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2004 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 25 E/21

Wednesday 20 November 2002

(2004/C 25 E/03) MINUTES




1. Opening of sitting

The sitting opened at 09.05.

The following spoke:

 Rübig, who complained that the week’s agenda did not include a Question Time either with the
Commission or with the Council (the President pointed out that such objections could only be made
when Parliament approved the draft agenda drawn up by the Conference of Presidents and that no
objections on this matter had been raised at the beginning of Monday’s sitting when Parliament con-
siderd the final draft agenda for the part-session);
 Terence Wynn, chairman of the BUDG Committee, who referred to item 2 of the Minutes of Monday
18 November 2002, which contained an erratum to the vote of 24 October 2002 on the draft general
budget for 2003, and specifically the vote on draft amendment 654; he asked for an investigation into
the details of that vote in order to clarify the situation (the President replied that the matter would be
investigated that morning and the result announced at 15.00);
 Howitt, who drew attention to the presence in the gallery of two of his constituents who were among
the 14 EU citizens recently imprisoned in Greece on charges of espionage and later acquitted on
appeal; he thanked on their behalf all the MEPs from the various countries of the EU who had sup-
ported their case;
 Hans-Peter Martin, who complained that, on Monday evening, a car containing Members’ assistants
was denied access to Parliament by policemen who behaved in an agressive manner unworthy of the
police force of a democratic State; he called on the President to investigate the incident (the President
undertook to do so and make contact with the authorities concerned as appropriate);
 Caudron, who criticised the tenor of the previous speaker’s remarks;
 Bill Miller, who pointed out that his voting machine was not working.

2. Annual legislative and work programme for 2003 (statement followed by a


Mr Prodi, President of the Commission, made a statement on the annual legislative and work programme
for 2003.

Mrs Grossetête spoke, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group.



The following spoke: Barón Crespo, on behalf of the PSE Group, Clegg, on behalf of the ELDR Group,
Boudjenah, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group, Frassoni, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group, Poli Bortone,
on behalf of the UEN Group, Blokland, on behalf of the EDD Group, Berthu, Non-attached Member, and

The following put questions under the ‘catch the eye’ procedure: Karamanou, whom de Palacio, Vice-Presi-
dent of the Commission, answered, Rübig, Goebbels, Bowman, Fatuzzo, Procacci, Van den Berg, Mati-
kainen-Kallström, Herman Schmid, Terrón i Cusi, Ripoll y Martínez de Bedoya, Schörling, Rovsing,
De Rossa, Pirker, Roth-Berendt, Brunetta and Titley and Daul.