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We’re a non profit sports ministry MISSION

that develops social work in OBJETIVES

different young towns of San Juan Share the gospel through sports,

de Lurigancho. forming people who are role models,

To be a ministry that brings teenagers
We seek to promote and strengthen preventing them from falling into and young people closer to God
Christian values; as well as the different social problems and earning through sport; making us a living space
integral growth of adolescents and one more for Christ. where young people with Christian
young people, based on biblical values are formed.
principles, providing recreational
spaces of sports.

 Training place: Sports training ground for soccer
AFFILIATES and / or soccer court preferably near San Carlos
Actually, the team has 75 children station or, failing that, in peripheral places at the
and adolescents (ladies and men), following times.
who trains on Thursdays, Saturdays -Thursday night’s
and Sundays at different venues of -Saturdays and Sundays – mornings
San Juan de Lurigancho.  Sports implements for training: Cones, balls, fences,
 Sportswear: training vests and shirts for