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Profiles A Strength Supreme: When Stubborn Elders Resist Safety Concerns (AARP-AAJA) — p. 2
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January 3-9, 2020

CA 91910

US senator tells Duterte admin to stop new visa rule threats

California names new school after
1st Fil-Am teacher Flora Arca Mata
GNP Team | STOCKTON, 12/26/2019 —
A new elementary school in
Stockton City will be named the
Flora Arca Mata School to honor
the first person of color and first
Filipino-American teacher to
serve in the Stockton Unified
School District (SUSD).
The SUSD Board unanimously
voted on December 18 for the
K-8 Elementary School being U.S. Senator Richard Durbin (D)
built Quail Lakes is to be named Flora Arce Mata. Flora Arca Mata School is expected to by Gaea Katreena Cabico, Philstar.
after Flora Arca Mata who served open at the Quail Lakes in 2020. Photo SUSD Facebook. com | MANILA, 12/31/2019 —
the district school system for 32 the name of the new elemen- A United States lawmaker joined
years until she retired in 1980. tary school. The choice for Mata his colleague in asking the Philip-
The affirmative vote came after gained ground and well-deserved pine government anew to release
SUSD conducted a survey for ( Continued on page 4 ) Sen. Leila de Lima instead of
requiring visas for American
Asset freeze for De Lima accusers, citizens who want to enter the

Betel Nuts
jailers sought in US Senate In a statement Tuesday (Manila
time), Sen. Richard Durbin of
CNN | MANILA, 1/2/2020 — on charges of supposed links to il- Illinois slammed Malacañang’s
Lawmakers from the United legal drug circulation in the New threat to impose visa restrictions
States are calling on their national Bilibid Prison during her time as Chapter 1 of the book "Betel Nuts & Other Stories" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. on visiting US citizens.
government to impose more sanc- Justice Secretary. American citizens currently
tions against Philippine officials “Sabi doon, the whole gamut of “Huwag kayong maingay at baka mapansin tayo ng lolo (Don’t be noisy. Grandpa might notice enjoy 30-day visa-free stay in the
involved in the detention of Sena- Global Magnitsky Act sanctions us),” Borobot told his cousins Rey and Pabling. Philippines.
tor Leila de Lima — including — not just travel ban, gawin din “Illinois is proudly home to a
the freezing of their assets. natin [‘yung] asset-freezing... sa It was 1955 and they were all eight years old. They were climbing the tamarind tree in front of vibrant, hardworking Filipino
US Senate Resolution No. 142, mga property,” Sawali told CNN their grandparent’s house on Pepin Street in Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines. community. The Duterte regime
which passed the Foreign Rela- Philippines’ The Source. Borobot was about to grab a single fruit off the branch when a stone flew by his hand. Their grandfather,
Lolo (Grandpa) Ambo, was shooting at them with his slingshot. He scampered down, warning his cousins. should stop threatening the
tions panel on December 11, is [Translation: It says there that travel of these Filipino Americans
already up for plenary debates “Dali, tinitirador tayo (Hurry, he’s hitting).”
the whole gamut of Global and so many others who travel
this month, De Lima’s chief of Pabling, who was climbing below Borobot, fell to the ground. Rey, in his haste, stepped on Boro-
Magnitsky Act sanctions-- not between our nations, and instead
staff Atty. Fhillip Sawali said bot’s head. Once his feet hit the ground, Borobot ran away as fast as he could with Rey closely
just travel ban, but also the asset- release Sen. De Lima or assure a
Thursday. The resolution pushes behind. Pabling, who was chubby and heavy, managed to stagger up and followed them.
freezing for their properties.] quick and credible trial,” Durbin
for the immediate release of the “Aray (Ouch)!” wailed Pabling. A stone from the sling shot hit his buttocks. He was crying as he
He said he heard it will be taken said.
senator, who was arrested in 2017 crossed the street and went inside their house.
( Continued on page 5 ) ( Continued on page 6 ) He added: “This strong-arm
tactic is an insult to the Filipino

Philippines welcomes tourist #8million Protection sought for Sarangani’s Mt. Busa to save PH eagle American community and the
country’s democracy.”
Yachiyo Imamoto from Yokohama, Japan | GENERAL SANTOS
CITY, 1/2/2020 —
In a briefing last week, presiden-
tial spokesperson Salvador Panelo
The presence of the critically said the Philippines will require
endangered Philippine eagle Americans to secure visas before
(Pithecophaga jefferyi) in Saran- entering the country should the
gani province has prompted local US Secretary of State bans local
officials to seek the declaration of officials linked to the incarcera-
Mt. Busa as a protected land- tion of De Lima from traveling to
scape. the US.
Lawyer Ryan Ramos, chief of This provision was included
staff of Sarangani Rep. Ruel in the US National Budget for
The Philippines receives its 8-millionth and 8-million-and-1 visitors on December 27 at Pacquiao, said they initiated talks 2020 signed by President Donald
120pm. Photo from DOT Philippines. with the Department of Environ- Trump this month.
GNP Team | MANILA, 12/27/2019 — Japan. ment and Natural Resources to Durbin and fellow Sen. Patrick
Metro Manila today welcomed its The 71-year-old Yachiyo is visiting conserve Mt. Busa after a raptor Leahy of Vermont, who intro-
8-Millionth and 8-Millionth-and-1 the Philippines for the 8th time. The was rescued recently at a portion
BIRD OF PREY Sightings of the critically endangered Philippine eagle have been duced the said provision, were
tourists Yachiyo Imamoto and her Japanese couple arrived at the at of Celebes Sea in Maasim town. reported in several provinces in Mindanao, like Sarangani, prompting local officials to banned from entering the country.
husband, Tamio, from Yokohama, push for the protection of the island’s forests, the bird of prey’s habitat. —LYN RILLON ( Continued on page 12 )
( Continued on page 4 ) ( Continued on page 11 )

San Diego Authorized Agents:

Nonong Roxas
Operations Manager Otto Zambrano Tirso Parfiles Rene Morales
(858) 221-3088 (747) 229-7466 (619) 995-4495 (619) 274-4051

San Diego Office: 550 E. 8th St., Suite 6, National City, CA 91950
Main Office/Warehouse: 20604 Belshaw Ave., Carson, CA 90746
Manila Office/Warehouse: Lot 1, Blk. 2, Canaynay BF Homes, Las Piñas City NVOCC License # 019339N
Cebu Office/Warehouse: 810 Ortega Bldg., MJ Cuenco Ave., Cebu City
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 3-9, 2020

What Rizal taught us about the pitfalls of spreading A strength supreme: When stub-
and reading fake news born elders resist safety concerns
As a member of the propaganda trolls is an effective tool to drown
movement and himself a victim dissent and amass political clout.
of fabricated narratives, the na- In the recent two elections, Rizal’s
tional hero knows a thing or two image and memes turned political,
for the purpose of supporting certain
about the dangers of spreading candidates, further confusing what
and consuming fake news. Three Rizal truly stood for.
of his writings remind us of the Though Rizal being used in ad-
lessons vertisements is not a new phenom-
enon (Rizal in brand of soft drinks,
John Ray Ramos | ABS CBN News, matches, funeral homes, cement,
12/29/2019 — bank, etc.), this reflects Renato Con-
Jose Rizal has been the subject of stantino’s book Veneration Without
funny memes often highlighting his Understanding, which shows our
image of being a “chickboy,” and tendency to take Rizal for granted.
playing with the many over-the-top This is reinforced by the thesis of
theories about him (i.e. that he’s Mike de Leon’s film Bayaning Third
the father of Hitler, or he’s the real World which upholds the idea of
Jack the Ripper, etc.). The debate “kanya-kanyang Rizal” (to each his
about who between him and Andres History researcher II Jeffrey Estonanto conducts a mechanical cleaning of the
own Rizal) — as the persona of the 1961 oil on canvass portrait of national hero Jose Rizal by Japanese painter Abe.
Bonifacio should be considered the National Hero has been used by all Photo from ABS-CBN News Jean Kubota Cassill used this historic French printing press over a lifetime of
National Hero continues to rage on sides in political debates and mes- making art. (Photo by Sarah Eden Wallace)
online as well—a battle that also of their advocacy was to push for the details to make his stories
saging. reforms in the Philippines. They interesting. He also writes to please By Sarah Eden Wallace, AARP — do them. It could be relatively nor-
takes place in the classrooms. Put AAJA Essay (1 of 3 in series)
the removal of Philippine history advocated for equal rights, better authorities and could be considered a mal that June’s death hadn’t really
So what is the essence of Rizal in justice and education, and the trans- “sipsip” (suck-up). registered.
as a subject in high school into the the time of fake news? Three time-
pot and you’ve got a formula for the fer of parishes to Filipino secular One such instance is when he writes My mother and I were chatting b) to be honest, wounding. Not
less writings of Rizal that touch on priests. This advocacy drew the ire a story where a friar single-handedly after I’d stopped by for tea (and recalling what I’d told her feels like
propagation of confusion and misin- the issue of truth and reason may
formation about our local heroes and of certain people in power in Span- faced off with 50 bandits who tried to check on her -- she still lives yet another way she disregards most
enlighten us. ish colonial Philippines, the Spanish to take away tens of thousands of anything I say. A daughter is not an
their contributions. on her own at age 93). Then she
friars who cling to their influential pesos. Zayb wrote his exaggerated made an announcement: “Did you authority on any topic. Now, a son or
Rizal and Fake News stature among them. version of the story first without grandson, that’s another deal.
Such is the nature of discussions know that June died?”
in the online world. There is high The editorial attacks tried to checking the facts. And when he c) and, for sure, troubling. When
If Rizal along with other propa- discredit the Ilustrados by spread- went to confirm the details, to his My jaw dropped. Not because I call my brother the Harvard- and
access to information, but the chal- gandists like Marcelo H. Del Pilar
lenge is how to filter which informa- ing exaggerated, prejudiced or even dismay he found Padre Cammora my mother’s close friend had MIT-educated molecular biologist,
and Antonio Luna were alive today, false claims against them. Rizal and nursing a concussion after being died. we agree Mom’s forgetfulness is
tion is useful, true, or fake — and they might find the phenomenon of
which narratives are reasonable or his comrades answered back with robbed of a mere 50 pesos by three Because two weeks ago, I’d worrisome. Does spacing out some-
fake news as nothing strange. During articles and essays via allied news- bandits. Zayb berates the injured thing as momentous as the death of a
politically weaponized. The com- their time, they themselves were
called and told her June had died.
ments section is a cancerous, toxic papers and magazines and their own friar saying you know nothing of This is … friend signify a slide toward demen-
subjected to similar fabrications and newspaper La Solidaridad. what actually happened to you. tia? Yet most days, she’s sharper than
debate place where everyone can a) at first, weird. It could be an ex-
attacks from newspaper editorials. In Rizal’s El Filibusterismo, one Rizal said on Chapter 36 of El Fili we are, attending university lectures,
voice their opinion, informed or not. ample of what I view as my mother’s
As members of the Propaganda often overlooks the character of Ben that “his articles can be likened to making art, clipping newspaper
Also, the creation and spread of fake aloofness. This, I know, is how
Movement, they were engaged in Zayb, the writer for a newspaper articles for her grandchildren. Ever
news supported by armies of online ( Continued on page 4 ) first-generation Japanese-American
an information campaign, and part who exaggerates reports and changes the scientist, he hesitates. We need
parents do feelings. As in, they don’t
more evidence.

George Kubota, Jean Kubota Cas-

sill’s father and the author’s grandfather,
insisted on shoveling snow off the roof
well into his 90s.

Snow on the roof

When my mom’s reactions con-

found me, it helps to talk to my
cousin. Her father, now 89, is my
mother’s youngest brother. Mom
and my uncle grew up in a family of
six kids, the only Japanese in a tiny
mountain-rimmed mining town in
eastern Washington state. My grand-
father said it reminded him of Japan.
It’s the Asian thing, my cousin
often says.
They won’t admit they have a
( Continued on page 6 )
January 3-9, 2020 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 3

California Communities
County awarded $2.5 Million to house Veterans Legal Notices
experiencing homelessness _________________


AJ 288
12/13/20/27/2019   01/03/2020 
Deep Master Cleaners located at 3946
National Ave. Apt #4 San Diego, CA
92113. Registrant: Santiago S. Servin
By Katie White, County of San Diego ment and supportive services, includ- Strengthening Ongoing Efforts MENT NO. 2019-9028786   Zambrano, 3946 National Ave. Apt #4
Communications Office ing drug and alcohol counseling and Loraine Lashes located at 7381 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- San Diego, CA 92113. This business is
The County Health and Human Ser- finance education to veterans without The $2.5 million grant supplements Nebraska Ave San Diego, CA 92139. MENT NO. 2019-9028958 conducted by: Individual. Buena Vista
vices Agency has been awarded an a stable home. federal funding the County has al- Registrant: Loraine Gervacio Reduque,  The Beauty Boutique located at 7881 Ave., Lemon Grove, San Diego, 91945.
annual $2.5 million federal grant to 7381 Nebraska Ave San Diego, CA University Ave. La Mesa, CA 91942. This business is conducted by: Married
“This grant is good news for our ready received under VASH. Overall, 92139. This business is conducted by: Registrant: Mireya Gill, 4051 Marian St. Couple. Registrant has not yet begun to
fund housing vouchers for veterans unsheltered veteran population,” said the County’s VASH program has Individual. Registrant first commenced La Mesa, CA 91942. This business is transact business under the name above
who are experiencing homelessness. David Estrella, director of HHSA’s assisted more than 1,000 veterans in to transact business under the above conducted by: Individual. Registrant has . Signature: Santiago S. Servin Zam-
The $2,520,346 grant from the U.S. Housing and Community Devel- finding a place to live. name as of 12/2/2019. Signature: not yet begun to transact business under brano. Statement filed with Recorder/
Department of Housing and Urban opment Services. “The funds will Information on how to apply for Loraine Gervacio Reduque. Statement the name above. Signature: Mireya Gill. County Clerk of San Diego County
Development (HUD) will allow the secure a stable place to live for men these vouchers can be found online, filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San Statement filed with Recorder/County on 12/13/19. AJ 296 12/20/27/2019
County to issue housing vouchers and women in our community that or by calling (877) 478-5478. The Diego County on 12/03/19.  AJ 285 Clerk of San Diego County on 12/05/19.  01/03/10/2020
to 175 unsheltered veterans in San 12/13/20/27/2019   01/03/2020  AJ 289 12/13/20/27/2019   01/03/2020  _________________
have sacrificed so much.” County is also actively seeking land- _________________ _________________
Diego County. According to the 2019 Point-In- lords interested in housing veterans   ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
The funds are administered through Time homeless count, about 14 per- selected for the vouchers. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- CHANGE OF NAME
the Veterans Affairs Supportive cent of the local homeless population Landlords interested in participat- CHANGE OF NAME MENT NO. 2019-9029139 CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 –
Housing program, or VASH, a col- has served in the military. Veterans ing in the rental assistance programs CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Justin Pest Pro Consulting located 00063364-CU-PT-CTL
laborative effort between HUD and are more likely than civilians to should call 2-1-1 San Diego or visit 00058583-CU-PT-CTL at 2203 Buckman Springs Rd Campo, TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
the U.S. Department of Veterans be homeless due to higher rates of the organization’s website. 2-1-1 TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Peti- CA 91906. Registrant: Justin Ronald Petitioner Pedro Nicholas Hartenstein
Affairs (VA). VASH provides rental tioner Katie Hickey Walders filed a peti- Laverdiere, 2203 Buckman Springs Jr. filed a petition with this court for a
traumatic brain injuries and Post- San Diego will refer landlords to the tion with this court for a decree changing Rd Campo, CA 91906 and Michelle decree changing names as follows:
assistance, ongoing VA case manage- Traumatic Stress Disorder. proper jurisdiction. names as follows: Katie Hickey Walders Armida Adams, 2203 Buckman Springs Pedro Nicholas Hartenstein Pedro

Workforce Partnership awarded grant to support

to Katie Colleen Hickey. THE COURT Rd Campo, CA 91906. This business Robles. THE COURT ORDERS that all
ORDERS that all persons interested in is conducted by: General Partnership. persons interested in this matter appear

young adults entering hospitality jobs

this matter appear before this court at Registrant has not yet begun to transact before this court at the hearing indicated
the hearing indicated below to show business under the name above. Signa- below to show cause, if any, why the
cause, if any, why the petition for change ture: Justin Ronald Laverdiere. State- petition for change of name should not
SAN DIEGO, CA — The San on the model of our first two Career to develop the skills and knowledge of name should not be granted. Any ment filed with Recorder/County Clerk of be granted. Any person objecting to the
Launch Academy cohorts,” says needed for in-demand careers. The person objecting to the name changes San Diego County on 12/09/19.  AJ 290 name changes described above must
Diego Workforce Partnership has described above must file a written ob- 12/13/20/27/2019   01/03/2020  file a written objection that includes the
Peter Callstrom, CEO of the San Workforce Partnership also provides
been chosen as a recipient of the ongoing labor market research on the jection that includes the reasons for the _________________ reasons for the objection at least two
Hyatt Thrive Community Grant. Diego Workforce Partnership. “This objection at least two court days before   court days before the matter is sched-
new chapter will provide critical region’s workforce trends and key indus-
The funds awarded will be used tries. Its vision is to ensure that every the matter is scheduled to be heard and FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- uled to be heard and must appear at the
hiring opportunities for the more business in our region has access to a must appear at the hearing to show MENT NO. 2019-9027892 hearing to show cause why the petition
to host three cohorts of the Career than 37,000 opportunity youth in San cause why the petition should not be California Mobile Upholstery located should not be granted. If no written ob-
skilled workforce and every job seeker
Launch Academy for young Diego.” has access to meaningful employment.
granted. If no written objection is timely at 443 Flower Street Apt. B Chula Vista, jection is timely filed, the court may grant
adults ages 16–24 who are not The grant will also be used to de- filed, the court may grant the petition CA 91910.Registrant: Victor Manuel the petition without a hearing.
For more information, visit  workforce. without hearing. Contreras,  443 Flower Street Apt. B NOTICE OF HEARING
working or in school (opportunity velop a short video aimed at convey- org. NOTICE OF HEARING Chula Vista, CA 91910. This business is 01/27/20
youth) and to develop a short ing the importance of hiring opportu- About Hyatt RiseHY 01/23/20 conducted by: Individual. Registrant first 8:30 AM, Dept. 61
video conveying the importance nity youth. The video will be used in Hyatt is about people and opening 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 commenced to transact business under Superior Court
conversations with businesses to give doors to new opportunities. True to Superior Court the above name as of 11/19/19. Signa- 330 West Broadway
of hiring young adults from a brief context about opportunity youth their company’s purpose – they care for 330 W. Broadway ture: Victor Manuel Contreras. Statement San Diego, CA 92101
business and talent development and how businesses can engage with people so they can be their best – they San Diego, CA 92101 filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San A copy of this Order to Show Cause
perspective. them. The Workforce Partnership have worked with community-based A copy of this Order to Show Cause Diego County on 11/19/19.  AJ 291 shall be published at least once each
Building off the success of the first organizations around the world for shall be published at least once each 12/13/20/27/2019   01/03/2020  week for four successive weeks prior to
sees this as a vital tool in efforts to decades to help young people rise to week for four successive weeks prior to _________________ the date set for hearing on the petition
two cohorts in the Career Launch get more businesses, from a variety their full potential. Now, they’re taking the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general
Academy that took place with the of sectors, involved in the hiring in the following newspaper of general ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR circulation printed in this county. Asian
a bigger step: With RiseHY, Hyatt hotels
Hyatt’s of San Diego, the grant will process and understand the business are making a commitment to hire 10,000 circulation printed in this county. Asian CHANGE OF NAME Journal: Date Nov.27,2019
help fund three additional cohorts case for hiring from this motivated, Opportunity Youth – young people Journal: Date Nov.05,2019 CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Peter C. Deddeh
starting in spring 2020. Opportunity yet underrepresented, population. between the ages of 16 and 24 who are Peter C. Deddeh 00054428-CU-PT-NC Judge of the Superior Court
youth will receive soft skills training, Judge of the Superior Court TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: AJ 297
About the San Diego Workforce disconnected from the economy either by
AJ 286 Petitioner Raquel Lidia Leon filed a peti- 12/20/27/2019 01/03/10/2020
a behind the scenes look at hospital- Partnership not working or not going to school – by
12/13/20/27/2019   01/03/2020  tion with this court for a decree changing _________________
ity functions and assistance with The Workforce Partnership is the leader 2025. At Hyatt, they’re in a unique posi- _________________ names as follows: Chelsea Dia Guerrero
applying to open positions in the for innovative workforce solutions in San tion to be part of the solution because   to Chelsea Leon.  The change of name FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
hospitality industry. Diego County. A joint powers authority hospitality is an industry where people ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR of a minor is being requested by one MENT NO. 2019-9029301
“We’re excited to partner again (JPA) entity and 501c3 nonprofit, the can truly rise out of entry-level roles and CHANGE OF NAME parent.THE COURT ORDERS that all, Military-
with the Hyatt’s of San Diego and Workforce Partnership funds and deliv- build meaningful, life-long careers. CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – persons interested in this matter appear,RummyBearsRecipe.
be given the opportunity to build ers programs that enable all job seekers 00061370-CU-PT-CTL before this court at the hearing indicated com located at 2024 Reed Ave #2 San
TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: below to show cause, if any, why the Diego, CA 92109. Registrant: Darryl

Giving, Receiving, Recycling! Petitioner Hassan Emami Taleghani

filed a petition with this court for a
decree changing names as follows:
petition for change of name should not
be granted. Any person objecting to the
name changes described above must
Smith, 2024 Reed Ave #2 San Diego,
CA 92109. This business is conducted
by: Individual. Signature: Darryl Smith.
By Gig Conaughton, County of San the “find an item” box, add your ZIP Christmas and Holiday Card Kimia Emamitaleghani to  Kimia Emami file a written objection that includes the Statement filed with Recorder/County
Diego Communications Office code, community and how you heard Recycling Taleghani. THE COURT ORDERS that all reasons for the objection at least two Clerk of San Diego County on 12/10/19.
about the site, and you’ll see all the persons interested in this matter appear court days before the matter is sched- AJ 298 12/20/27/2019 01/03/10/2020
The gifts! The wrapping! The drop-off locations near you. Don’t Like packaging materials, not all before this court at the hearing indicated uled to be heard and must appear at the _________________
packages! The lights! Even the leave your old, dry tree or wreaths holiday cards should be added to below to show cause, if any, why the hearing to show cause why the petition
petition for change of name should not should not be granted. If no written ob- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
trees. lying in your backyard. They can your recycling. Simple paper cards be granted. Any person objecting to the jection is timely filed, the court may grant MENT NO. 2019-9029476
become fire hazards. Putting them in and envelopes can be added to your name changes described above must file the petition without a hearing. Bright Home Board & Care located at
The holiday season brings lots the trash takes up space in landfills blue bins. But if your cards have a written objection that includes the rea- NOTICE OF HEARING 5881 Grewia St. San Diego, CA 92114.
of stuff — lots of stuff that can be and generates unwanted green- glitter, foil, metallic inks (inks made sons for the objection at least two court 1/21/2020 Registrant: Jocelyn Alconis Santella,
house gases when they decompose. with tiny metal flakes) or other days before the matter is scheduled to 8:30 AM, Dept. 23 5881 Grewia St. San Diego, CA 92114
recycled. We know with all the Properly recycled trees and wreaths adornments, they can’t. If there’s a be heard and must appear at the hearing Superior Court This business is conducted by: Individu-
shopping, visiting and preparing, can be turned into mulch that will glitzy front and plain paper backing, to show cause why the petition should 325 S. Melrose Dr. al. Registrant first commenced to trans-
you probably haven’t had a min- not be granted. If no written objection is Vista, CA 92081 act business under the above name as
improve soil health and help soil tear the cards in two. Recycle the timely filed, the court may grant the peti- A copy of this Order to Show Cause of 10/10/18.Signature: Jocelyn Alconis
ute to think about recycling. retain moisture at our parks, farms, backs and put the glitzy fronts into tion without hearing. shall be published at least once each Santella. Statement filed with Recorder/
home gardens and landscapes. the trash. NOTICE OF HEARING week for four successive weeks prior to County Clerk of San Diego County
So, this holiday season, the County 01/21/20 the date set for hearing on the petition on 12/12/19. AJ 299 12/20/27/2019
Department of Public Works’ (DPW) Know What Packaging Can — Holiday Light Recycling 8:30 AM, Dept. C-61 in the following newspaper of general 01/03/10/2020
Recycling Division has some recy- and Can’t — be Recycled Superior Court circulation printed in this county. Asian _________________
cling tips to help you out. Please — don’t put old holiday 330 W. Broadway Journal: Date: Oct. 15, 2019
San Diego, CA 92101 Sim von Kalinowski FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
Gift-giving and online shopping lights in your recycling bins. They A copy of this Order to Show Cause Judge of the Superior Court MENT NO. 2019-9029678
Christmas Trees typically means lots of packaging. can tangle up recycling equipment shall be published at least once each AJ 292 Sanchez Pet Sitters N More. located
Not all packaging can be safely and they also pose a danger to work- week for four successive weeks prior to 12/13/20/27/2019   01/03/2020  at 767 Myra Ave Chula Vista, CA 91910.
We all love our beautiful Christ- recycled. For example, cardboard ers in those recycling centers. For the date set for hearing on the petition _________________ Registrant: Elvia Sanchez, 767 Myra Ave
mas trees, but if yours is a real tree, boxes can be recycled (just break recycling options, please visit Waste- in the following newspaper of general   Chula Vista, CA 91910. This business
there comes a time when you have them down and put them into your, contact a scrap metal or circulation printed in this county. Asian  FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- is conducted by: Individual. Registrant
Journal: Date Nov.19,2019 MENT NO. 2019-9029341 has not yet begun to transact business
to say goodbye. And the County recycling). But manila envelopes and e-waste recycler or ask for options at Peter C. Deddeh Jes Cleaning Crew, inc. located at under the name above . Signature: Elvia
urges everyone to recycle their real bubble-wrap can not be recycled. So your local Home Depot. Judge of the Superior Court 1844 D Avenue National City, CA 91950. Sanchez. Statement filed with Recorder/
trees properly. Check with your please DO NOT put them in your AJ 287 Registrant: Jes Cleaning Crew, inc., County Clerk of San Diego County
waste hauler to find out if they offer recycling bins; consider re-using So there you have it. Remember, 12/13/20/27/2019   01/03/2020  1844 D Avenue National City, CA 91950. on 12/16/19. AJ 300 12/20/27/2019
curbside pickup — many do. Or go them instead. Here’s a recent DPW if you have other questions about _________________ This business is conducted by: Corpo- 01/03/10/2020
to the County’s recycling and hazard- Facebook post with more informa- what can and can’t be recycled, go   ration. Registrant first commenced to _________________
ous waste database tion about what can and can’t be to DPW Recycling’s webpage or to ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR transact business under the above name
CHANGE OF NAME as of 08/24/18. Signature: Eduardo ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
to find Christmas tree drop-off sites recycled. DPW Recycling’s Facebook page. CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Luis Lopez, President. Statement filed CHANGE OF NAME
near you. Type “Christmas tree” in 00060698-CU-PT-CTL with Recorder/County Clerk of San CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 –

Newly passed California resolution blames ‘religious

TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Diego County on 12/11/19.  AJ 293 00066697-CU-PT-CTL
Petitioner Alireza Emamitaleghani filed 12/13/20/27/2019   01/03/2020 TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Peti-
a petition with this court for a decree FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- tioner Joseph Alexander Crittenden filed

groups’ for LGBT suicides changing names as follows: Alireza

Emamitaleghani to  Alireza Emami
Taleghani. THE COURT ORDERS that all
MENT NO. 2019-9028787
M Beauty Spa located at 1203 Corte
Bello San Marcos, CA 92069. Registrant:
a petition with this court for a decree
changing names as follows: Joseph Al-
exander Crittenden to Joseph Alexander
by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews. portionately high rates of suicide, be a mosque, a temple, or a church, persons interested in this matter appear Yue Mei Villalpando, 1203 Corte Bello Santos. THE COURT ORDERS that all
com | SACRAMENTO, 9/17/2019 – attempted suicide, depression, rejec- that’s a private setting...To disallow before this court at the hearing indicated San Marcos, CA 92069. This business persons interested in this matter appear
The California legislature has tion, and isolation amongst LGBTQ or create the pathway where we tell below to show cause, if any, why the is conducted by: Individual. Signature: before this court at the hearing indicated
voted in a resolution that blames and questioning individuals,” it individuals they cannot say certain petition for change of name should not Yue Mei Villalpando. Statement filed below to show cause, if any, why the
"religious groups" who hold to claims. It calls on “the people of things should give us pause.” be granted. Any person objecting to the with Recorder/County Clerk of San petition for change of name should not
California – especially its counselors, name changes described above must file Diego County on 12/03/19. AJ 294 be granted. Any person objecting to the
biblical understandings of sex a written objection that includes the rea- 12/20/27/2019 01/03/10/2020 name changes described above must
and gender as responsible for pastors, religious workers, educators, “We believe in free speech. They sons for the objection at least two court _________________ file a written objection that includes the
and legislators” to eschew and work have every right to criticize our posi- days before the matter is scheduled to reasons for the objection at least two
"disproportionately high rates" of against anti-LGBTQ “stigma.” tion, but the state government does be heard and must appear at the hearing FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- court days before the matter is sched-
suicide among homosexuals and not have the right to use its power to show cause why the petition should MENT NO. 2019-9029523 uled to be heard and must appear at the
transgenders. The resolution, which has no legal to coerce us to change,” California not be granted. If no written objection is Aquarium Cab located at 6938 East- hearing to show cause why the petition
force but formalizes the official posi- Family Council’s Director of Capital timely filed, the court may grant the peti- man St. San Diego, CA 92111 and mail- should not be granted. If no written ob-
Assembly Concurrent Resolution tion of the state legislature, passed Engagement Greg Burt told The tion without hearing. ing address 2475 Paseo de las Americas jection is timely filed, the court may grant
99 declares that homosexuality and NOTICE OF HEARING San Diego, CA 92154 - PO Box 2889. the petition without a hearing.
the state Senate 29-7 on September Epoch Times. “And that’s where we 01/21/20 Registrant: Eduardo Perez Garcia, 6938 NOTICE OF HEARING
transgenderism are “part of natu- 4 and the state Assembly 61-11 on believe this resolution is heading.” 8:30 AM, Dept. 61 Eastman St. San Diego, CA 92111 . This 02/05/20
ral variations that occur in sexual September 9. It does not require the Superior Court business is conducted by: Individual. 8:30 AM, Dept. 61
orientation and gender identity” and governor’s signature. Despite the common pro-LGBT 330 W. Broadway Registrant first commenced to transact Superior Court
condemns counseling services that narrative that outside “stigma” is the San Diego, CA 92101 business under the above name as of 330 West Broadway
help people resolve unwanted gender “We are treading into freedom of primary driver of LGBT suicides, a A copy of this Order to Show Cause 12/05/14. Signature: Eduardo Perez San Diego, CA 92101
confusion or same-sex attraction. speech territory that I think should wealth of data suggests otherwise. shall be published at least once each Garcia. Statement filed with Recorder/ A copy of this Order to Show Cause
week for four successive weeks prior to County Clerk of San Diego County shall be published at least once each
concern all of us,” warned Republi- Research out of LGBT-friendly Swe- the date set for hearing on the petition on 12/13/19. AJ 295 12/20/27/2019 week for four successive weeks prior to
“The stigma associated with being can state Sen. Andreas Borgeas, who den has found that homosexual and in the following newspaper of general 01/03/10/2020 the date set for hearing on the petition
LGBTQ often created by groups voted against ACR 99. “When an transgender residents remain more circulation printed in this county. Asian _________________ in the following newspaper of general
in society, including therapists and individual seeks therapy or guidance likely to attempt or commit suicide, Journal: Date Nov.15 ,2019 circulation printed in this county. Asian
religious groups, has caused dispro- before a religious leader, whether it ( Continued on page 4 ) Peter C. Deddeh FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- ( Continued on page 10 )
Judge of the Superior Court MENT NO. 2019-9029539
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 3-9, 2020

Health & Wellness

Stressed at school? Art therapy reduces teenage girls' headaches
— programs as a way to alleviate the journal Art Therapy. met twice a week for a 50-minute never going to do it,'" Björling said. change much. But the students re-
stress among their students. These "This study highlights one of my session with the research team. Each "But a few of them said 'That's my ported feeling better in the moment,
In a pilot study, researchers programs could benefit from more main research missions: We should session began with an activity in favorite. I do it all the time now.'" saying that they felt like they could
explored art-based mindfulness research into what activities students be making interventions in coopera- which students would map where What teens didn't like: mindful handle whatever happened for the
activities that schools could use to find most useful. tion with teenagers if we want these they were feeling stressed on a draw- eating, a technique that asks people rest of the day.
reduce headaches, a common side In a pilot study led by the Uni- strategies to work," said correspond- ing of a body. Then the teens would to focus on what and how they're The team was surprised to see any
versity of Washington, researchers ing author Elin Björling, a senior participate in mindfulness and art eating. differences, given the small size of
effect of stress in adolescent girls. explored art-based mindfulness research scientist in the UW's human activities before closing the session "They hated it," Björling said. "This the group.
After three weeks of twice-week- activities that schools could use to centered design and engineering with another body map. was a technique straight out of a lot "It's not just about this study,"
ly mindfulness and art therapy reduce headaches, a common side department. "There's something "After the study, we looked at all of mindfulness programs for teens, Björling said. "This problem of teen
sessions, 8 teenage girls reported effect of stress in adolescent girls. powerful about saying 'I'm invit- the before and after body maps but it didn't connect with them. It mental health and headaches is so
experiencing significantly fewer The test group of eight teenage girls ing you to start thinking about how side by side. It was so clear that just annoyed them. It goes to show I big that I'm worried about what hap-
headaches. gave feedback on which activities you could get better. Come have a something significant was going need them to be experts in their own pens if we don't take it on. Somistine
they preferred. conversation with me about how we on," Björling said. "In the beginning lives." Stevens, a nursing professor at UW
Teenagers report higher levels of After three weeks of twice-weekly could do this.' I think that's why we everything was in pieces, and in the The researchers also asked the Tacoma, and Narayan Singh, a psy-
stress than adults, and cite school mindfulness and art therapy ses- saw such a strong response even in end everything was flowing through students to participate in different chology doctoral student at Seattle
as the highest contributing factor, sions, the girls reported experienc- this tiny study." the whole body." mindful art activities. During each Pacific University, are also co-au-
according to the American Psycho- ing significantly fewer headaches. The team recruited eight girls The teens tried different mindful- session, the students tried a new art thors on this paper.e teens will want
logical Association's annual report. At the beginning of the study, the between the ages of 14 to 17 from ness techniques in each session so medium -- they particularly liked us- nothing to do with art mindfulness.
A summary from 2013 concluded girls reported 7.38 headaches, on a high school in Seattle. All of the they could find which ones worked ing oil pastels -- and different types So we need to come at this in lots of
that while stress among Americans average, within the previous two- participants reported experiencing the best for them. of art therapy projects, including one different ways. We're going to need
was not new, "what's troubling is the week period. At the end of the study, three or more headaches not related What teens liked: square breathing, where they worked together to create an army of people and a cornucopia
stress outlook for teens in the United that number had dropped to 4.63 to an injury within a two-week pe- a technique that encourages people mandalas before and after a medita- of options."
States." -- almost a 40% decrease. This drop riod, and five of the eight mentioned to take slow breaths by concentrating tion exercise. Story Source:
In response, recently some schools remained even seven weeks after the tension or stress as the main reason and counting. While the teens experienced fewer Materials provided by University of
study had ended. The researchers for headaches. "I thought: 'No teen ever wants to headaches after the study ended, Washington. Note: Content may be
have turned to mindfulness-based edited for style and length.
published their findings May 22 in During the program, the students do counted breathing, and they're their overall stress levels didn't

Philippines California must come in-you don’t sound like

a minority.’ She told the newspaper
UCLA’s “Bruin Women Firsts”
newsletter noted that she was hired Set your spirit
Slow down. One of Gandhi’s most il-
luminating observations reminds us that
“there is more to life than increasing its
( Continued from page 1 ) ( Continued from page 1 ) near the end of her career that she at a time when it was difficult for ( Continued from page 5 )
was hired as a substitute and the next minorities to get teaching posi- Choose to align yourself with people speed.” This is great advice for simplify-
NAIA Teminal 3 at 120pm via All support put the Fil-Am on top ing your life! In fact, slow everything
Nippon Airways Flight 869 and were year taught full-time kindergarten tions. Mata’s work as California’s who are like-minded in their search
of the list after the Little Manila classes. ‘They seemed to think there first Filipina teacher is credited to
way down for a few moments right here
welcomed by Assistant Secretary for for simplified inspiration. Give those and now. Slowly read these words. Slow
Rising, a Stockton-based orga- would be less prejudice with little have paved the way for other Asian who find fault or who are confronta-
Tourism Development Roberto P. nization composed of Filipino- down your breathing so that you’re
Alabado III. ones than with older students,’ she Americans in education. tional a silent blessing and remove aware of each inhalation and exhalation. 
The welcome ceremonies is part of Americans, spearheaded a commented.” Mata will be celebrated for her yourself from their energy as quickly By slowing down, you’ll simplify and
the Tourism Department’s tradition campaign to put her name on the Little Manila Rising campaigned achievements when the Flora Arca as possible. Your life is simplified rejoin the perfect pace at which creation
of celebrating significant arrivals of survey. for the new school to be named after Mata School opens in 2020. enormously when you don’t have works. Imagine trying to hurry nature
foreign tourists in the country. The The Little Manila Rising campaign Flora Mata until an affirmative vote Filipino teachers have been rec- to defend yourself to anyone, and up by tugging at an emerging tomato
notes that Mata is a former resident from the SUSD Board was gained ognized for their pioneering work, when you receive support rather than plant—you’re as natural as that plant, so
DOT had previously welcomed the let yourself be at peace with the perfec-
5-Millionth Visitor in 2015 and the of Stockton’s Little Manila in the on December 18. Photo from Little modeling for students, and unique criticism.
Manila Rising Facebook. style of mentoring. Among the more Take some time for your health. tion of nature’s plan.
One-Millionth Korean visitor in 1920s. It went on to recount how Do everything you can to avoid debt.
2012. Flora Mata had at first been discour- Originally from Hawaii, Flora at recently cited are Jen Padernal, a Consider that the number one health
problem in America seems to be obesity. Remember that you’re attempting to
In a media briefing, Tamio Imamoto aged from teaching in the United age 2 moved with her family to Microsoft Global Hero for Education simplify your life here, so you don’t
Stockton where she attended the Innovation, theatre and film teacher How can you feel inspired and live in
said that they love the warm weather, States even after having received a simplicity if you’re gorging on excessive need to purchase more of what will com-
the tropical fruits, and the warm teaching degree from the University local schools. Flora received her Jek Jumawan who has been winning plicate and clutter your life. If you can’t
amounts of food and eliminating the ex-
hospitality of the Filipinos. of California-Los Angeles. teaching degree from the prestigious acting awards for his short films. ercise that the body craves? Recall that afford it, let it go until you can. By going
Tamio and Yachiyo Imamoto from Mata questioned a school dean University of California, Los Ange- and teacher Roselyn Barcoma whose your body is a sacred temple where you into debt, you’ll just add layers of anxi-
Yokohama, Japan are in the Philippines who had said her being of a minority les (UCLA) where she also had the motivational method for her students reside for this lifetime, so make some ety to your life. That anxiety will then
for the 8th time. Photo from DOT. ethnicity will make it impossible for distinction of being a pioneer as the made her the talk of the internet. time every single day for exercising it. take you away from your peace. When
Korea remains the country’s top visi- her to be a teacher. first Filipino-American to graduate Even if you can only manage a walk you have to work extra hard to pay off
tors, followed by China, United States, from UCLA. around the block, just do it. debts, the present moments of your life
‘Why is it that America would edu-
Japan, and Taiwan. cate the minority and not give them After World War II Flora started her Call the Asian Journal Play, play, play! You’ll simplify your are less enjoyable. You’re far better off
Foreign tourist arrivals in the Philip-
pines have registered milestone figures
an opportunity to use this educa- long teaching career in California at 619.474.0588 life and feel inspired if you learn to play to have less and enjoy the days of your
life than to take on debt and invite stress
under the SUSD’s jurisdiction, a rather than work your way through life.
this year, reaching a record 6-million- tion?’ she questioned. ‘Why is it that
service that spanned more than three
for your Be around kids because they will inspire and anxiety where peace and tranquility
they need a college education to be could have reigned.
plus mark in the first nine months of the
year, registering a 14%+ improvement dishwashers?’ decades. Flora continued to work in advertising needs. you with their laughter and frivolity.
over the 2018 numbers. Little Manila Rising states: The the school system even after her re-

What Rizal
The Philippines has been praised for Matas first lived in the Philippines tirement as a substitute teacher until worshipped, who misleads others, take advantage of confusion and ig-
its beauty and charms by many visiting and then returned to Stockton after she was 80 years old. and wants his will to prevail over norance are all attempts to suppress
tourists, among the more recent is Cana- World War II. Answering an adver- She passed away at the age of 95 in ( Continued from page 2 ) reason and justice." truth and free expression.
dian Devon Sawa – the human form of tisement in the Stockton Record for December 2013 and is survived by wine laden with poison… the articles
Casper The Friendly Ghost – who spent
At this age, fake news and weapon-
substitute teachers, Flora was urged her son, Eddie Mata, and daughter, of Ben Zayb take effect may it be The Greatest Crime ized political narratives are decep-
the holidays in the Philippine islands. by the person on the phone, ‘You Vida Mata-Longley. read or not by Filipinos”. tion. They will persist as long as
Reading about the fictional exploits “How to Deceive the Native Land” a few people, especially those in
of Ben Zayb maybe comical but is a must-read for teachers and power, benefit from them. Rizal after
they could be interpreted as people students of history and Rizal. Often all warned that “to deceive the native
who create and spread fake news overlooked as an editorial response land… is the greatest crime of all
for one’s personal gain. Rizal said to an editorial published by La Voz crimes”.
on Chapter 36 of El Fili that “his de España, a pro-friar publication
articles can be likened to wine laden that severely attacks the dignity of *This article is based on a public
with poison… the articles of Ben Filipinos, it is one of Rizal’s most lecture “Controversies, Miscon-
Zayb take effect may it be read or relevant writing which deals with ceptions, and Fake News: Rizal in
not by Filipinos”. In the context of freedom of expression and the search Social Media” first delivered in June
fake news, once it spreads, the dam- for truth. Here, Rizal writes that, 30, 2018 in Rizal Shrine Calamba.
age has already been done. Peddlers “neither hiding the truth and fanati-
of fake news can be likened to Ben cism, nor oppression or superstitions John Ray Ramos is a part-time
Zayb. ever have united nor will they ever history instructor in the Ateneo
Rizal’s Letter to the Young Women unite peoples. On the other hand, de Manila University and in the
of Malolos touches on women liberty, rights and love bind different Institute of Formation and Religious
empowerment, true Christianity, and races around the same flag, a single Studies. He also teaches Politics
the importance of critical thinking. aspiration, and one destiny.” and Government. He finished his
“Rizal, The Reformist” by Martino bachelor’s degree in history and is
A. Abellana via In the writings of Rizal, we find finishing his master’s degree in Pub-
Rizal’s Letter to the Young Women the word ‘obscurantism’ which lic Administration in the University
of Malolos is a must-read not just means the deliberate prevention of of the Philippines Diliman. He is the
to understand the importance of the spread of knowledge or truth. In author of Bayani Biographies: Jose
empowered women in society but their advocacy, obscurantism, not ig- Rizal and co-authored Bayani Biog-
because of the importance of having norance, is the enemy of reason. For raphies Andres Bonifacio published
one’s own mind. The letter is most ignorance can be cured with knowl- by Kahel Press.
notable among Rizal’s other writ-
Newly passed
edge and reason, while obscurantism
ings as it is one of the few written is deliberate misinformation.
in Tagalog and touches on three key The editorial attacks were meant
VA issues: women empowerment, true to discredit Rizal and the other ilus-
( Continued from page 3 )

Vendo Christianity, and the importance of trados. Discrediting valid concerns despite having achieved the type of
r critical thinking. and criticism in the pursuit of unity culture advocated by ACR 99.
is hypocritical and deceptive. One’s The University of Cambridge’s
Before ending the letter, Rizal lays responsibility is to uphold the truth Stonewall report found that 96% of
down seven points of reflection. On even at the cost of one’s personal trans students in Scotland attempted
the third point he writes that, “igno- comfort nor safety. self-harm through actions such as
rance is slavery, for the mind reflects In the writings of Rizal, we find the cutting themselves, and 40% at-
the person: a person without one’s word ‘obscurantism’ which means tempted suicide. 40% in the United
own mind has lost his humanity; one the deliberate prevention of the States have attempted suicide, as
who blindly follows another else’s spread of knowledge or truth. well, according to a 2016 survey
will is like a beast led by a leash.” Rizal and other propagandists did from the National Center for Trans-
“Ignorance is slavery, for the mind not fold to public harassment but gender Equality (NCTE). According
reflects the person: a person without rather continued for the sake of to a 2011 study from Sweden, trans
one’s own mind has lost his human- justice and reason. In a similar way, people remain 19 times more likely
ity; one who blindly follows another modern-day misinformation never to commit suicide than the general
else’s will is like a beast led by a unites a nation, it just turns people population, even after "sex-change"
leash.” against one another, and obscuran- surgery.
Office Hours But the most striking would be his
sixth point where he writes: “every-
tism furthers this division. Alas, a
divided people are easily conquered
Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6 one is born equal, naked and without
chains. Not created by God to be
and oppressed.
Finding the truth might be difficult
Sat 9-3
enslaved, not endowed with intelli- but should never be taken for grant-
gence to be blinded, and not adorned ed. Those calling out the wrongs of
with reason to be deceived by others. society should never be dismissed
It is not pride to refuse to worship a nor discredited for society is not
Emergency Visits Welcome fellow man, to enlighten the mind,
and to reason out everything. The
perfect and the first step to address-
ing a problem is talking about it. All
arrogant one is he who wants to be attempts to deceive, misinform, and
January 3-9, 2020 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 5

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA):
What you need to know to be compliant
California's new privacy law, Companies have 30 days to comply for their European markets, but maybe ee as well as consumer data. An amend-
AB 375, might not burden secu- with the law once regulators notify them didn't roll it out to U.S.-based activities, ment passed in April, however, exempts
of a violation. If the issue isn't resolved, so there might be a scoping change," he employee data from the regulation.
rity as much as the GDPR, but there's a fine of up to $7,500 per record. says. Another amendment, AB 25, partially
details are subject to change. "If you think about how many records What data does the CCPA cover? exempts personal information collected
are affected in a breach, it really in- The California law takes a broader from job applicants, owners, directors,
by Maria Korolov, CSO | 10/4/2019 creases very quickly," says Debra Farber, approach to what constitutes sensi- officers, medical staff, and contractors.
senior director for privacy strategy at tive data than the GDPR. For example, This exemption would expire on January
In late June, 2018, California BigID. Since the bill was put together olfactory information is covered, as well 1, 2021. AB 25 was awaiting the gover-

Set your Spirit Free

and passed in just a week, it will prob- as browsing history and records of a nor's signature at this writing.
passed a consumer privacy act, ably see some amendments, she adds. visitor's interactions with a website or What are the key privacy provisions in
AB 375, that could have more "Things like the fine amounts are likely application. Here’s what AB 375 consid- the CCPA?
repercussions on U.S. compa- to change." ers “personal information”: Companies must allow consumers to
nies than the European Union’s There's also another potential financial Identifiers such as a real name, alias, choose not to have their data shared with
risk, Farber says. "The bill provides for postal address, unique personal identi- third parties. That means that companies
General Data Protection Regula- an individual's right to sue, for the first fier, online identifier IP address, email will now have to be able to separate the
tion (GDPR) that went into effect time " she says. "And it allows class ac- address, account name, Social Security data they collect according to the users'
this past spring. The California tion lawsuits for damages." number, driver’s license number, pass- privacy choices.
law doesn't have some of GDPR's Again, there's a 30-day window that port number, or other similar identifiers In addition, while a company cannot
starts when the consumers give written Characteristics of protected classifica- refuse users equal service, it can offer
most onerous requirements, such notice to a company that they believe tions under California or federal law incentives to users who provide personal
as the narrow 72-hour window in their privacy rights have been violated. Commercial information including information. "This provision might be
which a company must report a "If it's not cured, and the attorney gen- records of personal property, products or subject to change, but as stated today, it
breach. In other respects, how- eral declines to prosecute, then they can services purchased, obtained or consid- gives you the ability to offer discounts
ever, it goes even farther. bring a class action suit," Farber says. ered, or other purchasing or consuming to people who are willing to have their
"And it's not just around breaches." histories or tendencies data shared or sold to third parties," says
The California Consumer Privacy For example, the law specifies that Biometric information Dieterich. "Traditionally, systems aren't
Act (CCPA) takes a broader view companies must have a clearly visible Internet or other electronic network designed so that your pricing structure
than the GDPR of what constitutes footer on websites offering consumers activity information including, but not might change depending on your privacy
private data. The challenge for secu- the option to opt out of data sharing. If limited to, browsing history, search choices. That's a new concept that has
rity, then, is to locate and secure that that footer is missing, consumers can history and information regarding a very technical implications."
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer,   a top inspiration. If cocktail parties, social
private data. sue. They can also sue if they can't find consumer’s interaction with a website, Another major difference with GDPR
motivational speaker and best- get-togethers, fund-raising events, or
even drinking-and-gossiping gather- What is the CCPA? out how their information has been col- application or advertisement is that the California law allows custom-
selling author, has created a AB 375 allows any California lected or get copies of that information. Geolocation data ers much greater access to their records,
12-step program for setting your ings with friends aren’t really how “It can be around anything," Farber says. Audio, electronic, visual, thermal, says Subra Ramesh, SVP of products at
you want to spend your free time, consumer to demand to see all the
spirit free by simplifying your information a company has saved on The law assigns specific penalties olfactory or similar information Dataguise. A California consumer has
then don’t. Begin declining invita- should unauthorized access occur, Professional or employment-related the right to find out what information
life. The program will only work tions that don’t activate feelings of them, as well as a full list of all the whether through a breach, exfiltration, information a company collects about them. Most
if you work on it. So if you are inspiration. third parties that data is shared with. theft, or “disclosure as a result of the Education information, defined as companies are going to have trouble
interested, begin using Dr. Dyer’s Take time for meditation and yoga. In addition, the California law allows business’ violation of the duty to imple- information that is not publicly available pulling that information together. "First,
Give yourself at least 20 minutes a consumers to sue companies if the ment and maintain reasonable security personally identifiable information (PII) the amount of data they collect is
12-step program today. privacy guidelines are violated, even
Here they are: day to sit quietly and make con- procedures and practices,” As currently as defined in the Family Educational already massive and continues to grow,
scious contact with God. I also if there is no breach. written, AB 375 allows for penalties of Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. sec- often in the hundreds to thousands worth
Unclutter your life. You’ll feel a Which companies does the CCPA $100 to $750 per consumer per incident, tion 1232g, 34 C.F.R. Part 99) of terabytes, and with enterprise-level
real rush of inspiration when you encourage you to find a yoga center or actual damages, whichever is greater. Inferences drawn from any of the organizations processing petabytes of
near you and begin a regular prac- affect?
clear out stuff that’s no longer useful All companies that serve California "Add in all the other breach related information identified in this subdivi- data," he says.
in your life. If you haven’t worn it tice. The rewards are so powerful. costs -- IT response, forensics and sion to create a profile about a consumer That data is contained in multiple
You’ll feel healthier, less stressed, residents and have at least $25 mil-
in the past year or two, recycle it for recovery, legal, notification, and so on reflecting the consumer’s preferences, storage platforms, in different file times.
and inspired by what you’ll be able lion in annual revenue must comply
others to use. Get rid of old files -- and this could push a breach into the characteristics, psychological trends, "Most file search tools lack the ability to
to do with and for your body in a with the law. In addition, companies realm of an existential threat to many preferences, predispositions, behavior, search across the modern file reposi-
that take up space and are seldom, if
very short time. of any size that have personal data on businesses," says Chris Prevost, head of attitudes, intelligence, abilities and tory ecosystems so prevalent today,”
ever, needed. Donate unused toys,
Return to the simplicity of nature. at least 50,000 people or that collect runtime security solutions architecture at aptitudes says Aaron Ganek, CEO of Cloudtenna.
tools, books, bicycles, and dishes to
There’s nothing more awe-inspiring more than half of their revenues from Imperva. An amendment, AB 874, currently “Cross-silo file management is a major
a charitable organization.
than nature itself. The fantasy to the sale of personal data, also fall In general, if a company took the steps awaiting the governor's signature would challenge. It is difficult to understand
Get rid of anything that keeps you
return to a less tumultuous life under the law. Companies don't have needed to comply with the GDPR, then exempt publicly available, deidentified context for each file if they are scat-
mired in acquisitions. In the words it's most of the way there for the Cali- and aggregate consumer information tered inside different repositories." Plus,
almost always involves living in the to be based in California or have a
of Socrates, “He is nearest to God fornia Consumer Privacy Act. At least, from being classified as PII. Publicly compliance issues are associated with
splendor of the mountains, the for- physical presence there to fall under
who needs the fewest things.” So the it's closer than if it isn't ready for GDPR, available information is defined as data pulling together data, he says. "Legacy
ests, or the tundra; on an island; near the law. They don't even have to be
less you need to insure, protect, dust, says Eric Dieterich, data privacy practice available and maintained from govern- enterprise tools struggle to observe the
the ocean; or beside a lake. These based in the United States.
reorganize, and move, the closer leader at Focal Point Data Risk, LLC. ment records. ( Continued on page 10 )
are universal urges, since nature is An amendment made in April ex-
you’ll be to hearing inspiration’s "Some multinationals made changes The CCPA originally covered employ-
created by the same Source as we empts “insurance institutions, agents,
are, and we’re made up of the same and support organizations” as they
Clear your calendar of unwanted
chemicals as all of nature. are already subject to similar regula-
and unnecessary activities and
tions under California’s Insurance

obligations. God will work with you Be your own natural self – that is,
your nature self. So give yourself Information and Privacy Protection
and send you the guidance—and
permission to get away to trek or Act (IIPPA).
the people—you need, but if you’re When does my company need to com-
grossly overscheduled, you’re go- camp in the woods; swim in a river, ply with the CCPA?


ing to miss these life-altering gifts. lake, or ocean; sit by an open fire; The law goes into effect on January 1,
So practice saying no to excessive ride on horseback through trails; or 2020. As a practical matter, companies
demands and don’t feel guilty about ski down a mountain slope. No mat- need to have their data tracking systems
injecting a dose of leisure time into ter where you live, you’re only a few in place by the start of 2019, since it
your daily routine. hours or even moments away from a gives consumers the right to request all
Be sure to keep your free time park, campground, or trail that will the data a company has collected on
free. Be on the lookout for invita- allow you to enjoy a feeling of being them over the previous 12 months. That's
a very tight timeframe.
tions to functions that may keep connected to the entire Universe.
you on top of society’s pyramid, but Distance yourself from your critics. What happens if my company is not in
compliance with the CCPA?
which inhibit your access to joyful ( Continued on page 4 )

Asset freeze PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557

has drawn up a new and detailed list However, he said it would be “pru-
of the government officials involved dent” for the US government to seek
( Continued from page 1 ) in her detention — those who may
be barred from entering the US due
De Lima’s recommendations, given
her first-hand experience in the case.
up at the US Senate plenary any to the travel ban provision stated “Pero hindi lang naman ang source
day this month. under the 2020 spending measure. si Senator De Lima. Marami ring
"Not only should government “She came out with a list, initial independent sources of information,” WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF
officials, persecutors of Senator De list. Kung ang tanong niyo ay nadag- Sawali clarified.
Lima be banned from travelling to dagan or na-update na, mayroon [Translation: But Senator De Lima OUR NEW OFFICE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR
the US, but their assets located in pong more comprehensive, more is not the only source of information.
There are also a lot of independent
the United States should be frozen,
should be blocked,” the lawyer
detailed list si Senator De Lima [if
you’re asking if the list has been sources of information.]
said of the proposed measure first updated, then yes, she has a more PORTATION AND JUST OFF EXIT HIGHWAY 805.
introduced by US Senator Edward comprehensive, detailed list,]” the Official list out ‘very soon’
Markey in April. lawyer noted.
The measure, which likewise called “It's quite long. Very meticulous po The 2020 State and Foreign Opera-
on the Philippine government to si Senator De Lima... each and every tions Appropriations, and Related R&T IS HIGHLY SPECIALIZED IN
drop charges against journalist Maria entry po doon, she saw to it na may Programs Appropriations Bill, signed
Ressa and online news platform justification [she is very meticulous... by US President Donald Trump in IMMIGRATION AND CIVIL LITIGATION
Rappler, was placed on the US Sen- each and every entry there, she saw December, states that "the Secretary
ate legislative calendar six days after to it that there is justification.]” of State shall apply subsection (c) to
its passage. The senator’s initial list, which foreign government officials about
PAROLE VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans
A counterpart "Free Leila" measure came out in October, named Presi- whom the Secretary has credible in- Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016.
has also been filed in the US House dent Rodrigo Duterte, Presidential formation have been involved in the
of Representatives in March.
The Global Magnitsky Human
Spokesperson and Chief Legal
Counsel Salvador Panelo, Solicitor
wrongful imprisonment of...Senator
Leila de Lima who was arrested in
For details and information
Rights Accountability Act allows
Washington to punish foreign of-
General Jose Calida, former Jus-
tice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre,
the Philippines in 2017."
Malacañang previously said it
please call our office at (619) 259-6464
ficials implicated in "significant cor- and blogger Mocha Uson, among remains unfazed by the ban, citing
ruption or gross violations of human others—as some of the individuals the need for “credible information”
rights" in any part of the world. who took part in the process of her before the provision can be enforced
Among the sanctions that can be “unjust” detention. by Pompeo.
imposed by the US President include Sawali said the new list may in- The camp of the detained senator,
visa revocation, as well as the power clude more lawmakers— particularly however, expressed optimism that
to block all US-based property and Congressmen— who took part in the the US government would come out
interests in property of said foreign “slut-shaming” and “verbal assault” with its official list “very soon.”
officials. against De Lima during a 2016 hear- “I wouldn't know the timeline of
CNN Philippines is awaiting ing. the State Department. But I guess
response to its request for further The current administration has very, very soon… because the State
comment from the offices of Markey repeatedly denied such accusations, Department has a vast network of in-
and US Senate Foreign Relations stressing there has been no political telligence and information sources,”
committee chair Jim Risch. persecution even of the govern- Sawali said.
ment’s staunch critics. This is a developing story.
New, comprehensive list of accus- Sawali refused to comment whether
ers? the new list was sent to US Secretary ****
of State Mike Pompeo, who has final READ: "Sergei Magnitsky did not
Meanwhile, Sawali said De Lima jurisdiction over the travel ban. die in vain" by Perry Diaz, p. 14
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 3-9, 2020

two years later in 1957. In 1981,
Pichie at the age of thirty-two, was
shot and murdered by an unknown
Jean Kubota Cassill earned a mas-
ter’s degree in fine art at the Univer-
sity of Iowa. She attended college
Promise to care more
by Jose Ma. Montelibano its growing pains and operational
assailant. His murder remained in the Midwest because Japanese-
kinks, even the scandalous attempts
unsolved. Five years later, at age of Americans were banned from attend-
thirty-five, Pabling succumbed to a ing universities in her West Coast When I say goodbye to a year to politicize a good work. But the
that has passed and hello to a new program was not abandoned and ul-
long illness. For the past thirty years home state during World War II.
year, 2019 and 2020, I am filled timately expanded. Its benefits now
since Pabling’s death, the case of the
with great hope. I am not blind far outweigh its inefficiencies.
siling labuyo in their grandfather’s Prizing her perseverance
betel nut concoction had become a nor indifferent with the chal- Then came disaster relief and
well-kept secret known only by a What to do? Do I lock the throw lenges that I, and we as a people, rehabilitation. Maybe because of my
single soul. Until Borobot decided to rugs away? Glue them down? Or face. I am deeply concerned. With
Betel Nuts
senior years and elephant memories,
write about it. - AJ leave her to any consequences? some, I am greatly alarmed. Life, I can still remember when there were
Social scientists use the term
however, is about what is good hardly any preparation for natural
“mismatched goals” to describe
( Continued from page 1 ) dye. Old folks often used the mix as and what is not – together. We do calamities and no rehabilitation work
this intergenerational conflict about
Their grandfather had warned a mild stimulant, similar to drink- not have the capacity to cut our at all. It seemed that, for centuries,
safety versus autonomy, explains
all of his grandchildren not to ing coffee. In the jungles of New these calamities were simply taken
gerontologist Allison Heid in a lives in different compartments for granted and that everyone just
climb the tamarind tree. But the Guinea, National Geographic TV recent New York Times article. and succeed in separating them.
reported that sometimes it even had had to live with the consequences.
kids were like Adam and Eve, Having a clinical label is little com- We try, but we do not succeed. Because the consequences almost
disobeying God’s order and desir- the same effect of drugs in making fort when it comes to what alarms
people feel high. totally affected the impoverished,
ing the forbidden fruit. To boys me most: my mother’s driving. It is in trying to pull ourselves
Pabling, Lolo Ambo’s grandchild government in general was not
like them, the transgression was Early this year, she ran a red light, apart into many boxes and then live
who was named after him, was seriously pressured to address the
hit two cars and totaled her car.
A strength
simply an unavoidable adventure. life box by box, setting aside many problem.
still bitter due to the tamarind tree Thankfully no one was hurt.
Pabling was still rubbing his but- things to focus on what we think is
incident by his grandfather’s house. The next morning, she went out and more important, that we then have to That has changed dramatically.
tocks as the three ate the tamarind Mischievously, he volunteered to ( Continued from page 2 )
bought a new Prius. Experts warn accept the blessings or consequences
from their pockets. They were not prepare the betel nut concoction. problem. They don’t want to impose I have personally witnessed this
that letting go of driving can be the of our decisions. Filipinos, though,
When everyone was not looking or, God forbid, ask for help. They are transformation by government over
all sweet; some were “malasebo”, most fraught transition for seniors. are not very reflective or introspec- the three administrations. What was
or halfway ripe. except for Borobot, he put a hot off-the-charts stubborn. They were My pleas that she give up her license tive as a people. We would rather once a lonely office in Camp Agui-
native pepper called “siling labuyo” taught to endure. were met with stony silence. live for the moment except that naldo, the Office of Civil Defense,
LOLO AMBO WAS A GRUMPY into the mix. Japanese-Americans have gritted I called my brother. circumstances force us to question is now a virtual department called
OLD MAN. He was born and Borobot tried to stop him, but it their way through a lot since my “Sarah,” he said in his seen-it-all much of our lifestyle and what we National Disaster Risk Reduction
raised in Malolos, Bulacan, while was too late. grandparents came to this country in professor voice, “She’s going to do reap because of it. and Management Council (not yet a
his wife, Lola (Grandma) Abe, was “Mahuhuli ka niyan (You’ll be the early 1900s: the Asian Exclusion whatever she wants to do.” And I
caught),” Borobot warned Pabling. Act of 1924, the Great Depression, department but already being consid-
from a nearby town, Plaridel. The know he’s got a point. Even though Again, I would like to repeat that
But his cousin was more clever than World War II incarceration camps, ered to become one). Its importance
two raised their family first in San she was born in America, my mother we have issues that are alarming. It
he appeared. Pabling wrapped his not to mention thermonuclear devic- is reflected by offices dedicated to
Miguel, Manila, then along the was banned because of her race used to be poverty and hunger. There
mix in a piece of paper and waited es used against civilian populations disaster prevention and manage-
shores of Paranaque, and finally in from attending the University of is still poverty and hunger, but their
for the right time to put it with the in Nagasaki and my family’s native ment from the national all the way to
Pepin, Sampaloc, Manila. The clan Washington during World War II. ranking among our greatest dangers
mixes the others had prepared. Hiroshima. Their strength was called the barangay level. And the budget
lived in a cluster of houses on one That did not stop her from getting have shifted favorably in the recent
The next day, their grandfather gaman in the camps – “the grace to allocated to activities and program
part of the street. two master’s degrees and going on to years. What used to be our worst
picked up the mix, put it in his endure the unbearable.” related to the concern have exploded
From the 1940s until his retire- work in the Asian art department at cancers are, almost miraculously,
mouth and suddenly wailed in dis- Stoicism-as-secret-weapon is well over the last 15 years.
ment, Lolo Ambo was a driver at the the world-renowned Cleveland Mu- being treated effectively. Poverty Probably, though in my eyes, the most
Metropolitan Waterworks System. gust. No matter how much water he and good, but it doesn’t ease my seum of Art. Perhaps when you’ve has substantially dropped. I am not substantive government intervention
Since his children and their families consumed, the burning sensation on obsession about another threat: pushed back against prejudice your an economist that can enumerate must be the health care, personified by
lived just across the street, his house his burned tongue remained. By that floor coverings. Every aging-with- whole life handing over the car keys the establishment and budget of Phil-
the reasons why. But I am a con-
was like an extended household. His time, Pabling was safely ensconced dignity article says throw rugs are a feels too much like admitting defeat. Health. The marginalized had always
cerned Filipino and have devoted
children often visited him, and his in their house - way beyond suspi- no-no. They’re like booby trapping Gaman. been doubly challenged – unavailable
many years to a work determined
grandchildren were used to staying cion. Their grandfather had many a senior’s living space. My mother and unaffordable health care. Again,
to dismantle poverty. Allow me to
and sometimes playing in his house suspects; after all, he had shot not lavishes them around her apartment. What to carry the last 15 years have seen a powerful
give a layman’s list of meaningful
or front yard. Whenever they gath- only one but many of his grand- When I point out the danger, she move to reverse the situation. I can still
intervention that have impacted on remember in the early 90s when the
ered in his house, they would help children as they tried to climb the insists “I like them” and changes The rugs, the driving, the forgetting the marginalized. DOH under then Sec. Juan Flavier had
prepare the betel nut concoction he tamarind tree. He could not figure the subject. Actually, this apparent – it’s frustrating and, as I confess
out the culprit’s identity. lunacy might be in her DNA. to confront a pitiful national situation
enjoyed chewing. to my brother, frightening. But In the beginning, it was the condi- where almost 30% of Filipinos would
First, they removed the husk. Pabling got away scot-free. He was Our family laughs now remember- perhaps I can see this latest lapse as tional cash transfer program. It had ( Continued on page 7 )
Then, they cut the meat into pieces smirking, boasting to Borobot at ev- ing how Grandpa, who worked on yet another lesson in our attempts to
with special scissors and placed it ery opportunity; however, Pabling’s the railroads when he first came to support an indomitable, independent,
in a stone mortar with some lime elder brother, Pichie, overheard them America and lived to be 102, would intelligent 93-year-old Nisei woman
paste. Afterwards, they pounded talking about it. Pichie threatened shovel snow off the roof well into in the twilight years of her accom-
the concoction into pieces using a his younger brother and told him he his 90s. After you’ve survived the plished life. The original and first Asian Journal in America,
stone pestle. The grandfather would would report Pabling to their grand- death-trap conditions of dynamiting My cousin says if my mom doesn’t it is the leading Filipino American newspaper
chew it and when he spit it out, his father. But he never did.
Their grandfather never learned
tunnels through mountains, climbing
a ladder with a shovel in a snow-
remember me telling her of a friend’s in San Diego, California
entire mouth was covered with red death, maybe it’s that she’s so busy
who the culprit was. He passed away storm is no biggie. going to museums and movies, read-
ing mystery novels, getting massages Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
17. Buy government seized art
twice a month and making dinner Publisher & Editor
for her grandchildren that it slips her
for $1 mind. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t
care or didn’t hear me. Instead, she Genevieve Tagudin Silverio
18. Buy government seized planes might need space to make the mental Associate Publisher & Managing Editor
for $1 adjustment to this loss, as though her
heart lags behind in accepting yet Miles Beauchamp, Ph.D.
19. Buy government seized homes another friend’s passing.
for $1 (see a pattern?) Maybe, instead of condemning her Associate Editor
choices, I could honor my mother’s
20. Sex change operations perseverance. I could hold it as the Writers: Zena Sultana-Babao; Ofelia Dirige, Ph.D.; Dinggol
gift of an inner fortitude she’s pass- Araneta Divinagracia; Virginia Ferrer; Msgr. Fernando G. Guti-
21. Find a wife ing to us at the end. Something to
prize, not push back. Her strength errez; Rudy Liporada; Marjon L. Saulon; and Marjorie Villareal
It’s getting easier to be a thief
22. Find a husband is my strength. My cells come from Tran. Contributors: Ernie Delfin; Dr. Ed Gamboa; Atty. Rogelio
her cells. Karagdag; and Bill Labestre, MBA.
23. Find a partner When 120,000 Japanese-Ameri-
Law enforcement and cyber- I have received, over the past few
weeks, the following scams that cans were sent to the World War II
criminals in a never-ending 24. Find buried treasure incarceration camps, each person In Pursuit of Excellence:
battle were trying oh, so earnestly, to help 25. Cheap vitamins
me in one way or another. was allowed to bring only what Eugenio “Ego” Osin, 1946-1994
they could carry in a single suitcase. Joe Cabrera, 1924 - 1996
A new year has rolled around 26. Cheap vitamins that will My mom knows she can’t take her
Recent scams enhance your sex drive (and are Soledad Bautista, 1917 - 2009
and the scams get more numerous life’s accumulations into old age
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and harder to detect. We’ve all 1. Help the starving (send money better! Works for women too!!)
seen the scams being sent around To Beverly Hills) all the driving and throw rugs she
via e-mail that discuss getting can. She’s crossing a threshold into The Asian Journal is a legally adjudicated newspaper
27. Pills that guarantee a longer life inevitable ebb and wants to go there
money out of South Africa. All 2. Get Viagra cheap after you help of General Circulation in the State of California. It is au-
the kids on her own terms. By listening and
you need to do is send them 28. Exercise equipment that is easy not lecturing, I can help -- and love thorized to print official legal notices of all types including
good-faith money and your bank to use
3. Something that they said worked -- her the most. Liens, Fictitious Names, Change of Name, Abandonment,
account numbers. In turn they’re About the author
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30. Exercise equipment that will
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January 3-9, 2020 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 7

( Continued from page 6 ) Walk With Me
A journey from birth to eternity
live and die without any health interven-
tion via medical practitioners, hospitals
and/or clinics, and pharmaceutical medi-
cine. I belonged to one small NGO that
was tapped by DOH to help (in our case,
by Paulina Evangelista
it was to focus on herbal medicine that Paulina Evangelisga is a feature writer and colum-
was available to affected communities). nist of the Asian Journal San Diego. This part of a
Today, sin taxes are funding a universal series of articles that will be publsihed in book form.
health program with the intent to cover
every Filipino as best as it can, from
primary to tertiary care. The evolution
of such a health care program will not Losing my father
mature overnight but it has taken such a Chapter 19 of “Walk With Me” by on Sundays.
powerful vision and program that I can Paulina Geniza Halfway through our trip, we were
only feel confident about its expansion. at a stoplight, when all of a sudden;
From almost nothing to hundreds of For each one of us who has ex- our car stopped and started moving
billions of pesos. No wonder why cor-
ruption is a bigger threat than raising the perienced losing a loved one or a backward. We were lucky that there
quantity and quality of health care. family member, this time is hard were no cars behind us, or we would
Of course, there is education, free edu- to deal with, especially if it is the have been in a big collision because
cation, for most Filipinos. Not all can be first time. it was a busy road. When that hap-
covered with free college education but pened, I was still in deep thought
state colleges and universities are open- I lost my father when I was about my father’s condition at the
ing up for the intellectually advanced. thirty, but I was ready because time. My husband was able to park
Vocational courses through TESDA are I knew it was coming. He had on the side and check what had hap-
providing massive opportunities for em- been diagnosed with liver cancer pened. Nothing seemed wrong, so he
ployment and the entrepreneurial. Our started the engine, and we continued
challenge today is less quantitative and
at the beginning of 1983, and
more qualitative so both free and paid the doctor said he might live for our trip to the church.
education can be relevant to the future several months but not more than My family was seated on the bench,
ahead of us. and I decided to kneel at the altar
a year. My family and I were and pray: “Dear Lord, my father
Let me make a special mention of hun- sad, knowing that he could leave
ger. As a Filipino and a Christian, I long has been sick for so long. I know he
felt that the unattended hunger incidence us any time because the cancer does not deserve it because he is the
of the nation as monitored for over 20 was terminal. He was in different kindest of all people. I beg of you to
years by SWS reflected best what was hospitals before the diagnosis. heal him, but if he cannot be healed,
the worst of us – both in governance As soon as he was told about the please end his suffering now.”
and good citizenship. I could not fathom After that prayer, we left the church
how brother and sister Filipino could disease, he decided to stay home
and just wait for his time and went to our favorite bakery to
tolerate the hunger of tens of millions.
But, again, miracle of miracles, the buy my birthday cake. As we were
dedicated struggle of a few groups that From January until June, he going inside the store, I saw the
never gave up on raising awareness on endured all the suffering and pain sign for Father’s Day, and I told my
the hunger of our people and finding brought by the disease. He lost a lot husband that I did not know it was
ways to feed the hungry have tipped of weight and was bedridden until being celebrated in our country then.
the balance of sympathy and resources. his last day. His birthday was June 5, My father came to my mind when I
Even before the implementing rules and saw that sign.
regulations of a national feeding pro- and we celebrated his last birth- day
with us. We had a party for him with My heart beat faster as I thought
gram are in place, there is a determined about my father. I still remember
and succeeding effort to address affected just family members
what the doctor had told us—that my
students in public schools. Feeding our
hungry and then incorporating food for I still remember that moment when father might live up to six months.
better education will break that hunger I fed him. I had never spoon-fed It was the sixth month since he had
incidence cycle and begin what I call the him before. I was looking at his frail been diagnosed.
humanization of Philippine society. face, and deep inside, I was crying, We took my birthday cake with
It is not surprising, then, to read that but I was brave enough to show him us and drove to my parents’ home
poverty has substantially dropped. Food, a happy face. right away. My father was in state of
health, and education are reaching our
It was hard to live far from him convulsion, and we decided to call
people more and more, especially the Father Carmelo Paludetti to perform
least fortunate. Of course, poverty will because I did not have the chance to
be with him in the last six months of the last sacraments. I could see his
be dismantled because we, the public calm face and his breathing getting
and private sector, are changing and his life. I had two little girls at the
time, and I could only come and visit slow. I felt in my heart that he was
upgrading the way we regard those who
have been left behind. This is the secret him once a week. When I came to ready to face our Lord. I held his
ingredient – that we care more today visit and he was either sleeping or hands until he stopped breathing.
than yesterday. resting, I would just sit on our couch I looked at his face, and his eyes
In 2020, let us promise to care more. and watch him. We were born in the were still open a little bit. I tried to
Walang Iwanan! same month, along with my young- close them and cried. He just left us,
est sister, so we always celebrated and it was the saddest moment of
our birthdays at the same time. That my life.
year, 1983, was my thirtieth birthday, It has been thirty-three years since
and as always, my family and I went that happened, and I still remember
to church. I always made time to go everything from that day. After a few
to church on my birthday, no matter hours of crying and being sad, my
what day it was. mother said that my father loved me
We drove to Santo Domingo so much that he died on my birthday.
Church, which was about an hour’s He had even reached the maximum
drive from our house. This was a big time the doctor had told us he would
church, so I know it would be open live, and that was the day I was born.
all the time, regardless of the day. In the memorial place where he was
Our small churches are closed on buried, his name, his birthday, and
weekdays and only celebrate Mass ( Continued on page 10 )

John Paul II urged everyone to end

the year healing family wounds
The pontiff ended his first year explained how easy it is to destroy
as pope stressing the need to seek the values that preserve the family,
forgiveness and maintain the “while it is very difficult to recon-
unity of the family. struct these values.”
John Paul II believed it was neces-
Philip Kosloski, sary to end the year reflecting on
how we have sought to preserve
It has become a custom of recent the family, in our own lives as well
popes to end the year with a special as in our local community, and ask
“Te Deum” liturgy where they reflect forgiveness for those times when
on the past year and conclude it in a we did something to breakdown the
spirit of thanksgiving. St. John Paul family.
II ended his first year as pope cel- Concluding this year in this way, let
ebrating the feast of the Holy Family us give thanks to God for everything
and reflected in his final homily of that—in the various spheres of earth-
1978 on the family and how “The ly existence—makes men even more
deepest human problems are con- of a “family”, that is, more brothers
nected with the family.” and sisters, who have in common the
He went on to explain that the fam- one Father. At the same time, let us
ily, “constitutes the primary, funda- ask for forgiveness for everything
mental and irreplaceable community that is alien to the common brother-
for man.” For this reason any attack hood of men, that destroys the unity
on the family does irreparable harm of the human family, that threatens it
to society at large. Furthermore, he ( Continued on page 14 )

Highway lane painter

A man was given the job of paint- a mile. When the foreman asked
ing the white lines down the middle the man why he kept painting less
of a highway. On his first day he each day, he replied "I just can't do
painted six miles; the next day three any better. Each day I keep getting
miles; the following day less than farther away from the paint can."
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 3-9, 2020

Spiritual Life
The lost prophecy of Father Joseph Ratzinger on
the future of the Church
by Billy Ryan, | July obsolete, tyrannous and legalistic, the disposal of man, who is beside her to become the Church of the

24, 2017 all that makes demands upon men, them in their sorrows, in their joys, meek. The process will be all the
ver half a century that hurts them and compels them to in their hope and in their fear, such a more arduous, for sectarian narrow-
ago, the world was sacrifice themselves. priest will certainly be needed in the mindedness as well as pompous
To put this more positively: The future. self-will will have to be shed. One
going through a time future of the Church, once again as Let us go a step farther. From the may predict that all of this will take
of turbulence and unrest. The always, will be reshaped by saints, crisis of today the Church of tomor- time. The process will be long and
January 5, 2020: Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord Cold War had fully taken by men, that is, whose minds probe row will emerge — a Church that wearisome as was the road from the
deeper than the slogans of the day, has lost much. She will become false progressivism on the eve of the
root among the world’s geo-
Epiphany Three Kings political powers, men were
who see more than others see,
because their lives embrace a wider
small and will have to start afresh
more or less from the beginning.
French Revolution — when a bishop
might be thought smart if he made
landing on the moon, and reality. Unselfishness, which makes She will no longer be able to inhabit fun of dogmas and even insinuated
Joke of the week: A cruise ship students were protesting all men free, is attained only through many of the edifices she built in that the existence of God was by no
the patience of small daily acts of prosperity. As the number of her means certain — to the renewal of
sinks and three men make it to a des- across the world. self-denial. By this daily passion, adherents diminishes, so it will lose the nineteenth century.
ert island. The first man, a Catholic
kneels down and prays to the Lord which alone reveals to a man in how many of her social privileges. In con- But when the trial of this sifting is
In Rome, there were disputes many ways he is enslaved by his trast to an earlier age, it will be seen past, a great power will flow from
to be rescued from the island. The
second man, a Baptist, kneels down
over the second Vatican Council own ego, by this daily passion and much more as a voluntary society, a more spiritualized and simplified
and asks the Lord to be saved from which had only recently come to by it alone, a man’s eyes are slowly entered only by free decision. As a Church. Men in a totally planned
the island. The third man, a business- a close. Pope Emeritus Benedict opened. He sees only to the extent small society, it will make much big- world will find themselves unspeak-
man, says, “Hey, two years ago I XVI, then Father Joseph Ratz- that he has lived and suffered. ger demands on the initiative of her ably lonely. If they have completely
gave a million dollars to IRS. Last inger, was a leading figure in the If today we are scarcely able any individual members. Undoubtedly it lost sight of God, they will feel the
year, I paid two million. This year I longer to become aware of God, that will discover new forms of ministry whole horror of their poverty. Then
second Vatican Council. Feeling is because we find it so easy to evade and will ordain to the priesthood ap- they will discover the little flock of
pledged three million. Don’t worry, isolated as a theologian from oth-
they’ll find me.” ourselves, to flee from the depths of proved Christians who pursue some believers as something wholly new.
ers such as Küng, Schillebeeckx our being by means of the narcotic profession. In many smaller congre- They will discover it as a hope that is
Scripture: First Reading: Isaiah and Rahner over their interpreta- of some pleasure or other. Thus our gations or in self-contained social meant for them, an answer for which
makes things grow, it warms our tions of the council, he left the own interior depths remain closed groups, pastoral care will normally they have always been searching in
60: 1-6. The exiled Jews who had skin and, dries our clothes. Because
returned to the City of David found University of Tübingen and found to us. If it is true that a man can see be provided in this fashion. Along- secret.
we have sunlight, we can see things only with his heart, then how blind side this, the full-time ministry of the And so it seems certain to me that
it in complete ruins. Finding that ev- around us. Sunlight is a medicine calm in the city of Regensburg.
we are! priesthood will be indispensable as the Church is facing very hard times.
erything does not match up accord- which kills many germs. Think of In Regensburg, he cemented new How does all this affect the prob- formerly. But in all of the changes at The real crisis has scarcely begun.
ing to the Lord’s promise that the other lights that we use. Notice how relationships with famous theo-
“long night has ended,” the prophet lem we are examining? It means that which one might guess, the Church We will have to count on terrific
we string up lights, to decorate a logians Hans Urs von Balthasar the big talk of those who prophesy will find her essence afresh and with upheavals. But I am equally cer-
encourages the returnees whose house when we have a party. A torch and Henri de Lubac. With their
spirit was low to rise up in splendor. a Church without God and without full conviction in that which was tain about what will remain at the
or kerosene lamp lights our path in help, he founded the Catholic faith is all empty chatter. We have no always at her center: faith in the end: not the Church of the political
This prophecy-poem speaks of hope. the bush, and also draws fish our
There is hope that the holiness and journal of theology, Communio. need of a Church that celebrates the triune God, in Jesus Christ, the Son cult, which is dead already, but the
canoe at night. In contrast, night and cult of action in political prayers. It of God made man, in the presence of Church of faith. It may well no lon-
prominence of the city will be re- darkness are times of sleep. Nothing He was also appointed a professor
stored. People from different corners of theology at the University of is utterly superfluous. Therefore, it the Spirit until the end of the world. ger be the dominant social power to
grows in darkness. If it is dark too will destroy itself. What will remain In faith and prayer she will again the extent that she was until recently;
of the earth will cross the desert and long, everything dies. We also refer Regensburg. In 1969, Ratzinger
come to the city. This prophecy will is the Church of Jesus Christ, the recognize the sacraments as the wor- but it will enjoy a fresh blossoming
to darkness as a time of sin, the time gave a series of five sermons over Church that believes in the God who ship of God and not as a subject for and be seen as man’s home, where
come to pass, because the light and of evildoing, the time of Satan. We the radio. On Christmas Day over
splendor of the Lord will break forth has become man and promises us liturgical scholarship. he will find life and hope beyond
feel uneasy and afraid in times of “Hessian Rundfunk” radio, he life beyond death. The kind of priest The Church will be a more spiritual death.”
into the city. Second Reading: Ephe- darkness.”
sians 3: 2-3a; 5-6. The apostle Paul gave out his final preaching that who is no more than a social worker Church, not presuming upon a politi-
carried with it a distinct prophetic can be replaced by the psychothera- cal mandate, flirting as little with the About Billy Ryan
declares that the mystery of God’s Quotation of the week: The most
plan – to make the Gentiles coheirs tone. pist and other specialists; but the Left as with the Right. It will be hard
chaste Virgin Mother of God bore priest who is no specialist, who does going for the Church, for the process "Billy Ryan is a student at The Uni-
with the Jews – has been revealed in her arms the true light and came In his broadcast, Ratzinger likened versity of Akron studying biochemistry.
in Jesus Christ. Gospel: Matthew the Church to going through an era not stand on the [sidelines], watching of crystallization and clarification
to help those who were lying in After graduation, he plans to attend
2: 1-12. The Magi began their long similar to that of the Enlightenment the game, giving official advice, but will cost her much valuable energy. medical school."
darkness. In the same way, we must in the name of God places himself at It will make her poor and cause
journey to find the newly born King. hurry out to meet him who is truly or French Revolution. As if the

Cardinal Burke: Catholics have Our Lady of

They did not rely on their human light, enlightened by the beams of Church was fighting a force whose
wisdom, but allowed God’s light to his brightness and bearing in our only goal was to defeat it. Although

Guadalupe as mother, ‘not Pachamama’

guide them on the long search for the hearts the light which shines for all the Church has a great deal of suf-
Child. They patiently and painstak- men. Indeed, this is the mystery that fering to go through, he says we
ingly travelled miles and miles until we celebrate, that the light has come must all look and cast our gaze upon
they found the Child Jesus. into the world and has given it light the world of absolute solitude and by Dorothy Cummings McLean, October Amazon Synod, calling said Cardinal Raymond Burke in
poverty we inhabit. Then, and only LifeSiteNews | LA CROSSE, Wisconsin, it a “shocking manifestation of a homily he gave yesterday in the
when it was shrouded in darkness, 12/13/2019 –
Reflections: Epiphany” is a word of and that the dayspring has visited us then, will we be able to see “that how Satan has entered into the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Greek origin signifying “manifesta- small flock of faithful as something An American cardinal has
from high and given light to those
condemned the “idolatry” of Church.” He called on Catholics in La Crosse, Wisconsin on the
tion” or “revelation.” Originally, who were sitting in darkness. That is completely new: they will see it as
a source of hope for themselves, Pachamama at the Vatican and to turn to the “one holy mother, occasion of the Feast Day of Our
this feast started in the East and is why we go in procession with lamps
associated with the Baptism of the the answer they had always secretly in St. Peter’s Basilica during the the Mother of God, the Virgin of Lady of Guadalupe.
in our hands and hasten bearing Guadalupe, not Pachamama.” “Satan makes bold to sow his lies
Lord. When it was observed in the lights showing both that the light has been searching for.”

Part 3: With a
West, it came to be associated with In 2009, Ignatius Press released “Satan roams about the world, and the seeds of confusion and
shone upon us, and signifying the destruction also in the Church. A
Christmas celebration and later on glory which is to come to us through Father Ratzinger’s speech “What confusing man about his own
Sinful Soul
Will the Church Look Like in 2000” most shocking manifestation of how
came to be known as the Feast of him. Therefore, let us run to meet nature, about the inviolability of Satan has entered into the Church
the Three Kings or Magi. It gains a God. That true light which enlight- in full, in a book titled Faith and the defenseless human life, about
wider meaning – manifestation of Future along with a collection of his was the recent cult of the pagan idol,
ens every man coming into the world the integrity of holy matrimony,”
Christ to the Gentiles - down through has come. Brethren, let us all be other teachings from the time. ( Continued on page 9 )
the centuries. enlightened, let us all be filled with The transcription the 1969 radio Meditation:
God came into the particularities light. — St. Sophronius. broadcast in full is below: Jesus: My mercy is greater “The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
of our space and time when his “The future of the Church can and than your sins and those of the
especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina

Son, Jesus Christ, assumed our

human nature through the mystery Pope’s proposal will issue from those whose roots
are deep and who live from the pure
entire world. Who can measure
the extent of My goodness? For

for ‘new human- fullness of their faith. It will not Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
of the Incarnation. The exiles did
not find the city in conformity with issue from those who accommodate you I descended from heaven to Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.

ism’ would ‘wipe

God’s prophecy. The Magi did not themselves merely to the passing earth; for you I allowed Myself On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
witness a Child King wrapped in moment or from those who merely to be nailed to the cross; for was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).

out Christianity’:
precious robes and surrounded by criticize others and assume that they you I let My Sacred Heart be
Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
royal attendants. But the exiles and themselves are infallible measuring pierced with a lance, thus open- and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord

Mother Miriam
the Magi saw something else that rods; nor will it issue from those who ing wide the source of mercy for Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
lies beyond the naked eyes. They all take the easier road, who sidestep the you. Come, then, with trust to the whole world.
saw the glorious splendor of God passion of faith, declaring false and
shining forth to the world to bring in
draw graces from this fountain. On the Hail Mary beads say:
by |9/25/2019 —
hope and salvation. Every day, God I never reject a contrite heart.
News of the pope’s just- For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
Your misery has disappeared
Short & efficacious
continues to break into the particu- launched “Global Pact” for “new on us and on the whole world.
larities of our lives. We need the eyes in the depths of My mercy. Do
humanism” has “to do with
reparation prayer to
of faith to discern and recognize his not argue with Me about your In conclusion say three times:

glorious splendor that offers grace ruining our society, ruining our
wretchedness. You will give Me Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
culture, and destroying the fam-
the Eternal Father
and redemption. In a certain sense, pleasure if you hand over to Me have mercy on us and on the whole world.
we, the new “exiles” and “Magi” ily,” Mother Miriam said on her
all your troubles and griefs. I
will have to look beyond what the live show Monday. (22 July 1999) shall heap upon you the trea-
naked eyes could not see. To do “All who adore My Precious Blood
sures of My grace (Diary, 1485). I'll say maybe a last thing about
this we will have to rely not on our On September 12, the Vatican is- console My Father Who loves His Son spiritual warfare. I just spoke to
human wisdom and instincts, but sued a statement inviting religious, the most. As you adore My Blood, the
on the “guiding star” or the “light” humanitarian, and international lead- pains of My Sacred Heart lessen. The Soul: Your response. 300 priests at our inaugural Word
from God. Even if the realities of life ers, and leading politicians, academ-
Sorrowful Heart of My Mother will on Fire National Conference for
also be consoled. Children, adore My
look just the very opposite of what ics, scientists, and athletes, to sign a Precious Blood always and offer it to My Prayer Response: Priests. On the Feast Day of the
our faith tells us, we have to trust “Global Pact on Education.” My Father for mercy. Hear this prayer. Lord Jesus, reveal to souls that Queenship of Mary, I talked about
in God’s guidance and providence. On her Monday show, Mother Pray it always in reparation for the sins
Your mercy is greater than all why it's not a twee, sentimental
When life’s sailing gets rough, when Miriam read and reflected on a of the whole world. Pray it three times
each time you pray it. I assure you that the sins of the world. Draw us to feast. On the contrary, Mary the
we do not know what to do, where LifeSiteNews article about it. the Divine Mercy will multiply. Pray it Queen is associated with Christ
to go, and how to accomplish our “We did not awake this morning to Your Sacred Heart, so our miser-
glorious news, and it all has to do
always and many times a day, since you
ies may disappear in the depths the King. And in the Israelite tradition, the king and his
goals, we must trust, not on our are living in these ungodly days. Pray it
wisdom, but more than ever before with ruining our society, ruining our so that you shall be safe from the purifi- of Your mercy. Have mercy on us queen mother are warrior figures. They do battle with the
on the “Star” from above. Let a culture, and destroying the family,” cation fire. Children, make it known to
all.* enemies of Israel. And so now Christ and Mary, his queen
stronger faith in God be one of our she said.
the whole world.”
mother, are warriors in the great spiritual struggle.
New Year’s resolutions. The goal of the “Global Pact on
Eternal Father, I offer to You
The words of Jesus appear in boldface type.
Share Divine Mercy Daily with your friends
Does anyone doubt that the demonic power has been at work
Education” is to hand “on to younger
all the wounds of Your dearly and family by sending them this link: TheDi- in this terrible time? I think you'd be naïve in the extreme to
Reflecting on the importance of generations a united and fraternal deny it. What’s our job? Get in the army. Get in the army of
light in people’s lives, Frank Mihalic common home.” Mother told listen- beloved Son, Jesus Christ; the
wrote the following. “Light is such ers this is the “common home of the pains and agony of His Sacred
*The words of Jesus appear in boldface Christ the King and Mary the Queen Mother, and fight with
type. Source: Diary of St. Maria Faustina
an important thing that God created devil. There is no common home we Heart and His Most Precious Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987 them for the purification of our Church: through prayer and
it even before he created heaven and have but Heaven and Christianity on Blood, which gushed out from Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Concep- penance, through abstinence and fasting, through raising of
tion of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine one's voice and calling of the bishops—whatever means you
earth. Genesis tells us that. Once Earth this side of Heaven. We have all his wounds, for the repara- Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on
light began to exist many good no common home other than that.” tion of my sins and those of the Jesus' Words from the Diary of St. Faustina want to use, cooperate with Christ the King in his cleansing
things followed it. If we look around According to a Vatican site pro- by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010 Mar- and purifying work. That's the spiritual call of our time. --
us, we find that light helps us in moting the pact, “Pope Francis has whole world. Amen. ian Press
(repeat 3 times) Bishop Robert Barron
many ways. Sunlight, for example ( Continued on page 11 )
January 3-9, 2020 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 9

Arts & Culture

Balgos, the Capizeños defeated 1898, without the formal Declaration
A Glimpse of and drove the Spanish forces out of
Capiz, a few days before Spanish
authorities totally capitulated to the
of War, American Military Forces
led by Gen. Marcus Miller arrived
in four US warships to Iloilo harbor
Ilonggo History authority of the "Gobierno de Canton
de Visayas" or Federal Govern-
to demand the surrender of the City.
Several negotiations were made but
by Dinggol Araneta ment of the Visayas in Iloilo City. In
Romblon island, Col. Diego de Diaz
leaders of the newly established
sovereign Visayan Nation based in
Divinagracia commanded the revolutionary forces Iloilo vehemently refused to surren-
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times. based in this part of Capiz. During der their battle-scarred freedom and
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism.
the revolution the Province of Bohol legitimate independence..
was part of the Visayan Republic It should be noted, that the “Span-


with headquarters at Santa Barbara,
ish-American War” was between
these two belligerent forces and Ang Aking Mga Hiling
The Revolutionary Forces led by should not involve in any way, the
(Conitnued from last week) Republic of Negros revolution- Gen. Martin Delgado (General-en- sovereign Visayan Republic by Isa sa aking mga hiling ay ang maging matiyaga
Dr. Vicente Armada Locsin, of ary leaders: Gen. Aniceto Lacson Gefe), Gen. Pablo Araneta, Gen. virtue of Spain’s formal surrender matutunang ganap ang maghintay ng buong tiyaga
Janiuay, Iloilo acted as Confidential - Presidente, and Gen. Juan Araneta- Leandro Fullon of Antique and Gen. earlier. On the other hand, Agui- alisin ang kapusukan maging mabuti sa kapwa
Intelligence Emissary Officer of the Secretary of War in Bacolod City as Esteban Contreras of Capiz, after naldo’s forces were still considered
several fierce battles had already
nang makamit ko ng maayos ang tunay na biyaya.
Central Revolutionary Committee evidenced by the "Acta de Capitula- subjects under the Spanish crown, as
based in Molo, Iloilo and coordi- cion-1898”. taken all the towns in Panay. While Spain never formally surrendered to
nated with the Panay and Negros -1898: November 17 - The Provi- the revolutionaries under Gen. his self-declared Philippine Republic Sa mga suliranin na sa aki'y ibinibigay
revolutionary councils. sional Revolutionary Government Roque Lopez of Jaro, Gen. Quintin in Kawit, Cavite. Simply put, they malutas ko po sana gamit ang wastong karunungan
-1898: May 24 - The Visayans of the Visayas and Mindanao was Salas of Dumangas, Gen. Teresa won several battles but not the war walang mandadaig at wala namang malalamangan
leaders also recognized Aguinaldo's proclaimed by General-en-Jefe Magbanua of Pototan, Gen. Adriano in Luzon. Gen. Aguinaldo's winning at nang maging patas po mga desisyong ipapataw.
revolutionary government, since Martin Delgado during the “Cry Hernandez of Dingle, Gen. Angel the war against Spain was derailed
it was for the federal Philippines, of Sta. Barbara” in Iloilo. This was Corteza of Molo and others had by the betrayal of his trusted Ameri- Hiling ko rin po sanay di ako maubusan ng lakas
with a Federal-State each for Luzon, replaced on November 23, 1898, already encircled the whole City of can allies during the "Mock Battle
by a politico-military government Iloilo. of Manila" at Intramuros on August
na maaari kong magamit na isang panlunas
Visayas, and Mindanao. Later, how-
ever, upon the advice of Ambrosio restricted only to the provinces in the -1898: December 23 - Governor- 13, 1898. sa mga pagkakataong panghihina'y dinaranas
Rianzares Bautista, an autocratic Visayas. General Don Diego de los Rios, in -February 2, 1899 -An American ng ang mga kumakapit sa akin ay di bumagsak
regime was established with Emilio The leaders preferred instead an order to avoid further bloodshed, naval force appeared along the coast-
Aguinaldo as dictator. This move arrangement of a National Federacy relinquished Spain’s banner and of- line of Negros ready for war. Gen. Katulad ng marami ako ay maraming kahilingan
was opposed by Apolinario Mabini composed of the separate States Lu- ficial saber - a nonsymbol of Spanish Aniceto Lacson, Negros President, tulad ng pagmamahal sa aking mga kaibigan
and he was supported by the Visayan zon, Visayas and Mindanao because authority for formal surrender to the seeing no chance of winning against subalit maraming problema ang aking nasuungan
leaders. of the many separate islands of the leaders of the approaching victori- the new invaders opted not to fight na siyang mga nagpatibay sa aking kahinaan.
-1898: June 12 - Under this dicta- archipelagic Visayas and Mindanao ous revolutionary forces, thru Iloilo and ceded Spain control after guar-
torship, Gen. Emilio Famy Agui- and since they did not want to recog- "Alcalde-Mayor" Jose Ma. Gay y antees of property rights were made.
naldo declared in Kawit, Cavite the nize the supremacy of Aguinaldo and Soriano. Moreover, the elite Negros leaders Ang maging matapang ay isa sa aking mga hiling
Independence of Filipinos and the the Tagalogs over their own. The symbolic formal surrender was were more interested in peace with nang aking malampasan mga panganib na darating
birth of the Philippine Republic; its -1898: Nov. 26 - In a meeting of negotiated by a committee composed America for commercial consid- kinailangan ko pa ding mga bundok ay tawirin
flag unfurled for the first time while the Negros island cantonal govern- of members of the Revolutionary eration as a fertile market for their at maging madidilim na gubat ay aking suungin.
Marcha Nacional Filipinas was ment, Gen. Juan "Tan Juan" Araneta Council; namely: Jovito Servando booming sugar industry.
played which became the Philippine sponsored a resolution that was Yusay, Ramon Avanceña, Francisco -February 7, 1899 -Without expect- Hindi rin nawala ang hiling ko na maging matibay
National Anthem. This proclama- unanimously approved to set up the Felipe Villanueva, Francisco Soria- ing surrender and peaceful take-over, sa lahat ng pagsubok na sa akin ay naghihintay
tion was not recognized by Spain, Federal Republic. "I proposed, that no, General Pablo Soriano Araneta, the Americans began the continuous
this island, after having attained its and Don Juan Benedicto de Leon. naval bombardment of Iloilo City for aking pinagtiisan ang lahat makamtam ko lamang
the United States nor by any other
sovereign foreign nation. liberty and independence by means -1898: December 24 - Gov. General about a week that brought irrepa- ang bunga ng pagsisikap na matagal kong inasam.
of a brilliant feat of arms, thus win- Don Diego de los Rios, evacuated rable damage and totally demolished
IV - THE ILONGGO NATION'S ning an honorable place in the con- for Zamboanga on his way home to the historic “Fort San Pedro“ citadel.
INDEPENDENCE! cert of civilized nations, be governed Spain together with Spanish Politico- -February 14, 1899 -American
by prestigious men in our country Military Governor of Negros Isidro troops led by Gen. Robert Hughes Copyright 2019 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
-1898: November 5 - Gen. Juan who knows its needs and understand de Castro and Cebu Politico-Military landed at Fort San Pedro, near Santo
"Tan Juan" Araneta declared in its glorious ideals. For this reason, I Governor Adolfo Montero, who Rosario and forced their way into as uncivilized Chinese half-breeds. City. The resistance continued even
Bago Plaza, Negros Occidental the believe that the best government to hastily created a Cebuano caretaker the City. Villages were razed to the -February 22, 1899 -A sad chapter after the surrender of the Visayan
"Independent Negros Republic". realize the beautiful aspiration of our committee before he left. -1898: ground and hundreds of civilians in our history as Iloilo City fell to the Supremo Gen. Martin T. Delgado.
Earlier, Negro's revolutionaries island, which is also that of the entire December 25 - Following the depar- were brutally killed, including de- American invaders. But still, Ilonggo
over-powered the Spanish forces in Filipino people, is that of a Federal ture of the Spaniards, Gen. Martin fenseless women and small children, troops fought the Americans in (To be continued . . . . Part-II)
the norther towns of Manapla, Cadiz, Republic." This approved resolution T. Delgado made a triumphal entry referred to by the ferocious invaders pitched battles in towns around the
and Silay led by Gen. Leandro de was documented by Don Melecio into the City of Iloilo followed by a
la Rama Locsin. In the south, Gen. Severino the Secretary-General. victorious parade of revolutionaries
Marciano S. Araneta led the rebels
to capture the Spanish "Cuartel Gen-
-1898: December 2 - After series
of serious discussions and legitimate
to Plaza Alfonso XII, which was im-
mediately renamed “Plaza Libertad.” 䌀䰀䔀䄀一 吀䔀䔀吀䠀 䄀一䐀 䠀䔀䄀䰀吀䠀夀 䜀唀䴀匀 䘀伀刀 䰀䤀䘀䔀℀
eral" in Mangkas--now La Carlota deliberations on nation-building, it and there, after the unfurling of a
City; while Don Diego de la Viña of was decided to consolidate the can- "Tri-Starred" Philippine Flag, he
Hda. Vallehermoso in Guihulngan,
and his men overthrew the Span-
tonal governments in both Central
and Western Visayas into the Panay
declared the Independence of the
Federal Republic of the Visayas.
䰀漀漀欀椀渀最 昀漀爀 愀 挀愀爀椀渀最
ish authorities in Dumaguete City,
Negros Oriental.
government based in Iloilo and thus,
was established the Republika Fed-
Therefore, the Visayans spearheaded
by the Ilonggos established the “First 愀渀搀 昀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀 搀攀渀琀椀猀琀㼀
-1898: November 6- Don Diego de eral sang Kabisay-an. Republic” in the whole of Asia.
los Rios, last Governor-General of By the middle of December, the
Spain in the Philippines represented revolutionaries led by Gen. Esteban V - THE AMERICAN INVASION
by Col. Isidro de Castro (Negros Contreras and his adjutants, Col. OF THE ILONGGO NATION
Island Politico-Military Governor) Pascual Barza and Col. Juan Arce
formally surrendered to Independent and aided by Captain Alejandro Two days later, on December 27,

Cardinal Burke
and not from the goddess, and that the pagan “earth mother” com-
we have one holy mother, the Moth- mon to many societies throughout
( Continued from page 8 ) er of God, the Virgin of Guadalupe, history. One anthropologist told
not Pachamama,” Burke prayed. LifeSiteNews that in his opinion
the Pachamama, mother earth, in The carvings of a naked pregnant the figure was an “idol invented for
the Vatican gardens, and even more woman first appeared as objects of the Amazon synod,” devoid of both
grievously, before the tomb of Saint veneration in Rome on Friday, Oc- history and culture. However, Pope
Peter in St. Peter’s Basilica,” he said. tober 4, 2019. The statues featured Francis identified the statuettes with
The cardinal mentioned that many prominently in a ceremony purport- his native Argentina’s Pachamama
Catholics have been offering up edly in honor of St. Francis of Assisi goddess when he told the Synod that
prayers and fasting in reparation for held in the Vatican Gardens in Pope police had found the “pachamamas.”
“the most grievous offence to God: Francis’ presence. During the cer- Prayers to “Pachamama” were also
the clear an unconscionable violation emony, a group of people from the found in material published by the
of the First Commandment.” Amazon, including vowed religious, Mission Office of the Italian Bish-
The First Commandment forbids formed a circle around a number of ops’ Conference in the leadup to the
the worship of any gods but the God totems on a blanket, including two Amazon Synod.
of Abraham. figures of the naked woman, and EWTN’s Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, who
“In every time there is always prostrated themselves before the has served in the Andes, described
the temptation to idolatry. We seek
eternal salvation elsewhere than in
the only place where it can be found:
There were multiple statues of the
the use of the carved wooden figure
as a “major scandal.” 䌀䄀䰀䰀 吀伀䐀䄀夀 ℀ ⠀㘀㄀㤀⤀㐀㜀㜀ⴀ 㔀㜀   켥 䐀爀匀洀椀氀攀刀砀⸀挀漀洀
naked pregnant women in Rome that Cardinal Burke has spoken out
in the union of our hearts with the month. One was used as a focal point before about the reverencing of
Sacred Heart of Jesus,” the Cardinal during the deliberations of the Synod the Pachamama statues. During a
said during the homily. of Bishops for the Pan-Amazonian December 8 interview with a French 䐀爀⸀ 䴀礀爀渀愀 䔀⸀ 䰀愀稀愀最愀Ⰰ 䐀⸀䴀⸀䐀⸀
Burke asked the congregation to
pray in reparation for this and other
Synod. Others were used in ceremo- television station, Burke said that ᐧ䘀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀Ⰰ 䌀愀爀椀渀最  ᐧ䌀漀渀瘀攀渀椀攀渀琀 
nies both inside and outside Catholic “diabolic forces” had entered the
forms of idolatry in the Church. churches. Several were housed in a Vatican with the idol and that repara- ☀ 䬀渀漀眀氀攀搀最攀ⴀ 䠀漀甀爀猀 ☀ 
“Let us pray in a particular way to- chapel in the Carmelites’ Church of tion was necessary to defeat them.” 愀戀氀攀 䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀 䰀漀挀愀琀椀漀渀
day through the intercession of Our
Lady of Guadalupe, ... our mother,
Santa Maria in Traspontina until a “Something very grave happened ᐧ䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀爀礀 眀椀琀栀 
scandalized young Austrian layman, during the special assembly of the 䄀瀀瀀漀椀渀琀洀攀渀琀猀 
in reparation for the idolatry that has Alexander Tshugguel, took them out Bishops’ Synod for the Amazon    愀 䰀椀最栀琀 吀漀甀挀栀
entered into the life of the Church,” of the church and threw them into region. An idol was introduced into ᐧ䌀愀爀椀渀最 匀琀愀û 䄀瘀愀椀氀愀戀氀攀
he said.
“Let us pray through her interces-
the Tiber river. Subsequently, Pope St Peter's Basilica – the figure of a ᐧ䔀洀攀爀最攀渀挀椀攀猀 
Francis apologized for the action and demonic force,” he said.
sion that Christ who alone is King informed the Synod that the statues “Therefore reparation is necessary 圀攀氀挀漀洀攀℀    䌀漀渀猀甀氀琀愀琀椀漀渀猀℀
of Heaven and Earth may reign in had been recovered by Italian police. and also prayers, so that the dia- 䘀䄀䴀䤀䰀夀 켥 䌀伀匀䴀䔀吀䤀䌀 켥 伀刀吀䠀伀䐀伀一吀䤀䌀
our hearts, may reign throughout the Vatican officials seemed not to bolical forces that entered with this
world.” understand the interest of Catholics idol are vanquished by the grace of
The cardinal recommended that in the figure and what it represented. God, by Christ who wants St Peter's 㤀㄀㐀 䔀⸀ 㠀琀栀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 匀甀椀琀攀 ㈀ 㠀Ⰰ 一愀琀椀漀渀愀氀 䌀椀琀礀Ⰰ 䌀䄀 㤀㄀㤀㔀 
both the image of the Immaculate Reporters at Synod press confer- Basilica to be purified of the sacrile-
Heart of Mary and the image of the ences were told that the statues gious act that took place during the
Sacred Heart of Jesus be honoured represented “fertility”, “life”, and Synod.”
in Catholic households as reminders “woman.” However, volunteers Several other prelates, including
of important Christian truths. These standing by the Amazon exhibit in Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Arch-
truths include God being the Author Santa Maria in Traspontina described bishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Bishop
of our being and Mary being our the image to visitors as “Pachama- Athanasius Schneider, and Bishop
only holy mother. ma” and “Mother Earth.” Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg,
“May the truth permeate our homes Pachamama is, however, an have criticized the use of the image
that we come from the hand of God, Andean, not Amazonian, name for at the Synod on the Amazon.
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 3-9, 2020

Legal Notices dolfo Fajardo to Rudy Fajardo.  

THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
interested in this matter shall appear
shall be published at least once each
week for four successive weeks prior to
the date set for hearing on the petition
Olympic Pkway, Ste. 362, Chula Vista,
CA 91915. Registrant: Janess Jenny
Pillai, 1853 Rue Bienville Pl. Unit 813,
cardboard sign that said, “Home-
less vet and need food to survive.” I
always give them a dollar or more if
( Continued from page 3 )
before this court at the hearing indicated in the following newspaper of general ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Chula Vista, CA 91913,. This business I get the chance. One time, I didn’t
Journal: Date Dec. 17,2019
below to show cause, if any, why the circulation printed in this county. Asian CHANGE OF NAME is conducted by: Individual. Registrant
Peter C. Deddeh
petition for change of name should not Journal: Date Nov. 22, 2019 CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – has not yet begun to transact busi-
have cash, but I had a banana, so
Judge of the Superior Court I gave that. I saw him go back to
be granted. Any person objecting to the Sim Von Kalinowski 00068627-CU-PT-CTL ness under the name above. Signature:
AJ 301 his little chair, make the sign of the
name changes described above must Judge of the Superior Court TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Peti- Janess Jenny Pillai. Statement filed
12/20/27/2019 01/03/10/2020
file a written objection that includes the AJ 312 tioner Seongdoo Hwang filed a petition with Recorder/County Clerk of San cross, look up to the sky, and pray. I
reasons for the objection at least two 12/27/2019; 001/03; 01/10; 01/17/2020 with this court for a decree changing Diego County on 12/30/19. AJ 322 asked myself, “Did he pray because
court days before the matter is sched- _________________ names as follows: Seongdoo Hwang 01/03/10/17/24/2020 he received a banana?”
uled to be heard and must appear at the to Ian Ashton. THE COURT ORDERS In our neighborhood, I see a few
MENT NO. 2019-9029406
hearing to show cause why the petition FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- that all persons interested in this matter STATEMENT OF WITHDRAWAL FROM
Coss Drywall, Coss Construction,
should not be granted. If no written MENT NO. 2019-9030321 appear before this court at the hearing PARTNERSHIP OPERATING UNDER people who are homeless. They push
Coss Drywall Inc., Coss Construc- grocery carts, which is where they
objection is timely filed, the court may Justin Pest Pro Consulting, Pow Wow indicated below to show cause, if any, FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME. FBN #
tion Inc. located at 2650 Buena Vista put their clothes. I always feel sad
grant the petition without hearing. Pest Control located at 2203 Bulk- why the petition for change of name 2019-9029171
Ave., Lemon Grove, San Diego, 91945.
Registrant: Coss Construction Inc.
NOTICE OF HEARING man Springs Rd Campo, CA 91906. should not be granted. Any person ob- Lala Cleaners. The original statement seeing them, but I am helpless to do
02/06/2020 Registrant: Justin Ronald Laverdiere, jecting to the name changes described of this fictitious business was filed in anything. I can give a few dollars,
2650 Buena Vista Ave., Lemon Grove,
8:30 AM, Dept. 61 2203 Bulkman Springs Rd Campo, CA above must file a written objection that San Diego County on February 25, 2019 but I have no means to give them
San Diego, 91945. This business is
Superior Court 91906. This business is conducted by: includes the reasons for the objection at and assigned file no. 2019-9004875. The their own place to stay.
conducted by: Corporation. Registrant
330 West Broadway Individual. Registrant first commenced least two court days before the matter business is located at 2588 El Camino
first commenced to transact business
San Diego, CA 92101 to transact business under the above is scheduled to be heard and must ap- Real Suite F 107, Carlsbad, CA 92008. What is really sad is when I read
under the names above as of 09/01/15. that the people holding the signs are
A copy of this Order to Show Cause name as of 12/9/19. Signature: Justin pear at the hearing to show cause why The following partner has withdrawn:
Signature: Eglen Coss. Statement filed veterans. I wonder how, after serving
shall be published at least once each Ronald Laverdiere. Statement filed with the petition should not be granted. If no Marie Nicole Laguerre, with residence
with Recorder/County Clerk of San
Diego County on 12/11/19. AJ 302
week for four successive weeks prior to Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego written objection is timely filed, the court address as 1051 W. El Norte Park Way the country, they could end up home-
the date set for hearing on the petition County on 12/24/19. AJ 313 12/27/2019 may grant the petition without a hearing. # 117, Escondido, CA 92026. I declare less and begging. It might be true or
12/20/27/2019 01/03/10/2020
in the following newspaper of general 01/03/10/17/2020 NOTICE OF HEARING all information in this statement is true not. Who knows?
circulation printed in this county. Asian _________________ 02/11/20 and correct. Partner name: Marie Nicole
Journal: Date December 18, 2019 8:30 AM, Dept. 61 Laguerre . Signature: Marie Nicole
Some people are not used to giving
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- to those people. There are different
Peter C. Deddeh FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Superior Court Laguerre. Statement filed with Recorder/
MENT NO. 2019-9029407 reasons why they will not spare even
Judge of the Superior Court MENT NO. 2019-9030321 330 West Broadway County Clerk of San Diego County on
Gallo Wear located at 2650 Buena
Vista Ave., Lemon Grove, San Diego,
AJ 308 Justin Pest Pro Consulting located San Diego, CA 92101 12/09/19. AJ 323 01/03/10/17/24/2020 a small amount of change. They
91945. Registrant: Eglen Coss and
12/27/2019; 001/03; 01/10; 01/17/2020 at 2203 Bulkman Springs Rd Campo, A copy of this Order to Show Cause think that it is a racket and that the
_________________ CA 91906. Registrant: Justin Ronald shall be published at least once each FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- people with signs are just taking
Guadalupe M. Coss , 2650 Buena Vista
Laverdiere, 2203 Bulkman Springs Rd week for four successive weeks prior to MENT NO. 2019-9029170 advantage of others. Some will say
Ave., Lemon Grove, San Diego, 91945.
ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Campo, CA 91906. This business is the date set for hearing on the petition Lala Cleaners, Kasheema Cafe located
This business is conducted by: Married
CHANGE OF NAME conducted by: Individual. Registrant first in the following newspaper of general at 3475 Barnwell St., Oceanside, CA that they are just too lazy to find a
Couple. Registrant has not yet begun job or real work to survive. I have a
CASE NUMBER: 37—2018 – commenced to transact business under circulation printed in this county. Asian 92054. Registrant: Stella Paul Laguerre
to transact business under the name different reason why I give money. I
00065544-CU-PT-CTL the above name as of 12/9/19. Signa- Journal: Date Dec. 27,2019 of 3475 Barnwell St., Oceanside, CA
above. Signature: Eglen Coss. State-
ment filed with Recorder/County Clerk
TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Pe- ture: Justin Ronald Laverdiere. State- Peter C. Deddeh 92054. This business is conducted always think of Jesus when he said
titioner Daisy Trujillo on behalf of minor ment filed with Recorder/County Clerk Judge of the Superior Court by: Individual. Registrant first com- that we should love our neighbors as
of San Diego County on 12/11/19. AJ
filed a petition with this court for a de- of San Diego County on 12/24/19. AJ AJ 317 menced to transact business under the we love ourselves: “Whatever you
303 12/20/27/2019 01/03/10/2020
cree changing names as follows: Ethan 313 01/03/10/17/24/2020 01/03/10/17/24/2020 above name as of 12/09/14. Signature:
do to the least of my brethren, you
Otoniel Valencia to Ethan Trujillo.   _________________ Stella Paul Laguerre. Statement filed
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons with Recorder/County Clerk of San do it to me.” I think that if I was in
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- their place, it would be the saddest
interested in this matter shall appear ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Diego County on 12/09/19. AJ 324
MENT NO. 2019-9029784 thing that could happen. How can
before this court at the hearing indicated CHANGE OF NAME MENT NO. 2019-9030635 01/03/10/17/24/2020
Fashion Mia International Co., Fashion
below to show cause, if any, why the CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Progress Rehab Services located at someone depend on somebody else’s
Mia Co. located at 1812 Mint Terrace
petition for change of name should not 00033231-CU-PT-NC 1446 Klamath Dr Chula Vista, CA 91913. help to buy the food to survive? If no
#3, Chula Vista, CA 91915. Registrant: I
be granted. Any person objecting to the TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Peti- Registrant: Christopher Louren L. Ligan, one gives them money, where will
Ching Yeh Chen 1812 Mint Terrace #3,
name changes described above must tioner Andrew Leon Bates filed a petition 1660 Metro Avenue Apt 303 Chula ( Continued from page 7 )
Chula Vista, CA 91915. This business is
file a written objection that includes the with this court for a decree changing Vista, CA 91915 and Ann Lorraine V.
they get their next meal?
conducted by: Individual. Registrant has
reasons for the objection at least two names as follows: Andrew Leon Bates to Geronimo, 1446 Klamath Dr Chula Vista,
the day he died are on his tombstone. There are beggars with disabilities,
not yet begun to transact business un- So his birthday and mine are written like someone who has lost a leg or
court days before the matter is sched- Amaziah Bates. THE COURT ORDERS CA 91913. This business is conducted
der the name above. Signature: I Ching together forever!
Yeh Chen. Statement filed with Record-
uled to be heard and must appear at the that all persons interested in this matter by: General Partnership. Registrants arm, is half-blind, or cannot walk
er/County Clerk of San Diego County
hearing to show cause why the petition appear before this court at the hearing have not yet begun to transact busi- Since then, I have considered that without a cane, and that encourages
on 12/17/19. AJ 304 12/20/27/2019
should not be granted. If no written indicated below to show cause, if any, ness under the name above. Signature: day my own personal holiday. I some people to give money. These
objection is timely filed, the court may why the petition for change of name Christopher Louren L. Ligan. Statement always go to church and never go to people may have difficulty finding
grant the petition without hearing. should not be granted. Any person ob- filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San work on my birthday, not because I
NOTICE OF HEARING jecting to the name changes described Diego County on 12/30/19. AJ 318
a regular job, and that could be the
01/22/2020 above must file a written objection that 01/03/10/17/24/2020 want to celebrate but because I want reason they end up begging.
8:30 AM, Dept. 61 includes the reasons for the objection at _________________
MENT NO. 2019-9029938 All of my friends since childhood
Pro Cleaning SD located at 2598
Superior Court least two court days before the matter (To be continued)
330 West Broadway is scheduled to be heard and must ap- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- have always told me that my father
Caulfield, San Diego, CA 92154. Reg-
San Diego, CA 92101 pear at the hearing to show cause why MENT NO. 2019-9029667 was the happiest person they ever
istrant: Benjamin Salas 2598 Caulfield,
A copy of this Order to Show Cause the petition should not be granted. If no J & Z Ply Family Partnership located knew. He always smiled and very
San Diego, CA 92154. This business
shall be published at least once each written objection is timely filed, the court at 1138 Camino Donaire San Diego, CA ( Continued from page 5 )
is conducted by: Individual. Registrant
week for four successive weeks prior to may grant the petition without a hearing. 92154. Registrant: Zenaida E. Ply, 1138
seldom got mad or angry. I can only
first commenced to transact business recall one time he was mad at me disparate permissions and security mod-
the date set for hearing on the petition NOTICE OF HEARING Camino Donaire San Diego, CA 92154
under the names above as of 12/19/19. and only because I kept nagging him els, violating the very laws and regula-
in the following newspaper of general 1/07/2020 and James F. Ply, 1138 Camino Donaire
Signature: Benjamin Salas. Statement about money. I was asking for some tions they’re being used to satisfy.”
circulation printed in this county. Asian 8:30 AM, Dept.N-23 San Diego, CA 92154. This business
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San Then there's the time limit. "After the
Diego County on 12/19/19. AJ 305
Journal: Date November 22, 2019 Superior Court is conducted by: Married Couple. money to buy something in the store
Peter C. Deddeh 325 S. Melrose Dr. Registrant first commenced to transact when I was a kid. I remember mak- access request, a company has 45 days
12/20/27/2019 01/03/10/2020 to provide them a comprehensive report
Judge of the Superior Court Vista, CA 92081 business under the above name as of ing fun of the name I always called
_________________ about what type of information they
AJ 309 A copy of this Order to Show Cause 04/07/10. Signature: Zenaida E. Ply
12/27/2019; 001/03; 01/10; 01/17/2020 shall be published at least once each Statement filed with Recorder/County
him. I call him atang, which is Fili- have, was it sold, and to whom, and if
ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR pino for “older father.” The younger
_________________ week for four successive weeks prior to Clerk of San Diego County on 12/16/19. it was sold to third parties over the past
CHANGE OF NAME version is atay, and I think that was
CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 –
the date set for hearing on the petition AJ 319 01/03/10/17/24/2020 12 months, it must give the names and
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- in the following newspaper of general _________________ the reason he got mad at me. addresses of the third parties the data
MENT NO. 2019-9030197 circulation printed in this county. Asian He was the most generous person is sold to," says John Tsopanis, privacy
Hair By Nubian Beauty located at Journal: Date: July 26, 2019 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR to everybody. When anyone would product manager at "You can't
Petitioner Luzonita Villegas Reeves
3701 Florida St. # 217, San Diego, CA Sim von Kalinowski CHANGE OF NAME come to the house, the first thing do that in Europe."
Thomas filed a petition with this court
92104. Registrant: Rowena Dessie Judge of the Superior Court CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Since the rule covers the previous 12
for a decree changing names as follows:
Thomas, 3701 Florida St. # 217, San AJ 314 00064333-CU-PT-CTL he would say was, “Have you eaten
Luzonita Villegas Reeves Thomas to yet?” One of my sisters said that months of records, companies have to
Diego, CA 92104. This business is 01/03/10/17/24/2020 TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Pe- start complying six months from now,
Luzonita Villegas Reeves. THE COURT her daughter had started calling him
conducted by: Individual. Registrant _________________ titioner Jamari Gaston, Paul Younan on he says. Then, on January 1, 2020,
ORDERS that all persons interested in
this matter appear before this court at
has not yet begun to transact busi- behalf of minor child filed a petition with “server” because he always served every company has to disclose every
ness under the name above. Signature: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- this court for a decree changing names food to them when they visited.
the hearing indicated below to show other company they sell data to. "It will
Rowena Dessie Thomas. Statement MENT NO. 2019-9030173 as follows: J’adore Marshune Gaston to Somehow I think that attitude of
cause, if any, why the petition for change change the privacy landscape in America
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San La Malcriada Events located at 1385 J’adore Marshune Younan. THE COURT
of name should not be granted. Any
Diego County on December 23, 2019  Eckman Ave Chula Vista, CA 91911. ORDERS that all persons interested in
giving was his legacy to me. I also forever," Tsopanis says.
person objecting to the name changes enjoy giving to people who ask for
AJ 310   12/27/2019; 001/03; 01/10; Registrant: Jorge A. Hernandez, 1385 this matter appear before this court at
described above must file a written ob- help or doing anything I can to share What does the CCPA mean for secu-
01/17/2020 Eckman Ave Chula Vista, CA 91911 the hearing indicated below to show
jection that includes the reasons for the with people who have less in life. rity?
_________________ and Alma Rosa Hernandez, 1385 Eck- cause, if any, why the petition for change
objection at least two court days before AB 375 is light on requirements around
the matter is scheduled to be heard and
man Ave Chula Vista, CA 91911. This of name should not be granted. Any It makes me happy if I can help
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- business is conducted by: Married person objecting to the name changes someone who needs help, and I can security and breach response when com-
must appear at the hearing to show pared to the GDPR. As stated earlier, the
MENT NO. 2019-9029798 Couple. Registrants have not yet begun described above must file a written ob- see the same attitude in my children
cause why the petition should not be
Superstore located at 1550 Palm Ave., to transact business under the name jection that includes the reasons for the law does define penalties for companies
granted. If no written objection is timely
San Diego, CA 92154. Registrant: Hemp above. Signature: Jorge A. Hernandez. objection at least two court days before
Children are reflections of their that expose consumer data due to a
filed, the court may grant the petition parents. People judge children and
House LLC, 1550 Palm Ave., San Diego, Statement filed with Recorder/County the matter is scheduled to be heard and breach or security lapse. It also allows
without a hearing. attribute their behavior to how their
CA 92154. This business is conducted Clerk of San Diego County on 12/20/19. must appear at the hearing to show courts to offer “injunctive or declaratory
by: Limited Liability Company. Regis- AJ 315 01/03/10/17/24/2020 cause why the petition should not be parents raised them. We hear com- relief,” or “any other relief the court
8:30 AM, Dept. 61
trant has not yet begun to transact busi- _________________ granted. If no written objection is timely ments when children become bad deems proper.”
ness under the name above. Signature: filed, the court may grant the petition that their parents did not raise them Businesses are not required to report
Superior Court
Karissa Hearr, Treasurer. Statement ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR without a hearing. well breaches under AB 375, and consum-
330 West Broadway
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San CHANGE OF NAME NOTICE OF HEARING ers must file complaints before fines
San Diego, CA 92101
Diego County on December 17, 2019  CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – 01/29/20 On the other hand, we hear praise
A copy of this Order to Show Cause or approval for children who do are possible. The best course of action
AJ 311   12/27/2019; 001/03; 01/10; 00067487-CU-PT-CTL 8:30 AM, Dept. 61 for security, then, is to know what data
shall be published at least once each well, and people say that their par-
01/17/2020 TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Superior Court
week for four successive weeks prior to AB 375 defines as private data and take
the date set for hearing on the petition
_________________ Petitioner Marivel Alfaro on behalf of 330 West Broadway ents did their job. steps to secrure it. Again, any organiza-
Sofia Luquin filed a petition with this San Diego, CA 92101 Someone said that the world is too
in the following newspaper of general tion that complies with the GDPR likely
ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR court for a decree changing names as A copy of this Order to Show Cause big and that he could not do anything
circulation printed in this county. Asian does not need to take further action to
CHANGE OF NAME follows: Sofia Luquin to Sofia Alfaro. shall be published at least once each
Journal: Date Dec. 19,2019
CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – THE COURT ORDERS that all persons week for four successive weeks prior to
to make it a better place to live. comply with AB 375 in terms of secur-
Peter C. Deddeh Another person had the same idea ing data.
00062264-CU-PT-CTL interested in this matter appear before the date set for hearing on the petition
Judge of the Superior Court but had a dream that he was talking The AB 375 requirements around
TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Pe- this court at the hearing indicated below in the following newspaper of general
AJ 306
12/20/27/2019 01/03/10/2020
titioner Weenalyn Montes filed a petition to show cause, if any, why the peti- circulation printed in this county. Asian to God. He asked him what he could tracking, accessing, and storing data
with this court for a decree changing tion for change of name should not be Journal: Date Dec. 4, 2019 do to make this world a better place. mean security teams will need to work
names as follows: Miguel Pico Lopez granted. Any person objecting to the Peter C. Deddeh And God replied, “Just build a better closely with database administrators,
Davila to Pico Lopez Montes; Zara name changes described above must Judge of the Superior Court you! says Terry Ray, senior vice president
Ysobel dela Cruz Lopez to Ysobel Lopez file a written objection that includes the AJ 320 01/03/10/17/24/2020 and fellow at Imperva, a cybersecurity
MENT NO. 2019-9029555
Montes.   reasons for the objection at least two _________________
You can make a difference. Imagine
Faster Appraisals, Faster Appraisals. vendor. Any tools selected to help deal
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons court days before the matter is sched- if everyone thought and did things to with AB 375 will not only need to have
com located at 18419 Bee Canyon Rd. make the world better. I want to help
interested in this matter shall appear uled to be heard and must appear at the FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- full visibility into data stored across the
Dulzura, CA 91917. Registrant: Francis-
co Javier Marquez 18419 Bee Canyon
before this court at the hearing indicated hearing to show cause why the petition MENT NO. 2019-9029040 my neighbor, I want to give to the entire heterogenous corporate environ-
Rd. Dulzura, CA 91917. This business
below to show cause, if any, why the should not be granted. If no written Gentle Respectful Parenting, Jenny poor, and I want to share what I have ment, but also ensure that access to this
petition for change of name should not objection is timely filed, the court may Taylor Media located at 4203 Genesee with the less fortunate ones. I want data is properly secured. "Lastly, they
is conducted by: Individual. Registrant
be granted. Any person objecting to the grant the petition without a hearing. Ave 103-305 San Diego, CA 92117. to volunteer to help the homeless and will need these tools to cooperate with
first commenced to transact business
name changes described above must NOTICE OF HEARING Registrant: Jennifer Lynn Barros, 4203 the new consumer portal by sharing spe-
under the names above as of 12/01/17.
file a written objection that includes the 02/10/20 Genesee Ave 103-305 San Diego, CA the unemployed. I want to teach the
Signature: Benjamin Salas. Statement gospel to those who have no access cific consumer data with the verifiable
reasons for the objection at least two 8:30 AM, Dept. C-61 92117. This business is conducted by:
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San to the Word of God consumer requesting it," he says.
court days before the matter is sched- Superior Court Individual. Registrants have not yet
Diego County on 12/13/19. AJ 307 If the data is stored with cloud provid-
12/20/27/2019 01/03/10/2020
uled to be heard and must appear at the 330 West Broadway begun to transact business under the There are so many things in this
hearing to show cause why the petition San Diego, CA 92101 name above. Signature: Jennifer Lynn ers, the problem just gets worse. For
_________________ world that anyone can be a part of. example, employees might set up a
should not be granted. If no written A copy of this Order to Show Cause Barros. Statement filed with Recorder/ We don’t need to go far to see people
objection is timely filed, the court may shall be published at least once each County Clerk of San Diego County on file-sharing account to keep track of
grant the petition without hearing. week for four successive weeks prior to 12/06/19. AJ 321 01/03/10/17/24/2020
who need help. I see people beg- marketing or sales contacts. "It’s not
CHANGE OF NAME ging at every freeway exit. I always surprising the large tech companies
NOTICE OF HEARING the date set for hearing on the petition _________________
CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – wonder why they became beggars. like Google and Facebook opposed the
01/14/2020 in the following newspaper of general
8:30 AM, Dept. 23 circulation printed in this county. Asian FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- They may have some disability, like bill," says Kevin Bocek, VP of security
Petitioner Juan Rodolfo Fajardo filed
Superior Court, North County Division Journal: Date Dec. 19,2019 MENT NO. 2019-9030643 they lost a leg while serving in the strategy and threat intelligence at Venafi.
325 S. Melrose Dr. Peter C. Deddeh Endless Beauty Studio located at 1853 military, so they can no longer work. "Controlling the privacy and personal in-
a petition with this court for a decree
Vista, CA 92081 Judge of the Superior Court Rue Bienville Pl. Unit 813, Chula Vista, I remember one person holding a ( Continued on page 11 )
changing names as follows: Juan Ro-
A copy of this Order to Show Cause AJ 316 CA 91913, with mailing address at 2127
January 3-9, 2020 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 11

Kiamba and Maitum. tion to live your faith, and maybe some

Wanted HELPER at
The 114,000-hectare Mt. Busa has been personalized guidance, Mother Miriam

acquires Klue
a known habitat of Philippine eagles and Live is a must. You can listen live at 10
other endangered and threatened species am EST/7 am PST here. You can also
Chua, Tinsay, Vega

Lola Bakery
like tarsiers, wild deer, wild boars, bats, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and Law Office
monkeys and civets. you’ll be notified by YouTube when 1901 First Ave, # 302
Acquisition Strengthens The highest peak in Sarangani at 2,064 there is new content (make sure to also San Diego, CA 92101
Development of Personalized meters above sea level, Mt. Busa was click the bell to enable notifications).
Please call: Closed Loop Technology for
Diabetes Management
declared a key biodiversity and impor-
tant bird area in 2001.
Mother Miriam Live is also available
in audio format on Spotify, Soundcloud,
Tel. 619) 955.6277

(858) 442-5781 or (619) 479-3144

Cornelio Ramirez Jr., ECPC executive and Pippa. We are awaiting approval for
director, said land conversion, kaingin iTunes and Google Play as well. To sub- DeBenedetto
DUBLIN, Dec. 17, 2019 (GLOBE (slash-and-burn farming), wildlife hunt- scribe for the audio version on various Law Offices
NEWSWIRE) -- Medtronic plc ing, illegal logging and mining had been channels, visit the Pippa webpage here. Atty. Michael Yap

Cdl. Burke warns

(NYSE:MDT), the global leader threatening Mt. Busa, hence the need to (619.696.6294)
LIVE-IN CAREGIVER in medical technology, today an-
nounced it has completed the acqui-
declare it as a protected landscape.
Saved from drowning 2655 Camino Del Rio
Now accepting applications for live-in sition of Klue, a software company
focused on behavior tracking that
The mature eagle was found in a
banca moored in a buoy at least a
( Continued from page 13 )
charism. The intention of the pro-
North #446 San Diego, CA
caregivers at our 6-bed elderly facilities can provide real-time insights into 100 meters away from the shoreline gressives was to lie to their tradition-
alist opponents to lull them into a
Tel. (619) 696.6294
(RCFE's) in San Marcos and Oceanside. Du- when a person is consuming food. of Barangay Lumatil in Maasim.
Klue’s technology is expected to be Iyad Kamal, one of the three fishers false trust and spiritual somnolence. Law Office of E.B. Alejo
ties include basic housework and cooking. incorporated into the Medtronic Per-
sonalized Closed Loop (PCL) insulin
who rescued the eagle, said the bird
had been there for about three days.
As happened within Anglicanism,
Burke is warning that deaconesses
240 Woodlawn Ave., # 14
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Free room and board in a beautiful residen- pump system, currently in develop-
ment. The PCL system is designed
In the afternoon of Dec. 13, Kamal
said they noticed the bird leaping
would be used as a Trojan horse to
ordain women priests: "One of the
Tel. (619) 203-5782
tial home, will train, call 619-203-4626. to automate insulin delivery in a from the banca, heading toward the women who served on the papal
Law Office of
way that is real-time, personalized forest, but it landed on the water. commission regarding this question
“I thought she was catching fish since said openly that she and those she Rogelio Karagdag
and adapts to the user, with a goal
of dramatically simplifying diabetes she did not soar high. When she fell, she represents are not interested in the 10717 Camino Ruiz # 102
For dependable car repairs management for the patient. In ad- was not able to fly again,” Kamal said.
Afraid the bird might drown, Kamal
diaconate, but the priesthood."
Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, Pope John
San Diego, CA 92126
Tel. (858) 348-7475
dition, the Klue technology can be
and fellow fishers Ryan Molod and Arsi Paul II's apostolic letter limiting priestly
leveraged to enhance the company’s Kamal boarded a banca to rescue the ordination to men, "was an exercise of
Mission Valley Foreign market-leading analytics and insights
in their smart1 CGM technology
eagle. the papal Magisterium," said Burke.
Law Office of
Susan V. Perez, APC
Mejorada said when the fishermen "It is firmly rooted in the unchanging
Car Service, Inc. to help people using multiple daily
injections (MDI) stay ahead of high
realized the bird looked like a Philippine tradition of the Church and continues to 1901 First Ave # 108/110
eagle, they reported their find to village have doctrinal force. Women cannot be San Diego, CA 92101
and low glucose events. officials who, in turn, alerted Sison. ordained to orders at any level, including
6205 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE, Klue has developed technology that Overnight, Sison kept the bird “like a the diaconate, the priesthood, and the
automatically recognizes when a per- baby” in her house, while awaiting its episcopate."
SAN DIEGO, CA 92120 son is eating as well as how fast and transfer to the Philippine Eagle Founda- He explained further: Tel. (619) 819-8648
619.280.3483 how much that person consumes. tion (PEF) facility in Davao City, where If one studies Church history, it is
By using gesture sensing via activity the bird would recuperate. clear that the Church has never ordained Reyes and Teodoro
The eagle, according to Mejorada, deaconesses. Deaconesses were women Law Offices
trackers combined with analytics weighed 5.18 kg and has a wingspan of who assisted at certain rites, for ex-
technology, Klue has developed fine 2240 E. Plaza Blvd, # P
about a meter. ample, the baptism of women. Women
motor artificial intelligence software The PEF, in a statement, said the never received the Sacrament of Orders
National City, CA 91950
that can detect meals and provide in- presence of the Philippine eagle in for assisting at such rites. Ordination of Reyes
sights into user eating behaviors. Be- Sarangani’s mountains showed that Mt. women simply cannot be — it represents Tel. (619) 259-6464
cause food consumption is intrinsi- Busa was “still pristine and healthy, a great defect in the final document of
cally related to insulin requirements and is worth conserving.” —BONG S. the Pan-Amazon Synod. CAREGIVERS
for people living with diabetes, the SARMIENTO AND EDWIN O. FER- Attacking Francis' claim that "God
NANDEZ willed a plurality of religions" as
Home Care Assistance
ability to automate meal identifica- Tel. (760) 635-3646
tion along with the corresponding "heretical," Burke said he is waiting for
insulin delivery is an unmet need Pope Francis to clarify these remarks
that could greatly simplify living ( Continued from page 8 )
following the signing of the Abu Dhabi CARGO SERVICES
declaration. "In the meantime, Catholic 4 A’s Cargo, Inc.
with this disease. invited everyone who cares about universities have been ordered to teach
In February 2019, PCL received the education of the young genera- c/o Nonong Roxas
this declaration and so the confusion
Breakthrough Device designa- tion to sign a Global Pact, to create a continues to spread," he lamented. Tel. (858) 221-3088
tion from the U.S. Food and Drug global change of mentality through The creeping revisionism is exactly the
Administration (FDA). In addition education.” strategy that progressives pursued to CASINOS
to Klue, the recent acquisition of “Beloved, that is what the com- undermine Anglicanism.Tweet Jamul Casino
Nutrino Health and their expertise in munists set out to do well over a Burke insisted that the Church's teach- 14145 Campo Road,
nutrition data science will play a key hundred years ago,” Mother re- ing on the death penalty has not changed
despite Pope Francis' insertion of a revi- Jamul, CA 91935
role in the accelerated development sponded. “The evil has entered into 619.315.2250
sion in the Catechism: "The Catechism
of this breakthrough technology. the Church, and it has been bought of the Catholic Church is not a proper
Both acquisitions strengthen the by the very pope himself and the
company’s capabilities in automation
instrument to introduce such matters. Sycuan Casino
hierarchy.” It is not a tool for the proposal of new 5468 Casino Way
and in the integration of artificial Mother reminded listeners that we teachings."
intelligence into diabetes manage- are called to be stewards of God’s Moreover, "there are no new 'ecologi- El Cajon, CA 92019
ment systems. creation and to educate our children. cal sins,'" he stressed. "The same Ten Tel. (619) 445-6002 ext 1215
“Bringing Klue and their unique Over the last few weeks, Mother’s Commandments that the Lord God gave
meal detection capabilities into our shows have focused on the duty of us on Mount Sinai are in force today." DENTISTS
organization will accelerate our parents to educate their children. She In his recent message for the 2020
progress to help people with diabetes launch of the Global Compact on (James) Jamshid Khazian
has called on parents to pull their Education, Pope Francis uses the
live with greater freedom and better children out of public schools to pro- 727 E. Grand Ave, # C
word "global" six times, urging "more
health,” said Alejandro Galindo, tect them from gender ideology and inclusive education." The pope calls for Escondido, CA 92025
president of the Advanced Insulin graphic sex education. Mother has an "educational village" and a "global
Management division, which is part advocated bringing children home agreement about an education" that Dr, Myrna Lazaga
Work for the San Diego’s of the Diabetes Group at Medtronic. and not passing off their primary includes ecological concern as well as 914 East 8th St, #208
“Based on our learnings from a first- duty of educating their children to "dialogue between religions."  
Top Home Care Agency! generation hybrid closed loop system others. The pope is proposing nearly
National City, CA 91950
Tel. (619) 477-0570
around the importance of simplifying the opposite.
diabetes management, we believe the “This [the Global Education Pact],”
Dr. Ronaldo Saldana
Now Hiring Personalized Closed Loop system
will be transformational for diabetes
management, and the integration of
the pope said, “will result in men and
women who are open, responsible,
prepared to listen, dialogue and reflect
( Continued from page 10 )
formation that flows between machines
665 H St, Suite E
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Exerienced Caregivers the Klue technology helps clears the with others, and capable of weaving is incredibly difficult, and a major chal-
path to a true hands-free closed loop relationships with families, between lenge for all businesses."
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts system.” generations, and with civil society, and Tel. (619) 422-7252
thus to create a new humanism.” A work in progress
“Klue’s truly unique early meal Mother called the pope’s initiative to The bill was put together in just seven DRIVING LESSONS
Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits detection technology can help globalize education “demonic.” days because legislators wanted to avoid
transform diabetes care,” said “This is not to protect the family at all. a ballot initiative to pass an even stricter Michael V. Aguilar
Requirements Katelijn Vleugels, CEO & founder
of Klue. “Joining Medtronic creates
An educational village that will once
and for all destroy the family and the
law that was opposed by many tech
Tel. (619) 370-8493
companies. "Right now, many of the
• 3 professional references a tremendous opportunity to advance human race.” provisions and definitions conflict with
diabetes therapies and, together, we She was careful to emphasize that one another," says Andy Dale, general JEWELLERS
• Proof of eligibility to work in the US will accelerate our shared mission to she was calling the proposition, not the counsel and VP of global privacy at
help people with diabetes live their pope, demonic. SessionM. "The law becomes effective Daniels Jewelry
Call for an appointment happiest and healthiest lives.” Pope Francis stated that to reach his
proposed objectives, everyone needs to
in 2020, so expect amendments between
now and implementation -- but the core

Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. “have the courage to place the human tenets and rights are likely to remain." Tel. (800) 819-8000
person at the center” and to “train indi- One problematic area is whether a
( Continued from page 1 ) viduals who are ready to offer them- company can charge consumers different RESTAURANTS
La Jolla Apply Online! It was the second Philippine eagle
selves in service of the community.” prices based on their privacy settings.
To this Mother responded, “Isn’t that For example, many companies have an
858-842-1346 rescued in the province after what is wrong with our world today, option where a consumer can upgrade to
ONAMI Seafood Buffet & BBQ
almost three years. beloved? Instead of placing Christ at the a paid tier where they don't see any ads. 1640 Camino del Rio North
“We want Mt. Busa placed under center, we place man at the center?” Here, the law as currently written is a #206, San Diego CA 92108
Best Smog Station the Expanded National Integrated
Protected Areas System (Enipas)
The article Mother went through out-
lined the pope’s objectives, including to
“heal the fracture between man and the
little bit contradictory.
"If the consumer exercises his rights
under the regulation, businesses can-
Tel. (619) 295-9774

to protect the Philippine eagles and

not provide a different level or quality
1534 National City Blvd., National City, their habitat,” Ramos said in a state-
ment.Alejandra Sison, municipal
Mother noted that “the Absolute” is
an ambiguous phrase and could refer to
of product, goods or services to the
consumer," says Pravin Kothari, CEO of San Diego Gas & Electric
CA 91950, Tel. 619.477-1081 environment and natural resources
officer of Maasim, said members of
the Kamal family retrieved from the
Buddha, the Muslim god, or any god.
“What happened to God? The Absolute
CipherCloud. "On the other side of the
coin, according to the regulation, busi-
To learn more about assis-
tance programs for those
M-F: 8 a.m.—5 p.m.; Sat. 8 a.m—1 p.m. Celebes Sea a 5.2-kilogram female
is not one of God’s names.”
Mother finished the reflective portion
nesses are not prohibited from charging
a consumer a different price or rate, or
with limited income, visit or call 211
WWW. Philippine eagle on Dec. 13.
Endangered species
of her show by reminding listeners,
quoting Bishop John Carroll of Balti-
from providing a different level or qual-
ity of goods or services to the consumer, ____________________
The rescue has again trained a spotlight more, that the only way to change soci- if that difference is reasonably related to
ety is through the education of children.
Best Registration Services on the health of the endangered bird’s
habitat in the province. Tune in to Mother Miriam Live at 10
the value provided to the consumer by
the consumer’s data."
Asian Journal regular
a.m. EST to hear more of her insights advertisers get a free listing in
Automotive * Motorcycle * Trailer Veterinarian Roy Mejorada, program
manager of the Sarangani Environmen- and reflections on public school and
It looks like California is trying to de-
fine a framework where consumers can the Classified Directory which
WWW. BEST.REGISTRATION.COM tal Conservation and Protection Center homeschooling. Do you have questions get paid for sharing their data, Kothari makes it easier for people
(ECPC), said the eagle could have only or comments for Mother? You can call, says. "In this area the legislation is a bit to find and avail of their
come from the forests of Mt. Busa, text, or email her live during her show. visionary," he says. "We'll see in practice
If you’re looking for daily inspira-
products and services.
which straddles the towns of Maasim, how this actually works out."
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 3-9, 2020

Sergei Magnitsky did not die in vain

implicated Russian officials. In the Philippines, officials who Rights Accountability Act is also be-
Magnitsky alleged there had been have been involved in extrajudicial ing invoked in the celebrated case of
large-scale theft from the Russian killings (EJK) and human rights Sen. Leila de Lima who is impris-
state, sanctioned and carried out violations are targeted for sanction oned on drug and corruption charges.
by the U.S. A recent case is former At issue is the U.S. 2020 spending
by Russian officials. Magnitsky Philippine National Police (PNP) law amendment that bans Philippine
was jailed in 2008 and later died Chief and Sen. Ronald “Bato” dela government officials involved in
in 2009 days before his release, Rosa who has been sanctioned the imprisonment of de Lima from
after he had been beaten and by the U.S. for EJK and human entering the U.S. The U.S. spend-
denied medical treatment while in
rights violations. His U.S. visa was
revoked and assets and properties in
ing law includes a “Prohibition
from Entry” provision, which states Native mindset
the U.S. frozen. that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Being older is not a bad thing so. We’re the rich relatives from
Magnitsky’s death led a U.S. Pompeo “shall apply subsection as long as you know how to U.S.A. who earned lots of money.
However, dela Rosa claimed that (c) to foreign government officials It can be frustrated at times when
financier, Bill Browder, to launch he has not been notified by the about whom Pompeo has “credible utilize past experiences to make
a campaign to ensure that the your current life easier to man- you did not get what you expected.
U.S. Embassy of his visa cancel- information have been involved in You need to provide very specific
Russian officials involved would lation. Dela Rosa led the PNP’s the wrongful imprisonment of Sen. age. Before Google and Youtube instructions. They mostly have selec-
face consequences in the form of anti-drug campaign, Oplan Tokhang de Lima, who was arrested in 2017.” were born, the older people in tive hearing problems. Do not forget
sanction. Browder’s campaign that claimed the lives of more than Subsection (c) refers to the Global the villages were the main source that their standard and norms are
resulted in the U.S. Congress 5,000 drug users and pushers, which Magnitsky Human Rights Account- of knowledge and wisdom. The different from yours. So, when you
passing the Magnitsky Act in human rights advocates say were ability Act, which allows the U.S. younger people would ask for send somebody to the wet market
2012. The law mandated the US denied due process. government to impose a travel ban or to the grocery store, don’t be sur-
and a freeze of assets to those it
good advice to help tackle their
State and Treasury departments problems and to settle disputes. prised of what they bring home. Do
Sergei Magnitsky Some say that imposing sanctions is deemed were human rights violators. not bother to ask for the change. If
to impose travel restrictions and tantamount to meddling in Philippine President Duterte reacted by order- The entire village took care of the
PERRYScope by Perry Diaz you want quality food items or pro-
freeze assets of Russian officials internal affairs. However, advocates ing the Bureau of Immigration to elders unlike today when they are duce, you better buy them yourself.
responsible for serious human claim it is the sovereign prerogative deny entry to two American senators mostly dumped at nursing homes Time management is not one of
Last December 11, 2019, a U.S. rights violations. of the sanctioning country to impose who supported the 2020 spending and maybe forgotten. their strong values, so make the
Senate committee passed Sen- sanctions. Besides, the Philippines law. They are senators Dick Durbin adjustment. The Filipino time is
ate Resolution 142, invoking the It later became the Global is a United Nations member; thus, (Illinois) and Patrick Leahy (Ver- Anyway, we just have to be realistic very much alive in the Philippines.
Global Magnitsky Human Rights Magnitsky Human Rights Ac- it is committed to honor universal mont). They introduced the amend- and practical with our expectations You can try and behave like them
Accountability Act. It put a lot human rights. ment to include a provision denying from our children and relatives. for lesser stress when driving in
countability Act with extrajudicial entry to government officials behind
of officials in foreign countries at Many things have changed including crazy traffic. They seldom complain
scope. On December 20, 2017, Many Philippine officials are de Lima’s “wrongful imprisonment.” family values, culture and tradition.
risk of being sanctioned and face about bad customer service. They
President Donald Trump signed suspected of having bank accounts Duterte also threatened to require You may need to open your mind can stand in line for a long time and
the prospect of being denied U.S. Executive Order 13818 that al- and properties in the U.S. With the American citizens to secure a visa and tighten your wallet. If you are not bothered by an extremely slow
visas and having their assets there lowed the U.S. government to adoption of the Global Magnitsky to enter the Philippines if the U.S. old, fragile and broke, most likely cashier.
frozen. Human Rights Accountability Act, enforces the ban.
Asian Journal
effectively freeze the property you will end up in a crowded poor- Bargaining is one thing we are not
interests of people involved in a lot of them are at risk of being house or a government subsidized used anymore but still practiced in
The law is named after Russian serious human rights abuse or sanctioned. It is interesting to note that the home. the islands. They may bargain not to
lawyer and auditor Sergei Mag- majority of tourists coming to the Maybe you planned to spend your save you money but, to have a cut
First Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’sDeMost
Case Circulated Asian-Filipino Newspaper
Philippines are American citizens of
nitsky, who uncovered $230 mil- golden years in the native land but, from the seller. Everybody is a com-
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
Filipino heritage, who have enjoyed are you prepared for it? Do you have missioner when given a chance. It is
lion in massive tax fraud, which Extrajudicial Killings The Global Magnitsky Human unrestricted entry to the Philippines. the retirement benefits or money sometimes hard to comprehend why
This would create a backlog of visa saved to last until you expire? Who they would buy the cheapest item
applications in Philippine con- would take good care of you and when that specific item is for their
PUBLIC NOTICE sular offices in the U.S. Until now, who would make sure that you are own use and you gave more than
Filipino-Americans can enter the taken cared properly? Don’t expect enough money for it.
Philippines visa-free for 30 days. too much from those relatives that If you plan to buy or build a house
Solicitation of Applications for Membership on the Indeed, enforcement of the ban on you financially helped in the past. in the islands, think really hard if
TransNet Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee Philippine officials could eventu- Are you sure those nephews and you are up to the challenge of own-
ally affect all American citizens. nieces you sent to colleges would ership. Do you have time to be there
Philippine presidential spokesman take care of you? Remember that during the entire process? Be aware
The TransNet Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee (ITOC) is seeking qualified members of the Salvador Panelo said: “Should a they have their own busy lives and
public to fill two vacancies on its seven-member committee in the following categories:
that the quality of work may not
ban from entry into U.S. territory be other priorities by then. meet your standards. The person you
o The chief executive officer or person in a similar senior-level decision making position, of enforced against Philippine officials Try to understand the native mind- trusted with Power of Attorney may
a major private sector employer with demonstrated experience in leading a large organi-
involved in – or by reason of – Sena- set. Mostly, we didn’t get thank you not perform as you expected. Money
tor de Lima’s lawful imprisonment, notes for things we provided because is always a temptation that can ruin
zation. this government will require all for them it is our obligations to do family relationships.
Americans intending to come to the
o A licensed engineer with appropriate credentials in the field of transportation project Philippines to apply and secure a
design or construction and a minimum of ten years experience in a relevant and senior
decision making position in the government or private sector.
visa before they can enter Philippine
2 ADs to run in Asian
If the issue of
Journal de Lima’s imprison-
issued by the U.S. Treasury.

Khashoggi murder case

US senator
( Continued from page 1 )
The ITOC aids in the implementation of the TransNet program, the San Diego region’s ment is not edition
resolved, it would lead to
half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements. The TransNet program is administered by SANDAG. a diplomatic standoff. The ques- In November 2018, the U.S. Leahy on Sunday also called on
As outlined in the TransNet Ordinance and Expenditure Plan, the ITOC provides an increased level of account- tion is: Is de Lima’s imprisonment Treasury, using the Magnitsky Act, the Philippine government to free
ability for expenditures of TransNet funds. ITOC members are unpaid, but certain expenses are reimbursed. wrongful (according to the U.S. sanctioned 17 individuals allegedly de Lima immediately or provide
government) or is it lawful imprison- involved in the killing of Jamal her “fair, public trial” instead of
Due to their public service status, ITOC members must meet strict conflict of interest standards. The ITOC ment (according to the Philippine Khashoggi. It resulted in the des-
functions in an independent, open, and transparent manner to ensure that all voter mandates are carried out,
“irrationally threatening to deny
government)? Tough question that ignation of “any property or inter- visas to American citizens.”
and develops positive, constructive recommendations for improvements and enhancements to the financial requires
both governments
Samantha Rufus to review ests in property of the individuals
their positionsSANDAG
vis-à-vis de Lima’s
integrity and performance of the TransNet program. designated within or transiting U.S.
imprisonment. jurisdiction is blocked.” De Lima’s continued detention
ITOC membership is open to individuals from throughout the region, who possess a set of appropriate pro- From:
fessional skills and experience. More detailed information regarding the ITOC and its responsibilities can be
Consequently, several other coun-
GEN sanctions tries followed and introduced their “Her release, which has been
found at Individuals interested in applying for this ITOC position should contact SANDAG own legislative framework to impose championed by groups such as
for an application at or (619) 699-6961, or go to InHerewith
Novemberis2017, prooftwoofweeks after sanctions on grave human rights Amnesty International—and now
Applications must be postmarked no later than Friday, February 14, 2020. SANDAG seeks to fill openings it passed its Magnitskyfor
your classified ad Act, Canada abusers including Canada, Estonia, the US Congress—is unfortunate-
on the ITOC with a diverse group of persons who are representative of the community. SANDAG highly publication
imposed in theon
sanctions Asian
30 individu- Latvia, Lithuania, and the United
Journal. ly symbolic of the larger price
encourages applications from persons of all races and economic backgrounds. The newly selected Chief als tied toPlease
19 Venezuelan Kingdom.
it an d including
officials, f a x b a c Venezuelan
k the Interest in Magnitsky Act is catch- one increasingly pays for peace-
Executive Officer member is anticipated to begin serving at the regularly scheduled ITOC meeting in April correction if anyMaduro,
or call and three ful dissent and honest journalism
President Nicolas ing fire in other countries. With
2020 with the Licensed Engineer member anticipated to begin June 2020. individuals
us for your from SouthThe
approval. Sudan. They the European Union (EU) moving under President Duterte in the
were sanctionedscheduled
ad is tentatively for corruption and towards adoption of the Magnitsky Philippines,” Durbin said.
rights abuses. in the
to be published Act, that would add the 28 coun- De Lima, an outspoken critic of the
Share Your Ideas on How to Meet Regional Social Service Transportation Needs Russia protested but Canada tries in the EU that could sanction Duterte administration, was jailed
Voice your opinion! Provide your input on ways to improve public transit and specialized transpor- stood firm. The Canadian
AJ-CA_01.03.2020 i s s u e Foreign individuals who are suspected of in 2017 over drug charges filed by
tation options for San Diego County residents and help shape the future of transportation in your Minister
of the Asianissued a statement
Journal if we saying: violating human rights. the Department of Justice. She is
community. "Canada
receive your approval to
is determined onprotect Dictators who are human rights accused of involvement in the illegal
The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) will hold two public workshops to gather human rights and
time. At $4 per line combat corruption abusers are on top of the list of drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison
worldwide. lines,
Today's announcement
it costs potential Magnitsky Act violators. when she was Justice secretary
input on the 2020 Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan (Coordinated sends a clear message that Canada during the administration of former
In today’s advanced technology in
Plan). You’re invited to provide input on ways to improve public transit and specialized transporta- 2.5 x 4 x 10 president Benigno Aquino III.
will take actiontoagainst
$______.00 be paid individu- tracing financial movements, there
tion options for seniors, low-income, and disabled individuals, and to discuss other issues pertinent to als She repeatedly denied the allega-
upon your receipt of the acts of
who have profited from is no safe haven for dictators to keep
specialized transportation in the San Diego region. significant corruption or who have their ill-gotten wealth. tions, saying the charges against
invoice and tear sheet.
been involved in gross violations of Indeed, the Magnitsky Act is one her are politically motivated and
Thank you.
Public Workshops human rights.” hell of a deterrent that would keep trumped-up.
In April 2019, Washington added the international scene free of human Although there have been proce-
more # on Venezuela and dural delays on her case, De Lima
rights violators. Who’s next? At the
two of its key allies, Nicaragua and end of the day, Sergei Magnitsky is already being tried at the Muntin-
Wednesday, January 22, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Cuba. The U.S. Treasury has desig- lupa Regional Trial Court and the
will be remembered for his crusade
nated the Central Bank of Venezuela against corruption and human rights Supreme Court has ruled that media
SANDAG - 7th Floor Board Room to prevent it from being used as a abuses. Thanks to him the world should be allowed to cover hearings.
toolTOof theAPPROVE
Maduro regime, which it will be a lot safer. He did not die in Durbin, in his statement, also point-
401 B Street, San Diego 92101 please
claims sign and
continues fax Venezu-
to plunder vain. He is a hero. — (PerryDiaz@ ed to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa,
elan assets back
and toexploit government who is currently facing cyberlibel
(619) 474-0373
institutions or
to enrich corrupt politi- charges. Ressa and her media outfit
cians. The move shows
acknowledge via the Trump have been on the receiving end of
Thursday, January 23, 2020 from 2-4 p.m. administration’s the president’s tirades and lawsuits,
EMAIL.resolve to prevent
the Maduro regime from gaining ac- which some media groups say are
San Marcos Civic Center - Dining Room cess to the U.S. financial system. attack on press freedom.
The U.S. Treasury also sanctioned “These voices, like De Lima’s and
3 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos 92069 Laureano Ortega Murillo, son of Rappler journalist Maria Ressa’s,
Nicaragua’s president, and a Ni- face harassment and imprisonment
caraguan bank as well. “President for fostering honest coverage regard-
Ortega, Vice President Murillo, and ing the country’s sweeping extraju-
If you are unable to attend either of the workshops, please call the Coordinated Plan Hotline at (619) members of their inner circle con- dicial killings, which is an affront to
699-1934 to share your ideas and discuss additional outreach opportunities. tinue to engage in blatant corruption, the cherished democratic norms we
For more information, visit: violence, and violations of basic share with our long standing Filipino
human rights,” says a press release allies,” he said.
January 3-9, 2020 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 13

San Diego MassResistance pressures left-wing City Council in

As the Chula Vista, CA to take down rainbow flag at City Hall!
Bamboos Sway Flag was a clear attempt to
intimidate pro-family parents
(Aren't we all sick of seeing this
propaganda everywhere? It's like liv-
The big rainbow flag greeted every
parent who entered or left the City
harasses regular people.
The bigger fight continues in Chula
and citizens taking on the ing under the constant gaze of Stalin Hall. Vista
by Rudy Liporada or Mao - or Big Brother! Time to But the parents didn’t take it sitting The bigger prize in Chula Vista is
"Drag Queen" fight say, ENOUGH!) down. At every City Council meet- a ban on all future “Drag Queen”
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada ing, people spoke strongly and pas- events in the public library. We are
at December 27, 2019 Sequence of events sionately about how disgusting and just one vote away – a weak-kneed
outrageous it is that the city refuses RINO Republican! – from getting
“Young Filipino Revolutionaries: | 12/27/2019 —
On September 12, the Chula Vista to even fly the POW/MIA flag for the City Council to do the right
City Council had the rainbow flag missing prisoners of war, but flies a thing.
“We will continue It for them (CPP
It’s not the biggest victory we’ve raised in front of City Hall in a flag for sexual perversion. The City
ever had. But it has symbolic special "ceremony" to commemorate Council members heard that message That fight is raging! As we’ve
Pioneers)” importance for the larger fight
and suggests an effort others may
a local LGBT event. According to
news reports, it was to be up until
over and over at every meeting.
ALT TEXTThis woman, a retired
reported, the city had to spend over
$42,000 in “security costs” on the
(Columnist’s Note: On the occasion The solidarity speeches of the undertake elsewhere. the end of September – approximate- Chula Vista schoolteacher, was re- day of the Drag Queen Story Hour
of the Communist Party of the Philip- representatives always ended with The City Council in in Chula ly two weeks. lentless in her expressions of outrage to protect the peaceful pro-family
pines celebrating it’s 51st Year Anni- chants in varied languages like Viva Vista, CA (a suburb of San As we’ve reported, a large number that the city wouldn't fly a POW/ protesters from the angry, unhinged
versary last December 26, 2019, I am CPP-NPA-NDF! of local MassResistance parents in MIA flag - but flies a homosexual LGBT activists.
Diego), finally took down the We’ll keep you informed on this.
reposting my article last year when I Chula Vista have been in a heated flag.
covered the Golden Anniversary of the Julieta De Lima, an NDFP peace LGBT rainbow flag that was battle with the City Council over the Finally, the politicians backed In the meantime, let's get more
Party at Utrecht, The Netherlands.) panel member, emphasized in her flying in front of City Hall after “Drag Queen Story Hour” which down. At the Nov. 12 City Council rainbow flags across the country that
talk, that according to Mao-Tse- two months of outrage from lo- was held in the library on Sept. 10. meeting, the City Manager publicly your public officials are flying taken
A highlight of the celebration Tung, a revolution is waged not cal MassResistance parents and Two days after that, the rainbow flag announced that the rainbow flag down!
of the Communist Party of the only with guns but also with pens. citizens. was raised. had been taken down and had been ALT TEXT
Philippines (CPP) during its 50th Without each other, the revolution But after September ended it con- replaced by the “City USA” flag Please help us continue to do our
will fail. In arousing the masses To millions of people, the “rain- tinued flying in front of City Hall. that had been flying on that flagpole uncompromising work!
Year Anniversary, in Utrecht, through information of prevailing The flag seemed to be a purposeful previously. Our successes depend on people
bow flag” represents a hatred of
Netherlands last December 29, situations and solutions to problems, Christianity, a radical ideology being message of harassment to the pro- ALT TEXTFinally, in November, like you.
2018, was a film clip where the written word in articles, books, pushed into schools and businesses, family parents who continued com- the City Manager announces that the Donate to MassResistance
young New Peoples’ Army scripts for theater presentations, the loss of religious liberty, people ing to each City Council meeting has been taken down. Your support will make the differ-
(NPA) fighters and activists from and the like must be done through being fired from their jobs and los- to demand a stop to all future Drag This battle needs to be fought at ev- ence!
schools, urban poor and varied the pen. Now, with the prevalence ing their businesses, and the forced Queen events in the library. (A child- ery city hall and schoolhouse across
professional and working groups of social media tools, the pen has celebration of sexual perversions. ish tactic, but not surprising.) the country where the rainbow flag
thanking the “pioneers” of the become a euphemism for using these

Cdl. Burke Warns of Vatican Push for One-World Government

tools. Still the ideology flowing
Philippine revolutionary move- through the ‘pen’ is necessary for the
ment for their continuing guiding masses to be aroused. They will then
inspirations for the young revolu- be convinced to bear arms to save 'Synodal way' is Trojan horse to protestantize Catholic Church
tionaries. The prevailing state- themselves from exploitation. by Jules Gomes, | ing was in the mind of many of contradiction in terms. A synod has was alerting Catholics "was exactly
ment was: “We thank them (the ROME 1/1/2020— the synod fathers," and hence the no legislative power in the Church. the strategy that the progressives
pioneers) for starting this for us. Luis Jalandoni, retired NDFP Pope Francis' call for a global Church needs "to be extremely cau- The purpose of a synod is to assist successfully pursued to undermine
We will continue it for them.” chairperson and a former priest, in educational pact at the Vatican in tious that no element of this perni- the pope in teaching the Church's what remaining orthodoxy subsisted
a segment in the film, Revolution May 2020 is potentially an event cious apostasy enters into any kind doctrine more effectively and apply- within Anglicanism."
Indeed, most of the NPA fighters Selfie: The Red Battalion, he was to promote a one-world govern- of official document that follows," ing its discipline more fully," he said,
and activists now in the Philippines asked how he could reconcile being he forewarned. cautioning that a decision made by He warned:
with the movement when a preach-
ment, a leading traditionalist
were not even born yet when CPP Sounding alarm bells over the a local synod could be subversively
ing in the bible says “Though shalt cardinal is warning. methodology of "synodal conver- imposed on the universal church. Ecological conversion as a push for
Founding Chairman Jose Maria Cardinal Raymond Burke,
Sison (Joma) with 11 others reestab- not kill.” His response: “That really sion," the prelate said he fears the Dr. Gavin Ashenden, a recent Mother Earth worship?
lished the Communist Party of the depends on who is saying it and to former prefect of the Apostolic infiltration of a "very Protestant idea convert from Anglicanism to the The technique is as simple as it is
Philippines in December 26, 1968. whom it is directed to.” He said that Signatura, is also excoriating of the Church," where democratic Catholic Church, told Church Mili- deceptive and corrosive. In Anglican
And while Joma, Julieta De Lima, the enemy could be saying this to the the Amazon Synod's motif of meetings take precedence over apos- tant that Burke is "fully justified" in terms, innovation was sold on the
and others carry on with the struggle people to prevent the people from "ecological conversion" as a tolic tradition.  his "apprehension about a dangerous basis that there would be a period of
and others have already died, 10s rising in revolt but the enemy will masonic subterfuge to advance We do not have another mother, precedent of the 'Synodal Way' set discernment. The synodal process
and thousands of so-called millen- have no hesitation to kill, breaking certainly not a pagan idol like the by the Amazon and German synods." masked what was, in fact, a po-
the tenet without qualms." Nonethe- a one-world government and the Pachamama.Tweet The lay theologian said the "creep- litical campaign and not a spiritual
nials are carrying on the fire started jargon of "synodal conversion" in
by the pioneers 50 years ago. In less, during his talk at the anniversa- "No synod is binding — this is a ing revisionism" to which Burke ( Continued on page 11 )
ry, he emphasized that, now a peace Amazon and German synods as
between the pioneers and the millen-
process consultant, the NDFP is still a deception to protestantize the
nials are conduit veterans who have
learned from the pioneers and share
their revolutionary knowledge with
open to peace negotiations which
President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte
Catholic Church. 
The outspoken prelate is calling
Law Offices of
has virtually quashed last November, for more orthodox lay apostolates
the younger generations. A Mao-
Tse-Tung thought comes to mind:
With the experience of the old cadres
2018. who can defend Catholicism be-  E. B. Alejo
The film, Revolution Selfie: The cause of "a tremendous spread
and the enthusiasm of the youth, the of confusion and error in the
revolution will prevail. Red Battalion, was produced and
directed by American filmmaker Church" and the silence of many ~30+ YEARS EXPERIENCE~
And for those who have given their
all, dying in the struggle, a collage
Steven De Castro. He depicted the
activities of the NPA, particularly ~FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION~
the Pulang Bagani battalion in the Cdl. Marx and German bishops:
representing NPA fighters, activists
belonging to various sectors was movie. To do this, he spent weeks Protestantizing the Church CALL 1-619-500-6237
presented during the function. A in the NPAs’ camp, joining them in
presentation by the youth of Neth- their arduous and dangerous marches Burke told The Wanderer in a Dec.
erlands emphasized that the spirit and witnessing their services – 26 column that a one-world rule is
of those who have died lives in the medical, dental, production, lectures, the "idea of completely secularized
souls of those who continue to be celebrations, and others. people who no longer recognize 240 Woodlawn Ave Suite #11 & 14
inspired by their example. Thus, they On service to the people, at a side that the governance of the world is
have not really died for they keep the interview, Connie Ledesma, also a in the hands of God, who entrusts it Chula Vista, CA 91910
peace process panel member and a to individual governments, nations,
movement alive and resilient.
former nun, when asked why she and groupings of people according
Near the E Street Chula Vista Trolley
In his culminating address during
the celebration, Joma emphasized left the nunnery to join the move- to nature itself," comparing it to the Station. 
that the resiliency of the movement ment, she said that: Although her Tower of Babel.
is based on the justness of its cause. name is associated with the wealthy Professor Yoram Hazony, author We can help you stop worrying about your legal problems.
He said that while they started only sugar barons in Iloilo, she was with of The Virtue of Nationalism, af-
with nine high powered guns with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. firmed Burke's comments, saying
a miniscule of 60 combatants in Their congregation is dedicated to to Church Militant: "Hebrew Scrip- Member, California State Bar (1987)
Tarlac, the NPAs now are in 73 of integrating with the poorer sector of ture is utterly hostile to the idea of
the 81 provinces in the Philippines. society specially with women with world empire, seeing it as usurping
problems. “It’s there, being with the place of God. Christians who
Juris Doctor Law Degree, University of San Diego (USD), California 
With fully armed thousands of fight-
ers supported by thousands more of them, where I realized that there is have not abandoned the Old Testa-
local militia, the company and battal- no other solution to their problems ment understand this well. A biblical Certificate of Completion, Leading Nonviolent Movements for Social
ion size forces are primed to “transi- but through the revolution.” worldview is one that envisions a
tion from the middle phase to the Youth organizations of the Nether- world of independent nations, each Progress, Executive Education, John F. Kennedy School of Government at
advance stage of strategic defensive” lands also presented a Mao-Tse-Tung approaching God according to its
of the armed conflict. pen to Joma to which he remarked, own inheritance."    Harvard University 
Organized by the National Demo- attributing to De Lima’s earlier Hazony's groundbreaking
cratic Front of the Philippines lecture, “Oh! Good. I will continue book marshals extensive biblical Diploma, Oxford Institute on International and Comparative Law (USD),
(NDFP) International Information writing for the revolution then.” evidence to refute the idea of a one-
Office in Utrecht with the Linangan Adlibbing, though, from his culmi- world government. Oxford, England
Art and Culture, the whole day anni- nating written speech earlier, Joma The cardinal, who in 2017 urged
versary celebration was attended by taunted Digong on his earlier boast Francis to clarify the apostolic
that he will annihilate the NPAs at exhortation Amoris Laetitia, said he  Bachelor of Science degree, University of Southern California  
representatives of communist parties,
labor organizations, and other soli- the end of the year 2018. Glanc- is grateful the Amazon Synod's final
darity groups from the Philippines, ing at his watch, Joma said “two document wasn't explicitly promot- Montgomery High School, San Diego, California
United States, Netherlands, Canada, days are left before the end of 2018 ing "the most egregious apostasy in
Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, and the CPP and the revolutionary the working document, namely the
France, Germany, Austria, Iceland, movement it leads is even growing denial of the Lordship of Our Lord
stronger and drawing in more mem- Jesus Christ and the promotion of a Member, Mensa IQ Society, USA
Norway, Peru, United Kingdom,
Switzerland, India, Mexico, Turkey, bers and allies. He (Digong) adjusted form of pantheism, the worship of
Indonesia, and others. The Embassy his deadline to the middle of 2019. so-called 'Mother Earth.'"  Born in Philippines (Cavite)
of Venezuela in The Hague also sent (Again) He will fail.” "With regard to 'ecological conver-
a representative. sion,' what I see behind this is a push
The audience laughed. for worship of 'Mother Earth.' In
Apart from congratulating the CPP
truth, our mother is not the earth Immigration law - Divorce - Estate (Wills & Trusts) - Criminal Defense
for reaching its golden milestone, the
representatives, invariably, thanked And the solidarity group from many — our mother is the Blessed Virgin -Credit/Debt disputes - Wage & Hour violations - Unemployment
the CPP for being a shining example nations sang with more than vigor Mary in the sense that she gave
on how to wage a protracted war. the International to move forward birth to our Savior. We do not have Appeals - Work Contracts - Landlord/Tenant disputes - Bankruptcy -
Following the “north star,” the CPP from what the ‘pioneers’ have started another mother, certainly not a pagan
with its NPA is now recognized as and beyond the golden jubilee cel- idol like the Pachamama," Cdl. Debt Negotiation - Personal Injury - Wrongful Termination - Sexual
waging the longest armed struggle ebration of the CPP. Burke said. 
Nevertheless, "this kind of think- Harassment - Work Discrimination (Race, Gender, Age, Disability)
against a government in the world.
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 3-9, 2020

challenge thousands of Filipino
Americans and their friends in the Fil-Am singer making waves as member of US Navy’s
entertainment ensemble
USA to garner wider and deeper
support educationally and financial-
Ernie Delfin ly. Taking care of the environment
By Roy Mabasa, Manila Bulletin | show in her school and encouraged
is also a part of God’s divine plan to
MANILA, 12/25/2019 — her to audition for the Navy Music
become active true Stewarts of His
Creation, to treat and preserve it and A Filipino-American member of Program. Cuenca eventually opted
not to destroy denigrate it. the United States Navy’s premier to join the Navy after her gradua-
Ernie Delfin is a feature writer and columnist of the
Asian Journal San Diego. Read column in the Asian contemporary entertainment tion from high school in Norfolk,
Journal website at HEALTH AND EMPOWERMENT ensemble called “The Cruisers” Virginia in 2013.
OF VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIO- After completing recruit training,
is creating an indelible mark as
ONE MAN’S DREAM FOR 2020 LENCE. Being fine tuned right now is a the Fil-Am native of Batangas at-
long dreamed project to start hous- one of the band’s talented lead tended the Naval School of Music in
ing training , mentoring empowering Virginia and following completion,
women who are victims of domestic vio- Born in Lipa City, Batangas in she reported to her first command
lence (like battered wives). Atty. Alma 1995, US Navy Musician First duty, the Navy Band Great Lakes
(with an ardent prayer for a wider (and providing some tools) rather Luna Reyes-Natividad, having been an where she had the opportunity to
actual victim of Domestic Violence, for Class Danlie Cuenca started
support for the common good) than just giving them to fish to eat learning how to sing at the age play side by side with the late leg-
over twenty years herself has written,
for the day”. endary jazz guitarist Larry Coryell.
Like my hero when I was a teen-
spoken about this topic and now ready to of three under the tutelage of her In 2018, she was named the Navy
“Where there is no vision, spearhead an advocacy under our PEN own mother who cultivated her
ager, Pres. John F. Kennedy who Foundation. This is an exciting and Band Great Lakes’ Blue Jacket of the
the people perish… but he that dreamed and had a vision to put a voice and taught her how to belt Year by the Naval Service Training
overdue project that needs to have wider
keepeth the law, happy is he.” -- man on the moon, and also the mar- support. So please contact us and pitch out the powerful ballads of Celine Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. Musician 1st Class Danlie Cuenca
Proverbs 29:18 tyred civil rights leader, Martin Lu- in what you can reasonably contribute. Dion, Whitney Houston, and “As someone who started my (UNITED STATES NAVY BAND WEB-
“The future belongs to those ther King, Jr. I too have a dream that Mariah Carey. Navy career in a fleet band watching SITE / MANILA BULLETIN)
who believe in the beauty of their one day, my grandchildren will be Corollary to this advocacy is another these guys perform from a distance, there was also a mountain range.
dreams.” -- Eleanor Roosevelt known and respected for who they very important health issue of so many “As soon as I was able to sing whether it was on YouTube or My neighbors were my cousins and
are , regardless of their physical women having breast cancer because of my ‘ABCs,’ she was like, “okay, Facebook, and then suddenly finding everybody knew everybody in the
stature nor color of their skin nor the poor diet and lack of education . It has myself not only sharing a stage with village. Part of me misses it because
As Americans and most people been found and proven that food intake I’m hearing my child, and I feel
around the civilized world start beauty of their Asian eyes, but the like she’s got something going on them but being a featured vocalist… all of my mom’s family is still there,
is one major reason of these maladies es-
another year, it is traditional to have size of their minds and the strength pecially among women. This is another with her voice,’ and that’s when it well, it’s hard to put into words. It’s but at the same time I love being
some kind of New Year’s Resolu- of their character. These dreams of advocacy of Father Benigno Beltran started,” Cuenca told the Fanfare been surreal,” Cuenca told the Fan- here in the states and I still have so
tion, a Dream List, to serve as a mine still inspire me to aspire higher SVD, and he has piloted an organic Magazine, the US Navy Band’s bi- fare Magazine about her experience much to discover around the coun-
true-north-compass to guide them in my life. Towards these lofty WOW (WelfareOfWomen) Restaurant annual magazine issue published on with the Cruisers. try,” she said.
towards a better, more peaceful and objectives, I am spearheading and near his parish church in Kamuning Dec. 4, 2019. Last week, Cuenca, together with In the Philippines, she said, “family
prosperous new year. As one who my networks of fellow dreamers are Quezon City. We at PEN commits to According to her bio, Cuenca the US Navy Band, performed to a is really a big thing.” “You don’t
has lived a reasonably good 7 de- embarking to go beyond our local support this entrepreneurial business migrated to the US in 2003 to join huge crowd in the annual holiday even have to be related. If you grew
cades of life, I always try to do some communities to have broader our not only to help the organic farmers but her father and spent her elementary concert at the DAR Constitution Hall up with somebody then they’re like
market to help others help them- also all the people involved from farm in Washington, D.C. family. They would drop in every
kind of New Year’s resolution. Ever to the kitchen to the waiters that service
years singing in the choir, winning
since I know how to dream, I never selves. We, at Phil Eagles Network in singing competitions and actively “Danlie’s success path is highly un- day. ‘Hey, have you had dinner?
restaurant customers and buyers of their
stopped dreaming that better things (PEN) Foundation, Gawad Kalinga bakery goodies. participating in the Junior Reserve usual – and a testament to her excep- What are you guys cooking? Can I
are yet to come, until now especially, and Rotary organizations and other Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC). tional talent. We saw her bring the have some? Nobody would bat an
for the sake of my children and two civic or religious groups that I have EDUCATIONAL AND PROFES- She also took up playing the trom- house down last night,” said retired eye. ‘Yeah, sure, come join us for
granddaughters. In many ways, our some influence are forming coopera- SIONAL BALIK KULTURA PHILIP- bone and joined the Norfolk Public US Marine Corps Chas Henry who dinner.’ I really miss that closeness
society is a better world, yet, there tive efforts to cross-pollinate and PINE ADVENTURE for second or third Schools All-City Jazz Ensemble. watched the holiday concert together and sense of community.”
are also potential dangers and warn- maximize our resources to have a generations FilAms. Patterned after with his Filipino wife Rosemary.
ing signs that it may not continue wider and stronger ripple effects that the successful Group Study Exchange Discovered
to be, if the dark elements causing last. It is high time to realize that of Rotary International (www.rotary. Reminiscing
havocs, divisions, great chasm of each person has to work in all facets org) as well as MAD travel experiences “I was a proud band geek all
or quadrants of his life in equilib- (, PEN Foundation Despite being away from her na-
many people based on color, creed, will also pilot in 2020 the first annual through high school. I didn’t join
national origin or economic status rium to be happy, healthy human be- the choir until my junior year, but tive country for almost 16 years,
cultural , educational and professional
continue to exacerbate. One who is ing. He must both consciously and adventure in the Philippines especially throughout that time I would still be Cuenca said she feels privileged to
not blind and numbed can see, read unconsciously work in his physical designed for young Filipino Americans singing songs to myself all the time,” have known another life living in the
or hear this disturbing phenomenon quadrant (TO LIVE) mental quad- and their friends. The program is to she said in the interview. Philippines as she vividly recalls the
especially those emanating from rant (TO LEARN), social quadrant select motivated second or third genera- It was during Cuenca’s senior first seven years of her life as a child
the seats of power in Washington DC (TO LOVE) and spiritual quadrant, tion Fil-Ams, based upon an essay and high school year when retired US growing up in Batangas.
and many parts of this planet. 2020 (TO LEAVE A LEGACY). interview why they are interested to go Navy Master Chief Musician Rick “My backyard was a mango forest,
is an election year in the USA and to the Philippines as an “ambassador”. Jasper heard her sing during a talent and maybe a mile from my house
With that as our guiding principles, These Balik-Kultura scholars will learn

the politics of too much partisan-
our PEN has identified a few areas to learn by living with a well chosen
ship has never been this pronounced, with Rotarian host family that is in the
when loyalty to one’s party or leader of needs that we can reasonably do
same profession, career or business as
is paramount, disregarding truth and with our passions and collective the scholar guest.
reality. Selfish interests and politi- resources to see some quantifiable This first 2020 column briefly identify-
cal survival almost always become results in our lifetime: Entrepre- ing our ambitious projects and dreams
the guiding rule for many leaders’ neurship, Environment & Ecology of this writer and our PEN advocates is
actions over what is for the com- and Health and Education and the meant to arouse interest from readers to
mon good. Teaching and Empowering women contact and support us. As in any proj-
Amidst the noisy political circus who are victims of Domestic Vio- ect, these ideas and plans are works in
progress and will evolve into something
Let nothing move you. — 1 Corinthians 15:58
and heated partisan politics in lence. We have passionate Chair-
Washington D.C., however, life persons to lead , and God willing more practical, logical and imple-
we will start implementing in 2020 mentable in the near future. We believe
has to go on, and each one of us can that it is much better to implement it this
still do some concrete actions to and beyond. And as any ambitious
year, with an imperfect plan rather than
cause some positive change. Every advocacies, we need more disciples wait for another decade with a “perfect
one’s good and moral actions can and workers in the field, to help plant plan” as that perfect plan may never
have positive ripple effect around the seeds, water them till harvest come! Lastly, it is my 2020 prayer that
us. The world is replete with many time. some readers will contact us and to ask
examples that one action, one event, Specific projects that we can realis- how they can also bring their ounce or
one person, one idea has made the tically start, pilot or implement this pound of time, talent or treasure to help
world better. George Washington, coming year are: us realize this dream to make a world a
Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gan- little bit better than how we found it.
dhi, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther US SUPPORT OTHERS… that is the
King Jr. Mother now Saint Teresa, VELOPING FOR SOCIAL AD-
rai’son d’etre of our Philippine Eagles
and many saints with their collective VANCEMENT (EDSA Project) Network (PEN) Foundation.
works and examples left this world a : we will be “partnering” with
better place. Gawad Kalinga’s SEED (School HAPPY NEW NEW YEAR. MAY
Pope Francis in his papal an- for Experiential Entrepreneurship YOU ALL HAVE A MORE PROSPER-
nouncements continue to warn world Development) plan to have our OUS, HEALTHIER AND PEACEFUL
leaders that the poor must be given own “center” in Pangasinan to 2020.. Let us all have a clearer 2020
chance to live with dignity, and be teach, mentor, coach economically vision!
given just opportunity to provide challenged young men and women
for themselves and for their families. to undergo a 18-24 month TESDA Email:
approved Entrepreneurship Course www.
The mega wealthy cannot continue
to wallow in their affluence while to enable the successful scholars
millions are suffering from hunger become self-employed entrepreneur
and poverty. As another pope has
said, there will be no peace without
who will become an employer along
the way. Through scholarships and
global proven fundraising activi-
John Paul II
justice. Therefore it behooves all ( Continued from page 7 )
of us, citizens of the world to work ties, our scholars, like those in the and impedes it.
towards social and economic justice Philippine Military Academy (PMA)
to ensure a better future. will be able to study without the As John Paul II said in a homily in
As one who is concerned of the concomitant worries of where to get 1986, “As the family goes, so goes
future of his grandchildren, I am money for their tuition, board and the nation, and so goes the whole
working harder and smarter to con- lodging and all school expenses. To world in which we live.”
tribute my God given time talent and start this EDSA project, we hope to
treasure to hopefully help a better send a few scholars this 2020-2021 If we want to save society and be a
Solemnity of All Saints
future for them. The last couple of school year to SEED in Bulacan next light in the darkness, let us work first Cycle 3 Readings:
decades, I have seen some positive school year. In conjunction with on our own family, give thanks for
results of our small advocacies of this EDSA Project, the Community the many blessings we have and ask
1 John 3: 1-3
inspiring and empowering hundreds and Social Services Coordinator forgiveness for anything that causes Revelation 7: 2-4, 9-14
of people and families to have a of the GK Namnama Villages can division. If our own family is falling
better future through our involve- and should be giving actual current apart, we shouldn’t be surprised
ment in non-governmental organiza- needs/developments in the villages to see the world in disarray. It all
tions (NGOs ) now called CBOs so that the economic, livelihood beings and ends in the family, so as
(Community Based Organizations) issues of the GK Village residents we look forward to the new year,
are taken into consideration in this

encouraged helped, and empowered

divine mercy
let us focus on the family and seek
many socially disadvantaged people entrepreneurial projects. reconciliation within our own family,
to upgrade their living conditions. I before trying to tackle global peace.
have worked with many like mind- ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY:
ed individuals and organizations that We will be helping Father Benigno Join us on the 13th of the month from 2 pm to 4 pm
are MAD (MakingADifference) and Beltran SVD’s pet project, the Call the Asian Journal to pray the rosary, the diviNe mercy chaplet and
this 2020, we have renewed to con- ONE Billion Bamboo challenge the way of the cross. GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encini-
tinue much bigger goals to widen, by 2030, in collaboration with the at 619.474.0588
Jesus, I Trust in You! tas CA 92024 — divine mercy hills Foundation of
deepen and help more people by not Department of Energy and Natural for your Southern california. WWW.DIVINEMERCY724.COM
only giving poor people hope but Resources, DENR. We will also
mentoring or “teaching them to fish be helping him come to speak and advertising needs.
January 3-9, 2020 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 15

6 reasons why Alden Richards is our ultimate heartthrob

GMA News | MANILA, 1/2/2020 — 2. He's not afraid to fanboy in his crushes. In fact, when his BLACKPINK's Lisa Manoban, holding hands," he wrote in an
public online avatar in multi-player he couldn't help but gush about it IG post. Before that, he publicly
Alden Richards is celebrating his role-playing game Ragnarok M online. confessed that he has admired
birthday on Thursday. Because Alden Richards held hands with his K-Pop crush "Kahit man lang sa laro maka- Lisa quite some time.
he's 28, we're listing down rea- @aldenrichards02
sons on why he has been every- Kahit man lang sa laro maka-
one's ultimate heartthrob. holding hands. Good morning! ☺️
View image on TwitterView im-
1. He's got a rockin' bod age on Twitter
Alden's got a fine form, and it 4:49 PM - Nov 3, 2019
definitely shows in his social
media posts. After flexing his
hard-earned biceps in a recent
post-workout Instagram post, sev-
eral celebrities and fans chimed in
with praises.
The star of "The Gift" also
shared a picture that burned up IG
with his toned abs as he wel-
comed the New Year.
We can definitely see why he's
the apple of everyone's eye. Even at the height of his suc-
cess, Alden still fanboys over

ni Joe Cabrera
Isn't he the cutest?

3. He's an award-winning
May isang babaeng, pagka taba taba actor who's passionate about
Ano mang gawin nya, tumatabang kusa what he does.
Kayat ng wala nang, remedyong magawa
Sa weight "especialist", siya ay nag sadya To date, Asia's Multimedia Star
has won over 30 awards in his
Di na kailangang, siya'y tanungin pa stint in the entertainment industry.
Kita agad ni Doc, ang kanyang problema He has won in the Philippine
Ibig mong magbawas, kay Doc na pa-una Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star
Itong panglunas dyan, ay bibigyan kita Awards, Awit Awards, Anak
TV Star Awards, People Choice
Sandaling pumasok, sa kanyang klinika Awards and most recently, the
Pagka-kwa'y lumabas, gamot ay dala na Seoul International Drama
'Sang libong pildoras, laman ng botelya Awards.
Namutla si taba, sa daming nakita These awards are a testament to
his acting prowess and love for
U-ubusin ko ba, lahat nyan, tanong nya what he does.
Pano ang pag-inom, saki'y sabihin na
Huwag kang apurado, "said" ni Doc sa kanya 4. He can sing (and maybe
Eto ang instruksyon, makinig ka muna serenade lucky fans)

Eto'ng gagawin mo, sa tuwing umaga What can this heartthrob not do?
Ikalat mo iyan, dun sa inyong sala Aside from his stellar acting, he
Sila ay pulutn, nang tig-isa isa is a recording artist with four al-
Despues diyan sa bote, 'silid uli sila bums and six singles for GMA-7.
He's also bagged a couple of
music accolades from the Awit
Awards, PMPC Star Awards for
Music, and the Box Office Enter-

Dental Implant Centers

tainment Awards.
If he can sing, that means he can
also serenade his fans with heart-
felt and romantic songs, right?
DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
5. He's quirky and fun

The Eat Bulaga host has a great

sense of humor and a fun-loving
personality. In an Unang Hirit
video, Aldub is seen being his
wacky self on-cam and off-cam.
In the morning show's segment,
Alden is seen playing with Baeby
Baste, poking fun at himself us-

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

ing different DubSmash filters
and even participating in Cherie
Gil's iconic "You're Nothing
but a Second-Rate Trying Hard
❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor. Copy Cat" line as he gets water
splashed on his face by Ryzza
Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals. Mae Dizon.
❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
6. He's got a soft spot for
❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker children
❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at
The former Starstruck partici-
pant was recently announced as
the newest Ronald McDonald
House Charities (RMHC) Philip-

UE Graduate 1987 Manila

pines Celebrity ambassador.
Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: He also surprised children from

the Bahay Bulilit Learning Center

Fluent in Tagalog in Quirino, Manila with a live-

reading session.
Even Scarlet Snow Belo took
a liking to Alden. Scarlet Snow
Two convenient locations seemed to have trouble letting her
celebrity playmate go as Alden
promised her that he would come
❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103 back very soon.
We can't wait to see what's in
store for him this 2020. Happy
866.469.7645 • Birthday, Alden Richards! —JST,
GMA News
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 3-9, 2020

Belo partners with DOT for medical tourism Asia’s biggest cruise ship
criteria,” Dr. Belo said.
docks in Subic
The clinic also regularly welcomes
international personalities, many of
whom come to the Philippines to get
the expert touch of Belo.

Elevated experience
A treatment room at Belo in One
Its newest location in BGC, along Bonifacio High Street
with upcoming branches in Ayala
Malls Manila Bay and SM Mega- Beyond that, Belo is always a step
mall, elevates the experience of a ahead in innovation. Dr. Belo said
clinic. It’s a welcoming space, akin the clinic has partnered with the
to someone’s luxurious home or a Department of Tourism for medical
hotel. tourism.
This was made possible by Budji + Belo at One Bonifacio High Street
Royal Architecture + Design. is also the only clinic in Southeast
Architect Royal Pineda said the Asia to be Pure-certified, which
collaboration is an unbeatable match. means their patients breathe in clean,
“Budji + Royal is an advocate of pure air with specialized Hepa air
modern Filipino sensibilities, while purifiers.
Belo is out to define the modern Watch out for the Belo AIQ by Bebot Sison Jr., | line in terms of revenue and second
Cristalle Belo-Pitt, Dr.Hayden Kho and Dr. Vicki Belo Filipino aesthetic when it comes to (Aesthetic Interest Questionnaire), Subic Bay Freeport— largest by passen­ger count. | MANILA, 11/28/2019 — medical tourism.” its services.” which will allow patients to express MV Spec­trum of the Seas, the The ship is the biggest and the most
The opening of the new Belo Thirty years ago, this concept might Highlighting space, light and com- their concerns online. This check-in largest cruise ship operating in expen­sive cruise ship to sail in Asia
medical clinic at One Bonifacio have sounded crazy, she said. What fort, Pineda focused on maaliwalas- program shortens waiting time and and features Royal Caribbean’s first
for the new Belo clinic. “There’s further customizes Belo treatments Asia today, made its maiden port
High Street in Taguig heralded she imagined is now tangible in call here last week, capping Subic private enclave for suite guests, new
every aspect of her company. no term for it in any language, it’s a for every patient. stateroom categories and innova­tive
more than just a new location Filipino concept,” he said. Belo Shops, where patients can get Bay Freeport’s stel­lar perfor-
The Belo Medical Group is the only dining concepts on top of amenities
for the dermatology and surgi- Filipino ambulatory aesthetic derma- Add to this the special furniture their prescribed products, are also in mance this year as the region’s like outdoor and indoor pools, body
cal center. It was a declaration of tology and surgery clinic certified by designed by Budji + Royal, named the works. emerging cruise ship des­tination. and mind spa, fitness center, rock-
how the Belo Medical Group is the National Accreditation Board for after Dr. Belo, Dr. Hayden Kho, and This is but a sampling of what’s to climbing wall, sports court, splash-
entering its #NewPhaseNewFace. Hospitals and Health Care Providers their daughter Scarlet Snow Belo, as come for the clinic. Dr. Belo put it Subic Bay Metropolitan Author- away bay and an outdoor movie
Gracing the occasion were ce- International. well as the pieces by renowned Fili- best: “Belo just doesn’t adapt to the ity (SBMA) wel­comed the almost screen.
lebrities including Marian Rivera, “We had to meet 420 items in the pino designer Kenneth Cobonpue. future, we are the future.” 5,000 foreign tourists who ar­rived
Gabbi Garcia, Maymay Entrata, on the ship. Spectrum of the Seas can accom-
Georgina Wilson and Manila modate 5,622 passengers, as well as
Mayor Isko Moreno. More than 20 tourist buses were 1,551 crewmembers.
fielded for the guests, who toured According to SBMA records, Subic
Gian Magdangal performed a musi- various attractions in Subic and in
cal number. received a total of 19 cruise ships in
the nearby communities. 2018, which marked the start of the
The event also served as the grand
reveal of the newest #BeloBaby, agency’s cruise tourism program.
The MV Spectrum of the Seas is The arrivals yielded a total of 38,205
Jane de Leon. The latest actress to the first Quantum-Ultra-class cruise
play Darna said she’s a fan of Belo’s visitors, and earned the SBMA
ship built for Royal Caribbean Inter- Seaport Department P8.4 million in
salt facials, among other treatments national, the world’s largest cruise
that are part of her preparations for direct revenues.
the Darna role.
As cocktails were served, guests Divine Mercy
played with Belo Glass Skin Filter
for Instagram Stories. #shrine
Dr. Vicki Belo said that her clinic in Encinitas, California
was part of her dream-turned-reality:
“It was always my mission to make Musical extravaganza led by Gian Magdangal,Nicole Asensio and Darren Es- Marian Rivera A project of the Divine Mercy Hills
the Philippines a top destination for panto Be part of the story. Jesus, I Trust in You!
Foundation of Southern California, a
501(c)3 non-profit organization


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