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MICROS 3700 Integration Guide

Application:POS Configurator

Add field above their Server “99 MICROS1”, name it “RES API Device” ! ! ! take note of
Object Number ! ! !

Device Type: “PosAPI Web Service”

Network Node: “SERVER”


Devices>User Workstation

Add field above Server, select name “RES API Device” ! ! ! be sure to input same
Object Value ! ! !

General>Revenue Center (POS location) – (place any values on Trans Screen &
Default Order Type)

General>Options – (check) Allow multiple RVCs; Suppress Print Error

General>Options – on other occasion depending customer special type of IP

Printer setup, check “Order device printing at POS only”

Order Devices – check all fields with texts

Printers> - Customer Receipt Printer

Guest Check Printer (print copy of online


Memo Check Printer

Local Order Printer (print-out back-up of the order)

Journal Printer (log events of the transaction)

Backup Journal Printer

Local Backup Printer


Employee Classes – create new line item (create SuperUser class)

SuperUser – Guest Check Control> (check everything)

SuperUser – Edting Checks> (check everything)

SuperUser – Other Employee’s Checks> (check everything)

SuperUser – Printing>Check/Receipt Printing (exclude “Print line-by-line”)

SuperUser – Printing>Print Guest Check: On Demand


Employees>General – create new employee [Firsname; Lastname: CheckName]

Employees>Security – Employee Class: (select SuperUser class created)

Employees>POS>Revenue Center



Order Types> - Add Items (ex. Online ToGo & Online Deliv)

-copy config from similar item ! ! ! DO NOT ALTER PRESENT

CONFIG ! ! !



Tender / Media> - Add item “Paid Online”


General>SLU:”Payments” ! ! ! Important ! ! !

General>Print Class:

General>Menu Level Class: All Day

General>Category Type: (match to credit cards)

Tender> - (check) Assume paid in full

Tender> - (check) Post to gross receipt

Printing>Printing - Print summary totals, Print sales itemizer totals, Print

check trailer

Printing>Checks - Print check, Print memo check


Revenue Center>

RVC Interfaces>(SIM) - Verify “Print Format” is on either “Before Header” or

“After Header”

RVC Interfaces>(SIM) - Number of Info Lines: 16

RVC Interfaces>(SIM) – be sure to uncheck “Do not display check info lines”



Discounts> - Create new Item or Update recent

Discounts>General - Tax Class: (usually empty)

Discounts>General - SLU: (exclusive for online)

Discounts>General - Print Class: Just Guest Check (kitchen doesn’t need to know)

Discounts>General - Menu Level Class: All Day

Discounts>Options - check “Amount”


Service Charges> Create Item “$DELIVERY” (online charges for Delivery)

Service Charges>General - Tax Class: (provided by client)

Service Charges>General - SLU: Service Charges

Service Charges>General - Print Class: Just Guest Check

Service Charges>General - Menu Level Class: All Day

Service Charges>Options - check “Amount”

Service Charges>Service Charge - Type: Standard, check only “Post to svc
charges total (the rest are unchecked since the created item is NOT A TIP)

================== break ==================

// Search for Open Items


Menu Items>

================== break ==================

Download, Update, Install & Configuration (Local Installation)

Download Orders2me Integration App

Open browser, Address: “”

Select “Run” from file download prompt

=== Start of installation process

Once you reach the “Select Installation Folder”, choose the radio button to “Everyone” so
that the application will be accessible to anyone using the unit, click next…

You may also get a User Account Control prompt for installing from an unknown
publisher. Just click “Yes” to continue since we are that unknown publisher for this service.


Open file directory, browse to C:/Program Files(x86)/Online Ordering/POS Integration for Online

Run/execute “wyUpdate.exe”. (updating POS Integration software will download necessary

update files)


Find Desktop Shortcut “Configure Online Ordering”, View “Properties”

! ! ! Always make sure that our service always run as an Administrator ! ! !

From Properties window, go to the “Compatibility” tab. Press “change settings for all users”.

Check “Run this Program as an administrator”, click “OK” and click “OK” to close

Bring up “Run” command (Home + R)

Type “services.msc”, click “OK”

Scroll to find “Online Ordering POS Integration” service

Double-click or Right-click to bring up “Properties” window

On “Recovery” tab select “Restart the Service” action for the First, Second & Subsequent

Click “Apply” then “OK”


Open “Configure Online Ordering”

On Login dialog box, supply E-mail Address and Password (only those registered from Manage
admin on orders2me dashboard panel)

Onced logged in, select corresponding Restaurant to print out orders, but never select a local
printer since we’re only connecting client online account with MICROS database

Restart “Online Ordering POS Integration” service to update all settings made.

Receiving Your Orders

Orders2me Backend

Find Restaurant from List

Go to “Settings/Receiving Your Orders”

Scroll to POS Integration (section) for POS heartbeat

Click “Enable POS Integration”

POS Type:Micros 3700

- Login using MICROS SQL credentials

Restart “Online Ordering POS Integration”

Refresh Orders2me Backend

 Additional data from MICROS database will populate POS Integration

Test Transaction

Micros 3700
Menu Item Class Print Class

POS Item Missing Classes - Micros

On the client Micros POS Configurator;

If a POS item does not have a menu item class - the API won't find/import that item to
If a POS item does not have a print class - we may pick it up with the API but it won't
print on their POS

Menu Item Classes - Micros

Menu Items can be defined if:
 Item is taxable
 Modifier / Menu Item
 More (related to Orders2me programming)

! ! ! To consider of Item Class is an Item or a Modifier/Option ! ! !

Sales>Menu Items>Items Classes>General Options - Condiments

Checked - Item

Checked off - Modifier/Option