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Manufacturing of Composites

1. Which of the following are composites?

Ply Wood

Carbon fiber panel


All of the above

2. Composite materials can be _________________.
Both Strong and light
None of the above
3. Can a fiber reinforced composite be used in an Aeroplane?
4. _____________ are majorly used in Aerospace industry.
Carbon Fiber Composites
Advanced Composites
Fiber Reinforced Composites
5. “Glass fibres are the most widely used fibre reinforcements in composites.”
6. Which materials are used in the composites to provide online process monitoring?
Metallic materials
Non-metallic materials
Smart materials
None of these
7. ______________are the single molecular units that can be made into a polymer.
None of these
8. In which of the polymerization, functional groups are required at the end of
Condensation Polymerization
Addition Polymerization
Both condensation and addition polymerization
None of these
9. Which of the following options are true about the matrix?
The matrix materials bind the fibres together.
Helps to stop or slows down the propagation of a crack.
Provides good surface finish
All of these are true
10. Which of the following provides excellent corrosion resistance?
Polyesters resins
Epoxy resins
Polyamide resins
None of these
11. Thermoplastic polyimides are derived from _______________ reaction between
diamines and _______________.
addition, anhydride
condensation, oligomers
addition, oligomers
condensation, anhydride
12. What can be the best practice for a high-quality product design?
Maximizing the number of parts
Creating the multifunctionality in the part
Maximizing the part variations
None of these
13. What is/are the purpose(s) of Design for Manufacturing?
Narrowing the design choices to optimum
Maximizing the product development cycle time
Decreasing the competitiveness of the company
None of these
14. How can we minimize the variations of the parts in a product?
By making the new design parts
By making the parts with different materials
By standardizing the parts
None of these
15. What steps can be taken towards better serviceability a& maintainability of
The product should be designed in such a way that it should be easily accessible for
the assembly and disassembly.
The part should be visible for the inspection, as far as possible.
The part should have sufficient clearance between the adjacent members for the
scheduled maintenance.
All of these
16. Which of the following is also called as the open mold process?
Hand lay-up process
Filament winding
None of these
17. Which of the following shape is not generally produced in the filament winding
18. Which of the matrix materials are used in high-performance products?
Vinyl ester
All of these portray similar strength and performance
19. Why phenolic resins are not recommended for the filament winding process?
Because they require pressure application during curing to remove the reaction by-products
Because they cost much higher than the other resins
Because they cannot provide the reinforcement
None of these
20. Calculate the ultimate strength of the composite for the following given values.

Ultimate strength of the fiber = 12 MPa

Volume fraction of fiber = 0.80

Matrix stress at the fiber fracture strain = 10 MPa

12.4 MPa

11.1 MPa

11.6 MPa

12.5 MPa