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Job search intention:IT engineer

Self - evaluation Contacts

IMature and stable personality, good interpersonal relations, Mobile: 123-456-7890

good communication and coordination skills, strong sense of E-mail:
responsibility, good team spirit, not afraid of difficulties, dare to
meet challenges, for new things to accept the ability to be
strong, life and work attitude positive, hope to improve their own
Facebook: @WPS
continuous progress. LinkedIn: @WPS

Educational Background Interests

Bachelor of Arts / Finance Brown University St. Providence, RI Creating Organization
2008- 2010
Development Programs of micro
Associate of Arts / Business San Antonio City College San and small enterprises
Antonio, TX 2007 - 2008
Hosting development seminars

Work Experience

2018 - present Middle school teacher Xiangyang International High School

As a language teacher and class teacher, he develops a good habit of writing reflection on teaching,
enriches teaching experience, and enhances the ability to teach and deal with classroom emergencies;

He is patient and patient with his outstanding performance and has been awarded the title of “Excellent
2017 - 2018 High school teacher Xiangyang International High School

As a teaching assistant in the early stage, he is responsible for assisting the teacher to do all kinds of work,
including the management of the auxiliary students of teaching;

Achievements Skills
Best News Article (2020) Excellent communication skills

Most Promising Young Journalist (2019) Tolerant and flexible adaptation

Best Writer (Journalism Category, 2018) organizing and optimization ability

Best Investigative Documentary (2017) Excellent learning ability