wildcats’ Strickland took a wind- “I love throwing to Car- Sterk replaced Rhoades tum back and selling tick- the project in private do-
spring game, but it had ing road to this point. His los, because you can just last August after 16 years at ets and support and all.” nations, Sterk said, but
been a long while before arrival was celebrated at lay it up there and he will Washington State and San Sterk’s enthusiastic hopes to raise at least
that. Cal and then at K-State, go run under it,” freshman Diego State and anticipates support and tireless fund- another $8 million.
“This was probably my where he decided to trans- quarterback Skylar Odom’s second season will raising toward building a
first time being healthy fer in last year and play Thompson said. “He is produce more wins. new football facility in the Tod Palmer:
since my sophomore year closer to his family in great on fade routes and “I think we’ll take a big south end zone at Memo- 816-234-4389,
of high school,” Strickland Dallas. The 6-foot-4, 200- he does a really good job jump,” Sterk said. “I think rial Stadium demonstrate @todpalmer
said after a short pause. “I pounder can match every of going up and attacking
don’t have any pain. It’s receiver on the Wildcats’ the football at its highest
tremendous. I feel opti- roster when it comes to point.”
mistic about playing potential. But it’s been a Strickland considers
again.” long while since he that to be the best part of
K-State teammates are showed it, sitting out last his game. He takes pride
optimistic about his fu- season as a transfer. in getting open in the end
ture. Strickland is begin- Much of that is injury- zone, particularly when
ning to show off the tal- related. Strickland said he the offense is near the
ents that made him a played through a sports goal line.
four-star recruit out of hernia for nearly four
high school and took him years before deciding to Kellis Robinett:
to California for the start repair it with surgery last @kellisrobinett


Self said all of the play-

plays in Self ers on KU’s roster — in-

cluding transfers Dedric
Lawson, K.J. Lawson and

fantasy camp
Charlie Moore — will be
eligible to play in KU’s
four exhibition games in
Italy this summer as well
as take part in the 10 prac-
above the digits on the tices in advance of the
BY GARY BEDORE back of the uniforms. trip. Those three players “I guess he had to fill in will be able to practice
because of an injury. He during the season but not
LAWRENCE did fine,” Self said of play in games until 2018-
Kansas basketball coach Dooley, who dished a 19.
Bill Self lounged in a lower handful of assists while Transfer Malik New-
level, Allen Fieldhouse making sure his four man, who is eligible to
bleacher seat on Thursday teammates on the court play in games during the
afternoon, his eyes fo- were involved on almost upcoming season, and
cused on a 51-year-old every possession. Sam Cunliffe, who will be
point guard who used up He misfired on his only eligible to play in games at
his collegiate eligibility at two floor shots — a pair of semester break of the
George Washington Uni- three-pointers left short. upcoming season, also can
versity three decades ago. Dooley also was 0 for 2 play in the exhibitions in
“I think Joe is a much from the free-throw line. Italy.
better coach than he is a “He told me the last
player,” Self said with a time he played was when JAYHAWK TRIO GETS
laugh, assessing the cur- he was an assistant at COMBINE INVITES
rent playing ability of Wyoming which was in Kansas junior Svi Myk-
former Kansas assistant/ 2002. It’s been a few hailiuk, senior Frank Ma-
current Florida Gulf Coast years,” Self said. son and freshman Josh
head coach Joe Dooley. Self said he did not Jackson have all received
Taking advantage of think Dooley would be invitations to the NBA
being in tip-top physical playing in fantasy pro- Combine, which will be
condition, Dooley served camp games Friday and held May 9-14 in Chicago,
as player/coach for Team Saturday, indicating a KU basketball coach Bill
Chalmers, which fell to replacement for the in- Self confirmed to The Star
Team Robinson, 69-53, jured Team Chalmers on Saturday.
in the opening game of player would be found. Mykhailiuk, who has not
Self’s three-day fantasy The other head coaches signed with an agent, has
procamp for men age 35 for Self’s sixth-annual until May 24 to decide if
and up. fantasy camp included he will return to college
Dooley, who had come Fresno State assistant for his senior year. Jack-
to Lawrence for the camp Jerry Wainwright, Fox son has signed with an
to help serve as a coach, Sports broadcaster Doug agent and will not return
looked comfortable wear- Gottlieb and ESPN an- to school. Mason, the
ing jersey No. 62. nouncers Miles Simon, consensus national player
He was the only player Fran Fraschilla and Dino of the year, has used up
without a name stitched Gaudio. his college eligibility.

Too early to change Royals rained out;

game set for July 1
course, Moore says BY RUSTIN DODD
The Royals will conclude
a rain-shortened series against the Twins at 1:15
The Royals entered the had a bad week. Two p.m. Sunday at Kauffman
BY RUSTIN DODD 2017 season expecting a weeks ago, we had a good The Royals, mired in an Stadium. Royals starter premium defense to elevate week. And then we just had eight-game losing streak Jason Hammel, scheduled
a consistent and veteran- a bad week. We had a bad and searching for a spark, to pitch on Saturday, will
The man who built the laden starting rotation. week at work. That’s the received a brief reprieve face off against Twins
2017 Royals says he is not Club officials also believed way I look at it.” Saturday. starter Phil Hughes.
discouraged. Not frustrat- the offense would be im- As he spoke on Thurs- JOHN SLEEZER The team’s scheduled All tickets for Saturday’s
ed, either. proved thanks to the day, Moore said the front Despite the Royals’ dismal 6:15 p.m. home game game will honored for the
Over the past week, healthy return of Mike office would continually record, general manager against the Minnesota rescheduled game, the
Royals general manager Moustakas and Lorenzo look for ways to improve Dayton Moore believes in Twins was postponed Royals said. Fans can view
Dayton Moore watched his Cain, the continued devel- the offense, a stance that the talent on the roster. because of rain. The Roy- a full ticket policy at
baseball team suffer opment of Eric Hosmer, would have been true even als and Twins will make
through its first winless and the acquisitions of if the team was seven up the game as part of a The Royals were also
road trip in 11 years. He Jorge Soler and Brandon games over .500 in that level is high,” Moore said. split doubleheader on scheduled to hand out
watched the offense mean- Moss. moment. “And if the concentration Saturday, July 1. Kelvin Herrera bobble-
der through an anemic The latter expectation Yet what was true in the level is high, and those are The first game will be- heads to the first 20,000
stretch. He watched the was not markedly different offseason is likely still the the same players that hit … gin at 1:15 p.m., as origi- fans on Saturday night.
starting rotation finally than the industry consen- case. The club is still wait- there’s no reason to think nally scheduled. The sec- The giveaway will now
appear vulnerable, and his sus. Yet so far, only half of ing on the return of Soler. A that we’re not going to be a ond, rescheduled, game take place before the sec-
bullpen offer a glimpse of the formula has surfaced. crew of bullpen reinforce- lot better. Every team is will start at 7:35 p.m. ond game July 1.
its flaws. The problem remains un- ments waits in the upper going to go through this.”
The Royals (7-15) have complicated. levels of the minors. But For now, it is too early
lost eight in a row now, the The Royals enter a three- the Royals’ fortunes will for a full-blown panic, even ROYALS STATISTICS
latest coming in excruciat- game series against the depend on the production as the alarm bells start to
ing fashion on Friday night Minnesota Twins on Friday of their homegrown core, a go off. The Royals entered Through Saturday
against the Minnesota averaging just 2.57 runs per group of players that Saturday just 5 1⁄2 games Batters AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO SB Avg.
Twins. They remain mired game. Their team batting helped win a World Series out of first place. Moore Bonifacio 20 1 6 0 0 1 2 2 4 0 .300
in last place in the Amer- average is .205, the worst in 2015. and Yost can cite slow Cain 76 6 21 4 0 0 4 14 17 6 .276
ican League Central as a in baseball. On Saturday, In the moments after starts in both 2013 and Moustakas 80 12 22 3 0 7 11 4 18 0 .275
Perez 77 7 19 2 0 6 11 3 16 0 .247
three-game series against a their OPS (on-base plus Wednesday’s loss in Chica- 2014. This is not new, Yost
Merrifield 30 3 7 0 1 1 2 3 4 1 .233
division rival was interrupt- slugging percentage) was go, the Royals processed reminded. Hosmer 85 4 19 1 1 1 6 7 12 0 .224
ed by rain on Saturday just .594, 47 points worse the sting of a winless road Moore believes that Butera 16 1 3 1 0 0 0 0 4 0 .188
evening. Yet Moore says his than the 29th-ranked team trip. Manager Ned Yost Gordon will snap out of his Gordon 83 6 15 3 0 0 5 7 20 0 .181
views and evaluation of his in baseball, the San Fran- suggested that his team funk and “help us win Escobar 78 4 13 4 0 0 2 3 18 0 .167
team were not altered by cisco Giants. was perhaps pressing too games.” Moore believes Orlando 47 4 7 0 0 0 2 1 15 1 .149
one lost week. Alex Gordon is batting hard to get off to a good Hosmer will perform to his Moss 56 5 8 0 0 4 6 7 24 1 .143
Cuthbert 29 1 4 0 0 1 1 2 7 0 .138
“Right now this is cer- just .181 with zero homers. start. track record. The Royals Mondesi 39 4 4 0 0 1 2 3 16 5 .103
tainly the group of players Hosmer, after a three-hit Yet in the face of the are still built on pitching Colon 11 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 0 .091
that we believe in,” Moore game on Wednesday and a disappointment, as the and defense, built to pre- Gore 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
said in a phone interview one-for-three night on Royals move forward in a vent runs, which may limit Totals 727 58 149 18 2 22 54 57 178 14 .205
on Thursday, one day be- Friday, is back up to .224 season that could be de- their offensive ceiling. But Pitchers W L SV IP H R ER HR BB SO ERA
fore the skid continued at after a quiet start. Moss, a fined by a pending class of Moore still believes in the Junis 0 0 0 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0.00
Kauffman Stadium. “There veteran player with a track free agents, Moore sees talent on the roster. Vargas 3 1 0 25.2 21 5 4 1 2 28 1.40
simply is not enough sam- record of getting on base other reasons for optimism. “We’ve had good Aprils, Alexander 0 1 0 10.1 6 2 2 1 2 6 1.74
Herrera 1 0 3 8.0 3 2 2 2 2 5 2.25
ple size in 2017 to abandon and hitting homers, has The energy and focus have of course,” he said. “But
Kennedy 0 2 0 31.1 17 8 8 3 14 28 2.30
or pull the plug or chart been a strikeout machine, been present on defense, early on, the first couple Soria 1 1 0 10.2 8 4 3 0 7 13 2.53
another course.” even by his standards. In 16 which is one reason the months, we’ve always went Duffy 2 1 0 32.0 27 10 10 2 12 24 2.81
Moore has often cited games, Moss has hit .143 Royals entered Saturday through little stretches like Minor 0 1 0 9.2 8 4 4 0 3 8 3.72
the 40-game mark as a fair with 24 strikeouts, thought with the best starting rota- this. I’m not discouraged. Hammel 0 2 0 18.2 23 11 11 0 10 14 5.30
time to make fuller judg- he did club his fourth tion ERA (3.12) in the ma- I’m not frustrated. I’m very Moylan 0 0 0 9.2 10 6 6 1 3 8 5.59
ments on a baseball season. homer on Friday night in a jors. optimistic and positive that Young 0 0 0 7.2 13 7 5 1 4 5 5.87
Karns 0 2 0 23.0 24 16 16 6 9 19 6.26
But even then, Moore says, 6-4 loss. “The fact that we’re our players will continue to Strahm 0 2 0 4.0 5 7 7 1 6 2 15.75
his opinion is unlikely to be “Baseball is very unpre- playing good defense tells work hard and continue to Wood 0 2 0 5.1 9 11 11 1 8 5 18.56
significantly swayed. dictable,” Moore said. “We you that the concentration focus on winning.” Totals 7 15 3 197.0 175 93 89 19 84 165 4.07

Find expanded standings and box scores from yesterday's games in our electronic edition. Learn about the e-edition at


East W L Pct GB L10 East W L Pct GB L10
New York 15 7 .682 — 7-3 Washington 16 8 .667 — 7-3
AMERICAN LEAGUE Baltimore 14 8 .636 1 6-4 Philadelphia 11 10 .524 31⁄2 7-3
Boston 12 11 .522 31⁄2 4-6 Miami 10 12 .455 5 3-7
Tampa Bay 12 13 .480 41⁄2 5-5 New York 10 13 .435 51⁄2 3-7
Blue Jays 4, Rays 1: Justin Toronto 7 17 .292 9 4-6 Atlanta 9 12 .429 5 ⁄2
Smoak had three hits, Central W L Pct GB L10 Central W L Pct GB L10
including a two-run homer, Chicago 13 9 .591 — 7-3 Chicago 13 10 .565 — 7-3
and host Toronto beat Cleveland 13 10 .565 1
⁄2 7-3 St. Louis 12 11 .522 1 8-2
Minnesota 11 11 .500 2 4-6 Milwaukee 12 12 .500 11⁄2 4-6
Tampa Bay. Detroit 11 12 .478 21⁄2 3-7 Pittsburgh 11 12 .478 2 5-5
Yankees 12, Orioles 4: Kansas City 7 15 .318 6 1-9 Cincinnati 10 13 .435 3 2-8
Brett Gardner, Aaron West W L Pct GB L10 West W L Pct GB L10
Judge and the thundering Houston 15 8 .652 — 6-4 Colorado 15 9 .625 — 6-4
Los Angeles 13 12 .520 3 6-4 Arizona 15 10 .600 1
⁄2 5-5
Yankees picked up right Seattle 11 14 .440 5 5-5 Los Angeles 12 12 .500 3 5-5
where they left off the Oakland 10 13 .435 5 5-5 San Francisco 9 15 .375 6 4-6
Texas 10 13 .435 5 5-5 San Diego 9 16 .360 61⁄2 4-6
previous night, steam-
rolling past visiting Balti- FRIDAY’S GAMES FRIDAY’S GAMES
more for their fourth N.Y. Yankees 14, Baltimore 11 (10) N.Y. Mets 7, Washington 5
straight victory. Tampa Bay 7, Toronto 4 Boston 5, Chi. Cubs 4
Indians 4, Mariners 3: MICHAEL DWYER AP Boston 5, Chi. Cubs 4 Pittsburgh 12, Miami 2
Danny Salazar got off to a Cubs' Miguel Montero (47) celebrates his solo home run in front of Red Sox's Christian Chi. White Sox 7, Detroit 3 Atlanta 10, Milwaukee 8
rocky start, then combined Vazquez, left. Seattle 3, Cleveland 1 St. Louis 7, Cincinnati 5
with two Cleveland reliev- L.A. Angels 6, Texas 3 Colorado 3, Arizona 1
Houston 9, Oakland 4
ers to hold Seattle hitless
over the final eight innings
League News ment in his left knee. The
person confirmed Eaton’s
Tampa Bay connected
three times to beat strug- Minnesota 6, Kansas City 4
L.A. Dodgers 5, Philadelphia 3
S.F. 4, San Diego 3
to give the host Indians a A The game between status to The Associated gling Toronto. SATURDAY’S GAMES SATURDAY’S GAMES
win. Minnesota and Kansas City Press on condition of ano- White Sox 7, Tigers 3: N.Y. Yankees 12, Baltimore 4 N.Y. Mets 5, Washington 3
White Sox 6, Tigers 4 has been rained out. They nymity, because the Geovany Soto broke open a Toronto 4, Tampa Bay 1 Cincinnati at St. Louis, ppd.
(10): Melky Cabrera led off will make up the game July Nationals had not made tie game with a bases load- Chi. White Sox 6, Detroit 4 (10) Chi. Cubs 7, Boston 4
the 10th inning with a solo 1 as part of a day-night split public the severity of the ed, two-run single in the Chi. Cubs 7, Boston 4 Atlanta at Milwaukee, 6:10 p.m.
homer off Justin Wilson doubleheader. injury. eighth inning, helping Cleveland 4, Seattle 3 Pittsburgh 4, Miami 0
and Avisail Garcia added A Shelby Miller’s season A Los Angeles has put visiting Chicago beat De- Oakland at Houston, 6:10 p.m. Colorado at Arizona, 7:10 p.m.
an RBI triple, lifting vis- is over after Arizona’s first baseman C.J. Cron troit. L.A. Angels at Texas, 6:15 p.m. San Diego at S.F., 8:05 p.m.
iting Chicago to a win over right-hander announced and left-handed starter Minnesota at Kansas City, ppd. Philadelphia at L.A. Dodgers,
Detroit. Saturday he will have Tom- Tyler Skaggs on the 10-day 8:10 p.m.
my John surgery on his disabled list. Baltimore (Miley 1-1) at N.Y. SUNDAY’S GAMES
NATIONAL LEAGUE pitching elbow. Mets 7, Nationals 5: Josh Yankees (Montgomery 1-1), Pittsburgh (Kuhl 1-2) at Miami

Mets 5, Nationals 3: Mi-

A The game between St.
Louis and Cincinnati has
Friday’s late Edgin relieved Mets closer
Jeurys Familia with the
12:05 p.m.
Tampa Bay (Archer 2-1) at To-
(Koehler 1-1), 12:10 p.m.
N.Y. Mets (Syndergaard 1-1) at
chael Conforto hit two been postponed because of games bases loaded in the ninth
ronto (Sanchez 0-1), 12:07 p.m.
Chi. White Sox (Gonzalez 3-0) at
Washington (Ross 1-0),
12:35 p.m.
home runs and slumping rain. No makeup day has inning and got Bryce Har- Detroit (Zimmermann 2-1), Atlanta (Foltynewicz 0-2) at
Jose Reyes also connected, been announced and a per to hit into a game- 12:10 p.m. Milwaukee (Garza 0-0), 1:10 p.m.
leading visiting New York doubleheader on Sunday AMERICAN LEAGUE ending double play, fin- Seattle (De Jong 0-1) at Cleve-
Cincinnati (Arroyo 2-2) at St.
over Washington. has been ruled out. ishing a win over host land (Tomlin 1-3), 12:10 p.m.
Louis (Wacha 2-1), 1:15 p.m.
Oakland (Hahn 1-1) at Houston
Pirates 4, Marlins 0: Ivan Yankees 14, Orioles 11 Washington. (Keuchel 4-0), 1:10 p.m. San Diego (Richard 2-3) at S.F.
(Blach 0-1), 3:05 p.m.
Nova pitched a three-hit
shutout and visiting Pirates
Injuries (10): Matt Holliday hit a
three-run homer in the
Cardinals 7, Reds 5: Dex-
ter Fowler and Jedd Gyor-
Minnesota (Hughes 3-1) at
Kansas City (Hammel 0-2), Colorado (Marquez 0-1) at
1:15 p.m. Arizona (Corbin 2-3), 3:10 p.m.
beat Miami. A Seattle has placed 10th inning and host New ko homered and Yadier Philadelphia (Pivetta 0-0) at L.A.
right-hander Evan Scribner York completed a rally Molina short-circuited a L.A. Angels (Ramirez 2-2) at
Texas (Perez 1-3), 2:05 p.m. Dodgers (Ryu 0-4), 3:10 p.m.
INTERLEAGUE on the 10-day disabled list from an eight-run deficit, rally with a bases-loaded Chi. Cubs (Hendricks 2-1) at
Chi. Cubs (Hendricks 2-1) at
with a sore elbow and outslugging Baltimore. pickoff to lead host St. Boston (Rodriguez 1-1), 7:05 p.m. Boston (Rodriguez 1-1), 7:05 p.m.
Cubs 7, Red Sox 4: Antho- recalled outfielder Boog Astros 9, Athletics 4: Louis to a win over Cincin-
ny Rizzo hit a two-run Powell from Triple-A Tac- Charlie Morton struck out nati.
Toronto at N.Y. Yankees, Pittsburgh at Cincinnati,
homer, and Miguel Monte- oma. a career-high 12, George Rockies 3, Diamondbacks 6:10 p.m.
6:05 p.m.
ro and Ben Zobrist both A A person familiar with Springer singled home the 1: Trevor Story homered Tampa Bay at Miami, 6:10 p.m.
Baltimore at Boston, 6:10 p.m.
had solo shots, helping the situation says that tying run and host Houston and rookie Kyle Freeland Cleveland at Detroit, 6:10 p.m. N.Y. Mets at Atlanta, 6:35 p.m.
visiting Chicago rebound Washington Nationals beat Oakland. pitched six innings, helping Tampa Bay at Miami, 6:10 p.m. Philadelphia at Chi. Cubs,
from a series-opening loss center fielder Adam Eaton Rays 7, Blue Jays 4: Logan visiting Colorado beat Texas at Houston, 7:10 p.m.
7:05 p.m.
with a win over Boston. will miss the rest of the Morrison hit a two-run Arizona. Chi. White Sox at Kansas City, Milwaukee at St. Louis, 7:15 p.m.
season with a torn liga- home run and visiting — FROM WIRE REPORTS 7:15 p.m. S.F. at L.A. Dodgers, 9:10 p.m.
High schools

High schools on the web

Make sure to check out The Star’s high school website,
where you will find the latest news and video. Go to and click on high schools.

Javelin throw
becomes a title
event in Missouri
on the football team, than strength-building.
BY SAM MCDOWELL which finished runner-up “The way you think in Missouri Class 6 last you’d throw a sphere is
fall — it probably seems not how you actually
The javelin runway is like a natural transition to throw a sphere,” Schmidt
tucked along a chain-link the javelin. That’s what he said. “You would think
fence at Blue Springs High was hoping, too. But you would just grab it and
School. It neighbors a there’s little that would be just chuck it. It doesn’t
parking lot, which became considered natural about work that way.
a relevant detail Friday the movements required “It’s really funny to
evening. to throw the javelin, an watch people who don’t
The Missouri State High event that actually dates know what they’re doing
School Activities Associ- back to the Olympic try to throw it.”
ation will offer the javelin Games in Ancient Greece. Progress is being made.
throw as a state cham- Two years ago, Cowling said he already
pionship event for the first MSHSAA announced its noticed some improve-
time at next month’s state plans to conduct a two- ment last season, when
meet in Jefferson City. year trial for the javelin, MSHSAA allowed the
And there’s a bit of a with the possibility of javelin throw at the state
learning curve, as it turns implementation into the meet but labeled it an
out. In the midst of the state scoring in 2017. “exhibition” event. In
competition Friday at the That’s when Lee’s Summit other words, the compet-
Gary Parker Invitational, a seniors Dakota Collins itors could receive a med-
8-foot red sphere sailed and Adam Schmidt tried it al — and Cowling indeed
through the trees, cleared for the first time. placed second in the state
that chain-link fence and It was a rocky start. — but it lacked some au-
rattled the bumper of a “You know how if you thenticity.
pair of pickup trucks. throw something light Cowling has already
“You see some pretty (weight) for too long it surpassed his state-meet
bad throws out here some- starts to hurt your shoul- mark by more than 12 feet
times,” said Blue Springs der? That’s how this is,” this season. And that still
senior Dylan Cowling, Schmidt said. “They’re might not be good enough
“just because guys aren’t not heavy. It’s a really to win it this spring.
used to throwing it. weird thing. They don’t “There was a meet a
“It’s a lot harder than it have any weight to them.” couple of years ago, and a
looks.” Schmidt finished third couple of kids came in and
The errant throws didn’t Friday at the Gary Parker threw it 140 or 150 (feet),
come from Cowling, who Invitational at Blue and I just thought that was
won the event Friday. His Springs. Collins was fifth. so far,” Cowling said.
longest throw traveled 174 For two years, they have “This year, it takes 160
feet, 2 inches in the air practiced the javelin, just to be in it. With it
before the sphere stuck knowing they would have being a real event this
into the ground. Liberty no opportunity to score year, it’s definitely becom-
North’s Ava Curry later points for their team at a ing a lot more compet-
won the girls event with a state meet. Most of the itive.”
throw of 127 feet, 9 inch- training — at least for the
es. newcomers, and there are Sam McDowell:
JILL TOYOSHIBA For those who know plenty of those in Missouri 816-234-4869,
Dylan Cowling of Blue Springs High School won the javelin throw event Friday at the Cowling’s athletic back- this spring — is centered @SamMcDowell11
Gary Parker Invitational meet at Blue Springs High School. ground — a quarterback around technique more

KSHSAA classification proposals kept alive state and will require a

majority of total votes
Faflick said if the pro-
Board passes both plans more than a year. del would trim 4A to 32 Faflick. It will be voted on in 1A. It also details posal passes will likely
to change the size and Friday’s votes by the schools, set 3A and 2A at by schools affected 4A changes on how the classi- come down to how the
number of classifications board of directors does 48 schools, and the re- through 1A and will re- fication changes would largest schools (Class 6A
in all sports. The not finalize either propos- maining 11-man schools quire a majority in the affect regional qualifying and 5A) and the smallest
measures will now go to a al. Schools across the state playing in 1A, with approx- total votes, as well as a for each sport. schools (2A and 1A) vote.
final vote by schools. will have the final say in a imately 50 in both divi- majority from the classes The proposal passed “Now we’re adding a
vote that will happen in sions of 8-man football. (meaning it needs to pass 52-15 and featured little few more athletes at the
May. In the postseason, 4A in three of the four class- discussion from the 67 6A level and in those qua-
BY TAYLOR ELDRIDGE “To take this next step would follow the current es). members on the board of si-team sports that means is significant for our mem- 8-game district model “The more detail you directors in attendance on they’re not competing
ber schools,” said Bill used by 32-team classes can provide, the more Friday. against several more thou-
TOPEKA Faflick, who was part of like 6A and 5A where the informed their decision “I’m very pleased and sands of students than
A pair of proposals to the committee. “They first round of the playoffs can be,” Faflick said. I’m encouraged the vote they did before,” Faflick
change the size and num- want to see a change and would begin in Week 9. “Now knowing what the was not even close,” Fa- said. “I also think at that
ber of classifications in this was a necessary step For the 48-team classes end result will be is a huge flick said. “I thought it 1A level, 117 is a large
Kansas high school sports to make that possible.” 3A and 2A, there would be step.” would be closer. I think number. Even if it’s less
cleared its first step on The first proposal for a 5-game district season The second proposal, the board exercised some than 117, which it will be
Friday. football only, which with the playoffs also which passed 52-15, ad- wisdom. They gave that (through co-operative
The Kansas State High passed 56-11, would elim- beginning Week 9. dresses all sports but foot- initial approval and now it agreements), that’s still a
School Activities Associ- inate the two divisions of Nailing down a final ball and would expand 6A goes back to the schools large number.”
ation board of directors Class 4A, rid 3A teams of posteason model for foot- and 5A to 36 schools, trim and now they have a
passed both proposals playing 3 games in 10 days ball, which the first pro- 4A to 36 schools, lock 3A chance to weigh in.” Taylor Eldridge:
submitted by a 14-person in the playoffs, and revive posal lacked, was crucial and 2A in at 64 schools The all-sports proposal 316-268-6270,
committee who studied 1A football for the first to the proposal’s success with the approximately 117 will be voted on by all @vkeldridge
classification changes for time since 1984. The mo- on Friday, according to other schools competing schools throughout the


advocating for a reception that was much-celebrated
at Union Station. at the time.
But her national title He learned of her on the
was only part of what Kansas City Golf Associ-
made her so compelling. ation web site as an inau-
Because she also was gural member (2013) of
straight out of central the KCGA Hall of Fame,
casting for the Roaring then sought information
Twenties, a ripsnorting and images of her for the
character who smoked book.
and smacked gum and That’s when he discov- FILE PHOTO

chattered on the fairways. ered the Strauss-Peyton Miriam Burns graced the
Because she was none- glamour portrait through a cover of Kansas City Golfer
theless not easily cate- Google search. in September of 1923.
gorized: In addition to her With the help of Green
pioneering golf, she at- Jacket Auctions, he
tended Northwestern tracked down the owner,
University and wrote Howard Schickler, who at that hour and that such
newspaper and magazine has a vast collection of a parade probably would
columns about the game. vintage golf photographs not be in the interest of
Because she was mar- ( public safety.”
ried twice by age 25 — that still features the one Just the same, the recep-
scandalous for the time — of Burns on the front page tion was overwhelming for
and retired from compet- of its women’s archive. the nation’s new “Golf
itive golf at 26, traveled As it happens, Schickler Queen.”
the world and otherwise told Garrity in a phone She was met by dozens
vanished from the public conversation that he ac- of her friends, reportedly
eye. quired the autographed frenzied in competition to
Until she died under print from a Hollywood be the first to congratulate
murky circumstances in collector of fine art pho- her, and bestowed a great
1951 back in Kansas City. tography. basket of flowers … even
“Her death on the Plaza For the book, Garrity as she appeared more
at the age of 47 remains a needed only to purchase a concerned about the fate
mystery, as well,” Jack high-res digital copy of the of her golf bag.
Garvin, local golf historian photograph. She was toasted with
and expert, said in an But conscious of all the parties and gifts and
e-mail. “Every time I eat club had lost in the fires basked in the limelight for
at Winstead’s, I think of and enamored of the pho- USGA FILE PHOTO weeks.
her final days in that to, Garrity and his wife The New York Times called Miriam Burns “a grim fighter with nerves of steel.”
apartment building next decided to buy the original But it wasn’t long before
door.” for $1,500 and donate it she faded and her life
For the record, she died as a centennial gift. became a local sensation. captured with this para- fied her boisterous image: seemed to become com-
“at St. Luke’s hospital One that transcends She was featured in graph in the book: “I only acquired what plicated.
after an illness of two days time. 1923 on the cover of Kan- “The New York Times some one person achieves Newspapers reported
… (after she) became ill “Her prominence, this sas City Golfer magazine, described her as ‘a grim each year,” she told re- she had an unspecified
with a respiratory ailment club’s history, how those and her personal life be- fighter with nerves of porters, “and it was my major surgery in late Oc-
which developed into two things are tied, that came of such interest and steel,’ but Herbert Warren lucky time.” tober, and she soon was
lobar pneumonia,” The says a lot about the club appeal that her first mar- Wind pegged her as ‘the But Burns caught on to divorced from Horn and
Star wrote in an obituary. then, the club now and riage was all the rage in girl with the most sex the wisecracks about not in 1928 married George
The family, it added her,” Mervosh said. “That the papers in 1925. appeal in the judgment of looking or playing like a W. Tyson.
without elaboration on photo of Miriam Burns “CAMPUS ROMANCE the galleries.’ ” champion and later wrote, In 1930, at age 26, she
identities, “requests no kind of ties this clubhouse ENDS AT ALTAR,” blared Even the golf writers “It is the first time I real- retired from tournament
flowers be sent.” into the past.” the Journal-Post photo who sneered at her game ized one’s appearance had golf.
caption with the story of seemed enchanted by her. any bearing on a cham- According to Garvin, that
Now, though, is a fine The daughter of Clinton her wedding to fellow “She doesn’t look like a pionship.” same year in the census her
time for bouquets. S. Burns and Mabel Mi- Northwestern student champion. She doesn’t She also later told The son Kenneth was listed as
Milburn this month riam McComb was born Joseph H. Horn on June 6, even play like one,” Mid- Associated Press that adopted. Though he was
began celebrating its on Feb. 3, 1904. 1925. Week Pictorial magazine reports of Orcutt having mentioned as her sole
100th anniversary with She soared to promi- The marriage, the paper wrote. “She is small and had to play “in clouds of survivor in her obituary,
Burns in some ways at the nence in the Kansas City noted, had been an- lively; she has blond hair, smoke blown from my what became of him and
epicenter, thanks largely golf scene as a 16-year-old nounced in Chicago in- thin ankles and a deter- nostrils” were overstated. whether she has any surviv-
to the splendid work of by winning the first of her stead of Kansas City “on mined jaw; she smokes a “Of course,” she said, ing relatives is unknown.
John Garrity, who began seven Kansas City Wom- account of the objection of package of cigarettes a “it was never that bad.” Garvin discovered docu-
playing there in the Kan- en’s Match Play cham- Miss Burns’ mother … to round, chatters to her Whatever skepticism mentation of her arriving
sas City Golf Association’s pionships. the wedding.” caddy, makes jokes to the there was about her else- at port in New York from
junior program. That victory came only In fact, the Journal-Post gallery, waggles her where was muted by the Buenos Aires in 1937 and
The graceful, gracious two years after her father covered the wedding from wrists, chokes her mashie thrill here, where the Jour- again in 1940, and she
longtime Sports Illustrated had given her her first set Chicago, embellishing it (club) and keeps her ball nal-Post had reportedly was divorced from Tyson
writer was commissioned of clubs and she began with the language of the in the middle of the taken dozens of phone in the late 1940s.
to write a book celebrating taking instruction from times: course. She never takes calls during her champion- Even between Garrity’s
the centennial (“The Milburn pro Harry Robb. “Miss Miriam Burns of her mind off wining a ship match seeking up- extensive research for the
Phoenix Rises”) of a club According to the Jour- Kansas City, who always match. That is why she is dates via the news service book, Garvin’s previous
twice engulfed in fires nal-Post in 1927, Robb plays golf to win, never- the champion. wires. exhaustive efforts and our
(1932 and 2010) that de- said “she’ll be a champion theless lost to Cupid here “(She) will probably not Her victory left the Jour- own searches of Star ar-
stroyed much of its mem- some day” soon after he today in the finals of a be champion again. Her nal-Post touting her return- chives and other databas-
orabilia. began working with her. game of love … .” golf doesn’t warrant the ing at Union Station on the es, those are about the
Milburn’s fascinating By age 15, Burns was It even made the papers position; her spirit does, 5 p.m. Chicago and Alton only known glimpses of
history also includes “how expressing considerable the next year that she had it’s true, but spirit can’t Railroad from St. Louis and her between retirement
a gangster and a band of self-confidence. Prevented taken 10 months away always win tournaments.” urging “Every Devotee of and her death in 1951.
hapless kidnappers in- by age rules from partici- from the game, joined her Yet the writer couldn’t (The) Game … to Welcome Still, there is this por-
volved Milburn in two of pating in the city cham- mother in Europe and help but add, “When Mrs. Mrs. Horn” there. trait that you ought to see.
the most notorious crimes pionship, the Journal-Post traveled around the conti- Horn wasn’t playing, she Alas, there was no Kan- And maybe it says all we
of the thirties,” as de- reported her saying, “I’ll nent with her infant son, was the one you wanted to sas City Sports Commis- need to know … even if we
scribed on the book’s dust get them when they let me Kenneth. see as she walked lightly sion at the time to handle wish there were so much
jacket. play.” and quickly in front of the logistics like it did for the more.
But Garrity became And so she did. In late 1927, though, she gallery with a cigarette in Royals parade in 2015. “She was certainly
particularly intrigued by At a time men and wo- became a national figure her hand and a blue scarf “Plans for staging a ahead of her time,” Mer-
Burns, who was unknown men typically played from and sealed a place in Kan- around her neck.” parade through the down- vosh said, “and we’re
to him before he began the same tees, in an era sas City sports history Her own immediately town district upon Mrs. thrilled to have her as a
researching the book and, when amateur golf con- when she beat Maureen known words about the Horn’s arrival were aban- part of Milburn.”
in fact, remains relatively sumed much of the sports Orcutt in a 6 1⁄2 hour, 36- triumph were far more doned,” the Journal-Post
anonymous even in the pages and public sporting hole final in Garden City. humble than brash from a reported, “when it was Vahe Gregorian:
local golf world despite a interest, she set numerous Cue the contradictions woman whose poise and pointed out street traffic 816-234-4868,
landmark achievement area course records and she evoked, as Garrity articulation perhaps de- would be unusually heavy @vgregorian


Miriam Burns Horn won the women’s golf title in 1927 in Garden City, N.Y. She beat A photo showed Miriam Burns Horn with her son, Kenneth. Though he was mentioned
Maureen Orcutt in a 36-hole final. as her sole survivor in her obituary, what became of him is unknown.
Sports SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017


Sometimes in fishing,
both fish, fisherman win

One second the over-
NICK TRE. SMITH Special to The Star sized fishing outfit was
Sporting Kansas City’s Benny Feilhaber (third from right) and Graham Zusi celebrated dead weight in my hands.
with a hug after a goal by Feilhaber against Real Salt Lake on Saturday night. The next it seemed totally
alive with the thumb-thick
rod bowed 90 degrees and

Sporting KC beats
bucking as the spool atop
the oversized reel spun
like a top as line streamed
away from the boat.

Real Salt Lake 3-0 “Come on fish, give us a

jump,” Rick Stanczyk, a
top Florida Keys guide,
said as we stared out over
the gulf, and hoped I’d
Salt Lake nemesis, in the Sporting KC on Sat- hooked our target species.
BY SAM MCDOWELL 17th minute. Graham Zusi urday started a string of Soon, 100 or more yards set up the goal with a six matches in 22 days. It out a five-foot fish rocket-
layoff pass that put the used its typical lineup ed 15 feet into the air. In MICHAEL PEARCE The Wichita Eagle

On a cold December ball on a tee for Feilhaber, Saturday, but its depth the day’s first rays of sun- Capt. Rick Stanczyk with a 60 pound tarpon caught by
day, a soccer ball rever- who plunked the inside of could be tested over the shine the silvery fish Brian Elliott in the Florida Keys last Monday.
berated off a crossbar the opposite post from 20 ensuing days and weeks. shined like freshly pol-
inside Children’s Mercy yards away. Zusi recorded Sporting KC will play ished chrome. A split
Park, and Sporting Kansas his 50th career assist in host to the New York Red second after splashing saw a video of one that the angler and a boat’s
City charged the field to MLS play, fifth among Bulls on Wednesday be- down it was airborne completely vaulted over crew. Trying to unhook
celebrate an MLS Cup active players. fore a trip to expansion- again with twists and a flip the boat. But such speed something as strong as
championship. Striker Dom Dwyer club Minnesota next Sat- added to the second jump. and acrobatics can wear marlin, tuna or tarpon can
Some 1,239 days later, added the insurance in the urday. Only one fish looks and out the fish fairly quickly. get somebody seriously
that missed penalty kick 52nd minute, his third acts like that – a tarpon. Mid-morning Monday hurt, or even killed.
represented Sporting KC’s goal in four matches after Brian hooked a tarpon that Releases at the leader
last MLS victory against he was scoreless in the THE SILVER KING took a live mullet with a are also done for the pro-
rival Real Salt Lake. first four of 2017. Gerso SPORTING KANSAS CITY 3 My fascination with savage top-water strike. tection of the fish. Worn
The longstanding streak tapped in the third goal in tarpon began with 1960s The high-flying fight last- too thin, some fish be-
came to a long-awaited extra time. Real Salt Lake 0 0 — 0 episodes of “The Amer- ed less than 15 minutes as come easy prey for sharks,
Kansas City 1 2 — 3
close in a downpour on After his first tally of the ican Sportsman,” and the fish wore down from though Stanczyk said big
Saturday, with a fitting season, Dwyer comment- REAL SALT LAKE: Brooks Lennon, Yura outdoors magazines I jump after jump. Stanczyk sharks were rare where we
Movsisyan (Luis Silva, 60th), Joao Plata,
responsible party. ed that he “needed” the Matt Van Oekel, Danilo Acosta (Sebastián watched and read of how estimated it 60 pounds as were fishing.
A Benny Feilhaber 20- goal to spark a streak. The Saucedo, 71st), Chris Wingert, Chris famous anglers, like Ted he removed the hook and Some fish will also fight
Schuler, Demar Phillips, Luke Mulholland
yard strike provided the gates have indeed opened (José Hernández, 85th), Sunny. Williams , battled giant held the fish in the water to the death rather than
prologue to a 3-0 Sporting since, with some variety in KANSAS CITY: Gerso Fernandes, Dominic fish to 200 pounds that for a few photos. give up. I’ve had sailfish
Dwyer (Soony Saad, 91st), Jimmy Medran-
KC victory against Real the finishes. Dwyer even da (Daniel Salloi, 79th), Tim Melia, Graham had more high-flying My fish missed the me- suddenly go belly-up at
Salt Lake on Saturday. scored a rare one with his Zusi, Ike Opara, Matt Besler, Seth Sinovic, moves than an Olympic mo about jumping a lot, the boat.
Roger Espinoza (Soni Mustivar, 70th), Ilie
The epilogue: Sporting right foot Saturday. Sánchez, Benny Feilhaber.
gymnast, and more and wearing down quickly. My largest tuna, 100
KC broke a club record, That was more than GOAL SCORING strength than a gold med- We got the occasional pounds or so, died mid-
extending its home un- enough for the other half Real Salt Lake: None. al power lifter. surface roll from the tar- run, 100 more yards from
beaten streak to 13 match- of the field, where the Kansas City: 1, Feilhaber (Zusi, Espinoza), In those old movies and pon but mostly it just the rod. Friends have had
17th minute. 2, Dwyer (unassisted), 51st
es. It has not lost a home Sporting KC defense for- minute. 3, Fernandes (Saad), 95th minute. magazines the fish always bull-dogged through the the same happen with
match since May 27, 2016. mulated its fifth shutout of RSL SKC seemed as beautiful as water. So many times I tarpon and marlin.
Shots 14 10
Sporting KC is undefeat- the season. Goalkeeper Shots on goal 2 7
they were powerful, with thought I was gaining line, My longest fight before
ed across four home Tim Melia made two saves Saves 4 2 rows of scales of the size and had the fish within 20 the tarpon was about 45
matches this season, three for his fifth clean sheet, Corner kicks 6 6 and sheen of freshly-mint- yards of the boat only to minutes on a black marlin
Fouls 15 7
of them presenting some most in MLS. Offsides 3 4 ed silver dollars. Even have it blitz away like it estimated at 600 pounds.
sort of weather challenge. Real Salt Lake, 2-5-2, YELLOW CARDS decades before I caught was leaving the scene of a Stanczyk thought the tar-
The latest included a had a goal negated by a Real Salt Lake: Mulholland (unsporting one I believed they de- crime. pon around 90 pounds,
behavior), 39th; Phillips (dissent) 51st;
steady stream of rain for delayed offside call in the Movsisyan (unsporting behavior), 55th; served the title of “the That tarpon’s crime, by and after 45 minutes it
the match’s entirety. 29th minute. Real Salt Lennon (unsporting behavior), 85th. Silver King.” the way, would have been was still fighting strong.
Irrelevant, as it turned Lake forward Yura Mov- Kansas City: Feilhaber (unsporting beha- Through all those years assault and battery. With every run the fish
vior), 49th; Espinoza (unsporting beha-
out. sisyan struck a ball that vior), 55th; Zusi (unsporting behavior), I longed for the day when Tuesday morning my made, I became more
Coming off its first loss deflected off the back of 69th; Fernandes (unsporting behavior), I could battle such a fish, abdomen showed 18 fearful it would just die on
of the season against FC forward Joao Plata and OFFICIALS
surrounded by miles of plum-colored bruises from the line. Gradually, the
Dallas last weekend, into the net. After a con- Referee: Jose Carlos Rivero.
blue, shallow water in the when the fish pulled hard boyhood dream of cra-
Sporting KC, 4-1-3, was ference with his assistant Assistant referee:Anthony Vasoli. Florida Keys. I imagined and fast enough to ham- dling a tarpon for a photo
crisp from the jump. It referee, center official Assistant referee: Jose Da Silva. myself waist-deep in wa- mer the butt of the rod became over-shadowed
Fourth official: Nima Saghafi.
resulted in another beauty Jose Rivero ruled the play ter, like I’d seen in some into my belly. Days after with the reality of the
Attendance: 18,648.
from Feilhaber, an Real offside. many photos, cradling a the fight my shoulder felt stress I was putting on the
100-pounder for a photo, as stiff as the Tin Man’s fish.
then watching it swim after a good rain. According to time
away. I marveled at the tar- stamps on Brian’s camera,
My chance came last pon’s strength as it pulled the fight was right at an

FCKC down fielders Katie Bowen and

Brittany Ratcliffe convert
more opportunities for the
Monday when my neph-
ew, Brian Elliott, hired
Stanczyk. He’d come high-
and held a deep bow in
the rod as it towed the
boat hundreds of yards.
hour long when I had the
tarpon close enough
Stanczyk grabbed the

another striker
Blues. Ratcliffe is from ly recommend by experts leader for the fourth time.
Williamstown, N.J., about in the Keys. Raised at his NO SIGN OF Once again the fish pan-
80 miles from Sky Blue’s family’s marina, Bud and SURRENDER icked, pulled the line from
Yurcak Field in Piscata- Mary’s, even at only 34 Forty minutes into the Stanczyk’s hand powered
way Township.
opportunity for an FCKC he’s rated as the best of fight the fish was close off again.
Leroux has yet to play a
BY MARIA TORRES offense that had only put the best by some. I had to enough Stanczyk grabbed I clamped a hand on the
full game this year, log- three shots on goal in the ging 78 minutes against make reservations four the few feet of heavy lead- reel’s spool so the fish
first half against Chicago. Boston and 73 minutes months ago to get last er just above the hook. could take no more line.
As if losing Amy Rodri- On a replay of the play against Chicago. She Monday’s trip. The fish rose enough to After all of that fight, the
guez for the season due to involving Groom and scored one of FCKC’s two After weeks of rough shake a mouth the size of tarpon still had enough
an anterior cruciate liga- Johnson, it could be seen goals this season in the 7th weather, on Monday bucket above the surface a power that the 50-pound-
ment tear wasn’t enough, that Johnson’s knee minute of the club’s game Stanczyk was pleased the few yards from the boat. It test main line sounded
FC Kansas City’s offense knocked into Groom’s against Boston, which was morning was clear and snapped the line from the like a pistol shot when it
took another hit when the torso. Johnson’s forearm the season opener at pretty calm. guide’s closed fist and snapped.
club announced forward hit Groom’s face as John- Swope Soccer Village on Action came fast. headed away. Technically I can say
Shea Groom would sit out son tried to regain her April 16.
own balance. Groom im- Five minutes into fish- In the world of big- I’ve finally caught a tar-
of Sunday’s match against A saving grace for ing, a stingray grabbed a game fishing a fish is con- pon.
Sky Blue FC in New Jersey mediately crumpled to the FCKC is the return of
ground, covering her head chunk of cut mullet Brian sidered caught once that I can live without having
with a rib injury. Canada national team
The offense is now left, with her hands and curling was fishing. Those wing- leader is touched because a photo.
midfielder Desiree Scott,
in no small measure, in up on her right side as who missed the first two like fins provide plenty of it was close enough to
the capable hands of teammates and medical games of the NWSL sea- speed and power. I soon have been gaffed or har-
former U.S. women’s staff surrounded her. son with an ankle sprain. caught another and we pooned. Michael Pearce:
national team member Groom walked off the She’s projected to return both got a yard-long shark It’s also considered a 316-268-6382,
Sydney Leroux. She has field of her own volition to her spot in front of the or two. catch for the protection of @PearceOutdoors
spent the last two games after three minutes only to backline, which should All of those fish we
building up stamina after return to the game with- help shore up some of the brought to the boat. We
missing all of last season out missing any time. issues FCKC encountered had to take the boat to the
(pregnancy) and most of Trainers, who gingerly last week in allowing Chi- tarpon that picked up my
the 2015 NWSL season eased her to her feet on cago to retain control in its bait, bent the rod to the
(ankle surgery). the field, checked her jaw attacking third. bottom eye and headed
Groom went down in at the sideline once more FC Kansas City (1-1-0) toward Mexico in a hurry.
the 68th minute of last but did not fight to stop kicks off against Sky Blue With the reel still losing
week’s game against the her from returning to the FC (0-1-1) on Sunday at 5 line Stanczyk started the
Red Stars in Chicago game. p.m. The game, which is
motor and headed toward
when she collided with Groom, who if from Sky Blue’s home opener,
will be available for the tarpon as fast as I
Sam Johnson on a tackle. Liberty, played all 90
streaming on the go90 could crank the reel. The
In an attempt to kick the minutes last Saturday and
finished with three shots app and at fish gave another good
ball into the goal from a
few feet outside the box, on goal, one of them in leap as we closed the dis-
Groom appeared to slip on the 90th minute. For now, Maria Torres: tance. Then the battle
her planted foot and slid the club is only certain she 816-234-4379, really began.
right into Johnson’s out- will miss one game. @maria_torres3 Tarpon fights are known
stretched leg. Without Groom’s steady to usually be fast and
Groom had just broken presence on the field this hectic. Some battle the
away from several Chica- weekend, FC Kansas City angler with dozens of
go defenders, winning the will lean on Leroux at the FCKC at Sky Blue FC (N.J.), 5 p.m. jumps. Big fish have been
ball and finally creating an top and hope that mid- Sunday, known to land in boats. I

(Best-of-seven series; x-if necessary) (best-of-seven series; x-if necessary) Dragway
ENERGY CUP TOYOTA 1. Clay Millican, 3.716 seconds, 325.77 BISHOP MIEGE
Portland 5 2 2 17 20 12 230.21 vs. 8. Shawn Langdon, 3.760, Bishop Miege 2, Thomas More Prep 0.
BOSTON 4, CHICAGO 2 PITTSBURGH 1, WASHINGTON 0 Sporting KC 4 1 3 15 9 3 At Richmond (Va.) International Raceway 318.84 vs. 9. Leah Pritchett, 3.770,
After Friday’s qualifying; race Sunday BISH (S. Stram, Thompson; shutout by
Sun., April 16: Chicago 106, Boston 102 Thur., April 27: Pittsburgh 3, Washington FC Dallas 4 0 3 15 10 5 322.73. 2. Doug Kalitta, 3.718, 322.73
(Car number in parentheses) Meikel). Records: BISH 7-5-1, TMP 6-4-1.
Tues., April 18: Chicago 111, Boston 97 2 Houston 4 3 1 13 15 13 vs. 15. Chris Karamesines, 4.059, 291.57
Fri., April 21: Boston 104, Chicago 87 Sat., April 29: at Washington, late San Jose 3 3 3 12 9 10 1. (20) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 121.076 vs. 7. Brittany Force, 3.745, 324.75 vs. TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS
Sun., April 23: Boston 104, Chicago 95 Mon., May 1: at Pittsburgh, 6:30 p.m. Vancouver 3 4 1 10 11 14 mph. 2. (21) Ryan Blaney, Ford, 120.854. 10. Terry McMillen, 3.797, 323.81. 3. In Burlington, Iowa
Wed., April 26: Boston 108, Chicago 97 Wed., May 3: at Pittsburgh, 6:30 p.m. x Seattle 2 2 3 9 11 8 3. (78) Martin Truex Jr., Toyota, 120.681. Antron Brown, 3.720, 328.06 vs. 14. Ike Championship
Fri., April 28: Boston 105, Chicago 83 x-Sat., May 6: at Washington, TBA Real Salt Lake 2 5 2 8 9 15 4. (17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, Maier, 3.959, 301.47 vs. 6. Tony Schu-
Minnesota United 2 5 2 8 13 25 120.471. 5. (22) Joey Logano, Ford, St. Thomas Aquinas 1, St. Charles North
WASHINGTON 4, ATLANTA 2 x-Mon., May 8: at Pittsburgh, TBA macher, 3.740, 324.51 vs. 11. Pat Dakin,
x Los Angeles 2 5 0 6 8 13 120.380. 6. (4) Kevin Harvick, Ford, (Ill.) 1.* STA (Klanke). SCN (Rydeburg).
x-Wed., May 10: at Washington, TBA 3.828, 317.12. 4. Steve Torrence, 3.723,
Sun., April 16: Washington 114, Atlanta Colorado 1 5 1 4 5 11 120.326. 7. (18) Kyle Busch, Toyota, Records: STA 10-2-1, SCN 13-0-2.
OTTAWA 2, N.Y. RANGERS 0 329.10 vs. 13. Dom Lagana, 3.883,
107 120.171. 8. (14) Clint Bowyer, Ford, 311.63 vs. 5. Troy Coughlin Jr., 3.729, *-Game called with 16 minues remaining
Eastern W L T Pts GF GA
Wed., April 19: Washington 109, Atlanta Thur., April 27: Ottawa 2, N.Y. Rangers 1 120.144. 9. (41) Kurt Busch, Ford, 321.73 vs. 12. Scott Palmer, 3.841, due to unplayable field.
101 Sat., April 29: Ottawa 6, N.Y. Rangers 5, Orlando City 6 1 0 18 10 5 120.027. 10. (1) Jamie McMurray, 322.27. Did Not Qualify: 17. Smax Smith,
Sat., April 22: Atlanta 116, Washington 98 2OT New York 5 3 1 16 11 10 Chevrolet, 119.691. 11. (19) Daniel 4.420, 276.69. 18. Luigi Novelli, 6.039,
Mon., April 24: Atlanta 111, Washington Tues., May 2: at N.Y. Rangers, 6 p.m. New York City FC 4 3 1 13 14 9 Suarez, Toyota, 119.090. 12. (88) Dale 108.34.
101 Thur., May 4: at N.Y. Rangers, 6:30 p.m. Columbus 4 4 1 13 13 13 Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 119.000. 13.
Wed., April 26: Washington 103, Atlanta 99 x-Sat., May 6: at Ottawa, TBA FUNNY CAR
Fri., April 28: Washington 115, Atlanta 99 x-Tues., May 9: at N.Y. Rangers, TBA
Toronto FC
Atlanta United FC
3 1 4 13 12 7
3 2 2 11 17 8
(31) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 119.697.
14. (24) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet,
1. Courtney Force, Chevy Camaro,
3.851, 323.27 vs. 16. Jonnie Lindberg,
x-Thur., May 11: at Ottawa, TBA Chicago 3 3 2 11 11 12 119.670. 15. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford,
TORONTO 4, MILWAUKEE 2 Toyota Camry, 4.078, 282.07 vs. 8. J.R.
x New England 2 3 3 9 11 11 119.670. 16. (11) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, Todd, Camry, 3.956, 321.19 vs. 9. Bob WOMEN’S LACROSSE
Sat., April 15: Milwaukee 97, Toronto 83 WESTERN CONFERENCE D.C. United 2 3 2 8 6 12 119.665. 17. (48) Jimmie Johnson, Tasca III, Ford Mustang, 3.962, 323.35. Lindenwood 13, Rockhurst 2
Tues., April 18: Toronto 106, Milwaukee SECOND ROUND Montreal 1 3 4 7 11 14 Chevrolet, 119.638. 18. (42) Kyle Larson,
100 x Philadelphia 0 4 3 3 8 14 2. Robert Hight, Camaro, 3.873, 333.91
Thur., April 20: Milwaukee 104, Toronto 77 EDMONTON 2, ANAHEIM 0
Chevrolet, 119.379. 19. (5) Kasey Kahne, vs. 15. Jim Campbell, Dodge Charger, SOFTBALL
x-late game not included Chevrolet, 119.226. 4.050, 309.20 vs. 7. Tommy Johnson Jr.,
Sat., April 22: Toronto 87, Milwaukee 76 Wed., April 26: Edmonton 5, Anaheim 3 20. (77) Erik Jones, Toyota, 118.948. Utah Valley 6-9, UMKC 4-1
Mon., April 24: Toronto 118, Milwaukee 93 Note: Three points are awarded for a win, Charger, 3.922, 319.52 vs. 10. Jack
Fri., April 28: Edmonton 2, Anaheim 1 21. (10) Danica Patrick, Ford, 118.896.
Thur., April 27: Toronto 92, Milwaukee 89 Sun., April 30: at Edmonton, 6 p.m.
one point for a tie
22. (47) AJ Allmendinger, Chevrolet,
Beckman, Charger, 3.970, 323.12. 3. MEN’S TENNIS
Saturday’s results John Force, Camaro, 3.889, 328.54 vs.
CLEVELAND 4, INDIANA 0 Wed., May 3: at Edmonton, 9 p.m. 118.640. 23. (37) Chris Buescher, 14. Chad Head, Camry, 4.030, 292.90 vs. WAC CHAMPIONSHIP
x-Fri., May 5: at Anaheim, 9:30 p.m. Sporting Kansas City 3, Real Salt Lake 0 Chevrolet, 118.437. 24. (13) Ty Dillon,
Sat., April 15: Cleveland 109, Indiana 108 Vancouver 2, Montreal 1 6. Ron Capps, Charger, 3.904, 324.12 vs. In Las Cruces, N.M.
x-Sun., May 7: at Edmonton, TBA Chevrolet, 117.025. 25. (43) Aric 11. Del Worsham, Camry, 3.981, 320.51.
Mon., April 17: Cleveland 117, Indiana 111 x-Wed., May 10: at Anaheim, TBA Orlando City 2, Colorado 0 Saturday’s semifinal
Almirola, Ford, 119.079. 26. (27) Paul 4. Matt Hagan, Charger, 3.898, 331.28
Thur., April 20: Cleveland 119, Indiana 114 New York 2, Chicago 1 UMKC 4, Texas-Rio Grande Valley 2. No. 1
NASHVILLE 1, ST. LOUIS 1 Menard, Chevrolet, 119.011. 27. (95) vs. 13. Bob Bode, Charger, 4.027, 294.69
Sun., April 23: Cleveland 106, Indiana 102 New York City FC 3, Columbus 2 singles: Jansen, UTRGV, d. Castellano,
Michael McDowell, Chevrolet, 118.917. vs. 5. Tim Wilkerson, Mustang, 3.903,
Wed., April 26: Nashville 4, St. Louis 3 Portland 2, FC Dallas 2, tie 28. (34) Landon Cassill, Ford, 118.864. UMKC, 6-4, 6-4. No. 1 doubles: Castellano/
WESTERN CONFERENCE Fri., April 28: St. Louis 3, Nashville 2 San Jose 1, Minnesota United 0 29. (6) Trevor Bayne, Ford, 118.796. 30.
319.07 vs. 12. Cruz Pedregon, Camry, Psarros, UMKC, d. Kaufman/Johnstone,
FIRST ROUND Sun., April 30: at Nashville, 2 p.m. New England at Seattle, late 4.004, 286.62. Did Not Qualify: 17. Dave UTRGV, 6-3.
(38) David Ragan, Ford, 118.369. 31. Richards, 4.125, 303.16. 18. Jeff Diehl,
Tues., May 2: at Nashville, 8:30 p.m. Philadelphia at Los Angeles, late
GOLDEN STATE 4, PORTLAND 0 (23) Gray Gaulding, Toyota, 118.131. 32. 4.232, 277.09. 19. Dale Creasy Jr., NCAA DIVISION II REGIONALS
Fri., May 5: at St. Louis, 7 p.m. Sunday’s game (32) Matt DiBenedetto, Ford, 117.940. 4.535, 251.34.
Sun., April 16: Golden St. 121, Portland x-Sun., May 7: at Nashville, TBA D.C. United at Atlanta United FC, 2 p.m. Central Regional, in Bolivar, Mo.
33. (15) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet,
109. x-Tues., May 9: at St. Louis, TBA PRO STOCK Southwest Baptist 5, Washburn 2. No. 1
Friday’s result 117.386. 34. (83) Corey LaJoie, Toyota,
Wed. April 19: Golden St. 110, Portland 81 Toronto FC 2, Houston 0 117.096. 35. (33) Jeffrey Earnhardt, 1. Jeg Coughlin, Chevy Camaro, 6.578, singles: Abohabaga, SBU, d. Plaza, WU,
Satn, April 22: Golden St.119, Portland 113 Chevrolet, 116.995. 36. (72) Cole Whitt, 210.24 vs. 16. John Gaydosh Jr, Chevrolet 6-2, 6-4. No. 1 doubles: Plaza/Hunter, WU,
Mon, April 24: Golden St.128, Portland 103 UNITED SOCCER LEAGUE Chevrolet, 116.939. 37. (51) Timmy Hill, Camaro, 6.761, 204.51 vs. 8. Drew d. Abohabaga/Blodig, SBU, 8-3.
Skillman, Camaro, 6.612, 209.65 vs. 9.
Sat., April 15: S. Antonio 111, Memphis 82
Chevrolet, 116.189. 38. (3) Austin Dillon,
Chevrolet, 82.792. Vincent Nobile, Camaro, 6.617, 209.14. 2.
Midwest Region, in Big Rapids, Mich.
Grand Valley State 5, Rockhurst 2. No. 1
Erica Enders, Camaro, 6.583, 210.37 vs.
Mon. April 17: S. Antonio 96, Memphis 82 (best-of-seven series; x-if necessary) San Antonio 7 6 0 1 19 singles: Lescoulie, GVS, d. Stropus, RU,
Thur., April 20: Memphis 105, S. Antonio 94 Real Monarchs SLC 6 5 1 0 15 NASCAR XFINITY 15. Shane Tucker, Camaro, 6.758, 204.63
6-3, 6-2. No. 1 doubles: Phillips/van de
vs. 7. Tanner Gray, Camaro, 6.595,
Sat., April 22: Memphis 110, S. Antonio EASTERN CONFERENCE Sacramento 7 3 3 1 10 TOYOTACARE 250 209.85 vs. 10. Alex Laughlin, Camaro, Steenov, GVS, d. Unger/Stropus, RU, 8-1.
108, OT DIVISION FINALS Swope Park Rangers 5 3 2 0 9 Saturday, at Richmond (Va.) International 6.617, 208.68. 3. Greg Anderson,
Tues., April 25: S. Antonio 116, Memphis Rio Grande Valley 6 3 3 0 9 Raceway Camaro, 6.587, 209.79 vs. 14. Deric WOMEN’S TENNIS
103 NORTH DIVISION Colorado Springs 7 2 2 3 9 (Start position in parentheses)
Seattle 7 3 4 0 9 Kramer, Dodge Dart, 6.666, 208.88 vs. 6. WAC CHAMPIONHSIP
Thur., April 27: S. Antonio 103, Memphis 96 BRAMPTON 1, MANCHESTER 1 1. (7) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 254 laps, Bo Butner, Camaro, 6.594, 210.05 vs. 11.
Vancouver 6 2 2 2 8 In Las Cruces, N.M.
HOUSTON 4, OKLAHOMA CITY 1 Thur., April 27: Brampton 3, Manchester 2, Orange County 4 2 1 1 7 0 rating, 0 points. 2. (6) Justin Allgaier, Shane Gray, Camaro, 6.631, 208.91. 4.
OT Chris McGaha, Camaro, 6.591, 209.95 vs. Saturday’s semifinal
Sunday, April 16: Houston 118, Okla. City Phoenix 4 2 2 0 6 Chevrolet, 254, 0, 54. 3. (1) Daniel
Sat., April 29: Manchester 3, Brampton 1 Tulsa 4 2 2 0 6 Hemric, Chevrolet, 254, 0, 48. 4. (4) 13. Alan Prusiensky, Dart, 6.651, 208.59 UMKC 4, Seattle U. 1. No. 1 singles:
87 Mon., May 1: at Manchester, 6 p.m. vs. 5. Jason Line, Camaro, 6.593, 210.31 Ladutska, UMKC, vs. Lui, SU, 5-7, 2-4 DNF.
Wed., April 19: Houston 115, Okla. City 111 Los Angeles 5 1 3 1 4 Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 254, 0, 0. 5. (10)
Tues., May 2: at Manchester, 6 p.m. OKC Energy 5 1 3 1 4 Ryan Blaney, Ford, 254, 0, 0. 6. (19) vs. 12. Allen Johnson, Dart, 6.644, No. 1 doubles: Lui/Maloney, SU, d.
Fri., April 21: Okla. City 115, Houston 113 Wed., May 3: at Manchester, 6 p.m. 209.14. Did Not Qualify: 17. Wally Johnson/Grechkina, UMKC, 6-1.
Sun., April 23: Houston 113, Okla. City 109 Portland 7 1 6 0 3 Darrell Wallace Jr, Ford, 254, 0, 31. 7.
x-Fri., May 5: at Brampton, 6:15 p.m. Reno 5 0 3 2 2 (11) Elliott Sadler, Chevrolet, 254, 0, 35. Stroupe, 7.185, 192.85.
Tues., April 25: Houston 105, Okla. City 99 AMC CHAMPIONSHIP
x-Sun., May 7: at Brampton, 1 p.m. 8. (12) Michael Annett, Chevrolet, 254, 0, PRO STOCK MOTORCYCLE
Saturday’s results Saturday’s championship, in Lawrence
LA CLIPPERS 3, UTAH 3 SOUTH DIVISION Real Monarchs SLC 2, Swope Park Rangers 29. 9. (21) Casey Mears, Ford, 254, 0, 28. 1. Jerry Savoie, Suzuki, 6.824, 196.30
Sat., April 15: Utah 97, LA Clippers 95 10. (33) Spencer Gallagher, Chevrolet, vs. 16. Steve Johnson, Suzuki, 6.972, William Woods 5, Missouri Valley 0. No. 1
Tues., April 18: LA Clippers 99, Utah 91 Bethlehem 1, Cincinnati 0 254, 0, 27. 193.79 vs. 8. LE Tonglet, Suzuki, 6.880, singles: Sagalai, WW, d. Blasque, MVC, 6-3,
Fri., April 28: South Carolina 3, Florida 2, 11. (14) Blake Koch, Chevrolet, 254, 0, 194.83 vs. 9. Scotty Pollacheck, Suzuki, 6-0. No. 1 doubles: Shuraeva/Steward,
Fri., April 21: LA Clippers 111, Utah 106 2OT Sacramento 0, Vancouver 0
Sun., April 23: Utah 105, LA Clippers 98 Rochester 4, Charlotte 0 26. 12. (28) Dylan Lupton, Toyota, 254, 6.881, 194.24. 2. Eddie Krawiec, Harley- WW, d. Wahle/Mayor, MVC, 8-3.
Sat., April 29: Florida 5, South Carolina 2 0, 25. 13. (16) Cole Custer, Ford, 254, 0, Davidson, 6.835, 196.93 vs. 15. Shawn
Tues., April 25: Utah 96, LA Clippers 92 Mon., May 1: at S. Carolina, 6:05 p.m. Ottawa 2, Charleston 2
Fri., April 28: LA Clippers 98, Utah 93 Pittsburgh 1, Harrisburg City 0 24. 14. (13) Matt Tifft, Toyota, 254, 0, Gann, Buell, 6.952, 192.58 vs. 7. Hector
Wed., May 3: at S. Carolina, 6:05 p.m. 23. 15. (32) Jeremy Clements, Chevrolet, Arana Jr, Buell, 6.879, 194.52 vs. 10.
Sun., April 30: at LA Clippers, 2:30 Thur., May 4: at S. Carolina, 6:05 p.m. Toronto 0, Louisville City 0
Tampa Bay 1, Richmond 0 254, 0, 22. 16. (18) Dakoda Armstrong, Matt Smith, Victory, 6.882, 194.97. 3.
x-Sat., May 6: at Florida, 6:05 p.m.
EASTERN CONFERENCE x-Mon., May 8: at Florida, 6:05 p.m. Seattle 3, Colorado Springs 2
Rio Grande Valley 3, OKC Energy 0
Toyota, 254, 0, 21. 17. (22) David Starr,
Chevrolet, 254, 0, 20.18. (34) Ray Black
Andrew Hines, Harley-Davidson, 6.845,
195.65 vs. 14. Angelle Sampey, Victory,
SECOND ROUND Jr, Chevrolet, 254, 0, 19. 19. (8) Ty 6.948, 192.88 vs. 6. Hector Arana, Buell,
Dillon, Chevrolet, 254, 0, 0. 20. (30) Joey 6.873, 195.45 vs. 11. Cory Reed, Victory, PGA ZURICH CLASSIC OF
CLEVELAND VS. TORONTO No games scheduled
DIVISION FINALS Gase, Chevrolet, 254, 0, 17. 6.895, 192.14. 4. Chip Ellis, Buell, 6.852, NEW ORLEANS
Mon., May 1: at Cleveland, 6 p.m. Wednesday’s game 21. (3) Daniel Suarez, Toyota, 254, 0, 194.69 vs. 13. Angie Smith, Buell, 6.917,
Wed. May 3: at Cleveland, 6 p.m. CENTRAL DIVISION Toronto at Pittsburgh, 6 p.m. Saturday in Avondale, La.
0. 22. (5) Brennan Poole, Chevrolet, 253, 192.80 vs. 5. Joey Gladstone, Suzuki, At TPC Louisiana
Fri., May 5: at Toronto, 6 p.m. TOLEDO 1, FORT WAYNE 0 Friday’s result 0, 17. 23. (17) Ryan Reed, Ford, 252, 0, 6.869, 194.69 vs. 12. Karen Stoffer,
Sun., May 7: at Toronto, 2:30 p.m. Third round, par 72
Fri., April 28: Toledo 2, Fort Wayne 1 San Antonio 4, Portland 0 14. 24. (29) Harrison Rhodes, Chevrolet, Suzuki, 6.916, 193.60. Did Not Qualify: Note: Team alternate shot format.
x-Tues., May 9: at Cleveland, TBA Sat., April 29: at Toledo, late 252, 0, 13. 25. (26) Brandon Brown, 17. Melissa Surber, 6.982, 191.62. 18.
x-Thur., May 11: at Toronto, TBA Wed., May 3: at Fort Wayne, 6:30 p.m. SATURDAY’S SUMMARY Chevrolet, 252, 0, 12. 26. (20) Ryan Sieg, Joe DeSantis, 7.018, 188.83. 19. Gunner (-19)
x-Sun., May 14: at Cleveland, TBA Fri., May 5: at Fort Wayne at 7 p.m. Chevrolet, 252, 0, 11. 27. (27) Quin Courtney, 7.071, 187.63. 20. John Hall, Blixt and Smith...................67-62-68—197
WASHINGTON VS. BOSTON x-Sat., May 6: at Toledo, 6:35 p.m. SWOPE PARK RANGERS 1 Houff, Chevrolet, 251, 0, 10. 28. (40) 7.233, 187.68. 21. James Surber, 7.334,
Timmy Hill, Dodge, 251, 0, 9. 29. (38) Kisner and Brown ...............70-64-67—201
Sun., April 30: at Boston, noon x-Mon., May 8: at Fort Wayne, 6:30 p.m. 181.52. 22. Andy Simon, 7.441, 179.49. C. Hoffman and Watney .....67-65-69—201
x-Wed., May 10: at Toledo, 6:35 p.m. Swope Park 0 1 — 1 Garrett Smithley, Chevrolet, 251, 0, 8. 30.
Tues., May 2: at Boston, 7 p.m. (-14)
Real Monarchs 2 0 — 2 (9) William Byron, Chevrolet, accident, FORMULA ONE RUSSIAN
Thur., May 4: at Washington, 7 p.m. MOUNTAIN DIVISION Spieth and Palmer ..............66-66-70—202
Sun., May 7: at Washington, 5:30 p.m. COLORADO 2, ALLEN 0 First half: 1, Real Monarchs SLC, Hoffman, 249, 0, 7. GRAND PRIX LINEUP (-13)
x-Wed., May 10: at Boston, TBA 19th. 2, Real Monarchs SLC, Moberg, 36th. 31. (36) Matt Mills, Chevrolet, 248, 0, Stuard and Stroud ..............68-64-71—203
Fri., April 28: Colorado 4, Allen 1 6. 32. (2) Kyle Benjamin, Toyota, accident, In Sochi, Russia; at Sochi Autodrom
x-Fri., May 12: at Washington, TBA Second half: 3,Swope Park Rangers, (-12)
Sat., April 29: Colorado 5, Allen 2 247, 0, 16. 33. (24) Brandon Jones, After Saturday’s qualifying; race Sunday
x-Mon., May 15: at Boston, 7 p.m. Belmar, 48th. Kraft and Tway ...................71-63-70—204
Wed., May 3: at Colorado, 8:05 p.m. Chevrolet, 247, 0, 4. 34. (39) Carl Long, (With qualifying position, car number in
parentheses, driver, aero kit-engine and Cabrera and Etulain ............70-63-71—204
WESTERN CONFERENCE Thur., May 4: at Colorado, 8:05 p.m. NWSL Toyota, 245, 0, 3. 35. (15) Brendan (-11)
x-Sun., May 7: at Colorado, 4:05 p.m. Gaughan, Chevrolet, accident, 244, 0, 2. speed)
SECOND ROUND Thompson and Wilkinson ....71-66-68—205
x-Tues., May 9: at Allen, 7:05 p.m. Team W L T Pts GF GA 36. (37) Mike Harmon, Dodge, 239, 0, 1. 1. (5) Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Watson and Holmes............73-64-68—205
HOUSTON VS. SAN ANTONIO x-Wed., May 10: at Allen, 7:05 p.m. 37. (31) BJ McLeod, Chevrolet, engine, 1:33.194. 2. (7) Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, M. Hoffmann and Villegas...72-62-71—205
North Carolina 3 0 0 9 5 1 236, 0, 1. 38. (23) Ross Chastain, 1:33.253. 3. (77) Valtteri Bottas,
Mon., May 1: at San Antonio, 8:30 p.m. Boston 2 1 0 6 4 2 Van Aswegen and Goosen ...73-60-72—205
Chevrolet, 223, 0, 1. 39. (35) JJ Yeley, Mercedes, 1:33.289. 4. (44) Lewis Schauffele and Ridings .......68-64-73—205
Wed., May 3: at San Antonio, 8:30 p.m. Portland 2 1 0 6 3 1 Toyota, reargear, 181, 0, 1. 40. (25) Jeff Hamilton, Mercedes, 1:33.767. 5. (3)
Fri., May 5: at Houston, 8:30 p.m. Houston 2 1 0 6 4 5 Merritt and Streb................69-62-74—205
Green, Chevrolet, electrical, 3, 0, 1. Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Racing Tag Reed and Cantlay................68-62-75—205
Sun., May 7: at Houston, 7 p.m. Seattle 1 1 1 4 6 5 Heuer, 1:34.905. 6. (19) Felipe Massa,
x-Tues., May 9: at San Antonio, TBA FC Kansas City 1 1 0 3 2 1 RACE STATISTICS (-10)
Williams Mercedes, 1:35.110. 7. (33) Max Ogilvy and Poulter ..............69-66-71—206
x-Thur., May 11: at Houston, TBA Chicago 1 2 0 3 1 3 Average Speed of Race Winner: 87.536
x-Sun., May 14: at San Antonio, TBA INDOOR FOOTBALL Sky Blue FC 0 1 1 1 1 2 mph. Time of Race: 2 hours, 10 minutes,
Verstappen, Red Bull Racing Tag Heuer,
1:35.161. 8. (27) Nico Hulkenberg,
Stricker and Kelly................68-66-72—206
Lingmerth and Lee..............72-62-72—206
GOLDEN STATE VS. LA CLIPPERS/UTAH Washington 0 2 1 1 1 3 34 seconds. Margin of Victory: Under Renault, 1:35.285. 9. (11) Sergio Perez,
Orlando 0 2 1 1 2 6 Dufner and Kizzire ..............69-64-73—206
ARENA FOOTBALL Caution. Caution Flags: 7 for 50 laps. Lead Force India Mercedes, 1:35.337. 10. (31) (-9)
Tues., May 2: at Golden State, 9:30 p.m. Changes: 7 among 5 drivers.
Thur., May 4: Golden State, 9:30 p.m. LEAGUE Saturday’s results Esteban Ocon, Force India Mercedes, Grace and Oosthuizen.........70-67-70—207
Portland 1, Chicago 0 Lap Leaders: D.Hemric 1-26; J.Allgaier 1:35.430. Barnes and Jones................70-67-70—207
Sat., May 6: at LA Clippers/Utah, 7:30 p.m. 27-37; A.Dillon 38-86; J.Allgaier 87-155;
Mon., May 8: at LA Clippers/Utah, TBA Team W L T Pct PF PA North Carolina 3, Orlando 1 11. (55) Carlos Sainz, Toro Rosso, Henry and Hoge..................69-67-71—207
Boston 3, Seattle 0 A.Dillon 156-164; J.Allgaier 165-241; 1:35.948. 12. (18) Lance Stroll, Williams Bryan and Blaum ................71-65-71—207
x-Wed., May 10: at Golden State, TBA Philadelphia 3 0 0 1.000 174 117 T.Dillon 242-244; K.Larson 245-254.
x-Fri., May 12: at LA Clippers/Utah, TBA Houston 1, Washington 0 Mercedes, 1:35.964. 13. (26) Daniil M. Kim and Hagy ................72-64-71—207
Tampa Bay 2 1 0 .667 160 157 Sunday’s game Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led, Laps Kvyat, Toro Rosso, 1:35.968. 14. (20) Harman and Wagner...........71-64-72—207
x-Sun., May 14: at Golden State, TBA Baltimore 1 2 0 .333 124 169 Led): J.Allgaier, 3 times for 154 laps;
Sky Blue FC at FC Kansas City, 5 p.m. Kevin Magnussen, Haas Ferrari, 1:36.017. B. Koepka and C. Koepka ....69-65-73—207
Washington 1 2 0 .333 116 135 A.Dillon, 2 times for 56 laps; D.Hemric, 1 15. (14) Fernando Alonso, McClaren Jacobson and Wilcox...........71-63-73—207
Cleveland 1 3 0 .250 198 194 time for 25 laps; K.Larson, 1 time for 9 Honda, 1:36.660. 16. (30) Jolyon Palmer, Cejka and Kjeldsen..............70-62-75—207
Saturday’s result laps; T.Dillon, 1 time for 2 laps. Renault, 1:36.462. 17. (2) Stoffel Choi and Wi ........................67-64-76—207
Philadelphia 69, Baltimore 34 Wins: K.Larson, 2; J.Allgaier, 1; R.Reed, 1. Vandoorne, McClaren Honda, 1:37.070. (-8)
Top 10 in Points: 1. E.Sadler, 295; 2. 18. (94) Pascal Wehrlein, Sauber Ferrari, Murray and Percy................70-67-71—208
J.Allgaier, 254; 3. W.Byron, 251; 4.
THE LATEST LINE No games scheduled PROFESSIONAL TENNIS D.Hemric, 228; 5. D.Wallace, 211; 6.
1:37.332. 19. (9) Marcus Ericsson, Sauber
Ferrari, 1:37.507. 20. (8) Romain
Thomas and Cauley.............70-64-74—208
Friday, May 5 R.Reed, 198; 7. B.Koch, 190; 8. M.Annett, Hearn and DeLaet...............71-66-72—209
Grosjean, Haas Ferrari, 1:37.620.
Philadelphia at Cleveland, 6 p.m. ATP WORLD TOUR 186; 9. M.Tifft, 183; 10. B.Poole, 180. Bozzelli and Poston.............70-66-73—209
Friday’s result BARCELONA OPEN BANC Stanley and Ruffels.............66-66-77—209
Cleveland 48, Washington 34 (-6)
Sunday’s games SABADELL Reifers and Johnston ..........71-66-73—210
Favorite Line Underdog Line Saturday in Barcelona, Spain Swafford and English ..........70-67-73—210
KANSAS CITY -124 Minnesota +114 CHAMPIONS INDOOR At Real Club de Tenis Barcelona Matsuyama and Tanihara....69-66-75—210
N.Y. YANKEES -110 Baltimore +100 Made cut, did not finish
Dominic Thiem (4), Austria, d. Andy Murray
Tampa Bay
Chicago W.S.
North W L Pct. PF PA
(1), Britain, 6-2, 3-6, 6-4. AL LEADERS NL LEADERS (-5)
x Sioux City 6 1 .857 392 320 Rafael Nadal (3), Spain, d. Horacio Zeballos, Through Friday Through Friday Flores and Fdez-Castano .....72-65-74—211
TEXAS -105 LA Angels -105 Bloomington 5 3 .625 364 307 Argentina, 6-3, 6-4. Martin and Crane................67-67-77—211
HOUSTON -180 Oakland +165 Omaha 4 3 .571 328 330 Player, team G AB R H Pct. Player, team G AB R H Pct. (-3)
x West Michigan 3 4 .429 324 310 Florin Mergea, Romania, and Aisam-ul-Haq Garcia, CHW 22 85 15 32 .376 Zimmerman, WAS 23 83 19 34 .410 Schniederjans and Werenski............70-67
N.Y. Mets -116 WASHINGTON +106 Bismarck 3 4 .429 281 304 -76—213
MILWAUKKE -110 Atlanta +100 Qureshi, Pakistan, d. Jean-Julien Rojer, Castro, NYY 22 87 13 31 .356 Harper, WAS 24 88 28 34 .386
Kansas City 1 6 .143 244 344 Netherlands, and Horia Tecau, Romania, 6-3, Trout, LAA 25 93 17 33 .355 Turner, LAD 22 84 8 32 .381 Reavie and Glover ...............69-68-76—213
ST. LOUIS -170 Cincinnati +158 Salina 0 8 .000 281 400 Loupe and Peterson............71-64-78—213
SAN FRAN. -135 San Diego +125 5-7, 14-12. Gurriel, HOU 20 72 9 25 .347 Cozart, CIN 20 66 11 25 .379
x-late game not included Haniger, SEA 21 79 20 27 .342 Freeman, ATL 21 76 19 28 .368 (-2)
ARIZONA -140 Colorado +130 Hubbard and Randolph .......69-67-78—214
LA DODGERS -170 Philadelphia +158 Saturday’s results ATP WORLD TOUR Dickerson, TB 23 86 13 29 .337 Thames, MIL 22 77 28 28 .364
HUNGARIAN OPEN Ramirez, CLE 23 87 12 29 .333 Realmuto, MIA 19 73 9 26 .356
MIAMI -127 Pittsburgh +117 Omaha 26, Salina 23
Souza Jr., TB 25 94 14 31 .330 Phillips, ATL 19 71 10 25 .352 LPGA TEXAS SHOOTOUT
West Michigan at Sioux City, late Saturday in Budapest, Hungary
NBA PLAYOFFS Benintendi, BOS 22 86 13 28 .326 Murphy, WAS 23 101 14 34 .337 Saturday in Irving, Texas
Sunday’s games At Margitsziget Pillar, TOR 24 99 13 31 .313 Suarez, CIN 22 78 18 26 .333 At Las Colinas CC
Sunday’s first-round game Dodge City at Kansas City, 3:05 p.m. SEMIFINAL SINGLES HOME RUNS: Judge, NYY, 10; Davis, OAK, HOME RUNS: Thames, MIL, 11; Zimmer- Third round, par 71
Amarillo at Texas, 3:05 p.m. Lucas Pouille (1), France, d. Paolo Lorenzi 9; Gallo, TEX, 7; Moustakas, KC, 7; man, WAS, 11; Freeman, ATL, 8; Harper, a-amateur
Favorite Open O/U Underdog (6), Italy, 6-2, 7-5. Springer, HOU, 7; Trout, LAA, 7; Cruz, WAS, 8; Schebler, CIN, 8; Votto, CIN, 8; (-8)
LA CLIPPERS 31⁄2 1921⁄2 Utah Aljaz Bedene, Britain, d. Laslo Djere, Serbia, SEA, 6; Dickerson, TB, 6; Lindor, CLE, 6; Arenado, COL, 7; Blackmon, COL, 7; Haru Nomura......................68-65-72—205
6-2, 6-4. Perez, KC, 6; Ramirez, CLE, 6; Sano, MIN, Braun, MIL, 7; Duvall, CIN, 7; Reynolds, (-6)
SEMIFINAL DOUBLES 6. COL, 7; Stanton, MIA, 7. a-Eun Jeong Seong .............69-69-69—207
Sunday’s second-round game Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah (3), RUNS BATTED IN: Cruz, SEA, 21; Pujols, RUNS BATTED IN: Zimmerman, WAS, 27; Cristie Kerr .........................68-69-70—207
Favorite Open O/U Underdog Colombia,, d. Robin Haase, Netherlands, and LAA, 21; Ramirez, CLE, 21; Garcia, CHW, Harper, WAS, 25; Murphy, WAS, 25; Inbee Park..........................69-67-71—207
BOSTON 41⁄2 215 Washington AREA GOLF Dominic Inglot, Britain, 6-3, 6-7 (7-9),
20; Judge, NYY, 20; Sano, MIN, 20; Cano,
SEA, 17; Mazara, TEX, 17; Souza Jr., TB,
Blackmon, COL, 24; Franco, PHI, 21;
Ozuna, MIA, 21; Reynolds, COL, 20;
Stacy Lewis.........................71-71-66—208
PUBLIC LINKS SENIORS OF KANSAS 17; Trout, LAA, 17. Goldschmidt, ARI, 19; Lamb, ARI, 19; (-3)
STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS WTA TOUR PORSCHE STOLEN BASES: Dyson, SEA, 8; Altuve, Owings, ARI, 19; Thames, MIL, 19. Sung Hyun Park..................67-72-71—210
At Country Club of Leawood, par 71
Sunday’s second-round games Scramble, flight winners GRAND PRIX HOU, 7; Cain, KC, 6; Ellsbury, NYY, 6; STOLEN BASES: Hamilton, CIN, 10; Jessica Korda ......................68-70-72—210
Favorite Line Underdog Line Andrus, TEX, 5; Dozier, MIN, 5; Gardner, Pollock, ARI, 9; Nunez, SF, 7; Owings, Angela Stanford..................68-69-73—210
Flight A: Gary Sheneman, Robert Fowler, Saturday in Stuttgart, Germany Moriya Jutanugarn..............70-66-74—210
Duncan Leckie and Terry Schoeni, 51.5; NYY, 5; Mondesi, KC, 5; Trout, LAA, 5; ARI, 7; Goldschmidt, ARI, 6; Peraza, CIN,
NASHVILLE -140 St. Louis +130 At Porsche-Arena Ariya Jutanugarn ................67-67-76—210
Flight B: Larry Tice, Bill Fay and Gary Nies, DeShields, TEX, 4; Headley, NYY, 4; 6; Broxton, MIL, 5; Phillips, ATL, 5;
EDMONTON -127 Anaheim +117 SEMIFINAL SINGLES Kiermaier, TB, 4. Polanco, PIT, 5; 7 tied, 4. (-2)
49.3; Flight C: Ken Guyott, George Howe, Laura Siegemund, Germany, d. Simona Halep So Yeon Ryu .......................74-69-68—211
HOME TEAM IN CAPS Terry Young and Harold Norem, 50.5; SLUGGING PERCENTAGE: Judge, NYY, SLUGGING PERCENTAGE: Zimmerman,
(4), Romania, 6-4, 7-5. .767; Trout, LAA, .710; Davis, OAK, .658; WAS, .892; Thames, MIL, .870; Freeman, Michelle Wie .......................67-73-71—211
Flight D: Lee Thaete, John Bruggen, Jerry Kristina Mladenovic, France, d. Maria Mi Jung Hur........................65-72-74—211
Sims ande Sam Clough, 43.2. Dickerson, TB, .651; Sano, MIN, .649; ATL, .776; Harper, WAS, .750; Arenado,
Sharapova, Russia, 3-6, 7-5, 6-4. Garcia, CHW, .635; Ramirez, CLE, .609; COL, .663; Cozart, CIN, .652; Blackmon, (-1)
TOMAHAWK HILLS SENIORS SEMIFINAL DOUBLES Haniger, SEA, .608; Lindor, CLE, .607; COL, .635; Braun, MIL, .630. Annie Park..........................72-68-72—212
Abigail Spears, United States, and Katarina Gallo, TEX, .597. ON-BASE PERCENTAGE: Harper, WAS, Chella Choi .........................68-71-73—212
Four-man scramble: 1. John Casper, Curt Minjee Lee ..........................68-70-74—212
Vogel, Bob Carson, Steve Hasty, 34; 2. Srebotnik (1), Slovenia, d. Anna-Lena ON-BASE PERCENTAGE: Haniger, SEA, .500; Thames, MIL, .484; Freeman, ATL,
Groenefeld, Germany, and Kveta Peschke .447; Sano, MIN, .435; Trout, LAA, .425; .478; Cozart, CIN, .475; Goldschmidt, (Even)
SOLUNAR TABLES Mark Netemeyer, Ken Gardner, Neil
Karlstrom, 37; 3. Mike Scahill, Larry Reese, (4), Czech Republic, 6-4, 6-3. Garcia, CHW, .418; Grossman, MIN, .413; ARI, .462; Zimmerman, WAS, .456; Jane Park............................72-71-70—213
Angel Yin ............................74-67-72—213
Raquel Atawo, United States, and Jelena Souza Jr., TB, .411; Headley, NYY, .407; Turner, LAD, .447; Suarez, CIN, .416;
AM PM Larry Bale, Rick Hebenstreit, 37. Ostapenko (3), Latvia, d. Andrea Hlavackova, Marissa L Steen ..................69-71-73—213
Cain, KC, .396; Cruz, SEA, .394; Judge, Harrison, PIT, .407; Seager, LAD, .402.
WOMEN’S GREATER KC PUBLINKS Czech Republic, and Sam Stosur, Australia, Jacqui Concolino .................69-69-75—213
April Minor Major Minor Major NYY, .393. RUNS SCORED: Harper, WAS, 28; Thames, Marina Alex ........................67-69-77—213
At Stone Canyon, par 72 7-5, 2-6, 10-8. RUNS SCORED: Judge, NYY, 22; Haniger, MIL, 28; Eaton, WAS, 24; Goldschmidt,
30 9:45 3:35 10:20 4:05 Suzann Pettersen ...............70-65-78—213
Medalist: RoseMary Grant, 87. Net SEA, 20; Kinsler, DET, 18; Lindor, CLE, 18; ARI, 20; Yelich, MIA, 20; Freeman, ATL,
May 1 10:45 4:35 11:20 5:05 medalist: Patsy Byrnes, 70.
WTA TOUR ISTANBUL CUP Davis, OAK, 17; Headley, NYY, 17; Trout, 19; Hernandez, PHI, 19; Pollock, ARI, 19;
Alena Sharp ........................70-74-70—214
2 11:50 5:40 — 6:10 Flight winners Saturday in Istanbul LAA, 17; Gallo, TEX, 16; Sano, MIN, 16; Zimmerman, WAS, 19; Suarez, CIN, 18. Jodi Ewart Shadoff .............71-72-71—214
3 12:25 6:35 12:45 7:05 Championship flight: Luann Riehle, 89; At Garanti Koza Arena Castellanos, DET, 15; Garcia, CHW, 15. HITS: Harper, WAS, 34; Murphy, WAS, 34; Jenny Shin ..........................71-72-71—214
Joyce Robinson, 73. 1st flight: Carol SEMIFINAL SINGLES HITS: Trout, LAA, 33; Garcia, CHW, 32; Zimmerman, WAS, 34; Turner, LAD, 32; Brittany Lang .....................73-68-73—214
4 1:20 7:25 1:35 7:50 Castro, NYY, 31; Pillar, TOR, 31; Souza Jr., Myers, SD, 31; Pollock, ARI, 31; Black-
Travaglione, 94; Kathy Steward, 74. 2nd Elina Svitolina (1), Ukraine, d. Jana Cepelo- Joanna Klatten ...................72-69-73—214
5 2:05 8:10 2:20 8:30 flight: Pam LaSalle, 99; Janet Peterson, va, Slovakia, 6-2, 6-3. TB, 31; Dickerson, TB, 29; Ramirez, CLE, mon, COL, 29; Arenado, COL, 28; Free- Lexi Thompson ...................69-72-73—214
6 2:45 8:50 3:00 9:15 75. 3rd flight: Janet Blankenship, 102; Elise Mertens (6), Belgium, d. Irina-Camelia 29; Benintendi, BOS, 28; Haniger, SEA, man, ATL, 28; Hernandez, PHI, 28; Katherine Kirk.....................67-73-74—214
7 3:30 9:30 3:45 9:50 Cheryl Wolfgeher, 80. Begu (3), Romania, 6-1, 6-1. 27; Lindor, CLE, 27. Peralta, ARI, 28; Thames, MIL, 28. Charley Hull........................71-66-77—214
Weather SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

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Robin Reuther is trials manager at the K-State Horticulture Research & Extension Center in Olathe. The center tests flowers and vegetables for companies by giving them typical
growing conditions that they’d experience in a Kansas City yard.

Adapting gardens
to a changing climate
Climate changes have been a big driver of lasting years risked having it die back
gardening trends, say seed sellers and horticulture experts. to the ground every winter.
Fall gardens are becoming more popular for the Now that’s not always the
cooler-weather plants, for instance. And there continues to case.
be an effort to put more drought-tolerant plants in the But it’s too early yet for
ground for those extra hot and windy summers. gardeners to count on always
getting good results with bor-
derline plants like crepe myr-
Missouri have been climbing tle. A lot depends on consis-
BY ROXIE HAMMILL since 1975. tency, a weather trait Kansas
Special to The Star That warmth has meant that City often lacks. Things may
plants that formerly might not look good for the tender plants
We’ve seen it all this spring. have been considered for this when November and Decem-
Below-freezing cold snaps one area now do better. Crepe ber are warm, but then plum-
day followed by 86 degree myrtle is a good example, said met off a cliff when there’s a
sunshine the next. Weeks of Dennis Patton, horticulture sudden cold snap, he said.
drought, then a two-week agent at the K-State Research It’s not just the warmth,
spate of cloudbursts. Wind. and Extension service. People either. Crazy swings in rainfall
Hail. Even a few snowflakes. planting crepe myrtle in past also have gardeners pulling out

No doubt about it, the spring their hair.
weather for the past few years “It’s definitely feast or fam-
has been, to put it politely, ine when it comes to rainfall,”
capricious. But with an April 15 Patton said, noting that we
typical last frost date in the didn’t have a good soaking
rearview mirror, it’s worth IT’S DEFINITELY FEAST rain from last fall until a few
looking at some things that OR FAMINE WHEN IT weeks ago. “But then when it
may help gardeners cope with turns back on, it just doesn’t
Kansas City’s challenges. COMES TO RAINFALL. stop.”
Climate changes have been Dennis Patton, horticulture Maybe that could account
a big driver of lasting garden- agent for one trend he has noticed: a
ing trends, say seed sellers and growing acceptance of native
Two 16-by-32-inch panels are $59.99 at horticulture experts in the plants. “There are 10 to 20
area. Fall gardens are becom- different plants native to Kan-
ing more popular for the cool- sas City that are more depend-

Kitchen overflowing? er-weather plants, for instance.

And there continues to be an
effort to put more drought-
. ...............................................................
able to these kinds of swings,”
he said.
Liatris, echinaceas, some
Try modern take on tolerant plants in the ground
for those extra hot and windy
Resources milkweeds and butterfly bush
are now considered garden-

Julia Child’s pegboard summers.

Kansas City’s weather has
been changing, as evidenced
A The Missouri Prairie
Foundation ( has
worthy, and native grasses like
switch grasses, little bluestem
and prairie dropseed are all
a wealth of links and resources,
by its redesignation five years including a list of top 10 native coming in style, he said.
that limitation seems to be ago in the U.S. Department of plants. Uneven rainfall can be a
BY CINDY DAMPIER more stringent than ever. Agriculture hardiness zone. headache for flowers, said
Chicago Tribune There are only so many pots, Kansas City was previously in A The research center run by Robin Ruether, flower trials
pans, paring knives and gad- Zone 5, with coldest winter Kansas State University in manager at the K-State Olathe
Great storage solutions are gets that can fit. temperatures occasionally Olathe ( Horticulture Research & Ex-
born one of two ways: in a When you empty the dish- touching 20 degrees below has an online list of flowers tension Center. The center
frantic effort to make sense of washer, do you end up with a zero. Now the area is in Zone tested for this area. tests flowers and vegetables
an ever-expanding universe of bowl/saucepan/oversize 6, with the coldest temper- for companies by giving them
A K-State Extension also carries
things or as a surrender to the utensil that’s like the last kid ature at minus 10. typical growing conditions that
knowledge that space is, in standing in musical chairs? According to the National a list of recommended plants at they’d experience in a Kansas
the end, limited. In the case Are kitchen gadgets creeping Oceanic and Atmospheric City yard.
of most of our houses — and Administration, annual mean center/recommended-plants.
particularly our kitchens — SEE SPACE, 3C temperatures in Kansas and ................................................................
Local Color



Nip these tomato

myths in the bud
handful of Epsom salts for
BY DENNIS PATTON the best tomatoes. None
Special to The Star of these remedies is based
on good science.
Homegrown tomatoes Vigorous, healthy trans-
fresh off the vine are full plants are best planted at
of flavor and bring out the the same depth they have
best of summer. Tomatoes been growing in the pot or
are grown in many back- pack. Planting deeper or
yard gardens, and no oth- laying the plant on its side
er crop has as many home places additional stress on
remedies for success. the plant, slowing estab-
Neighbors, friends and, of lishment. These poor
course, the internet are planting recommenda-
full of tips. Some are spot- tions are an outgrowth of
on, while others have no the first incorrect myth,
benefits or could even buying larger plants. Over-
slow your harvest. grown, leggy plants quick-
Tomatoes are grown ly get whipped around in
from a transplant. One the wind. People over-
internet tip that does not came this problem by
cut the muster is trans- planting deeply. The take-
SHANE KEYSER plant size. Many home home message here is that
remedy sites suggest buy- two wrongs don’t make a
Ryan and Jessica Mead opened their retail store, Tyler Kingston Wood + Supply Co., on April 7. The store, which sells ing a bigger transplant so right.
their handcrafted furniture as well as other home goods, is named after their sons, Gentry Tyler and Isaak Kingston. you harvest sooner. How- Epsom salts in the
ever, bigger is not always planting hole has been
better. passed down for gener-
SHOP SPOTLIGHT Tall, leggy, overgrown ations. This soaking salt is
transplants are often high in magnesium. The

Northland couple build

stressed, as they have theory behind adding it to
been grown too long in a the soil is to help the plant
small container. Stressed overcome blossom-end
plants have a difficult time rot. Blossom-end rot is a

furniture and a business

overcoming limited root result of a combination of
development. The result is environmental early sea-
a plant that is slow to son issues that tie up the
establish and produce new calcium in the soil, mak-
growth once planted. The ing it unavailable to the
size of the transplant does plant. Epsom salt contains
not mean an early harvest. little or no calcium, so this
Ryan and Jessica Mead launched Tyler Kingston The varieties’ days to wives’ tale will not im-
Wood + Supply Co., making furniture and selling it maturity are the best in- prove growth or prevent
online. Demand for their handcrafted pieces made with dication of when to expect the rot issues.
reclaimed wood grew so much that this month they vine-ripened fruit. Select Tomatoes are best
opened a retail store. early-season varieties or planted when the soil is
those that require fewer warm, helping to release
spaces throughout the days of growth. the calcium and create a
BY JOYCE SMITH metro. A space at 422 Instead of picking big nice environment for root Armour Road was between transplants in small pots, development. The ideal
their home and workshop look for short, stocky, dark time to plant tomatoes in
After Ryan and Jessica and in a corner location green plants around 6 the Kansas City area is
Mead made furniture for across from the busy First inches tall. These plants after all danger of frost
their Northland home, Watch parking lot. have been in their has passed, which is
friends wanted one-of-a- Their shop, which cramped container for less around early to mid-May.
kind, handcrafted pieces of opened April 7, has a time and have not en- With luck and good grow-
their own. Southwest vibe with plates
SHANE KEYSER dured the stress. Once ing conditions, a fresh
Soon the couple had featuring cacti; soy can- The Meads use reclaimed wood for their handcrafted planted, the vigorous roots tomato could be yours
should quickly develop around the Fourth of July.
turned their Kansas City, dles; necklaces with antler, furniture.
and set up the plant for a
North, garage into a full- mountain range or pine- Dennis Patton is a
season of fresh fruit.
time workshop, selling the apple charms; plaques with How to plant the trans- horticulture agent with
pieces on Etsy. They such sayings as “She’s finish at the studio, which town, Jessica on the sec- plant is a point of debate. Kansas State University
named it Tyler Kingston whiskey in a teacup”; cast- now has three other em- ond floor and Ryan on the Everyone has their ideas, Research and Extension.
Wood + Supply Co. after iron buffalo-head bottle ployees beside the Meads. 13th. They married in and separating good gar- Got a question for him or
their sons, Gentry Tyler, openers; a longhorn steer They also make indust- 2002. They started Tyler dening practices from fake other university extension
now 10, and Isaak King- skull ring; copper post- rial-style bellman garment Kingston six years ago and news on the internet is not experts? Email them to
ston, 8. cards; “Made in the Mid- racks from unfinished did it on the side before always easy. Some sources or
With some online suc- west” T-shirts and pen- piping that they clean and Ryan left banking in early say to plant them deep, to visit
cess, they decided to lease nants; and vintage hard- coat. Some retail shops 2014 to concentrate full lay them on their side or KCGardens.KansasCity
a space between the cover Observer’s Books around town use the dis- time on the company. to be sure to throw in a .com.
Boulevard Brewing Co. from the 1950s to 1970s. plays, but most of their Jessica followed in Sep-
and The Roasterie factory Their furniture pieces commercial customers are tember 2014.
off Southwest Boulevard. are made of reclaimed in California and New Gentry recently asked
“I can turn right to get wood from Kansas, Mis- York. why the brothers weren’t
beer and left to get cof- souri and Oklahoma. A After their furniture, the getting royalties from the
fee,” Ryan said. desk with steel frame sells second most popular items use of their middle names.
Initially, they opened the for $650, and a hexagon at Tyler Kingston are the “I told them, ‘Your roy-
workshop to the public side table with steel hair- Southwest blanket rugs. alties are your shelter, food
only on First Friday week- pin legs comes in three They also sell vintage and clothing,’ ” his father
ends. But then customers sizes starting at $98. Cus- furniture. said with a laugh. “But he
wanted them to extend tom pieces take four to five Other locally made knows when he wants
their retail hours, and weeks. products include Ryan something extra he will
online customers from the The couple said their Hubbard’s Kansas City come down and sweep at
Kansas City area wanted reclaimed wood gets its Icon Prints, as well as the shop or break down
to stop by and pick up their character from knots, nail posters and greeting cards boxes. So he’s learning.”
orders to save shipping and bolt holes, saw marks, from Hammerpress.
costs, making for constant blemishes and notches. The couple were dating Joyce Smith: 816-234-4692,
interruptions. But they sand it smooth when they both got jobs at @JoyceKC Tomatoes are best planted when the soil is warm.
So they looked at retail and seal it with a clear poly Commerce Bank down-


Looking into glass

shower door
metal frame door or
BY ED DEL GRANDE frameless door? With a
Tribune News Service metal frame door, you can
choose trim finish to
Q: I want to replace our
Q: match your bathroom, like
shower curtain with an brass or chrome. A frame-
out-of-the-box glass door. less door has exposed
But I need guidance be- glass edges for a more
fore we start looking. Can contemporary look.
you give me glass door 3. What kind of glass do
info and install options? you want? Clear glass can
A: Here are three ques- help small bathrooms feel
tions and a bonus tip to more open, while frosted
keep in mind when in- glass offers privacy.
stalling a standard glass Finally, there are quick-
shower door. install doorsthat require
1. Will you need a tub no drilling, so installation
OVE DECOR and shower door, or a of your glass shower door
National hardware chains carry Ove Decor’s line of shower-only door to fit doesn’t have to be a pane.
shower doors including the Nevis frameless pivot model your present setup? (Editor’s note: We think
($485, Home Depot). 2. Would you like a that’s a pun.)

but look at the faucet

construction. Better-made
faucets have durable
metal cartridges inside,
which are the valves that
turn on the water and mix
High-end appliances
might be a worthy splurge;
however, Kruskol said
homeowners should think
about how they use them
and how long they’ll be in
the home.
Homeowners who
aren’t doing a gut rehab
and really are scrimping
The two areas worth a splurge are cabinets and can get new doors and
countertops. hardware for their existing
cabinets, Kruskol said,
which can quickly update

Where to save, the look. Even refinishing

existing doors can refresh
a tired kitchen.

where to splurge The two areas worth a

splurge are cabinets and
countertops, they said.
Celosia plants are among annual flowers in the K-State Research & Extension Prairie Star
program, which identifies plants that best adapt to challenging prairie climate
Consider stepping up to
Beverley Kruskol, owner semi-custom cabinets
BY DEBBIE CARLSON of M.Y. Pacific Building, a from a local cabinet sup- FROM PAGE 1C
Chicago Tribune general contractor who plier and avoiding the

Remodeling or com-
pletely renovating a kitch-
has worked with high-end
renovations, including for
Mario Batali’s restaurants
big-box retailer.
Working with a local
cabinet supplier to design
en can be a big task, but it in Los Angeles. creative storage can help Often, flowers look
also has the best return on Tile, flooring and light- eliminate a lot of the good in May, only to get a
investment of any home ing can be both econom- wasted space in kitchens,
sudden 2 or 3 inches of
improvement. ical and beautiful, Kruskol Kruskol said. Upgrades
like pull-out shelves and rain saturating the soil in
Such improvements said. early June. That’s a
don’t come cheap. A 2013 Porcelain and ceramic Lazy Susans are useful,
but Falk warned about problem for plants like
U.S. Census Bureau report tiles can be used on both
floor and in kitchen back- getting carried away with petunias, which are sensi-
noted the cost of an aver- tive to waterlogged soil,
splashes, said Suzanne other costly upgrades like
age kitchen remodel was Ruether said.
Falk of Suzanne Falk In- appliance garages and
$5,000, with the price tag Seed companies have
terior Design, a ghost built-in spice drawers.
for complete renovation at These can look nice but been building more One way to work around fickle spring weather is to start
$27,353. designer on HGTV’s
“Kitchen Crashers.” may not be practical, she drought tolerance into plants, such as these Mad Hatter peppers, from seeds
However, remodeling added. their plants for years. Now indoors, to be transplanted after they’re established.
Tile is cheaper than
experts say there are ways Another benefit to using they are also looking for
hardwood flooring, and
to save in order to have semi-custom cabinets is better tolerance to wide
Darmoni prefers tile floors
money to splurge on key in kitchens because wood they can be designed to fit weather swings, she said. suggest a late summer dates, said Cary Rivard,
items. floors can be easily dam- a home’s inevitable imper- They’ve had some success planting for a fall crop, fruit and vegetable spe-
Begin with a detailed aged by water leaks from fections in a way prefab- with a new canna “canno- especially now that the cialist at the K-State re-
floor plan, said Ariel Dar- dishwashers. ricated cabinets can’t, said va” that can handle sat- first frost seems to be search center in Olathe.
moni, managing partner at Big-box retailers sell Darmoni and Falk. urated soil but also loves coming later. Vegetables like broccoli,
123 Remodeling, a general attractive tiles for a frac- All three said consider
contractor firm that has the heat, she said. “It’s “In my own garden, cabbage and cauliflower
tion of the cost of those upgrading to natural stone important to choose sweet peas and snow peas typically favor cooler tem-
been featured in Houzz sold at designer show- countertops rather than
and on HGTV. adaptable or resilient and cool-season plants are peratures. Fewer days to
rooms, Falk said. For peo- manufactured styles. Not flowers.” a better crop to grow in maturity — information
“It’s going to be so ple who have their heart only do they look beauti-
much more if you don’t Vendors also have been the fall now than the that can be found on the
set on high-end tile, she ful, but they will last for
have a floor plan that interested in marketing spring because it gets hot seed packet or greenhouse
recommended highlight- years. Granite has always
works for you because flowers with a dual pur- so much quicker than it marker — will limit the
ing it in a specific area, been popular, but high-
making changes later like in a backsplash end materials like quartz pose, she said. “They may used to,” said Kathy risk of failure, he said.
costs more. You can also around the range, and and quartzite are becom- be attractive but also help McFarland, spokeswoman The weather isn’t the
save money if you don’t then framing it with sub- ing affordable. pollinators, or attractive for Baker Creek Heirloom only thing concerning
have to move plumbing way tiles. The one stone they but also edible, like orna- Seeds in Mansfield, Mo. gardeners this year. Local
and electric, even if you’re Distinctive, affordable don’t recommend for mental basils or peppers,” There are other ways of plant experts report a big
taking down walls,” he lighting options are avail- kitchens is marble. she said. That keeps getting around the spring interest in helping pollina-
said. able at retail stores versus “It’s porous and stains things new and also feeds weather problem. When tors like bees, butterflies
Don’t skimp on impor- paying up at a showroom, easily. For instance, if you gardeners’ desire for hot, dry weather makes it and hummingbirds.
tant life-safety improve- they said. put a coffee cup on it, it something that will grow too hard to germinate cool “I get that question
ments like mold remedia- Choose a nicer faucet gets a ring that doesn’t go well and bloom all sum- season crops, Claire Zim- probably every day: ‘What
tion and ventilation, said over a sink, Darmoni said, away,” Kruskol said. mer. mermann, farm and food can I plant that will help
“It’s so hard to keep project developer for Cul- the bees?’ ” McFarland
marketing a new color of tivate Kansas City, sug- said. Such plants as butter-
petunia because there are gests starting transplants fly bush and some milk-
just so many petunias out indoors. weeds are becoming more
there already,” she said. Milder winters also sought after as a way to
Those abrupt changes mean that overwintering help the declining pollina-
from early spring cool to plants can be more suc- tor populations.
summer hot mean garden- cessful than in years past, That’s evident in the
ers may have to adjust not Zimmermann said. That types of flowers being
only what they plant, but spinach, for example, tested as well, Ruether
when they plant it, say could be mulched to pro- said. And the native plants
gardening experts in the tect it from the lowest also include something for
area. Garden staples like temperatures. the pollinators.
spinach and some lettuce, Overwintering is “easier Gardeners will always
for example, will stop and easier because we push the boundaries with
growing the tasty leaves have less and less sus- plants and shrubs that
and shoot up a seed spire tained below-freezing thrive better in other cli-
when the weather gets too temperatures,” she said. mates. Niche plants will
hot. But if the spring stays In fact, she has had spin- always struggle. Success
extra cool, the seeds may ach, perennial herbs and will depend on how close-
not germinate fast enough kale survive a recent win- ly the conditions match
HUGH TALMAN Smithsonian Institution to get big enough before ter without being mulched what the plant likes, Pat-
Julia Child’s kitchen, from her Cambridge, Mass., home, is on display at the that happens. That’s why at all. ton said.
Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. The pegboard system in her spring has become more Gardeners who still “It all gets back to the
kitchen kept things within reach and orderly. problematic in this area. want spring crops can right plant in the right
Instead of giving up on have them, with careful place with proper mainte-
spring crops, though, they attention to maturity nance,” he said.
FROM PAGE 1C pears to be every available ized that pegboard, done
vertical surface, utensils right, could be a tidy way

SPACE fill crocks, a Cuisinart sits

in disarray on the butcher
block and then there’s the
to use a tight spot where a
cabinet would never fit.
Behind a door, for in-
beyond the accepted pegboard. Miles of peg- stance.
boundaries of the kitchen? board, hung with every- My search revealed a
(Yes, keeping that Cuisi- thing from skillets to la- twist, however: A compa-
nart under the bathroom dles to whisks to fish- ny called Wall Control
sink IS crossing a line.) If shaped molds. Child had (motto: “the organization
so, you need storage help. so much kitchen stuff that you crave”) offers a mod-
We suggest swiping in- it was literally climbing ular, metal pegboard sys-
spiration from the ulti- the walls. tem made to hold every-
mate kitchen pro: Julia The pegboard system thing from small kitchen
Child. kept things within reach tools to beefy pots and
Not only was Child the and orderly (the outlines pans. Offered in a few
person who brought of pans were traced onto bright colors, as well as
French cooking to Amer- their spot on the boards, galvanized silver, the
ican kitchens, but she was and a small Polaroid pic- metal pegboards are stur-
also 6-foot-2. And she ture was taped underneath dier than classic pegboard
worked for a World War each one, so that pans and have a slick, industrial
II-era spy agency. Her were never misplaced). look that would be at
weakness? Kitchen tools. And it has been widely home in a garage or a
A look at photos of Child’s copied (check your home more modern kitchen.
home kitchen reveals that design boards, Pinterest It’s a nice update that
it was not a tiny, over- lovers). means you can pull to-
flowing room. It was a So when I, in a fit of tiny gether a pegboard to cor-
generously sized room kitchen angst, went look- ral your stuff, and you
plus three additional pan- ing for storage ideas, I won’t have to jump on
tries. knew pegboard would pop Julia Child’s bandwagon.
Yet, still overflowing: up right away. I didn’t Wall Control has already
Knives are hung on mag- really want to jump on any done it for you.
netic racks on what ap- bandwagons, but I real-
4C ..............................................................................THE KANSAS CITY STAR SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017






SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017 THE KANSAS CITY STAR.............................................................................. 5C





6C ..............................................................................THE KANSAS CITY STAR SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017





SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017 THE KANSAS CITY STAR.............................................................................. 7C
8C ..............................................................................THE KANSAS CITY STAR SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017
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Is Sunday Hibiscus
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Women — including the Mummy, Wonder Woman and Gamora of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — will dominate summer movies.

Summer of Wonder
The Amazing Amazon won’t be the only high-profile
female character at the cineplex in the coming months
“I made some cardboard summer’s “Suicide Squad” movie. mers”? A movie about emojis? “Cars
BY DAVID FRESE bulletproof bracelets like Wonder Conner said “Wonder Woman” 3”? Woman had,” she said. “I got my isn’t a once in a lifetime event — it’s And don’t even start with “The
brother to shoot plastic pellets from once in two lifetimes. Nut Job 2.”

his summer movie season is his pellet gun at me — I don’t recom- “It’s one of those things I’ve been Maybe the summer movie season
incredibly important to a lot mend anybody do that. Then when I waiting my whole life for — my mom isn’t what it used to be. Maybe stu-
of people, all because of one realized that wasn’t really a career has been waiting her whole life for dios are looking at release dates
movie. option I decided to go into comic it,” she said. “My mother wanted to outside of the usual May Day to
“Wonder Woman.” book art.” be Wonder Woman when she grew Labor Day window.
Here’s just one example: Before Today, Conner, who is in town for up. So it’s a long time coming.” Or maybe after Rey and Jyn Erso
she became an illustrator and writer, Planet Comicon, draws and writes There has been some wailing and in the two most recent “Star Wars”
Amanda Conner wanted to be a for DC Comics, including books gnashing of teeth over this summer’s
superhero when she grew up. featuring Harley Quinn from last movie slate. Another “Transfor- SEE MOVIES, 4D

From ‘Guardians’ to ‘Wonder Woman’

and beyond: A tour of summer movies
Vol. 2”: James Gunn’s first Oscar-winning filmmaker Laura
BY SHARON HOFFMANN “Guardians” blew up expecta- Poitras (“Citizenfour”). tions and grossed more than
$773 million worldwide. The MAY 12
In Hollywood, summer starts sequel brings back Chris Pratt, The big ones:
May 5 with a bang: “Guardians Zoe Saldana and the voices of A “King Arthur: Legend of
of the Galaxy Vol 2,” probably Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper the Sword”: Guy Ritchie, who
the biggest movie of the season. as they explore exactly who is already reimagined Sherlock
And then pretty much every Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord. Holmes, now takes on the Exca-
week it’s one blockbuster after Also opening: libur legend, with Charlie Hun-
another. Here are the more A “The Dinner”: In this thrill- nam as the man who would be
notable offerings. (Note: Dates er, two couples — Richard Gere, king.
can change in the blink of an Laura Linney, Steve Coogan and A “Snatched”: Amy Schumer
eye.) Rebecca Hall — gather for a is a freewheeling daughter who
tense meal to discuss what their takes her uptight mother (Gol-
MAY 5 sons have wrought. die Hawn) on a South American DISNEY-MARVEL .

The big one: A “Risk”: A documentary on In “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) and Drax
A “Guardians of the Galaxy WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, from SEE MOVIES, 5D (Dave Bautista, right) are on a quest to meet Quill’s mysterious father.
Books SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017


Small stories are deftly

William Least Heat-Moon, 816-701-3400
The author of “Blue High- Douglas Scott Delaney
ways,” “PrairieErth” and other For “Tower Dog: Life Inside
nonfiction best-sellers will the Deadliest Job in America.” 7

woven in Strout’s new novel

appear for his first novel, “Celes- p.m. May 2. Raven Book Store, 6
tial Mechanics: A Tale for a E. Seventh, Lawrence. raven-
Mid-Winter Night.” Born William, 785-749-3300
Trogdon in Kansas City, he
attended the University of Laura McBride and Camille
Missouri and now lives near Perri
Columbia. 6:30 p.m. May 4. Authors will take part in “The
Voices in Our Heads,” conversa- technique to advance
Kansas City Public Library- BY KEVIN CANFIELD Pete’s story. In the book’s
Central Library, 14 W. 10th. tion on character and will sign
books. 7 p.m. May 3. Mid-Conti- Special to The Star first 30 pages, he’s de- or rainydaybooks-
.com, 816-701-3400 or 913-384- nent Public Library-Woodneath picted as a despondent
3126 Library Center, 8900 N.E. Flint- Elizabeth Strout’s new recluse. We won’t see him
lock. or rainyday- book grows more impres- again until the novel is
Elizabeth Dole, 816-883-4900 or
Former U.S. senator and 913-384-3126 sive with each passing halfway finished, but by
Cabinet member will deliver page, as it becomes clear then, he too has begun to
inaugural Elizabeth Dole Women Richard Rubin that the Pulitzer Prize- pull himself together,
in Leadership Lecture. 4 p.m. For “Back Over There.” 6 p.m.
May 4. National World War I winning author is slowly, making new friends and
April 30. Dole Institute of Poli- subtly building one big volunteering at a local
tics, 2350 Petefish Drive, Law- Museum, 100 W. 26th. theworld-
rence., 785-, 816-888-8100 story from a bunch of soup kitchen.
864-4900 UMKC Graduate Student small ones. Another example of
Reading There are nine chapters Strout’s beguiling narra-
Alexander Heffner
Host of PBS program “The 7 p.m. May 5. Writers Place, in “Anything is Possible.” tive skill involves Lucy’s
Open Mind” will speak as part of 3607 Pennsylvania. writersplace- Each can be enjoyed as a second cousin, a bed-and-
Dr. Jerzy Hauptmann Distin- .org, 816-753-1090 stand-alone short story. breakfast owner named
guished Guest Lecture Series. 3 Reading in the Roses But read them in order, Dottie. We see her at her
p.m. May 1. Distance Learning 2 p.m. May 6. Laura Conyers and you’ll see that they fit best and worst. Late in the
Conference Center, Park Uni- Smith Rose Garden, Loose Park, together like tiles in a book, she exacts petty
versity, 8700 N.W. River Park, 5200 Pennsylvania. writersplace-
Parkville., 816-559-5616
mosaic. revenge on some rude
.org, 816-753-1090
Collectively, they form a guests. Earlier, however,
Matthew Dowd Sheryl Sandberg moving work of fiction she’s a compassionate
For “A New Way: Embracing For “Option B: Facing Ad-
the Paradox as We Lead and
about the pain we inflict supporting character in a
versity, Building Resilience, and
Serve” in discussion with UMKC Finding Joy” in conversation on those close to us, and chapter about a troubled
professor and former U.S. am- with Sen. Claire McCaskill. 7 p.m. the heroic acts of kindness war veteran.
. ..................................................................................................................
bassador Allan Katz. 6:30 p.m. May 6. $25.95. Unity Temple on that make life bearable. The vet, Charlie, has
May 2. Kansas City Public Li- the Plaza, 707 W. 47th. rain- Set mainly in the rural “Anything is Possible,” by Elizabeth Strout (272 pages; just given a chunk of his
brary-Plaza Branch, 4801 Main., 913-384-3126 Midwest, Strout’s inter- Random House; $27) life savings to a kind pros-
connected tales are pop- ................................................................................................................... titute. Afraid to go home
ulated by a big ensemble to his wife, he rents one of
cast. Though there’s no bought a new rug. Vicky, The story is touching in Dottie’s rooms. He’s emo-
main character, many their sister, isn’t so wel- its own right. But what tionally numb, desperate
important episodes in- coming. She still resents makes it truly memorable to feel something, even if
1. “Old School,” by Bill O’Reil- volve a woman named Lucy for leaving her be- is the way that it dovetails it’s pain. Though he’s a
ly and Bruce Feirstein Lucy Barton. hind. with fleeting incidents stranger, Dottie can see
FICTION 2. “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” The heroine of “My The sisters verbally spar from other chapters. For something’s wrong, so she
1 “The by Diane Ackerman Name is Lucy Barton,” for a few minutes. Vicky instance, when Vicky joins Charlie in the com-
Black Book,” 3. “Hillbilly Elegy,” by J.D.
Vance Strout’s 2016 bestseller, lands most of the blows. delivers some good news mon room, where they
by James Lucy grew up in severe The discussion eventually — Lila, her volatile daugh- watch a sitcom together.
Patterson 4. “Hidden Figures,” by
and David Margot Lee Shetterly poverty in Illinois, abused shifts to their Dickensian ter, will soon be going to He “sat up straighter,
Ellis 5. “The True Jesus,” by David by her father and shunned upbringing. college — it reminds us of and he stared pretty hard
2. “Big Limbaugh by neighbors. Lucy has Seated in the same an episode from early in at that television set,”
Little Lies,” 6. “Killing the Rising Sun,” since become a successful room for the first time in the book. Strout writes. “He waited,
by Liane by Bill O’Reilly and Martin
Dugard writer, and her return years, Lucy and Pete, who Last we saw her, 100 hope like a crocus bulb
Moriarty home — she’s on a book are both gaunt, and Vicky, pages ago, Lila was in- inside him now. He waited
3. “One Perfect Lie,” by Lisa 7. “When
Scottoline Breath promotion tour — inspires who’d like to lose some sulting her guidance coun- and he hoped, he practi-
4. “The Burial Hour,” by Becomes a complex set of emotions. weight, make an impor- selor; she seemed intent cally prayed. O sweet
Jeffery Deaver Air,” by Paul Some family members tant breakthrough: The on sabotaging her future. Jesus, let (the pain) come.
5. “Thrawn,” by Timothy Zahn Kalanithi and former classmates scars of their youth are Now we learn that she’s Dear God, please could
6. “The Shack,” by William P. 8. “An
American admire her achievements. evident in their relation- righted herself. you? Could you please let
Young Others thinks she’s turned ships with food. This sort of thing hap- it come?”
7. “All By Myself, Alone,” by Sickness,” by
Mary Higgins Clark Elisabeth into a big-city snob (she Recalling that their pens throughout “Any- It’s a beautiful, sorrow-
8. “A Man Called Ove,” by Rosenthal lives in New York). father once fed them thing is Possible,” as ful scene, and there are
Fredrik Backman 9. “Halle- The chapter in which scraps “right from the Strout introduces charac- lots of others like it in this
9. “The Woman in Cabin 10,” lujah Anyway,” by Anne Lamott Lucy visits her siblings garbage,” Vicky says, “I ters, leaves them for ex- exquisite book.
by Ruth Ware 10. “Prince Charles,” by Sally
Bedell Smith might be the book’s most can understand why you tended periods and then
10. “Milk and Honey,” by Rupi effective. Her brother Pete guys wouldn’t want to eat. circles back to update us Kevin Canfield is a writer
SERVICE is thrilled to see her. He’s I just don’t understand on their progress. in New York City.
cleaned the drapes and why I do.” Strout also uses this


“42nd Street” Saturday, $35-$65. food booths.
Middle of the Map
Opens 7:30 p.m. Fest Brookside Art art-annual. Free.
Tuesday at Muriel
Kauffman Theatre Thursday-Saturday at
One of Broadway’s multiple venues 5-9 p.m. Friday, 10
Garth Brooks
most enduring musicals We can only scratch the a.m.-9 p.m. Saturday, 11 Opens 7 p.m. Friday at
will bring alive familiar surface here. Thursday’s a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday at Sprint Center
songs with the story of a highlight will be pop duo Brookside Shopping The singing showman
small-town chorus girl Lewis Del Mar at 9:30 District obviously is a Kansas City
who dreams of making it p.m. at the Madrid. Sing- The area’s first major favorite, having expanded
big. The Tony Award er-songwriter Jason Isbell art show of the year typ- his appearance to seven
winner for Best Musical in will take the stage at 9:15 ically attracts more than shows because of the
1980, “42nd Street” is p.m. Friday at the Up- 70,000 people to view demand for tickets. Also
based on a 1933 movie. town. And on Saturday, works of artists from playing will be his wife,
Runs through May 7. hip hop trio De La Soul is around the country. In Trisha Yearwood. Also, 3
Kauffman Center for scheduled to play at 10:05 addition to the paintings, and 7:30 p.m. Saturday-
the Performing Arts. p.m. at CrossroadsKC. sculptures and photo- Sunday and 7 p.m. May
816-421-7500. middleofthemapfest graphs, the festival offers 12-13. 816-949-7000.
theaterleague .com. Three-day pass, children’s activities on
.com/kansascity. $75-$125; Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, $74.98.
$46.50-$91.50. $20; Friday, $35-$65; music in the evenings and


Michael Stern, conduc- Rudyard Kipling is an-

KC Symphony & Chorus bring

tor of the Kansas City other artist who was pro-
Symphony, says that even foundly affected by World
though the “War Requi- War I. “A Kipling Passion”

Britten’s ‘War Requiem’ back

em” was a response to the by John Muehleisen uses
first two world wars and Kipling’s writings to ex-
the Cold War, the work is plore how the author and
more relevant and pow- his family were crushed by

for first time in decades

erful than ever. the death of Kipling’s son,
“The people who lived John, and how they ulti-
through the bombing of mately found peace. The
London who were still Spire Chamber Ensemble
alive 15 to 20 years after conducted by Ben Spald-
can’t really describe it. I hand and said, ‘You know, World War II heard this ing will perform the work
love this piece so much.” that one part about Abra- music differently than we Sunday, April 30, at Vil-
Britten used the text of ham and Isaac? That’s not can,” Stern said. “That lage Presbyterian Church.
the Roman Catholic Mass the real story that’s in the said, we see images, even 3 p.m. April 30. Vil-
as the basis for “War Req- Bible. Abraham did not recent ones from Syria lage Presbyterian
uiem,” but interspersed kill his son.’ I asked why and Afghanistan and war Church, 6641 Mission
poems by Wilfred Owen, he thought the poet chose exercises in North Korea, Road, Prairie Village.
who served as a rifleman to write it that way, and he we have Americans at risk $10-$25. Tickets avail-
BY PATRICK NEAS in World War I and was said, ‘I think Abraham is all over the world. The able at the door or at
Special to The Star tragically killed shortly supposed to be the old idea that violence and www.spirechamber
before the armistice was men who start the wars, conflict can be posited as
On May 30, 1962, when signed. and Isaac is the young a solution to our increas-
Benjamin Britten’s “War One of Owen’s poems men who are getting ingly connected global OWEN/COX DANCE
Requiem” was first per- retells the Biblical story of killed.’ And I thought, community is crazy, espe- COMPANY
formed to celebrate the Abraham being asked to man, these kids get it.” cially since the violence Kansas City’s Owen/
dedication of the new SUBMITTED sacrifice his son, Isaac. In Beside the unorthodox we visit upon ourselves Cox Dance Group is in-
Coventry Cathedral, Eu- Soprano Christine Brewer Owen’s poem, however, setting of the “Requiem” becomes ever more terri- creasingly making its
rope had still not fully has extensive history with Abraham does not heed text, Britten also uses an fying. Where does it end? mark nationally. Last year,
recovered from the devas- the “War Requiem,” both in the angel who bids him to unusual combination of It can only end badly.” choreographer Jennifer
tation of World War II, live concert and on an stay his hand: forces. In addition to the Stern also said the Kan- Owen, co-director of the
and the Cold War was in acclaimed recording “But the old man would large orchestra, there’s sas City Symphony hasn’t company, was commis-
full force. conducted by Kurt Masur. not so, but slew his son, also a chamber orchestra, performed the “War Req- sioned to create a work for
Britten’s heartfelt music and half the seed of children’s choir and three uiem” in more than 20 the Great Friends Dance
depicting the horror of Europe, one by one.” soloists. years. Festival in Newport, R.I.
war and the hope for The symbolism of the Brewer, who brings Brewer will “It’s long overdue,” he Owen/Cox Dance Group
peace made a tremendous cathedral and its history opera to grade-school be joined by said. “It’s such a remarka- will perform that piece,
impact on the audience. It inspired Britten, a pacifist, students in the coal- tenor An- ble piece on a musical “Inland Roads,” May 6 at
wasn’t long before the to compose his deeply felt mining town of Marissa, thony Dean level. Britten was a real the Folly Theater.
“War Requiem” was rec- “Requiem.” Ill., recalls the impact the Griffey and pacifist. It wasn’t window Owen/Cox will be
ognized as one of the Brewer, who has exten- story made on the chil- baritone dressing for him. But the joined by the Island Mov-
greatest musical works of sive history with the “War dren. Stephen ‘War Requiem’ is uplift- ing Co., the other compa-
the 20th century. Requiem,” both in live “I thought it was going Griffey Powell. ing, in a way. Even though ny that premiered the
The Kansas City Sym- concert and on an ac- to be daunting for sixth- “In this it doesn’t end with a con- work at last year’s festival.
phony, the Kansas City claimed recording con- graders, so I gave their piece, Brit- clusive answer and asks a The 14 dancers in total
Symphony Chorus and ducted by Kurt Masur, teacher the recording I ten has lot of questions, there is will be accompanied by a
distinguished soloists, once performed it to cele- had done in London, and these two some measure of hope for musical score composed
including soprano Chris- brate the rebuilding of she played one movement young sol- humanity, always. And by Brad Cox, the other
tine Brewer, will perform Dresden’s cathedral, an- a day for the kids for a few diers, ro- Britten makes that clear. director of Owen/Cox
Britten’s “War Requiem” other spiritual monument weeks just to get the mu- bust, in- We’re not giving up. We Dance Group.
May 5-7 at Helzberg Hall. destroyed by World War sic in their ears,” Brewer nocent, out don’t learn from our mis- 8 p.m. May 6. Folly
The original Coventry II. said. “A lot of these kids, Powell there doing takes, but this piece makes Theater, 300 W. 12th St.
Cathedral, a 14th-century “I have to tell you, it their brothers and sisters their job,” the case that we should.” $25-$45. 816-474-4444
Gothic church, was almost was so moving to me be- can’t afford to go to col- Brewer said. “And then 8 p.m. May 5 & 6 and or www.owencox
completely destroyed by cause of where it was and lege, so they join the mil- you have the choir and the 2 p.m. May 7. Helzberg
Nazi bombing. The new because the audience was itary, and a lot of them at soprano soloist singing the Hall, Kauffman Center
Coventry Cathedral was so moved by it when it that time were stationed Latin Mass. I always feel for the Performing Arts. You can reach Patrick Neas
built next to the ruins of finished,” she said. “We in Iraq or Afghanistan, like I’m part of an angel $23-$88. 816-471-0400 at patrickneas@
the original cathedral, were in church. It was a places where it was really choir. I feel like part of or and at
which now serves as a religious experience, a dangerous. what my job is in this www.facebook.
contemplative garden. spiritual experience. I still “So one boy raised his piece is to comfort these com/kcartsbeat.
Arts+Culture SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

FROM PAGE 1D @GeekGirlDiva on Twit- fulfilling prophecy?

ter, wrote last week on “That is 100 percent

MOVIES SyFy’s that

she’s worried the studio
doesn’t realize how impor-
absolutely my fear,”
O’Neil said by phone the
other day from California.
tant “Wonder Woman” is. “ ‘Wonder Woman’ is 75
movies, Black Widow in As evidence she cites the years in the making. But
five Marvel movies and film’s marketing — or lack also it’s a stand-alone film
Hermione in eight Harry thereof. with a female superhero
Potter films, Hollywood is “ ‘Wonder Woman’ and a woman director, and
— finally — taking the hint: finally gets her own movie we’ve seen in the past
There’s another kind of and the movie marketing where things like this have
moviegoer out there. machines for DC and not been marketed well. …
And she’s excited to see Warner Bros. haven’t When I have to Google
people like her on the big seemed to have chugged when this movie is coming
screen. to life,” she wrote. “Where out and it’s coming out
It has long been said are the TV commercials June 2, that’s weird.”
that female moviegoers and product tie-ins (yes, I Even without a huge
will go see just about any- know about Dr. Pepper, marketing blitz so far, Ellie
thing, but ask a guy to other ones please)? Bat- Ann, a Joplin, Mo.-based
watch a film with a female man and Superman both writer who’s in town for
cast, director or lead and had their own breakfast the weekend’s Planet
he’ll act like he just con- cereal, so where’s my Comicon at Bartle Hall,
tracted cooties from a Wonder Woman cereal? said there’s plenty of ex-
middle school water foun- I’ve seen toys but no toy citement for the film in
tain. commercials.” her house.
“I wish I knew how to Representatives for DC “I just want to cry, it is
fix that because it doesn’t Entertainment and War- so amazing to see a movie
make any sense to me,” ner Bros. declined requests centered around a female
said Barbie Banks, director for interviews on the topic. superhero,” she said. “I’m
of the Citizen Jane Film But O’Neil’s concerns do excited to see how they
Festival at Stephens Col- bring up an interesting portray femininity vs.
lege in Columbia. “Wo- JACK MIED question: If the movie isn’t power. I want to see her
men make films about all Among the season’s popcorn fare is “Alien: Covenant” (May 19), starring surprising marketed heavily because kick some ass. I’m just
variety of topics, not just creatures and Katherine Waterston. of fears it won’t do well, excited to raise my daugh-
things that interest wo- does that become a self- ters in this time. There are
men. But film is such a so few women portrayed
powerful medium, to have Mantis, played by Pom release she’s most en- in the media, and it’s
that sort of blockbuster is a Klementieff, and she’s thused about is Sofia Cop- changing.”
way to start breaking this amazing in the film, a truly pola’s “The Beguiled”
down.” magical performer; so, so (June 30). The Civil War- David Frese: 816-234-4463,
“Wonder Woman” funny, and just as strange era film stars Nicole Kid- @DavidFrese
comes out June 2. The DC as those other three.” man as the head of a pri-
Comics-based film stars Also plenty strange, but vate school for girls who
Gal Gadot and is directed probably a shade more takes in an injured Union
by Patty Jenkins, who grew intense, is “Alien: Cov- soldier (it doesn’t look like
up in Lawrence. The film enant,” which opens May it ends well for him). And
may have one of the high- 19. This is Ridley Scott’s while Banks’ tastes are
est profiles this summer, second prequel (after more in the realm of inde-
but other filmmakers also 2012’s “Prometheus”) to pendent film, there’s no
have amped up the appeal his 1979 space horror denying the appeal of
to female audiences. classic “Alien,” which “Wonder Woman.”
May 5 will see the re- gave us Sigourney Weaver “Not only is she a strong
lease of “Guardians of the as bad-ass space hero character, but she’s that
Galaxy Vol. 2,” the sequel Ripley. The last woman way because of the other
to Marvel’s surprise block- standing in this install- women in her life,” she “Wonder
buster about five space ment is Daniels, played by said. “I think that res- Woman,” which
oddities and a powerful Katherine Waterston. onates with females be- opens June 2, is
gem that can destroy a There’s more. The res- cause we tend to have our expected to
space system. urrected corpse in Tom little squads that raise us whip up plenty
Director James Gunn Cruise’s “The Mummy” up and keep us going and of box office
wrote on social media late (June 9) is an undead and act as superheroes in our action.
last year that he increased very unhappy queen, and lives.”
the sequel’s female roles Luc Besson’s “Valerian Shana O’Neil, a Cali-
well beyond the infamous and the City of a Thou- fornia writer who goes by JACK MIED
“Bechdel test,” i.e., do two sand Planets” (July 21)
or more female characters features Cara Delevingne
talk to each other about as the title character’s
something other than a equal partner.
male character? Coming July 28, “Atom-
“We not only pass the ic Blonde” features Char-
Bechdel test, but run over lize Theron as an under-
it and back up over it again cover agent sent to Berlin
and again in an eighteen- during the Cold War. It
wheeler truck,” he wrote. has been described as a
“I am sick of stories where female “John Wick,”
there are a bunch of fully which starred Keanu
realized male characters Reeves.
and one female character, Banks said she likes
whose primary character- “Atomic Blonde’s” prem-
istic is simply being ‘the ise of an unapologetic
girl’ or the personality-less female assassin.
object of some man’s af- “She doesn’t have this
fections.” typical storyline about how
To that end, he gave she became this assassin
sisters Gamora (Zoe Salda- because of some man or
na) and Nebula (Karen something bad happened
Gillan) their own mission to her,” Banks said. “I
in the film and added a think having films like that
new weirdo who fits right come out that don’t even
in with the Marvel misfits. have this twist of like,
“We have these fan ‘Well, she was a mother
favorite characters of and she lost her baby’ or
Drax, Rocket, and Groot ‘She was scorned by a
because they’re all idiots,” man’ help because she’s
he said. “My new char- just this character. That’s
acter — who I’ve fallen just who she is.”
deeply in love with — is Banks says the summer


The big ones:

MOVIES A “Dunkirk”: Writer/

director Christopher No-
lan takes us to the French
vacation that turns into a coast of World War II,
kidnapping adventure. where Allied forces (in-
Also opening: cluding Kenneth Branagh,
A “The Wall”: As an Tom Hardy and Harry
Iraqi sniper fires away, Styles!!) are looking for
soldiers John Cena and escape.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson are A “Valerian and the
trapped behind a you- City of a Thousand
know-what. Planets”: Dane DeHaan
A “3 Generations”: Elle and Cara Delevingne are
Fanning plays a teen tran- space cops in an eye-pop-
sitioning from female to ping intergalactic city.
male. The other gener- Director Luc Besson (“The
ations: Naomi Watts as Fifth Element”) adapts the
the supportive mom and French graphic novel.
Susan Sarandon as the Also opening:
pushy grandma. A “Girls Trip”: Regina
Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith
MAY 19 and Queen Latifah road
The big one: trip their way into trouble.
A “Alien: Covenant”:
Twenty years before JULY 28
“Alien” takes place and 10 The big one:
years after “Prometheus” A “Atomic Blonde”:
comes director Ridley Charlize Theron is a lethal
Scott’s latest terrifying 20TH CENTURY FOX 1980s British secret agent
space odyssey. Katherine In “Alien: Covenant,” Katherine Waterston deals with bad critters. dropped into Berlin to
Waterston and android break up a spy ring.
Michael Fassbender star. Also opening:
Also opening: A “An Inconvenient
A “Diary of a Wimpy Sequel: Truth to Pow-
Kid: The Long Haul”: In er”: Ten years later, form-
this fourth installment er veep Al Gore updates
based on Jeff Kinney’s his fight for renewable
kids’ books, Greg (Jason energy.
Ian Drucker) dreams of A “The Emoji Movie”:
becoming famous while An animated adventure
on a family road trip. about the doo-dads on
A “Everything, Every- your phone. Why we care:
thing”: Amandla Stenberg KC’s Rob Riggle voices an
(Rue in “The Hunger ice cream cone, and Pat-
Games”) stars in this ad- rick Stewart is Poop.
aptation of Nicola Yoon’s
romance novel about a AUG. 4
teen with a frail immune PARAMOUNT PICTURES . WARNER BROS. . The big one:
system who falls for the Everyone wants to be saved by these lifeguards: Dwayne Now we learn how Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) becomes A “The Dark Tower”:
new boy next door (Nick Johnson (left) and Zac Efron in “Baywatch.” Wonder Woman. Idris Elba and Matthew
Robinson). McConaughey star in the
A “Norman”: Richard adaptation of Stephen
Gere is a glad-handing King’s sci-fi Western.
New York manipulator Also opening:
who gets in over his head. A “Detroit”: Kathryn
Bigelow, who won an
MAY 26 Oscar for “The Hurt Lock-
The big ones: er,” commemorates the
A “Baywatch”: In this 50th anniversary of this
revival of the cheesy ’90s city’s riots with a drama
TV series, lifeguards starring John Boyega and
Dwayne Johnson and Zac Anthony Mackie.
Efron bare their pecs and A “Ingrid Goes West”:
go after a beachside drug- In this satire, Aubrey Plaza
smuggling operation. is a loner who befriends
A “Pirates of the Ca- WARNER BROS. COLUMBIA PICTURES . an Instagram celebrity
ribbean: Dead Men Tell Tom Hardy is surrounded by Germans in “Dunkirk.” The latest Spider-Man is Tom Holland. (Elizabeth Olsen).
No Tales”: Johnny Depp A “Step”: Documentary
is back as Captain Jack, about a Baltimore step
once again seeking trea- dance team.
sure — the trident of Po-
seidon. Javier Bardem is AUG. 11
the bad guy out to get A “Annabelle: Cre-
him, and Brenton ation”: The possessed doll
Thwaites joins the fran- lives on.
chise as Orlando Bloom’s A “The Nut Job 2: Nut-
son. ty by Nature”: Will Ar-
Also opening: nett and his animated pals
A “The Lovers”: Debra try to stop a developer
Winger and Tracy Letts from destroying their
are a long-married philan- home.
dering couple who embark A “Wind River”: Jere-
on an unusual affair — my Renner and Elizabeth
with each other. Olsen try to solve a mur-
JUNE 2 In “Atomic Blonde,” Charlize Theron is an MI6 agent. Idris Elba is Roland Deschain in the sci-fi/Western/horror reservation.
The big one: film “The Dark Tower,” based on the Stephen King book
A “Wonder Woman”: series. AUG. 18
Gal Gadot stole the show bonds with a combat dog per dies. A “The Hitman’s
in “Batman v Superman.” as they deploy to Iraq. Bodyguard”: Ryan Rey-
Now her superhero gets A “My Cousin Rachel”: JUNE 23 Also opening: Also opening: nolds is an agent assigned
her own movie, an origin Sam Claflin is an English- The big one: A “Amityville: The A “Patti Cake$”: A to protect assassin Samuel
story of her Amazonian man who falls for his cou- A “Transformers: The Awakening”: Stupid Sundance Festival favorite L. Jackson from Gary
homeland and her valiant sin (Rachel Weisz) but Last Knight”: King Ar- family moves into a haunt- about an aspiring New Oldman.
deeds in World War I. suspects her of murder. thur again? Apparently the ed house. Jersey rapper (played by A “Logan Lucky”:
Directed by Patty Jenkins Based on the novel by legend of the shape-shift- A “The Beguiled”: Australian Danielle Mac- Channing Tatum, Adam
(who grew up in Law- Daphne du Maurier. ing robots goes back to During the Civil War, a donald). Driver and Riley Keough
rence). Arthurian times. Anthony wounded Union soldier plan a heist during a NAS-
Also opening: JUNE 16 Hopkins joins a returning (Colin Farrell) finds refuge JULY 14 CAR race. Steven Soder-
A “Captain Under- The big one: Mark Wahlberg. at an all-girls boarding The big one: bergh, who awhile ago
pants: The First Epic A “Cars 3”: Lightning Also opening: school, where the students A “War for the Planet insisted he was retiring, is
Movie”: Dav Pilkey’s McQueen (Owen Wilson) A “The Bad Batch”: In (especially Elle Fanning) of the Apes”: In this third back to direct.
hilarious kids books get an needs to modernize his this dystopian horror aren’t as innocent as they installment, Caesar (Andy
animated adaptation, with technique, with the help of thriller, a young woman is appear. From writer/di- Serkis) gets angry as he AUG. 25
Kevin Hart and Thomas a slick businesscar voiced captured by cannibals. In rector Sofia Coppola, re- guides his apes in a battle A “Polaroid”: In this
Middleditch voicing the by Nathan Fillion. Texas. making the 1971 Clint against humans, led by a horror film, a high school
obstreperous kids and Ed Also opening: Eastwood version. brutal Woody Harrelson. outcast takes pictures with
Helms as their delusional A “47 Meters Down”: JUNE 28 A “Dean”: Father and Also opening: an old camera. Uh-oh.
principal. Mandy Moore and Claire A “Baby Driver”: Direc- son Kevin Kline and De- A “The Big Sick”: Ku- A “Tulip Fever”: In
Holt are sisters stranded tor Edgar Wright left KC’s metri Martin cope with mail Nanjiani (“Silicon 17th century Amsterdam a
JUNE 9 in a shark cage on the Paul Rudd and “Ant-Man” grief. Valley”) tells the true married woman hopes to
The big one: ocean floor. over creative differences A “The House”: To story of how his girlfriend run away with her lover.
A “The Mummy”: This A “All Eyez on Me”: A with the studio and moved regain the college fund — now his wife — went With Alicia Vikander,
mummy could have been biopic about the late rap- on to this passion project. they lost, Amy Poehler into a coma. Dane DeHaan and Chris-
a mommy. In a gender per Tupac Shakur. Ansel Elgort is a getaway and Will Ferrell launch a A “Midnight Sun”: toph Waltz.
flip, Sofia Boutella (“King- A “The Book of Hen- driver who agrees to a gambling ring in their Sounds a lot like “Every-
sman”) is the angry an- ry”: Naomi Watts is a difficult heist with Jon basement. thing, Everything.” A girl AUG. 30
cient princess, and Tom single mom whose son Hamm and Kevin Spacey. (Bella Thorne) can’t go A “Leap!”: They’re
Cruise is the man who wants to help the girl next JULY 7 outside because she’s everywhere this summer:
must face her. door. Directed by Colin JUNE 30 The big one: deathly allergic to the sun, Elle Fanning and Dane
Also opening: Trevorrow, who soon goes The big one: A “Spider-Man: Home- but then she meets Patrick DeHaan voice this animat-
A “It Comes at Night”: big budget with “Star A “Despicable Me 3”: coming”: We met this Schwarzenegger (yup, ed tale of an orphan girl
A deadly worldwide pan- Wars: Episode IX.” Gru (Steve Carell) reunites incarnation of Peter Park- Arnold’s son). who dreams of becoming
demic has Joel Edgerton A “Rough Night”: A with his long-lost twin er (Tom Holland) in the A “Wish Upon”: A a ballerina in Paris.
and his family under bachelorette party in- brother Dru (also voiced last Avengers flick. Now music box grants a teen
siege. volving Kate McKinnon, by Carell), who tries to he gets his own movie — seven wishes, with deadly Sharon Hoffmann:
A “Megan Leavey”: In Jillian Bell and Scarlett lure him back to his das- and villain, Vulture (Mi- consequences. 816-234-4457,
this true story, Kate Mara Johansson gets way out of tardly ways. chael Keaton). @Sharonakc
is a Marine corporal who control when a male strip-
Arts+Culture SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017

New Total Solar Eclipse stamp

will change when you touch it

A postal stamp com-

memorating the upcoming
total solar eclipse will be
the first stamp that
changes when you touch
The stamp, which uses
an image of a solar
eclipse, transforms into a
an image of a full moon
when it is heated by a
The back of the stamp
pane includes a map of the
Aug. 21 total solar eclipse
along with times it may
appear. The total solar
eclipse will traverse the
entire United States from U.S. POSTAL SERVICE
Oregon to South Carolina. Total Solar Eclipse Forever Stamp reveals a full moon
The southern line of when exposed to body heat.
totality bisects Kansas
City. St. Joseph is
considered a sweet spot
for viewing.
The U.S. Postal Service
announced Thursday that
it will release the Total
Solar Eclipse stamp on
June 20 at the University
of Wyoming in Laramie.
The stamp is the first in
the U.S. to use thermo-
chromic ink that when
exposed to the body heat
of your thumb or fingers
and rubbed, a second
image is revealed.
The first image is a
photograph taken by Fred
Espenak, a retired astro-
physicist known as “Mr.
Eclipse,” of a total solar
eclipse on March 29,
2006, from Jalu, Libya.
The second image, also U.S. POSTAL SERVICE
taken by Espenak, is a full Total Solar Eclipse Forever Stamp prior to being exposed
moon. to body heat.
The Total Eclipse of the
Sun stamp is being issued
as a Forever stamp, which Robert A. Cronkleton:
is equal in value to the 816-234-4261, @cronkb
current first-class mail
1-ounce price.
SUNDAY APRIL 30 2017 THE KANSAS CITY STAR.............................................................................. 7D

By Pam Amick Klawitter
ACROSS 66 Longship crew 128 Hide from an 51 Freudian
1 Word heard in 68 Half a track? animal conscience
Bedrock 69 London’s “Ye Olde 129 Treacherous type 53 Player in a loft
6 West Point letters Mitre,” e.g. 55 Vacation choice
10 Dark horses 71 “The Way __”: DOWN 57 Aleppo native
14 Sam seen in bars 2007 Timbaland hit 1 Pirate’s syllables 60 Reservations can
19 Scott who wrote 72 Loud speakers 2 They’re often about help avoid one
“Island of the Blue 76 Travelocity nothing 61 Apportions
Dolphins” enticement 3 Adds to the pool 62 Eighth-century
20 A golf green may 79 Pooh, to Roo 4 Rain-__ bubble pope
be shaped like one 82 Broadway gum 67 Puppeteer Tony
21 Face cream restaurant founder 5 Smith grad 68 *Sale indicator
additive 83 *Highly sought- 6 High hairdo 70 Cap’n’s aide
22 Paganini’s after charter 7 José’s half-dozen 72 Room at the
birthplace captain 8 Satiric magazine Louvre
23 *What it often is on 86 Office holders? founded in 1952 73 Doesn’t give up
a summer day 87 Gilbert who 9 Kid-to-kid retort 74 Enter noisily
25 Rodeo goad created TV’s “The 10 Military setting 75 Nautical pole
26 Bother a lot Talk” 11 Hurdle for Hannibal 77 Word of origin
27 WWII spy gp. 88 The Silver St. 12 Mirror image? 78 Marathon practice
28 Big mouths 89 Graphic start 13 Homeland of run
29 Tampico trio 90 Warns tennis star Novak 79 Spike for Hillary
31 Mask wearers 92 Frees Djokovic 80 Like some focus
33 Salem-to-Portland 94 They catch a lot of 14 “The X-Files” extra groups
dir. shrimp 15 *Awkward TV 81 Freetown
34 Chihuahua or 97 Continue silence currency
Maltese, in dog 98 Sitcom pioneer, 16 Protester 82 Slew
shows familiarly 17 Defensive ditch 84 Grow pale
35 Slangy sib 99 *Iconic suburban 18 H.S. hurdles 85 Push
36 *One-to-one symbol 24 Ma non __: not too 91 Did a few laps
conversation 103 Word with link or much, in music 93 Made on a wheel
43 Texter’s “Just a letter 30 Cub great 95 Play set on an
thought ... ” 105 French article Sandberg island, with “The”
47 Candy aisle 106 Damage 32 Bubbly source 96 Cabinet
choice 107 Haunted house 34 Lincoln Center department
48 Kid in a ’60s sounds attraction, familiarly 100 Greets the villain
sitcom 110 Lacking 35 Eastern faith 101 Conforming
49 K-12, in brief 112 Eye opener? 36 Word in a Marines 102 Elegant trimmings
50 Its flag features a 113 Improve, in some slogan 104 Speed
six-pointed star cases 37 48-Across player 107 Orch. section
52 Scale starting 116 Cutie 38 __-France 108 Primer layer
words 117 Chop __ 39 Register a 109 Novelist Jaffe
54 911 responder 119 Feature of haiku, preference 110 Psychic
56 Barbecue supply and of the answers 40 St. Peter’s Basilica 111 Motion carriers
58 Functional to starred clues sight 112 Tough test
59 *Scuba divers’ 122 Charged 41 Exile isle 113 Self-titled 1974 pop
63 “Wayward __”:
123 Sport with double
42 Make, as butter
44 Katahdin is its
114 Many a techie ANSWERS ON 2D
Shyamalan TV 124 Slices of history highest peak 115 Latin being
series 125 Minnesota’s 45 Beatrix Potter’s 118 FedEx rival
64 Salon supply “10,000” real first name 120 Otto I’s realm:
65 Ancient region of 126 Play area 46 Cries after fútbol Abbr.
Asia Minor 127 Cold War initials goals 121 Knighted McKellen

HOROSCOPE tend to enjoy the hectic

pace around you. To get
20) EEE You could be
more possessive than you
22) EEEE Emphasize
what is good around you as
draw closer to this person.
any privacy, you and your realize. An older person opposed to what isn’t. 22-Jan. 19) EEEE You A Actress Cloris Leach-
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetie will need to screen might try to let you know LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. have a way of drawing man is 91.
April 30, 2017 your calls. Cancer knows how jealous you have be- 22) EEE Others are very others in, especially loved A Singer Willie Nelson is
This year you seem to be how to express his or her come. aware of what you are ones. 84.
right in the middle of what feelings in a way that you CANCER (June 21-July doing. Be positive, and AQUARIUS (Jan. 20- A Actor Burt Young is 77.
is going on. People fre- can identify with. 22) EEEE You wake up thank them for sharing. Feb. 18) EEEE You A Actor Johnny Galecki
quently call you to give you ARIES (March 21-April knowing that everything SCORPIO (Oct. 23- could feel tense when (“The Big Bang Theory”)
a heads up. Others discuss 19) EEEE You have a will be all right. Make calls Nov. 21) EEEE You dealing with a money is- A Actor Kunal Nayyar
their plans and decisions strong sense that some- to those at a distance or to might want to reach out to sue. (“The Big Bang Theory”) is
with you in an effort to get thing is not as it seems on someone you have not someone you care a lot PISCES (Feb. 19- 36.
you to play devil’s ad- the home front. spoken to in a while. about. March 20) EEEE Your A Actress Kirsten Dunst is
vocate. If you are single, TAURUS (April 20- LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) SAGITTARIUS (Nov. sixth sense is stronger than
A Actress Dianna Agron
you meet people with ease. May 20) EEEEE Com- EE You might consider 22-Dec. 21) EEEEE your logic today. Follow (“Glee”) is 31.
Don’t just go for the first munication flourishes, and making this a lazy day. Jump on an opportunity to your intuition, especially
potential suitor, unless you you'll hear a lot of news You'll need some extra R relate closely to a loved when dealing with a child
feel that this person is that you will want to and R to build up your one. Speaking and sharing or loved one.
perfect for you. If you are broadcast to other people. strength. openly renews your per- — JACQUELINE BIGAR, KING
attached, the two of you GEMINI (May 21-June VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. spective and helps you FEATURES SYNDICATE INC.


Boulders blocking Noland Road

April 30 MOVIES
S CK CM C 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00
$ WDAF 6 6 6 6 Simpsons History Family Guy Last Man FOX 4 at 9 PM (N) News
% KCTV 3 3 3 3 NCIS: Los Angeles ‘14’ Madam Secretary ‘14’ Elementary (N) ‘14’ KCTV5
) KMBC 12 12 12 12 Once Upon a Time ‘PG’ Match Game (N) ‘14’ American Crime ‘14’ News
3 KCPT 11 4 4 11 Call the Midwife (N) ‘14’ Home Fires Masterpiece Masters
= KCWE 7 13 2 16 Castle ‘PG’ Scandal ‘14’ News Two Men Big Bang
F KMCI 8 2 5 8 Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Mike Mike Broke Girl
I KSHB 13 8 8 13 Little Big Shots (N) ‘G’ Chicago Justice (N) ‘14’ Shades of Blue (N) ‘14’ News
R KPXE 16 9 9 15 White Collar ‘PG’ White Collar ‘PG’ White Collar ‘PG’ Collar
Æ KSMO 10 10 10 10 The X-Files ‘14’ The X-Files ‘14’ News The Insider Paid Prog.
+ KTWU 19 5 9 Call the Midwife (N) ‘14’ Home Fires Masterpiece DCI Banks
` WIBW NCIS: Los Angeles ‘14’ Madam Secretary ‘14’ Elementary (N) ‘14’ News
; KSNT Little Big Shots (N) ‘G’ Chicago Justice (N) ‘14’ Shades of Blue (N) ‘14’ KSNT
K KTMJ Simpsons History Family Guy Last Man News Last Man Big Bang
Q KTKA Once Upon