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Phone:- 7425996095/9462101605

Facebook:- Twitter:--

Career Objective:-
To work in a highly competitive environment with a perfect challenge by contributing
the best for the growth of the organization while ensuring growth in personal career.


Examination Institute/University Board/year of passing CGPA/perce


Bachelor of Computer Mandsaur University , Mandsaur (M.P.) 2020 7.27 cgpa

Higher Secondary L.B.S. Excellence school of Mandsaur, 2015/State Board 78.60%

High Schhol L.B.S. Excellence school of Mandsaur, 2013/State Board 75.33%


Projects:- Workshop:-
Bank Management System (Minor Project)

 Worked on Bank Management System using  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:
Python and MySQL (database connectivity) Learn about data sets, train and test with python.
 Performed Teamwork in the development Duration: Three Days at MANIT
process of the Backend part of web application
 Web designing :- basic of web designing(Html,
Library Management System (Minor Project) CSS,BootStrap and java-script) Duration:- 1week
 C language :-basic concepts of c language Duration:-
 Worked on Library Management System using 1week
Python and MySQL (database connectivity)  Adobe Photoshop: basic of adobe Photoshop, adobe
 Performed key role in the development process illustrator and InDesign Duration:- 1week
of the UI part of web application 
Technical Skills:-
Quiz web Application (Minor Project)
 Tools:- MS excel, MS word, MS
 Worked on Quiz web application using PHP and PowerPoint,Netbins,Adobe Dreamviewer
MySQL.  Programming language: C++,Python, Core java
 Performed key role in the development and
designing in front end(user panel) of web  Web designing language:- Html,Html5, Css, Php
 Database:-MySQL

 Operating system:-Windows
Hobbies.- Personal Details
 Nationality :- Indian
 Internet Surfing  Date of birth:-16 March !997
 Social activities
 Place of birth :-Mandsaur
 Playing Online-Games
 Yoga & Meditation  Gender:-Male
 Marital status:-Unmarried
Strength.:-  Address:-42,Ward:-10,village:-Dehri,Post:-
Khajuriya Sarang,DIst Mandsaur 458669
 Communicating: Communication Skills
 Flexibility and Adaptability Activities:-
 Positive Attitude: Creating a positive work  Coordinates a Annual College Event
 Participate In Project Exhibition CA Department
 Leadership
of Mandsaur University
 Team Work Skills
 Result-oriented &Optimistic
 People oriented: Customer service skills

I hereby declare that the information mentioned above is correct up to my knowledge and
bear the responsibility for the correctness of the mentioned particular.”

Place: - Mandsaur(M.P.)

Date: - Paras Patidar