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a report issued by FORTIFY RIGHTS,

more properly known as ‘FALSIFY, RIGHT?’

By Rick Heizman, Sept 26, 2019

‘TOOLS OF GENOCIDE’ is the name of a new report issued in early September 2019, by
Fortify Rights, a notorious fake ‘human rights’ group, well-known for being a shill for Islamic
terrorists, and for manipulating public opinion to hate Buddhists and non-Muslim ethnic
minorities, especially in Rakhine State, Myanmar - by constantly demonizing and
dehumanizing them and fomenting hatred and violence against them. And, now, with this
‘report’ Fortify Rights amply demonstrates its agenda, again and again - on virtually every
page of the hefty 100 page report.

WARNING: I know that I am writing / speaking harshly about this ridiculous report, however,
you will see why after you read this.

There are so many things wrong - deliberately wrong - manipulatively wrong - and deviously
wrong with this report that my exposé can easily be longer than 100 pages. In fact - I believe
that one of the strategies of the Islamic terrorists supporters, lobbyists, and lemmings IS to
overwhelm people with the weight of so many reports [Example: If huge reports were
constantly issued claiming that you were a pervert then people would largely think that you
were - no matter if you issued a few responses which were buried under an avalanche of
fake ‘facts’, false ‘evidence’, and overbearing and manipulative ‘reports’.]

So, first I will jump in halfway through the report, starting on page 52. This is the MOST

Readers - read the next few paragraphs slowly - several times.

On pages 51 and 52, Fortify Rights mentions ‘Baw Tu Lar Village’ 6 times [other spellings:
Bo Ta Lar, Baw Taw Lar]. Nearly everyone who reads that will not know anything about ‘Baw
Tu Lar Village’ and will just see that as a simple name of a simple village - except me, a few
live people, and a lot of dead people.

What happened in Baw Tu Lar Village on August 25, 2017, is the LARGEST, PROVABLE,
EVIDENCE-LADEN MASSACRE, of innocent village people, in the entire conflict between the
Muslims and all other peoples of Rakhine State - Buddhists, Hindus, and ethnic minorities.

It is the ONLY site where huge mass graves, were found -
no other such mass graves have been found in the whole
affected region.

• It is the ONLY site with piles of bodies, which were

identified by grieving families, relatives, and villagers.

• It is the ONLY site with verified witnesses - 8 young

women who were spared execution after being forced
to convert to Islam, forced to marry Muslim men,
forced to go to Bangladesh, and forced to lie to
authorities and media by accusing the Buddhists as
being the killers.

• It is ALSO the ONLY massacre that Matthew Smith

and Fortify Rights will NOT talk about, and have
NEVER written a report about, and will not even
acknowledge that it even HAPPENED!

• Why would Matthew Smith and FR want to ignore the worst, most heinous and
horrifying, evidence-laden, and PROVABLE massacre? Why would they want
to bury the story and erase the history of it?



The victims were all Hindus - a minority of Bengali speaking Hindus who are ethnically
related to the Bengali speaking Muslims - who only differ from each other in religion - but
what a difference that can be! The Hindus are both respectful of others, and respected by
others (except by Muslims). The Bengali Muslims are NOT respectful of others, and feared by
others. The intolerance, hatred and supremacism of their Islamic religion leads them to see
and treat all non-Muslims as worthless infidels - to be killed mercilessly in the name of Allah.

Here are excerpts from interviews I did with Hindus who survived the
executions of their families, relatives and villagers:
My name is Nirmaul. My position is the Chairman of Hindu religion in Maungdaw.

On August 25, 2017, many of our Hindus were killed, in many places
of Maungdaw, when the violence erupted. They were killed in Bo Ta
Lar. We know the details of that massacre. In Kha Maung Seik, two
villages of Hindus, including babies and women were taken to the
hills of Baw Tu Lar Village and executed. 99 Hindus were
slaughtered there.

[A survivor said,] “We were taken from the western part of the village
to the hill near Baw Tu Lar Village, and we were forced into a
cowshed. Next to the cowshed there is a field - all the Hindu villagers
were forced to sit in the field. The men were on one side, women and kids on the other side.
The Muslim extremists broke our Hindu women's bracelets, wiped the Hindu tika mark off
our foreheads, and forced us to convert to Islam. All the other people were tortured and
hacked to death there. If you check that place, you can find all the dead bodies. The women
and children were taken to one side of the stream, and the men were taken to the other side
of the stream to be executed. After the Muslim extremists killed the elder Hindu men, they
showed us the swords and knives dripping with fresh blood."

Their motive to attack us Hindus is to finish one of the minorities so that we don't exist here
anymore. There are not many Hindus here. Only 0.7% [around 5,000 people] of the total
population in all of Maungdaw Township is Hindu. We are not even 1%. If they kill this 0.7 %,
our existence here is finished. This is their motive, their plan.

I am Bina, from Kha Maung Seik Village Tract

The Muslims forced the Hindus to walk to the forest on the west side
of the village, near Baw Tu Lar Village. There was a small cowshed
there where they put me and 7 other young Hindu girls, and our
children. The men were all led somewhere else nearby, and the other
women and children were also led somewhere else. Some of the
Muslims were digging a large hole in the ground. And some Muslims
told us that if we don't convert from Hindu to Muslim we will be killed
- “We will kill you”, they said. The Bengalis told us 8 women, "If you
change to Islam we will not kill you but if you refuse we will kill you." We had to say yes, and
we did say, "we will become Muslim."

But, aside from we 8 women, all the other Hindus were executed - they were not even given
a choice. After they killed all the Hindus, they took us to Baw Ta Lar Village where there was
a house, owned by a Muslim named Rawfee, and we 8 women and children were kept there.

On Sunday, Aug 27, they took us across the border into Bangladesh. On the way there we
were beaten many times. As we got to Bangladesh they told us that probably media will
come to interview us. But, you must only say that Rakhine people and the army slaughtered
everyone in your village, and we Muslims saved your lives. If you don't say that we will kill all
of you.

My name is Rika, I am 28 years old, from Kha Maung Seik Hindu Village.

About 8 am, on August 25, 2017, many armed Bengali Muslims

stormed into our village. They gathered all of us - men, women, even
children - in the village center, and they took all the phones from us
Hindus, and tied our hands with rope. Some of us were then beaten
with heavy sticks.

From Kha Maung Seik Village they forced all of us to march to Baw Tu
Lar Bengali Muslim Village, about 3 miles away. They took us there in
a long line - first were all the men in the front of the line, and then the
women and children. The Muslims taunted and tormented us by shouting, "This year we will
celebrate our Karbani Islamic holy day by killing Hindus and Buddhists." [Note: Karbani is a
part of the Islamic Eid ul Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) where countless sheep, goats, and cows
have their necks cut creating rivers of blood]

After we arrived in Baw Tu Lar Village they marched us into the forest. [They selected 8
younger attractive ladies whom they intended to convert, kidnap, and forcibly marry] First
they executed the Hindu men and pushed the bodies into pre-dug pits in the ground, even
as they forced other Hindu men to dig more pits. Then, the next group of people they
slaughtered were the old Hindu women - who were hacked to death with Muslim swords.

The Muslims showed us 8 women the bloody swords, to show us that we would be next to
be hacked to death if we did not agree to convert to Islam.

Finally we arrived in Bangladesh, and entered Kutupalong Refugee Camp. There was a
Bengali house that we were put in. At that time some Mawlawis [Imams] from Bangladesh
came and told us, "If somebody asks you about Kha Maung Seik deaths, you will tell them
that Burmese army troops and Rakhine villagers killed all the Hindus.” The Mawlawis told us,
strongly, "You must lie, you will say that the Hindus were killed by the military as well as
Rakhine Buddhists, and if you don't say that you and your children will die - painfully."

I had to tell that lie. Some Bangladesh media came, and I told them that lie. I knew that we
all would be killed - even the children - if I didn't lie.

A Hindu Lady, name unknown, from near Kha Maung Seik village

My village was attacked in the early morning of August 25, by Bengali

Muslims. 12 of my family members had been in the village during the
attack. The Bengali terrorists had guns and swords. 6 of our family
members, out of 12 of us, were killed. I was also shot and wounded
with a gun. Some of us hid in empty petrol drums.

Hindu man, name unknown, from Taung Ywa Village, Kha Maung Seik Village Tract

We, the people of Taw Ywar Village, with over 100 people, were killed
by Bengali Muslim terrorists. Four members of my family were killed
here. They KILLED us.

At that time, I was in Maungdaw and that’s why I survived. The rest of
my family were all slaughtered by Bengali terrorists.

These Bengali terrorists are always giving trouble to us. They are
intruding into our country with the intention to conquer it. When they kill Hindu people, they
think they are doing their duty and shouting their Muslim words while killing our Hindu
people. Hindu women who were kidnapped by them told us like that.

Kyaw Kyaw Naing / Shu Bun - Hindu community leader from Maungdaw town

We must remember, the Muslims's goal, when they are shouting

"Zindabar! Zindabar!” [Victory! Victory!, or Forever! Forever!, as in Victory
for Islam!, or Islam Forever!], is to kill or chase out all Buddhists, Hindus,
and tribal people - they don't want to live with any non-Muslims. They
know that if they kill 5 Buddhists in a village then the rest of the villagers
will all run away - and so they will then have that land.

Look at Kha Maung Seik Hindu villages - over 100 Hindus were
executed by Bengali Muslims, and in Maungdaw town 7 Hindus were
murdered on August 25, 2017. Later, some of the international media
came and wrote very biased and wrong stories about these incidents!

I have a question for the world: “Why do so many defend the aggressors and accuse the

————————end of interview excerpts————————

It is an excellent - and a vexing - question:

Why DO so many defend the aggressors and accuse the victims?


Matthew Smith and others at Fortify Rights would NEVER bother to interview victims like you
just heard from (unless they were Muslim).



On those pages in the FR report, where Baw Tu Lar Village was mentioned the report
NEVER mentioned the horrendous executions of the Hindus, or ANY abuse of ANY
Buddhists or other non-Muslims, and instead ONLY talked about the Muslims as victims of
the non-Muslims, and how Muslims were unjustly accused of being terrorists, blah blah blah.

This madness would make Joseph Goebbels - Hitlers’ Minister of Propaganda - smile!

It is like Auschwitz being repeatedly named in an article - with NO mention of the Nazi
concentration camps and genocide - and instead writing false history of the poor innocent
Germans being unjustly accused and abused by Jews.

Matthew Smith knows damn well what happened in Baw Tu Lar Village, and his intention is

brainwashing readers by playing an evil game of ERASING horribly bloody history - in this
case very very recent history. And he knows damn well the same techniques as Joseph
Goebbels and the the top Nazis psychological warfare experts and propagandists used.

He is shaping public opinion in such a way that as the village of Baw Tu Lar is mentioned it
will be associated with (false) abuse and accusations against the Muslims, while the bloody

I have already exposed many abuses and lies of Fortify Rights, and I will continue until it
does not exist anymore. There is MUCH more in the ‘Tools of Genocide’ report to expose,
but this exposé is long enough. I will expose more soon.

I stand by every word I wrote and said, and I would like to see and help with the task of
arresting Matthew Smith and the others who demonstrate their hatreds of other human
beings, and are misusing their powers to influence and brainwash others to embrace their
twisted machinations.

By Rick Heizman, Sept 26, 2019