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Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering

Centre for Textile Functions
Program: Diploma in Textile Technology Semester: VI
Course : Technical Textile Code : 7017T032
Teaching Scheme Evaluation Scheme
Internal Continuous
Theory Assessment (ICA)
Lecture Practical Tutorial Credit
(3Hrs, 75Marks) (25 Test Marks + 25 Term
Work Assignment)
3 0 2 4 75 Marks 50 Marks
Pre-requisite: Introduction to Textile Fibers, Spinning Technology, Weaving Technology, Dyeing and
Finishing Technology, Garmenting and Textile Testing.
Course Objectives:
1. To provide knowledge of classification and applications technical textiles.
2. To provide knowledge of fibers, yarns and fabric forms used in technical textiles, their properties
and manufacturing process.
3. To provide knowledge of textile composites.
4. To provide basic knowledge, types and application of Agro textile, Geotextiles, Medical Textiles,
Automotive Textile, Defense and Protective Textiles.
Course Outcomes:
Upon Successful completion of the course, students should be able to
1. Understand of classification and applications technical textiles.
2. Understand the classification, applications and properties of fibres, yarns and fabric forms used in
technical textiles.
3. Understand the concept of textile composites and types of composite manufacturing.
4. Understand the concept, types and application of Agro textile, Geotextiles, Medical Textiles,
Automotive Textile, Defense and Protective Textiles.
Detailed Syllabus:
Unit Description Duration Marks
Technical Textiles: Definition and scope of technical textiles, Classification
of technical textiles, their attributes, Applications, Future of the technical
textiles industry.
Technical fibers – Introduction & applications of High strength and high
modulus, High performance inorganic, Ultra-fine and novelty fibers in
1 18
technical textiles. 12
Technical yarns - Introduction & applications of Staple fiber and Filament
yarns in technical textiles.
Technical fabrics: Introduction and application of circular weaving, spacer
fabric. non-woven manufacturing – needle punching, hydroentangling.
Finishing of technical textiles: Introduction to finishing,
Mechanical- Calendaring, embossing, rising, shearing, brushing, grinding
Chemical- Flame retardant finishes, Water and soil repellent finishes and
antimicrobial finishes.
Coating of Technical Textiles: Introduction, Coating material, types of
2 coating techniques, water proof breathable coating. 18
Textile-reinforced composite materials: Introduction – Composite 12
materials, Textile reinforcement, Woven fabric-reinforced composites,
Braided reinforcement, Knitted reinforcement, Stitched fabrics.
Composite Manufacturing methods: Hand and Machine lay-up, Pultrusion,
Compression moulding, Resin Transfer moulding and filament winding.
Agrotextiles: Introduction, Advantages and requirements, types of
3 Agrotextiles, Shade nets, Mulch mats, Crop covers, Anti-hail nets, Net for 12 19
protection from birds, Fishing nets.
Geotextiles: Function of geotextiles-separation, filtration, reinforcement,
drainage and protection. Geotextile properties-physical, mechanical,
hydraulic, environmental. Application of geotextiles-roadwork, railway
works, erosion control, drainage systems.
Medical Textiles: Surgical textiles-Textiles for implant: Sutures, Soft tissue, 12
Hard tissue, Vascular, Biomaterials for ophthalmology, Dental Biomaterials
Non-implantable textiles and extracorporeal devices, Healthcare and hygiene
products such as bandages, dressings, surgical gowns, cloths, wipes, etc
4 20
Automotive Textiles: Seat belts, Air bags, Seat covers, Interior and Carpets,
Conveyor and transmission belt fabrics, Tyre cord fabrics (tyre cord yarn)
Defense and Protective Textiles: Parachute fabrics, tent fabrics, Ballastic
Protection Fibers and Fabrics, flame retardant fabrics.
Total 48 75
Text Books:
1. A R Horrocks and S. C. Anand, Handbook of Technical textiles, Woodhead Publications.
Reference Books:
1. J W S Hearle, High-performance fibres, Woodhead Publications.
2. S. J. Russell, Handbook of Nonwoves, Woodhead Publications.
3. A C Long , Design and Manufacture of Textile Composites, Woodhead Publications in Textiles.
4. Grace Annapoorani, Agro Textiles and Its Applications, Woodhead Publishing India in Textiles.
5. V Bartels, Handbook of Medical Textiles, Woodhead Publishing India in Textiles.
6. K. L. Mittal, Thomas Bahners , Textile Finishing: Recent Developments and Future Trends,
scrivener publishing Wiley.
Any other information:

Total marks of internal continuous assessment [ICA]: 50 Marks

Distribution of ICA marks:

Description of ICA Marks

Test Marks 25
Term work Submission 25
Total 50