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Question 21 Question 22

Based on the given pictures, give the correct Read the dialogue below and answer the questions
answers in full sentences.


Question 22
Tick ( √ ) at the correct answer.

Question 23
Read the text below and answer the questions
that follow. Jamil might be sent to __________. (1m)
Bangi, Sunday - An eight-year-old boy handed
over his piggy bank to charity yesterday because
of a report in a newspaper which was read to
him. (a) Based on the dialogue above, where do you
The year two pupil, Naim, of SK Beranang was
think Puan Hani and her son are ?
willing to give away his saving of RM250.50 to
someone who really needed it. The person whom
he wanted to donate is Puan Najiha a retired office
clerk. She needs RM100,000.00 to have a heart Staffroom
surgery in Kuala Lumpur. She was on the front Hall
page of newspaper two days ago. Puan Najiha has (1 mark)
a serious heart problem and she needs the
surgery immediately. Her husband, who is a (b) Jamil might be sent to __________. (1m)
teacher, advertised the sad news and requested
the public for help. Year 2
Now, Naim will not be able to buy his favourite
Year 3
toy car anymore. "That aunty needs the money
Year 4
because she is sick. I want to save her life. I can
save up again and will buy my toy car some other
time," said the boy happily. Write your answer in the space provided
( c ) List TWO documents Puan Hani needs to
Write true or false in the space provided register her son.
(i) _____________________________
a) Naim, the eight year old boy is from (ii) _____________________________(2m)
Bangi ___________
( d ) Do you think Puan Hani’s application is
b) Naim got to the news from his dad. succesful?
____________ Which sentence in the dialogue tells you this?

(c) Match the phrases in List A Answer:_____________________________________


( e ) Why do you think Puan Hani choose this school?

Naim is a pupil of
Puan Najiha needs money to the suitable List B (2m)
The amount of money saved
Her husband advertised the sad news in the newspaper.
in the piggy bank is RM250.50
SK. Beranang.
to have a heart surgery.
(d) What do you understand by the word “to
donate” in the passage.
(e) Naim donates all his savings to Puan Question 24 and 25
Najiha. Why? Question 24
_____________________________________ Tick () the correct answer.
(a) Bamboo is a kind of_____________

Read the text The

below and answer the
Rainforest tree
questions thatschool
During the follow.
holidays, Mary and her
friends from Love Your Environment Club grass
went camping. The trip was interesting and flower
educational. They explored the primary
rainforest not far from Mary’s hometown.
They saw many types of plants in the (b)The endangered animal can be best replaced
forest. with…
One of the plants they saw was the
bamboo. Another attractive plant they saw have disappeared
was the orchid. The orchid is an epiphyte no longer existing on the earth
that lives on the other plants. It is often
in danger of disappearing from
found on tree trunks and branches of trees.
the earth
The orchid traps rainwater with its aerial
roots. The shape and colour of the flowers
are attractive and fascinating. They also Questions 25
saw vines. Vines climbing plants. Some
climb on the taller plants to get sunlight, Write your answer in the space provided.
while others head towards the ground to
get nutrients (a) Why do you think we should protect our
Some vines are strong enough to support
animals like monkeys to swing from tree to
tree or to rest on them.
(b) What do you understand by the phrase
Many types of wood can be obtained from “commercial used”?
rainforests. Wood like mahogany is used for ___________________________(2m)
making furniture. However, the cutting
down of trees in large areas of the forest (c) What are the plants that you have planted in
for commercial uses will destroy the natural
your house? How do you take care of them?
environment and habitat of the rainforests.
Plants and animals will soon lose their
habitat and their species will become
He is ten
years old