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Automated gearwheel modelling with CREO Parametric

Generate sophisticated 3D-gearings in Creo Parametric Representation
(formerly Pro/ENGINEER / CREO Elements/Pro) with  Exact evolvent design according to DIN 3960.
GEARWHEEL V4.0 by simply entering gear parameters  Optional simplification/alienation of the evolvent.
into a web-form.  Consideration of addendum modi-
fication and tooth correction.
Main software features:  Representation alternatively partly/
 Simple, fast and intuitive generation of 3D-gearings. totally teethed
 Excellent 3D-performance of the target model (regener-
ation/display). Assembly mode
 Broad range of different types of gearings, individually  Representation of toothing intervention between a pair
extendable. of gearwheels and total transmissions.
 Client-/Server-Solution for ease of maintenance.
 Integrated, context-sensitive input assistance and de- Drawing mode
scription of different gearing types.  Auxiliary geometry for native creation of harmonized
 Function to modify existing gears. drawings.
 Automated detailing.  Associative gearing tables.
 English/German GUI provided.  Parametric symbols.

User Interface in embedded CREO Parametric browser

Automatic detailing at the “push of a button”
Use cases Interfaces/Integration options
Gearwheel may be used for three-dimensional geometric  Up- and download of parameter set files.
representation of all types of gearings up to the presenta-  Manual data input via dynamic HTML-input forms or
tion of complete transmission applications. Those repre- automated by importing complete parameter set files
sentations can be used for different objectives, such as from third party gearing calculation tools.
visualization, DMU, clash detection, calculation of mass
 Optional batch run function.
properties/moment of inertia, simulation or manufacturing.
Types of gearings
 Quick reference guide and extensive online documenta-
 Spur gears with outer- and inner gearings, tion for administrators and users.
Helical- and straight spur gearings DIN 3960,
 continuous gearings and gearings with Hard/Software requirements
chamfer,  Creo Parametric 1.0-2.0, CREO Elements/Pro 5.0,
 gearings with variable tooth thickness, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0-5.0
 bevel gearings according to DIN 3971,  Operating Systems: Windows XP 32/64, VISTA 32/64,
 double helical gearings, Windows-7 32/64
 cone gearings,
 convex gearings, Customer references
 Hirth serration, AVL List, Bosch-Rexroth, BRP-Rotax, GETRAG, GKN,
 gear rods, Countershaft with helical gearing
HellermanTyton, IAV, INA Schaeffler, Johann Hay, LuK,
 gear-shift toothing. and addendum modification MITEC Automotive, MTU Friedrichshafen, OMS Antrieb-
stechnik, SMS SIEMAG, ThyssenKrupp Presta,
VOLKSWAGEN, Winkelmann Group, ZF.

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