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IMSG (I-VIII), G-7/3-2

Paper Computer 2nd term class 6th

Q1. Chose the best answer and mark a tick.(10*1=10)
1. Which of the following stores more data?
a. CD b. DVD c. Blu- ray disk d. Flash memory
2. The device used for security identification
a. Microphone b. Biometric c. Switch d. Multimedia
3. The printed output from computer is
a. Paper b. Copy c. Soft copy d. Hard copy
4. The process of moving from one window to another
a. Changing b. Switching c. Shifting d. Transferring
5. Antivirus is an example of
a. Application software b. Utility programs c. Device driver
d. Operating system
6. The window which is currently in use is
a. Actual b. Active c. Dynamic d. Live
7. The following tool of paint 3D is used to copy
a. Sticker tool b. Stamp tool c. Crop tool d. Curve tool
8. A software which is developed to help the user to perform specific task is
a. Operating system b. Entertainment software c. Gaming software
d. Application software
9. Software that allows users to view web page is
a. Web site b. Web browser c. Operating system d. Text Editor
10. Www stands for
a. Worldwide web b. Worldwide website c. Whole working web
d. Word web wiz
Q2. Label the following pictures?(10)

Q3. Identify as input or output devices? (10)

Q4. Give short answers? (4*10=40) any 10
1. Differentiate between web browser and website?
2. Define Search Engine and give examples?
3. Define 3D object?
4. Define Application software?
5. Define Operating system?
6. List different types of operating system?
7. Define ICT?
8. Differentiate between input and output devices?
9. Differentiate between data and information with examples?
10.Define system software with example?
11.Define Application software with example?
12.Define a File and Folder?
Q5. Give the answers in detail?(5*5=25) any 5
1. Write down safe internet browsing tips?
2. Write down steps for sitting posture for typing?
3. Write down the steps to create any 3D object?
4. Write down the use of PhEt Simulations?
5. List different types of Application software in detail?
6. Write down the steps to restore deleted file?
7. Write down ICT Applications in industries?
Q6. Draw the computer flow diagram complete? Do on your answer