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Atmakaraka in Navamsa

Given that the Navamsa chart (D-9) illustrates the dharma

and karmic landscape of the native spanning life times,
the Atmakaraka’s house position therein is very important
to study the spirituality of the native.

First take the house placement of the Atmakaraka in the

Navamsa chart. Then, count the number of signs from its
position to the Navamsa Lagna. Then, count the number
of signs from its position to the Navamsa Lagna. The
house arrived at gives the results of the Atmakaraka’s
house position. Additionally, the strength of the natural
karaka of that house should be noted both in Navamsa as
well as Rasi charts. The Rasi chart gives more suitable
results for great personalities such as Sri Krsna or Sri
Caitanya, while the Navamsa is suitable for all others.

Result of the Atmakaraka in the Astrological houses:

1. Nobility and birth in a royal family result if the

Atmakaraka is in the Navamsa Lagna or 1st house.
High attainments and position likened to those of a
king result if the lord of the Navamsa Lagna
conjoins the AK even if the native is born in humble
conditions. If, on the other hand, the AK aspects the
Navamsa Lagna, then the native enjoys royalty from
birth. The strength of Raja-yogas also depends on
the strength, position and associations of the Sun,
who is the karaka of the first house.
2. If the Atmakaraka is in 2nd house (lagna in the
12th from AK), then the native is a renunciate and
possibly even a saint (if other criteria additionally
apply in the horoscope). Saturn is the karaka of the
12th house, and thus indicates the path of either a
sannyasi (a formal renunciate) or someone who
gives charity for humanitarian purposes. If Venus is
strong, and especially if Ketu and Saturn join or
mutually aspect Venus, then the native performs
tapasya or yogic austerities.

3. If the Atmakaraka is in 3rd house (lagna in the

11th from AK), then the native may have many high
social contacts, be popular and influential, wealthy
and successful in many undertakings. He has friends
among powerful and successful persons.

4. If the Atmakaraka is in 4th house (lagna in the

10th from AK), then the native’s work is an
essential contributor to the successful performance
of Dharma. The strength of various karakas of 10th
house indicates the avenues through which karma is
performed. If Mercury and Jupiter are strong, then
he is benevolent, well-linked and moves in a variety
of circles. If the Sun is strong, then the native enjoys
the effects of raja-yoga. If Saturn is strong, then he
purges the results of past sins by hard work and
5. The 5th house position of Atmakaraka (lagna in
the 9th from AK) indicates a very truthful person
who follows the dictates of dharma very seriously.
The results of much punya bring opportunities to
perform sadhana (spiritual practice), to meet and
learn from advanced spiritualists and to serve the
cause of promoting Truth in the world.
6. If the Atmakaraka is in 6th house (lagna is the 8th
from AK), then the native confronts many
challenges which result from stigmatic karmas from
past lives. The native with such a placement of the
AK is recommended to propitiate Saturn. More
importantly, they should perform the Satya
Narayana Vrata regularly or as often as possible.
Recitation of the Maha-mantra is ultimately
beneficial for anyone in current era, kali-yuga.
7. The position of the Atmakaraka in 7th house
(lagna in 7th from AK) is highly auspicious and
blesses the native with a good spouse and the
enjoyments of many beneficial associations. The
native is pure in heart, well-intentioned and
compassionate to all.
8. If the Atmakaraka is in the 8th house (lagna in the
6th from AK), then the results are similar to those
for the 6th house. The native may confront vexing
problems which are hard to solve. Physical ailments,
challenging longevity, in addition to emotional and
domestic discontinuity may be problematic for such
natives. Recitation of the Maha-mantra and the
Vishnu-sahasra-nama stotram, as well as
performance of the Satya Narayana Vrata is
ultimately beneficial. The native should also try to
practice truthfulness and straightforwardness in all
9. The 9th house position of the Atmakaraka (lagna
in 5th from AK) is perhaps the most auspicious and
brings in full results of bhagya (fortune) to the
native. A powerful Sun brings raja-yoga and enables
the native to be very influential in educational and
spiritual circles. If Jupiter is powerful, then the
native becomes a guru in his own right, after
receiving the blessings of self-realized souls or
those advanced in higher knowledge. Materially
speaking, such a native has no concerns in this
10. If the Atmakaraka is in 10th house (lagna in the
4th from AK), then happiness through family, home
and mother are well-earned. Blessings through
assets and property accrue, as well as respect and
love through close allies and associates. The degree
to which such results manifest depends on the
strength, placement and association of the Moon in
the Navamsa chart.
11. Courage and capability is the execution of any
task result when the Atmakaraka is in the 11th
house of the chart (lagna in the 3rd from AK). The
native is intelligent and possesses firmness of mind
and unwavering determination in the performance
of duties. He has the ability to solve the problems
quickly and to act decisively in crisis situations. If
Mars is strong, then the native receives the results of
raja-yoga akin to that of Ruchaka Maha- Purusa-
yoga. The native is respected or admired by others
due to valor and fearlessness in any confrontational
12. If the Atmakaraka is in the 12th house (lagna in
the 2nd from AK), then the native easily attains
wealth as the result of the blessings of Lakshmi-
devi, the consort of Vishnu. If simultaneously
Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in strength, then the
native may achieve knowledge due to the blessings
of the goddess Sarasvati. If the lord of the 2nd house
joins that of the 5th and/or 9th,

Before understanding the role of amatyakaraka in
career, lets understand some basics about
amatyakaraka planet. We know that Every Planet has
some significance. For example Moon signifies Mind,
Mars Signifies Brother etc. But in astrology, there are
two types of significance-Fixed Significance and
Dynamic Significance. In case of Fixed significance,
the things which each planet signify is fixed for every
Horoscope. It does not change. whereas in case of
Dynamic Significance, the things which each planet
signify changes with every horoscope. For example
Sun signifies Atma or Soul. It is fixed. But in case of
dynamic significance, the planet which is having
highest degree in birth chart will signify Atma or Soul.
These Karakas are Known as Chara Karaka. Chara
means Movable or dynamic.

The Planet With highest Degree in a birth chart is

known as Atmakaraka Planet. It is Like King of the
Horoscope. We can compare it with Lagna of our
birth chart. The Planet which gets the next highest
degree after Atmakaraka, is known as amatyakaraka
Planet. Read More About How Atmakaraka planet
controls a Chart

Importance of Amatyakaraka Planet

Now Lets discuss about the importance of
Amatyakaraka Planet(AmK). If we consider
Atmakaraka planet(AK) as the king, Amatyakaraka
Planet can be called Minister of the Horoscope. A
minister always give suggestion to King and King
executes his orders through Minister. So it is the
planet through which Atmakaraka tries to fulfill his
wish. That is why it is so important when it comes to
determine career and Profession.

Amatyakaraka Planet is all about Karma or Action

Amatya is one who is Very close to the King and

whose advice king seeks. Thus the Relationship
between AK and AmK has been considered the Raj
yoga of First Order. If it is strong and in good dignity,
it can execute the order of the Atma or soul. It can be
compared with the 2nd Lord or 10th lord of our birth
chart. As strong 2nd lord and 10th lord is very
important for sustenance of the native. It is also
important for any kind of rewards and recognition.

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Dasamsa Chart of D10 divisional chart is checked for

finer judgment of Career. The importance of
Amatyakaraka planet in D10 chart is very
high.During the Chara Dasha the time period of this
or signs ruled by amatyakaraka planet is very
important to identify the favorable period for Career
You can read our detail Article on D10 chart and
Importance in Analysing Profession

Other than Amatyakaraka Planet we also need to

check the 10th Lord of D1 chart, Atmakaraka Planet
Position in D9 chart, 10th Lord of D1 chart placement
in D9 chart etc to come to any conclusion. We have to
perfectly blend the combinations. You can watch this
Video to understand the importance of Navamsa chart
in our professional Life. This Video is in Hindi. So If
you know Hindi, it will be useful for you.

If You want to Know Which is most suitable Career,

You can take Our Career Report. It will help you in
choosing a Correct Career path which will give You
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Career Profession by different Amatyakaraka Planet

Amatyakaraka Sun: When Sun becomes the AmK in a
chart, it occupies the 2nd highest degree after
Atmakaraka. Sun Signifies Government,
Administration, Self Respect etc. So in a Horoscope
Amatyakaraka Sun will try to give profession as its
significance or planets associated with it.Whatever be
the situation, Amatyakaraka Sun will have a say in
deciding the Profession or career of the person. When
sun is Amk it can give career as Government servant,
Administrative officer, Magistrate, Doctor, Politician,
Teacher etc.

Franklin Roosevelt had Sun as Amk in his chart.

Amatyakaraka Sun was in 10th house with 10th Lord
Venus. Though Venus was in 10th house still the
Career was decided as Politics by Amatyakaraka Sun.
Great Political Leader Lal Bahadur shastri also had
Sun as amatyakaraka in his chart.

We always suggest to use Composite approach in

which Parashari Technique and Jaimini Technique
both to be used to come to any conclusion about
Career. You may see the Client Feedback about our
Career Consultation.

Amatyakaraka Moon:When Moon becomes

Amatyakaraka, the career or profession will be largely
decided by Moon. Moon represents Mind. So
Amatyakaraka Moon Will give Profession related to
mental work, Philosopher, Spiritual Person, Business
in Liquids etc. As Moon also represents women or
Ladies, so Amatyakaraka Moon may give business
related to Ladies product also. Big Bureaucrats are
also found with Amatyakaraka Moon.

Swami Vivekananda had Amatyakaraka Moon

conjunct with Saturn in 10th house. Sri Prabhupad,
Arobindo Ghosh, Sai baba etc also had Amatyakaraka
Moon in their chart. So we can assume that
amatyakaraka Moon in chart is very good for spiritual

Amatyakaraka Mars:When we see Amatyakaraka

Mars in a birth chart, we can say that the person is
most suitable for any kind of military work. Mars is
the Army chief among the planets. It is Full of energy.
So Amatyakaraka mars also tries to bring that energy
in Profession and Career. Engineering, Police,
Military, Surgeon, Investigator etc can be the
profession of a native with amatyakaraka Mars.

Amatyakaraka Mercury: Amatyakaraka Mercury

gives profession related to Business, Education,
teachers, clerks, Auditors etc. Mercury is the planet of
mathematics and Logical and analytical skill. So if a
person has strong Amatyakaraka Mercury, he can
become good Lawyer, scientist etc also. It is the Planet
of communication as well. So good Marketing
Executives also have the influence of Amatyakaraka

 How to know about Financial Status and

magnitude of wealth from Horoscope
Amatyakaraka Jupiter: We Know that Jupiter is the
planet of wisdom, Knowledge, Religion etc. So
amatyakaraka Jupiter can indicate Profession related
to Teachers, Professors, Scholars, Priests, Religious
leaders etc. Jupiter also signify Money. SO
amatyakaraka Jupiter can give Banking Profession as

Amatyakaraka Venus: In today’s World Venus is the

most important Planet. Because most of the
materialistic things that we want to poses is under the
control of Venus. So a strong and unafflicted Venus is
a great Boon. Amatyakaraka Venus can give
profession related to Acting, Singing and all sort of
creative field. It can also give profession related to web
designing, graphics designing, fashion designing etc.
Many big Politicians also has strong Amatyakaraka
venus in their chart like Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi

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Amatyakaraka Saturn: We know that saturn signify

jobs related to hard work, repetition, service to the
society etc. So when amatyakaraka saturn is strong, it
can actually make a person clerk, Government
servant, Social worker etc. It is the planet of Justice
also. So a person with amatyakaraka saturn can
become good judicial officer or judges. It also
indicates Masses. So a Mass Leader can be indicated
with Amatyakaraka Saturn.

Its Placement in Kendra(1,4,7,10) from Lagna gives

Good intelligence. If this Planet is in Kendra from
Atmakaraka Planet, it creates a Raj Yoga and the
native start using his/her intelligence at an early age. If
it is placed in 10th house or with 10 lord it creates a
Raja Yoga. You should read about the effects when
Saturn occupies the 10th house.

The Sign Where the Amatyakaraka Planet is Placed in

D10 chart, The planets conjunct or aspecting this
Planet in D10 chart gives hints towards your
Profession. You have to check the 10th house and 10th
lord of D10 chart with this planet. But in todays world
we can make profession with anything. So we have to
use a composite approach to get a better idea.

What is Karakamsa in Jaimini

Astrology? A deeper look
Karakamsa is a term mainly used in Jaimini sutra, or
Jaimini astrology. In Jaimini there are seven karakas
which represents different things in your life. Based
on their degrees they play a certain role in the
horoscope. From the highest to the lowest (7th)
degree, planets are given a certain karaka name. The
planet with the highest degree in the horoscope which
is between 0-30 degrees, becomes the atmakaraka.
Planet closest to the 30th degree is the atmakarka.
This excludes Rahu, Ketu, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.
These planets are not part of the Jaimini. Once you
add these plantes in Jaimini your entire prediction will
be wrong.
known karakamsa: Placement of atmakaraka in
Navamsa. This is sign and house placement both for
D9 (Navamsa chart). Such placements give a much
clear indication of the native's spiritual and
professional life. Through the placement of karakamsa
one can see what the soul or 'Atma' is desiring. How it
wants the life to be live and viewed on this three
dimensional plain. There is a lot more information on
this besides this small article, but due to tremendous
Once you figure out which planet is the atmakaraka,
look at the sign placement of that planet in the
navamsa chart. This is ount of interest in Jamini
which has been invoked through my videos, I am
obligated to write about it, at least what I have learned.

One thing you can see with karakamsa is the soul's

ability to reach the next level of salvation or a higher
frequency lokha (world). When looking at the
placement of atmakarkaa in navamsa, you should see
what planet is sitting in 12th from the atmakarka
planet, if any. This will tell what will happen to the
soul. A malefic planet like Saturn, Mars or Rahu sitting
12th from atmakarka or Karakamsa shows that souls
still has many lessons to learn before elevating itself
to a higher plain. If a benefic planet sits 12th from
karakamsa, it shows that the soul has reached a point
where it will move to the higher world after the death
of physical body. Ketu sitting 12th from karakamsa
means the soul will not go to any higher world, rather
it will go back to the source energy and finally receive
moksha, as in no longer returning to any dimenison
for eternity, unless it wants to come back. This is just
one way of using the karakamsa. If there are multiple
planets sitting in 12th from the atmakaraka, then one
with the highest degree in the birth chart takes the
charge. But most of the time someone may not have
any planets 12th from karakamsa, in such a case you
will use the sign that sits and its lord. If the lord of that
sign is melafic then sturggle in attaining mokhsa, if
benefic then easy in attaining mokha.

If you look at 9th place from karakamsa it will show

the luck and easyness the souls has in this to achieve
it's spiritual studies and guidance from gurus. Malefic
sitting 9th from the atmakraka will show a struggle to
understand spiritual world, vs. benefic in the 9th from
atmakarka will show that one has blessings to learn
their way into the other lokha.

You can see many other thing swith karakamsa

including one's vocation or career. This is done
through a unique technique taught by K.N. Rao. He
advises to take the placement of karakamsa and put it
back into the birth horoscope and you will see what
the soul desires truly in this life. This means that 10th
from karakamsa in the d1 chart, after you have put
into the right sign which is in the navamsa will show
the destiny of the career one should take.

I just started learning Jaimini through K.N. Rao's

books, lectures from Vaughn Paul Manley and Marc
Boney; including the audio lectures of Ernst Wilhelm
which decoded all the difficult sutras of Jaimini.