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awe vie suse ruta STATE OF HAWAIL snnevnrene DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 289 PUNCHBOWL STREET HONOLULU, HAWAI 968125097 Decamber 20, 2019 The Honorable Ronald D. Kouchi, ‘The Honorable Scott K. Saiki President and Members of the Senate ‘Speaker and Members of the House of ‘Twenty-Ninth State Legislature Representatives State Capitol, Room 409 ‘Twenty-Ninth State Legislature Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 State Capitol, Room 431 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Dear President Kouchi, Speaker Saiki and Members of the Legislature: For your information and consideration, | am transmitting a copy of the Red Light Running Report as requested in ACT 131 (19). In accordance with HRS 93-16, | am also informing you that the report may be viewed electronically a: htou/hidot hawaii,govilibrary/reports/repcristo:the- legislaturey : Legielative Reference Bureau REPORT TO THE THIRTIETH LEGISLATURE: oF ‘THE STATE OF HAWAll REGULAR SESSION OF 2020 ‘ON SENATE BILL 663 D2 HD1 CD ‘SUBJECT: “DEVELOP POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RED LIGHT RUNNING PILOT PROGRAMS IN THE CITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU, AND THE COUNTIES OF MAUI, KAUAI AND HAWAII.” State of Hawai Department of Transportation December 2019 {WTLE: REPORT TO THE THIRTIETH LEGISLATURE ‘OF THE STATE OF HAWAlL, REGULAR SESSION 2020 (ON SENATE BIL 663 5DZ HO COL SUBJECT: ESTABLISH A RED LIGHT RUNNING COMMITTEE TO DEVELOP POLICY [RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RED LIGHT RUNNING PILOT PROGRAMS IN THE CITY AND ‘COUNTY OF HONOLULU, AND THE COUNTIES OF MAUI, KAUAI AND HAWAI Purpose Act 131 tasked "the department of transportation shal establish a red light running committee to ‘develop policy recommendations for red light running pilot programs nthe city and county of Hovolul, ‘and the counties of Wai, Kauai, and Hawaii” “The Red Light Running Committee began its workin September 2019, The patcpating commit ‘members and public participants are lsted below: ticipants “The Red Light Runring Committe i under the Sunshine Law which allows the pubic to attend the meetings as non-vctng patcipants. While voting was reserved for the Red Light Running Committee _members, commurity members were able to participate by attending the meeting, contributing formation and participating inthe discussions. ‘Committee Members ‘Deparment Representative State of awa Jody Usa um James Tabs Kari Benes Honolulu Police Department Sat. Stephen Siva Andre Peters Wawail Police Depariment ‘Torey Keliner | ‘Andrew Burian [avai Police Department ‘Mavi Poi Department ‘State Highway Safety Cound LU. Vernon Senbnat Li Wiliam Hankins Kar Benes City & County of Honolulu, Deparment ofthe Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Nadamote Trisha Nakamatsu Mark Tom ‘aul County, Department of the Prosecuting Attorney Byron Fujeda Terence Herndon Brandon Segal Hawai County. Office of the Prosecuting Attorney | Stephen Five Kau County, Ofie ofthe Prosecuting Attorney | Ramsey Ross Hawai Department of Transportation Bryan Kimura Hawaii Department of Transportation Rob lee Cty & County of Honolulu, Mark Kuch Department of Transportation Services aul Public Works —_ ‘ye Tabata Hawai Public Works ‘Mantoud Tebbak David Yamamoto Community Members Danie Alexander, Hawaii Bicycling League + Todd Boulanger, Bike Share Hawai + Kathy Grebe, Safe Streets Advocate + eter Koonce, Pottand Bureau of Transportation Carol McNamee, Mothers Against Dunk Driving + Peggy Mierzwa, Blue Zones Project Chad Taniguchi Hawai Bicycling League OT Sta Members Lee Nagano, Motor Vehicle Safety Office ‘Scott Haneberg, Motor Vehicle Safety Office ‘Robert Lung, Motor Vehicle Safety Office Findings \When implemented property, red ight photo enforcement programs have shown tobe a promising too that can save lives and reduce injuries by changing driver's behavior and lead to safe driving habit ‘To determine what would be best for Hawaii, we reviewed national esearch and programs from other states During this process, the Hawai Department of Transportation (HOOT) and our partners researched red light running programs in other states and counties to identily program elements that could be adopted by Hawai, ‘Some othe programs that were reviewed were + Washington state + tinois = NewYork + Fords "Washington tate Findings: ‘Washington state law, n part, provides the following: 1. Responsibility forthe violation. 4, The registered owner ofa vehicle i responsible for an infraction. The presumption of the registered owner's esponsibility i overcome ony ifthe registered owner states, underoath n a written statement tothe court or in testimony before the court that the: vehicle, atthe time, was stolen orn the care, custody, or control ofa person other than the registered owner. bi, tv vehicle i registered toa rental car company (company) before the cationis ‘issued, the issuing agency provides a writen noice tothe company that a violation may be issued to the company if the company doesnot, within 18 days of receipt of the Violation, provide by ceturn ma 1. Astatement under oath that provides the name and address of the individual