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Request For Information (RFI)

RFI #: 01/05/00013/RFI/FNE/003 Date: 18‐Dec‐19

Contractor: Fawzi Saleh Al Najrani Contract No.: 6510925603
Contract Title: South Dhahran Home Ownership Project ‐ District I

Disipline: Struc. Arch. Plumb. HVAC FF Elec. Infra. LndScp. Other ____________

RFI Title: Exterior Stone ( Thickness )

RFI Description:
Reference to above mentioned subject and approved NOL - 30/07/0019/TR/00039, Fawzi-saleh Al-Najrani proposes to use
Exterior stones of Thickness( 6mm - 15mm ) instead of ( 12 mm - 20mm ) as per urgent requirement and market availibility.

We shall ensure that delivery supports project schedule and meet specififcation requirements.

This is for your information & consideration .

Attachments: 30/07/0019/TR/00039 ( NOL approval )

01/05/00013/TE/5139 ( MTS approval )

For Contractor:
Name: Engr.  Saied Hamdy  Signature: Date: 18‐Dec‐19

Distribution: SAPMT PMT / CMT

Reviewed for General Acceptance. This review does not relieve the Contractor of his responsibility for making the work conform to the requirements of the Contract


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Name: Signature: Date:

Note: This form cannot modify contract cost or time, if contractor belives that response creates a change in scope and effecting cost and/or time, contractor should submit a "Request for Change" 

Response Received:
For Contractor:
Name: Signature: Date:

Distribution: SAPMT PMT / CMT

RFI-003 Saudi Aramco: Company General Use