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Why is a Cover Letter Necessary?

A cover letter helps you introduce yourself to potential employers. It can:

• provide information that is not included in your resume
• highlight key skills and attributes
• explain why you can do the job
• show your interest in the job and the employer’s organization
• highlight how you stand out from other people applying for the job
Some employers might only read your cover letter, not your resume. It’s important to use your
cover letter to make a good impression.
A cover letter can show employers your:
• Ability to communicate effectively
• Qualifications and strengths
• Professionalism
• Personality
• Attention to detail (by submitting a cover letter without errors)

Common Types of Cover Letters

There are three common types of cover letters:
• Response
• broadcast
• Referral

A response cover letter responds to a job posting. It can highlight your qualifications and
suitability for the advertised job requirements.
A broadcast cover letter is more general; there is no job advertisement to respond to nor is
there information about a specific position. Sending a broadcast cover letter, even when there is
no job posting, can help you access the hidden job market by asking an employer to consider you
for upcoming vacancies or unadvertised positions.
A referral cover letter is similar to a broadcast letter; it is sent when there is no job posting to
reply to. However, this type of cover letter connects you to the person it is addressed to by
mentioning someone else who referred you to the company. This is a great way to grab the
potential employer’s attention and put you ahead of other applicants.
In this guide you’ll find many samples of different cover letter styles and activities to help you
write a cover letter that works for you.

Amy’s Boutique
Amy’s Boutique is currently looking for an exceptional candidate to join our team as a Sales
This is an exciting opportunity if you are someone who:
• Is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of customer service
• Has previous experience in a retail environment
• Enjoys working in a fast-paced retail environment
• Can work flexible shifts

Amy’s Boutique offers competitive wages, bonuses, and opportunities for advancement.
Please apply in-person with your resume and cover letter to
Amy’s Boutique, Market Mall, Unit 35, between the hours of 10 – 4 Monday to Friday.
Sarah Jones
1234 53 Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2W 3S-4 0300-1234567

March 8, 20XX

Susan Smith
Amy’s Boutique
Market Mall, Unit 35
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3H8

Dear Ms, Smith

Amy’s Boutique has a strong reputation for providing quality customer service in retail women’s
fashion. I am a frequent customer of Amy’s Boutique and was very excited to see the job
advertisement in the newspaper on March 4, 20XX. I believe that my customer service skills,
along with my keen eye for fashion, would make me an excellent addition to your team as a
Sales Clerk.
Some of the Benefits that I can bring to Amy’s Boutique include:

 A good sense of fashion

 An ability to help people choose clothes that bring out their best features
 An ability to work with diverse group of people
 Teamwork skills and coaching abilities

I am available to meet with you to discuss my skills and the benefits that I could bring to the
Sales Clerk position. you can reach me at 0300-1234567. I appreciate your consideration of my
application for the Sales Clerk position.

Best Regards,

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones
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Name of Recipient


Dear Name of Recipient:

INITIAL PARAGRAPH: State the reason for the letter, the specific position or type of work
for which you are applying, and indicate from which resource (i.e., Career Services Center, news
media, friend, employment service) you learned of the opening.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: Indicate why you are interested in the position, the company, its
products or services. Demonstrate that you have researched the organization by stating something
about their mission, latest products, business ventures, etc. State clearly what you can do for the
employer. If you are a recent graduate, explain how your academic background makes you a
well-qualified candidate. If you have some practical work experience, point out your specific
achievements or unique qualifications. Try not to repeat the same information the reader will
find in your resume. Refer the reader to the enclosed resume or application form which summarizes
your qualifications, training and experience.
Some examples include:
My qualifications for the position include . . .
I believe my background in . . .
I have experience/education in the field of . . .

THIRD PARAGRAPH: In the closing paragraph, indicate your desire for a personal interview
and your flexibility as to the time and place. Repeat your telephone number in the letter and offer
any assistance to help in a speedy response. Finally, close your letter with a statement or
question which will encourage a response. For example, state that you will be in the city where
the company is located on a certain date and would like to set up an interview.
Some examples include:
I am looking forward to discuss my qualifications with you further in person . . .
Should you be interested in my qualifications . . .
For an interview, I can be reached at . . .


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