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Master of Business Administration

Textbook List

Subject Title Current Textbook in Use Publisher eBook Availability - Australia/ NZ eBook Availability - Canada VitalSource Textbook online
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Artifical Intelligence and Big Data No textbook.

for Managers 9025AIBDM

Business Consulting 9026BC Stroh, LK 2019, The basic principles of Taylor & https://aib-canada- n/a
effective consulting , Taylor & Francis Francis au/products/the-basic-principles-
Ltd, UK. of-effective-consulting-linda-k- principles-of-effective-consulting-linda-k-
stroh-v9781351007825 stroh-v9781351007825

Business to Business Marketing Hutt, MD & Speh, TW 2014, Business Cengage Contact AIB or deal in the 2nd Contact AIB or deal in the 2nd hand market - n/a
9020BBM marketing management B2B, hand market - Cengage have lost Cengage have lost rights to this book
European, Middle East and Africa rights to this book
edition, Cengage, Hampshire (ISBN:
9781408093719 or 9781473707924).

Consumer Behaviour 9023CB Schiffman LG, O’Cass A, Paladino A & Pearson https://aib- https://aib-canada-
Carlson J 2014, Consumer behaviour, Education
6th edn, Pearson, Australia. (ISBN: onsumer-behaviour-ebook-leon- behaviour-ebook-leon-schiffman-aron-o-39-
9781442561533 or 9781486014347). schiffman-aron-o-39-cass- cass-v9781486014347

Corporate Finance 9006CFIN Brealey R, Myers, S & F, Allen 2017, McGraw Hill https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
Principles of corporate finance , 12th
edn, McGraw-Hill Irwin (ISBN inciples-of-corporate-finance- of-corporate-finance-richard-brealey-
9781259144387). richard-brealey-v9781259358487 v9781259358487
The 11th edn (ISBN: 9780078034763) is
also suitable.

Corporate Governance 8005CGOV Tricker, B 2019, Corporate governance: Oxford https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
principles, policies and practice, 4th University
edn, Oxford University Press, Press orporate-governance-r-i-bob- governance-bob-tricker-v9780192559197
London(ISBN: 9780198809869). (3rd tricker-v9780192517920
edn is also suitable ISBN:
9780198702757 or 9780192517920).

Cyber Security for Managers Schou, C & Hernandez, S 2014, McGraw Hill https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
9024CSM Information Assurance Handbook:
Effective Computer Security and Risk formation-assurance-handbook- assurance-handbook-effective-computer-
Management Strategies , McGraw-Hill effective-computer-schou-corey- schou-corey-hernandez-v9780071821650
Education, US. hernandez-v9780071821650

Entrepreneurship 9002ENT Frederick, H, O’Connor, A & Kuratko, Cengage https://aib- https://aib-canada-

DF 2019, Entrepreneurship:
theory/process/practice , 5th edn, ebook-entrepreneurship-cengage- entrepreneurship-cengage-learning-
Cengage Learning Australia, South learning-v9780170276160 v9780170276160
Melbourne (ISBN: 9780170411752 or

Financial Management 8006FMGT Titman, S, Martin, T, Keown, AJ & Pearson https://aib- https://aib-canada- 8th edn Mylab Course
Martin, JD 2019, Financial Education ID=coat71373, 7th edn
Mylab Course
management: principles and nancial-management-principles- management-principles-and-applications-
applications, 8th edn, Pearson and-applications-sheridan-titman- sheridan-titman-tony-martin-
Australia, Vic ISBN: 9781488617218 or tony-martin-v9781488620157 v9781488620157
9781488620157. The 7th edition is also
suitable ISBN: 9781486019649 or or
Financial Markets and Institutions Hunt, B & Terry, C 2019, Financial Cengage https://aib- https://aib-canada-
9007FMI institutions and markets , 8th edn,
Cengage Learning (ISBN: nancial-institutions-and-markets- institutions-and-markets-ben-hunt-chris-
9780170411851) 7th edition is also ben-hunt-chris-terry- terry-v9780170285209
suitable (ISBN: 9780170244206 or v9780170366045

Franchising 9005FRAN Webber, R 2013, An introduction to Palgrave https://aib- n/a

franchising , Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan ca/products/an-introduction-to-franchising-
Hampshire (ISBN: 9780230361645 or n-introduction-to-franchising- robert-webber-v9781137296108
9781137296108). robert-webber-v9781137296108

Integrated Logistics Management Bowersox, D, Closs, D, Cooper, MB & McGraw Hill https://aib- https://aib-canada- http://highered.mcgra
9009ILOG Bowersox, JC 2013, Supply chain w-
logistics management, 4th edn, pply-chain-logistics-management- chain-logistics-management-bowersox-
McGraw-Hill (ISBN: 9780078024054 or bowersox-donald-v0077769120 donald-v0077769120 056/student_view0/in
9781137296108). New edition coming dex.html
late 2019 Bowersox, DJ, Closs, DJ,
Cooper, MB and Bowersox, JC, 2019,
Supply chain logistics management,
5thedn, McGraw-Hill (ISBN:
Integrated Marketing Belch, GE & Belch, MA 2018, McGraw Hill https://aib- n/a
Communication 9013IMC Advertising and promotion: an ertising-and-promotion-an-integrated-
integrated marketing communications dvertising-and-promotion-an- marketing-george-belch-v9781259900266
perspective , 11th edn, McGraw Hill, integrated-marketing-george-
New York (ISBN 9781259548147 or belch-v9781259900266
The 10th edn is also suitable (ISBN:
International Business 9004IB Hill, CWL & Hult, GTM 2019, Global McGraw Hill https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
business today , 11th edn, McGraw-Hill
Education, New York ISBN: obal-business-today-charles-w-l- business-today-charles-w-l-hill-
9781259548147 or 9781259900266. hill-v9781259847141 v9781259847141
The 10th edition is also suitable ISBN:
9781259686696 or 9781259847141.
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Master of Business Administration
Textbook List

Subject Title Current Textbook in Use Publisher eBook Availability - Australia/ NZ eBook Availability - Canada VitalSource Textbook online
VitalSource resources

International Business Finance Madura, J 2017, International financial Cengage https://aib- https://aib-canada-
9017IBF management , 13th edn, Cengage
Learning, Boston, USA (ISBN: ternational-financial-management- al-financial-management-jeff-madura-
9781337099738). jeff-madura-v9781337515894 v9781337515894
The 12th edn is also suitable (ISBN:
Investment Management Bodie, Z, Kane, A & Marcus, AJ 2017, McGraw Hill https://aib- https://aib-canada- http://highered.mhed
9008INMT Investments , 11th edn, McGraw-Hill
Education (ISBN: 9781259277177 or vestments-zvi-bodie- s-zvi-bodie-v9781259357480 7861671/student_view
9781307206708). v9781259357480 0/index.html
The 10th edn (ISBN 9780077861674 or
9780077641986) is also suitable.

Leadership 8001LEAD Northouse, PG 2018, Leadership: SAGE https://aib- https://aib-canada- https://edge.sagepub.

theory and practice , International com/northouse8e
student edition, 8 edn, SAGE teractive-leadership-international- leadership-theory-and-practice-peter-g-
Publications, USA (ISBN: student-peter-g-northouse- northouse-v9781544325194
9781544331942 or 9781544331348). v9781544331348
The previous editions are also suitable.

Managing change 9019MC No textbook.

Managing People in a Global Dowling, JP, Festing, M & Engle Sr, AD Cengage https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
Context 9018MPGC 2017, International human resource
management , 7th edn, Cengage ternational-human-resource- al-human-resource-management-peter-j-
Learning EMEA, Hampshire, UK (ISBN: management-peter-j-dowling- dowling-marion-v9781473730229
9781473719026 or 9781473730229). marion-v9781473730229
The 6th edition is also suitable (ISBN:
9781408075746) or (ISBN:

Marketing Management Kotler, P & Keller, KL 2016, Marketing Pearson https://aib- https://aib-canada-
8002MMGT management, Global edition, 15th edn, Education
Pearson, Boston (ISBN: 9781292092713 arketing-management-global- management-global-edition-philip-kotler-
or 9781292092713) The 6th edn (ISBN: edition-philip-kotler- v9781292092713
9789810687977) is also suitable. v9781292092713

New Product Management Crawford, CM & Di Benedetto, C 2015, McGraw Hill https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
9014NPM New products management , 11th edn,
McGraw Hill, New York (ISBN: ew-products-management- products-management-c-merle-crawford-
9780078029042 or 9780077729097 ). crawford-c-merle-v0077729099 v0077729099
The 10th edn ((ISBN: 9780073404806
or 9780071289238) is also suitable.

New Venture Creation 9003NVC Spinelli, S & Adams, R 2016, New McGraw Hill https://aib- https://aib-canada- http://highered.mhed
venture creation: entrepreneurship for
the 21st century , 10 edn, McGraw- ew-venture-creation- venture-creation-entrepreneurship-for-the- 7862481/student_view
Hill (ISBN: 9780077862480 or entrepreneurship-for-the-stephen- stephen-spinelli-v9780077760229 0/index.html
9781260070859) spinelli-rob-adams-v1260070859
The 9th edn (ISBN: 9780078029103) is
also suitable.

Operations Management Slack, N, Brandon-Jones, A, Johnston, R Pearson https://aib- https://aib-canada- http://wps.pearsoned.

8004OMGT & Betts, A 2018, Operations and Education
process management, 5th edn, perations-and-process- and-process-management-nigel-slack- k_OpsandProcessMGT
Pearson Education Ltd, Harlow, ISBN management-nigel-slack- v9781292176178 _5/253/64956/166289
9781292176130 or 9781292176178. v9781292176178

Organisational Learning and No textbook.

Development 9015OLAD

Performance and Compensation Shields, J, Brown, M, Kaine, S, Dolle- Cambridge https://aib- n/a
Management 9016PCM Samuel, C, North-Samardzic, A, ca/products/managing-employee-
McLean, P, Johns, R, O'Leary, P, anaging-employee-performance- performance-and-reward-john-shields-
Plimmer, G & Robinson, J 2016, and-reward-john-shields- v9781316440797
Managing employee performance and v9781316440797
reward: concepts, practices, strategies,
2nd edn, Cambridge University Press,
Port Melbourne (ISBN: 9781107653535
or 9781316440797).

Project 9050PROJ No textbook.

Project Management 9011PMGT Larson, E & Gray, C 2018, Project McGraw Hill https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
management: the managerial process,
7th edn, McGraw-Hill, New York (ISBN: oject-management-the- management-the-managerial-process-erik-
9781259666094 or managerial-process-erik-larson- larson-v9781259924583
9781259924583).The 6th edition (ISBN: v9781259924583
9780078096594 or 9780077498528) is
also suitable.
Australian students can use the 1st
edition by Larson, E, Gray, C, Honig, B,
Baccarini, D and Dantin, U (ISBN
9781743071809 or 9781760421458 or

Strategic Human Resource See Organisational Learning and

Development 9015SHRD Development 9015OLAD

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Master of Business Administration
Textbook List

Subject Title Current Textbook in Use Publisher eBook Availability - Australia/ NZ eBook Availability - Canada VitalSource Textbook online
VitalSource resources

Strategic Human Resource Nankervis, A, Baird, M, Coffey, J & Cengage https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
Management 8003SHRM Shields, J 2017, Human Resource
Management: Strategy and Practice , uman-resource-management- resource-management-strategy-and-
9th Asia Pacific Edition, Cengage, strategy-and-practice-alan- practice-alan-nankervis-marian-baird-
Australia (ISBN 9780170369862 or nankervis-marian-baird- v9780170278430
9780170278430) New edition coming v9780170278430
Term 3 2020

Strategic Management 9001SMGT Thompson, AA, Peteraf, MA, Gamble, McGraw Hill https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
JE & Strickland, AJ 2019, Crafting and
executing strategy: the quest for afting-amp-executing-strategy-the- amp-executing-strategy-the-quest-for-
competitive advantage, concepts and quest-for-arthur-thompson-jr- arthur-thompson-jr-v9781260157369
cases, 22th edn, McGraw-Hill v9781260157369
Education, New York (ISBN:
9781260565744) The 21st edition is
also suitable (ISBN: 9781259732782 or

Strategic Supply Chain Christopher, M 2016, Logistics and Pearson https://aib- https://aib-canada- n/a
Management 9012SSUP supply chain management, 5th edn, Education
Pearson, NY (ISBN 9781292083797 or gistics-amp-supply-chain- amp-supply-chain-management-martin-
9781292083827). management-martin-christopher- christopher-v9781292083810
The 4th edn (ISBN: 9780273731122) is v9781292083827
also suitable.

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