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> ~™ 4 & a, "g aes UNIVERSAL CONCRETE PRODUCTS wwe. fees We are Manufactures of Rectangle, Uniblock, | Section, Hexa, Solid Block, Edgeing & Kerb Stones Lyte) Ui aU} We, “Universal Concrete Products (Pvt.) Ltd” are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Paver Blocks &Tiles across Pakistan, with our state-of-the art manufacturing plant commissioned near Taxila, Pakistan. The facility has been designed to produce premium quality concrete products in different colours and sizes to meetour clientele’s requirements. Owing to our superior quality product and ethical business practice, we are sure to ensure customer satisfaction with cost effectiveness, superior quality and technical assistance. We are involved in supplying concrete paving blocks with a wide spectrum of customers tanging from private homeowners to large government projects. The range of products at Universal Concrete Products (Pvt.) Ltd. includes, Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Concrete based Landscaping tiles, Industrial heavy duty tiles, Kerb Stones, Masonry blocks etc. Our products are manufactured using premium quality raw materials, which are obtained from the most reliable sources. Moreover, We are backed by a team of skilled and experienced professionals working dedicatedly to achieve highest quality productavailablein the market. Our tiles and pavers can be used in a wide variety of purposes. They are ideal for driveways, product quality parking spaces, footpaths, sit-outs, walkways, offices, wall facades, roadwaysand many other applications. The company's vision to pursue and adopt quality standards is a constant driving force to continuously improve quality product CONCRETE PAVERS Now you can make Rectangle a |-Section Hexa Edging ad Drive ways, Walk ways, Path ways, Road ways, Parking Areas, Gardens, Your Patios and office Floors more adorable as we are producing best quality concrete pavers in wide range of colors and thicknesses. Uni Block Kerb Stone Solid Block al Available Thickness 50mm, 60mm > ~~ oe, Available Size 4 xB x12" 6° x8" x12" 8° xB" x12" Available Size 4x6" x8" PG: 1X01, Available Size (6"x 12"x 12") (6"x 12" 14") (6"x 12"x 18") The special aspects of the manufacturing infrastructure, amongst the best in the country, include: > Hydraulic Pressing for Tiles p> Testing Laboratory for Compressive, Transverse, Water Absorption and Abrasion Resistance Tests etc. P Use of Weigh Batching Machines > use of selected superior quality raw materials: B Use of non-fading colors A Value system committed Quality assured products Widest range of products, colors, textures, etc. On time delivery Customized and innovative products as per customer requirements Qualified and experienced quality control personnel supervise all phases of production and exercise strict vigilance over the quality of raw materials and end product. These end products are subject to stringent quality tests in accordance with the relevant standards. It is policy of Universal Concrete Products to strive hard for total customer satisfaction by providing good quality products at the most economical price. HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT POLICY "Universal Concrete Products" is aware of its responsibility towards environment. We are commited to promote environmental awareness and provide appropriate health an safety information to employees to enhance their understanding of the a issues and enable them to meet the required standards of performance. F Office: Works: Email: Website: a. Bese wae UNIVERSAL CONCRETE PRODUCTS Suite # $-5, 2"? Floor, Rukhshanda Heights, 8-km Multan Road, Lahore-Pakistan Main Haripur Road, Taxila, Pakistan +92 42 37830037, +92 42 37841648 +92 300 8436876, +92 300 8436034